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rizz_news_1.jpg A Bar in L.A. Has Raised the Minimum Age for Entry . . . to 30? – LINK Thieves ram cars into Academy Sports in St. Peters, Metro East – LINK St. Louis news legend Dick Ford dies – LINK


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A Pilot Threatened to Turn a Plane Around if People Didn’t Stop AirDropping Nude Pics – LINK Here Are the Best and Worst Days to Fly for the Holidays This Year – LINK   Crap_On_01 Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Camila Morrone broke up after four years.  The last time they were photographed together was Fourth of July weekend.  No word on why they broke up.  But she is 25, so maybe she got too old? He was spotted yesterday going out to eat in New York City with a couple guys. First, we canceled Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock.  But now we’re trying to cancel Chris, for making a joke about Nicole Brown Simpson. During a recent standup show, he said he turned down an offer to host the 2023 Oscars.  He called it returning to the scene of the crime, and compared it to O.J. and Nicole.  And the Twitter crowd started turning on him. One person said, quote, “The more Chris Rock talks, the more you begin to see why Will Smith smacked fire outta him.” Another suggested that Nicole’s father, Ron Goldman, should be allowed to slap Chris. But then there are people criticizing the backlash . . . saying that everyone was on Chris’s side when he insulted a black woman, but now that he’s taking aim at a “dead white woman,” it’s unacceptable. You know how people say “There’s nothing scarier than a clown at midnight?”  Well, an Australian woman named Bae Bellingham just proved them wrong. Bae was shopping at a quirky antique store in New South Wales, when she discovered a naked, crouching, life-size replica of Sylvester Stallone that is truly the stuff of nightmares. It’s actually a replica of a prop from the 1993 movie “Demolition Man”, from when his character was cryogenically frozen. Apparently, Stallone had a bunch of these made and put on display at Planet Hollywood restaurants all over the world . . . including the one in Sydney, which closed in 2002 (LINK) Tom Hanks made a trivia game for Apple Arcade.  It’s called “Hanx 101 Trivia” and it comes out Friday.  And before you ask, no, the questions won’t be all about Tom.  There’ll be about 58,000 questions about different subjects like history, science, food, art, and technology.  But Tom will narrate the game.  You can play solo or compete head-to-head with another player. If you’re not familiar with Apple Arcade, it’s a gaming subscription service.  You can do a free trial to check out Tom’s game, or pay $4.99 a month.  It can be played on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV. Han Solo’s prop blaster gun that Harrison Ford used in “Star Wars” sold for over a million dollars at auction.  They expected between five or six hundred thousand.  Here’s the spokesman for the auction explaining (LINK) what other notable guns they’ve sold, and the winning bid. (The winning bid is $900,000, but it tops a million due to the auction fees.  A Buyer’s Premium is added to the Hammer Price.) Murray Goldberg is dead.  Or at least he will be, when Season 10 of “The Goldbergs” kicks off on September 21st. Jeff Garlin, who played Murray, left the show last December, amid allegations of inappropriate behavior on the set.  At the time he said he was sorry to have, quote, “hurt anyone’s feelings, or made anyone feel greatly uncomfortable.” A producer says that when Season 10 kicks off, the Goldbergs will be, quote, “a family that has not reconciled the fact that their father’s gone but has sort of moved on and has dealt with a lot of that.” Did the first episode make more or less people watch the second episode of House of Dragons? Well – the second episode of HBO’s House of the Dragon was up 2 percent from its premiere, which amounts to 10.2 million viewers. The series premiere of House of the Dragon is now approaching 25 million viewers in the U.S. after one week of availability. A British couple got married over the weekend.  And they just happened to hold their reception at a hotel Keanu Reeves was staying at. Obviously they didn’t know that, until James ran into Keanu at the bar.  He invited Keanu to the reception, and he said MAYBE. An hour later, he DID show, even though he was tired from a long flight.  Nikki said, quote, “He was kind enough to do some pictures and our wedding photographer was able to capture some too! Then he took the time to speak to some of our guests and have more photos done!” You need to find Nickelback before they can release new tunes… at least that’s the idea with the band’s latest text campaign for their return. The band’s social media channels posted “Have you seen Nickelback? Got information? For reward text: +1 (310) 706-2016.” There are also billboards up with the same message. If you text the number you’re then asked to pick from one of three options:  texting an eyes emoji gets you the band’s whereabouts and a reward. A chain link emoji will provide you with an audio recording of a guitar solo taped the day of the band’s disappearance. By texting a siren emoji, you are told to “prepare for something new.” The replies come with the date “9072022”, likely the day the band will release a new single or even drop a new album. Limp Bizkit celebrated Halloween last year by releasing their album, ‘Still Sucks’ and this year frontman Fred Durst will celebrate the spooky season with a party on a boat. Dubbed ‘Freddy D’s House Party of Horrors’ will be held rain or shine on Saturday, October 22nd aboard the Moshulu in Philadelphia. The party’s from 10pm to 2am and if you have to be 21 or older to attend. There aren’t many details right now, but the EventBrite describes it as “a one time only Halloween party featuring your host with the most – Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Enjoy Haunts and hotdog flavored water.” Charli XCX used to ask for her tour dressing room to be trashed by the time she arrived.  Like there had just been a party in there. In an interview, she said she was trying to recapture the feeling of her early career when she was up for “getting down and dirty.” Quote, ‘It was fun for about two weeks and then we were kind of just sitting in a literal mess.  Now it’s definitely a lot more health-orientated backstage [with] Kombucha and echinacea tablets.  Real rock star stuff.” Over the years, The Rolling Loud festival has changed its home many times.  It’s gone from Miami to taking over New York City (LINK) and has even gone international with events in Toronto and Portugal. But ever since its first event in Los Angeles, it’s had to move venues with each successive year as it scales up and works around COVID-19 regulations. Yesterday, organizers announced the dates for the next event as well as its new venue: the Hollywood Park grounds in Inglewood. The show is scheduled for March 3-5, 2023 — which means no LA festival in 2022. Stay tuned to find out whether Future ends up headlining yet another Rolling Loud when the show returns. And finally — The critics have spoken and this summer’s worst movie release was ‘Firestarter’.  The second film adaptation of the Stephen King novel scored only a 10 on ‘Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer.  Universal Pictures didn’t seem to have much faith in the film, either, releasing it one week after ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. Along with ‘Firestarter’ the five worst films of the summer, according to critics, were:

  • ‘Mack & Rita’ starring Diane Keaton with a 28 on the Tomatometer
  • ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ with a 29
  • ‘Where The Crawdads Sing” with a 34
  • Jo Koy’s ‘Easter Sunday’ with a Tomatometer score of 44

Those are the summer movie FAILS…but what about the BEST summer SONGS of all time.  Now, before you start guessing – this is a list that TimeOut.com put out and it looks like it’s just one of their contributors and not like a fan based poll or anything… so…keep that in mind.




Former Cardinal, Matt “Big City” Adams is 34 

Wrestler Jeff Hardy is 45 

Detective James Carter in the “Rush Hour” movies, Chris Tucker is 51 

Debbie Gibson is 52 

Lead prosecutor in the OJ Simpson murder trial, Marcia Clark is 69 

Richard Gere is 73 

Singer Van Morrison is 77

Porn B Rachel Evans Today’s birthday girl has been in 304 fine films, including:

  • Beauty and the Big Black Beast
  • Big Toys No Boys 5
  • Bisexual Hitchhikers 3
  • Bubble Butt POV 3
  • Girls, Girls and More Girls 2
  • I Love My Gynecologist 3
  • Splash Zone 2
  • Tongue To Tongue
  • And who can forget her role in 2015’s Unshaved And Dangerous 2

Rachel Evans is 38 years old! sports_report_1.jpg 134551 Dakota Hudson couldn’t hang and spent most of his start last night surrounded by base hits. The Cincinnati Reds popped nine of them against the Hudson on their way to a 5-1 victory last night at Great American Ball Park. A four-run third inning against Hudson was too much for the Cardinals’ brief lead by Tommy Edman’s solo homer, and the Cardinals offense did little from there. Cards try again tonight, same park, same team, same time. In Cincinnati at 540. Cameron Smith was one of several former PGA Tour players who officially joined LIV Golf on Tuesday. Most of the golfers who have signed with the new Saudi-backed league did so for financial reasons. While that was certainly a draw for Smith, he insists it was not the biggest one. Report have indicated that LIV paid Smith somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million. The 29-year-old told Golf Digest’s Evin Priest that money was “definitely a factor,” but he said the schedule was even more important to him (LINK). “The biggest thing for me joining is [LIV’s] schedule is really appealing,” Smith said. “I’ll be able to spend more time at home in Australia and maybe have an event down there, as well. I haven’t been able to do that, and to get that part of my life back was really appealing.” Smith said he enjoys living in the U.S. but has always wanted more time to travel home to Australia. “I’ve lived over here seven years now, and I love living in the U.S., but just little things like missing friends’ weddings, birthday parties and seeing your mates having a great time at rugby league games has been tough,” he added. Smith and fellow Aussie Marc Leishman were two of the players who signed with LIV after the PGA Tour season concluded. Smith said that should make it appealing for LIV to host a tournament in Australia, which the league may do in 2023. At least one of Smith’s peers appeared to send him a strong message (LINK) about his decision to leave the PGA Tour. It does not sound like the reigning British Open champion is letting any of that bother him. Here’s three words you don’t hear me say much… Speaking of Golf: An outing on the course quickly turned into a trip to the emergency room for one L.A. golfer this past weekend — after he was drilled in the forehead by an errant tee shot. The wild — and scary! — scene went down at a Par 3 course in the City of Angels on Saturday … when Vinny Bonavia was standing on the ninth hole’s tee box. Bonavia says some other golfers were on hole #1 just a few yards away, and suddenly, one of them smashed their tee shot right at him. “They yelled fore and shot one over us,” he said. “Then minutes later — no fore this time — this absolute missile clocks me from the SAME DUDE.” Video, taken by Bonavia’s playing partner, shows the ball hit him square in the noggin — causing him to bleed profusely. The damage was so bad, he actually had to seek medical attention — eventually needing seven stitches to close the wound. Bonavia was in good spirits about it all afterward, saying he was fine, and adding that the guy who hit him did apologize. “I appreciate everyone’s concern,” he said. As for the man who needs some serious work on his game — Bonavia said he’s hopeful the dude’s playing partners never let him live the shot down. “I at least hope your friends give you s*** the rest of your golfing life,” he said. Brian Robinson is back at the Commanders’ facility for the first time since Sunday’s shooting — and he’s clearly pumped to return to work, flashing a huge smile while laughing with his coaches. The star rookie sported a big wrap on his right knee and needed crutches to get around — but in video and pics shared by Washington, you can see he was thrilled to be there. Robinson even brought Oreos “to fulfill his rookie duties of getting snacks for the RB room,” the team said. the 23-year-old said, “It’s good to be back in the building, for real.” As we reported, Robinson was struck by gunfire in the glute and his lower leg at around 5:30 p.m. in D.C. on Sunday after authorities say two people tried to rob him at gunpoint. Robinson required surgery to fix the damage caused by bullets — but both he says the recovery process has gone smoothly since. There’s currently no timetable for Robinson to return back to the field — though nobody has ruled him out for the 2022 season yet. Six months before he was arrested for DUI, Marshawn Lynch (LINK) had another troubling incident on the roads of Las Vegas … crashing his pricey Lambo at around 4 a.m. — this according to cops. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers said in police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, that Lynch was driving a 2014 white Lamborghini Aventador on Feb. 22 when he struck a curb and eventually came to a stop in a landscape area. Officers say in the docs a man claiming to be Lynch’s cousin initially took responsibility for the crash at the scene. They claim the man told them he tried to make a U-turn and “lost it.” Cops, though, didn’t seem to buy the story. They said in the docs they had seen a black van pull up to the scene and pick someone up from the disabled Lamborghini — and when they asked the man about it, they say he told them, “No I came in the van.” They say the man “then changed his story to say the van came to pick up a passenger that was in the car.” Cops say they issued the man citations — but they later voided them when they say they proved he was not the driver of the car. Eventually, according to the docs, cops say they were able to get in contact with Lynch — who came to the traffic bureau on Feb. 25 for an interview about the crash. The report states Lynch “took full responsibility for the collision” and blamed the wreck on being “unfamiliar with the area due to being a new resident.” Cops said in the documents when they asked Lynch why he left the scene, he told them people began to show up and video him and he didn’t want to be filmed. Cops say Lynch told them he did not know the man claiming to be his cousin had attempted to take responsibility for the crash initially. 8 News obtained police video from the scene, and in it, you can see the Lamborghini was a complete mess. Lynch was eventually cited over the crash, and court records show he cut a plea deal with prosecutors in April to close out the case. Records show he was ordered to pay $750 in fines and fees