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Pamela Anderson is coming out with a memoir called “Love, Pamela” at the end of the month.  In it, she alleges that Tim Allen flashed his penis at her on the set of “Home Improvement” in 1991. At the time, she was 23 and he was 37. Pamela said, quote, “On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe.  He opened his robe and flashed me quickly, completely naked underneath . . . “He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked.  ‘Now we’re even.’  I laughed uncomfortably.” Well, Tim flat out DENIES it.  He said, quote, “No, it never happened.  I would never do such a thing.” Pam was on the show for two seasons. (Variety)

Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral at Graceland yesterday was also a pretty sweet concert. Billy Corgan sang the Smashing Pumpkins track “To Sheila”Axl Rose sat down at a piano and did GnR’s “November Rain”, and Alanis Morissette sang her 2021 single “Rest”. Axl also spoke before his performance. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, read a poem called “A Tribute to the Children”(Check out more details here.) 

Jeremy Renner broke over 30 bones in that snowplow accident on New Year’s Day.  He shared a photo of himself receiving medical attention to his legs. He said, quote, “Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this particular New Year’s.  Spawned from tragedy for my entire family, and quickly focused into uniting actionable love . . . “I want to thank EVERYONE for their messages and thoughtfulness for my family and I.  These 30 plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens.  Love and blessings to you all.” He received comments from some of his Marvel costars.  Chris Hemsmworth said, quote, “You’re a champion mate!  We love you.”  And Chris Evans commented, quote, “That’s one tough mf’er.  Has anyone even checked on the snowcat???  Sending so much love.”  (Hollywood Reporter(You can see Jeremy’s post here.)

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin turned 93 on Friday.  And he celebrated by GETTING MARRIED. The lucky (???) lady is Dr. Anca Faur, who is the executive vice president of Buzz’s company, Buzz Aldrin Ventures.  She’s 63.  In a Tweet announcing the wedding, Buzz called her his “longtime love.” She’s his FOURTH wife.  His third marriage ended in divorce in 2012. Buzz was the second man to walk on the moon, after Neil Armstrong, when the Apollo 11 mission landed on July 20th, 1969. (Yahoo!)

Last month Netflix announced that ‘Karate Kid’ spin-off ‘Cobra Kai’ would have its “biggest season” yet with season six. Now, showrunners say season six will be the show’s last. The series’ creators thanked the fans and actors on Friday afternoon, tweeting that ‘Cobra Kai’ has enabled us to play sensei, expanding the original storylines and birthing a new generation of underdogs. We’ve never once taken this opportunity for granted.” The series last season premiere date wasn’t announced.

Avatar: The Way of Water continues its strong run at the movies.  The film was tops at the box office for the sixth straight week making $19.7 million in North America. Avatar 2 is on the doorstep of hitting the $600 million mark domestically.  The rest of the top five were Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Missing, M3GAN, and A Man Called Otto.

Alec Baldwin isn’t going to let a little thing like an involuntary manslaughter charge interrupt his career.  “Rust” will continue shooting . . . if you’ll pardon the expression . . . and Alec is still in it. An attorney for the movie says the production will now have, quote, “on-set safety supervisors and union crew members and will bar any use of working weapons or any ammunition.” Baldwin and the movie’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, are both facing involuntary manslaughter charges. Assistant director Dave Halls agreed to plead guilty to a charge of negligent use of a deadly weapon. He allegedly handed the gun to Baldwin on the set and told him it was safe, right before it went off, killing the cinematographer and wounding the director. (CNN)

Marshall Tucker died last week, and you would think that would be devastating for the Marshall Tucker Band.  But you would be WRONG. You see, Marshall Tucker was never even in the Marshall Tucker Band. He was a blind pianist, and he was 99 years old when he passed away.  He used to tune pianos in a warehouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Later, after he’d left the premises and handed in his key, the band started rehearsing there.  They found an old keychain with Tucker’s name on it, and since they needed a name themselves, they just took it. Singer Doug Gray, who’s the only original member left in the band, has said they didn’t even know Marshall Tucker was a person.  They thought it was a company name.  (Here’s the band’s Facebook post on Tucker’s passing.) (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Pink Floyd’s new social media logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ has upset some people, specifically homophobic people that have never seen the cover of the band’s iconic album. The new logo, just like ‘Dark Side of The Moon’s album cover, features a rainbow. The rainbow was used as a prism of light to celebrate the band’s infamous light shows set to the album.  After Pink Floyd dropped the reworked logo, commenters wrote things like “Yeah, cuz I always hear Pink Floyd fans saying ‘I wish Pink Floyd was more gay,'” and “After seeing this logo I will not buy the reissue.” Guess they’ve never seen the cover for ‘Dark Side of The Moon’. There were plenty of counters to the ignorant comments. One Pink Floyd fan wrote “I am calling on Bill Nye the Science Guy to educate the micro-brained, bigoted group of Americans on how prisms work to color our world.”

Corey Taylor has begun work on his second solo album, the follow up to 2020’s ‘CMFT’. Taylor shared a video update over the weekend, saying “I’m really, really excited. I mean, everything’s bigger this time. Everything sounds better. Everything’s running better. Everything’s running hot. Instead of where I came from, this is where I’m going. Musically, it’s harder. Slipknot’s frontman added “All the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. We’re doing that. Just cranking it up…. and it all sounds so fuck***ing good that I can’t even describe to you how stoked I am to be starting on this… I’m serious as a heartattack. Nobody is ready for what they’re about to hear, but first, we gotta record it.”

The band’s only weeks ago from a 50th anniversary tour, but that doesn’t mean the drama between Journey’s Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain has settled. Cain has now countersued Schon, alleging that the guitarist charged over $1 million in personal expenses to the band’s shared American Express card. One charged allegedly included a one-month $400,000 shopping spree. Schon had previously sued Cain for blocking access to this band credit card and its financial statements. Since Cain is a guarantor on the credit card, he’s on the hook for the charges.  The keyboardist claims that he once asked American Express to put a $30,000 spending limit on Schon. Schon’s lawyer called Cain’s claims “as phony as a $3 bill.” There’s been other beef between the two, as well. Schon shot off a cease-and-desist letter after Cain played some Journey tunes during an event for former President Trump.   Schon’s wife also said members of Journey were “adamant” that original keyboardist Gregg Rolie not join this upcoming tour after Schon claimed he would.  The guitarist backtracked on that promise last week. Fun fact: Schon’s wife, Michaele Salahi Schon made headlines in 2009 after she crashed a state dinner at the White House with then husband, Tareq.  They both had to appear in front of the House Homeland Security Committee as lawmakers asked how they breached security.

A campaigner who’s tried three times to have Ozzy Osbourne knighted said she has good reason not to give up after receiving a letter from the U.K.  government. Helen Maidiotis is behind the petition to elevate the Black Sabbath icon to the status of “Sir,” which has received nearly 35,000 signatures to date. (She’s been advocating for the Prince of Darkness to be honored since at least 2013.) In her latest update, she revealed an encouraging response sent by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Honours Team. “As you are aware, Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honour for a while,” the letter read. “Unfortunately to date he has been unsuccessful. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is extremely fierce competition for the very limited number of awards available. The fact that Mr. Osbourne is not recognised by an honour does not mean that his contribution is not appreciated. With some 1,000 awards available in each round, and perhaps six or seven times that number of nominations, unfortunately it is not possible for every candidate, however valuable their service, to succeed. “However, I can confirm his case remains under consideration at this time,” the letter continued. “If you have any additional supporting information you would like to share with us, you would be most welcome to do so. We can then ensure his case continues to receive full and careful consideration.” The letter concluded by cautioning that the DCMS “can unfortunately give no guarantee as to the eventual outcome or timescale.” SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE…. DUDE HAS SOLD OVER 100 MILLION UNITS

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