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Six Questions to Ask Before You Get Married – LifeHacker

Tyga Deleted His OnlyFans to Launch a New Replacement Site – Uproxxx

OnlyFans Is Banning Pornography – Variety




A Racehorse Broke Out of a Racetrack, Ran Down a Highway, and Then Escaped from a Burning Barn – MSN

New Missouri law makes it a crime to reveal lottery winners – KSDK


A Nut and Bolt Was Found in a Domino’s Pizza, But Domino’s Says That’s “Rare” – Dailymail

Speaking of Domino’s, the company’s Australian social media accounts teased (LINK) a “low-carb” pizza where the crust is replaced by a slice of WATERMELON.  They’re probably just joking around, and aren’t actually adding this to the menu.




A 46 year old guy at the Dead & Company’s concert on Friday at New York’s Citi Field has died after falling from the stadium’s balcony. He fell from a second-floor staircase during intermission. Police said he “attempted a body flip, fell, and landed on the balcony below.” A driver working at Citi Field said “He was unresponsive and he hit the ground head first. There was no way he survived,” The group — featuring the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir alongside John Mayer (LINK).

DON EVERLY of the EVERLY BROTHERS died Saturday at his home in Nashville.  There’s no word on the cause of death.  He was 84 years old. Don and his brother PHIL shot to fame in 1957 with their breakout hit “Bye Bye Love”.  Their other classics included “Wake Up Little Susie”“All I Have to Do Is Dream”“Cathy’s Clown”, and “Devoted to You”. The Everly Brothers ended their act in 1974, but reformed in the ’80s.  Phil died in 2014. In 1986, they were in the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, and Jerry Lee Lewis. They got a lifetime achievement award at the 1997 “Grammys”. Here’s Paul McCartney saying The Beatles harmony was a rip off of the Everly Brothers (LINK)

Right-wing radio host and staunch anti-vaxxer Phil Valentine DIED after a month-long battle with COVID.  He was only 61.  After his condition took a turn for the worse, his family said that Phil, quote, “regrets not being more vehemently ‘Pro-Vaccine’.” 

COREY TAYLOR from SLIPKNOT has COVID and he says he’s, quote, “very, very sick.”  But he’s not too worried because he’s vaccinated. He did have to back out of a show in Michigan though (LINK

The Reverend JESSE JACKSON and his wife JACQUELINE have both been hospitalized with COVID.  There’s no word on their condition, but they’re both vaccinated.  Jesse is 79, and Jacqueline is 77 

That big New York City “Homecoming Concert” in Central Park went down on Saturday.  CARLOS SANTANA played , LL COOL J did his thing, and JENNIFER HUDSON im sure was amazing. And Barry Manilow’s set could only be described as cut short due to rain.  No sets from PATTI SMITH, ELVIS COSTELLO, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, and PAUL SIMON. 

THE OFFSPRING turned “Gone Away” into a ballad. Its on their latest album Let the Bad Times Roll. 

GENE SIMMONS says Dave Lee Roth would no longer be opening for KISS on their farewell tour, like he did before the pandemic. He said that in his heyday, Dave was THE BEST frontman . . . but “modern-day Dave” is NOT the same. He said, quote, “I prefer to remember Elvis Presley in his prime.  Sneering lips, back in Memphis, you know, doing all that.  I don’t want to think of bloated naked Elvis on the bathroom floor.” Dave’s response was to post a picture of a little kid wearing sunglasses and giving the finger.  But he didn’t just post it once . . . he posted it 18 times (LINK). 

Last week OnlyFans announced that starting in October, they will be banning sexually explicit content.  This will no doubt cause a mass exodus from the site.  But where will they go? Well, TYGA just deleted his OnlyFans account and started his OWN platform called MyyStar.  His site will be specially for sexual videos and it’s set to launch in October. He will only take 10% in OnlyFans took 20%.  And users can also sell their own NFTs. Apply for membership at MyyStar.com (LINK). 

MIKE RICHARDS stepped down as the “Jeopardy!” host on Friday.  This comes shortly after people dug up his 2013 podcast . . . where he made sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, and body shaming comments. Mike said, quote, “It has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show.” He will stay on as an executive producer.  And the five episodes that he already taped for the new season will still air.  When production starts again, “Jeopardy!” will go back to having guest hosts until a permanent one is chosen.

Some movie projects don’t make it to the big screen.  Here are some. 

“E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears”, 1982 . . . This sequel included a spaceship of carnivorous aliens who kidnap and torture Elliot and his crew, but Steven Spielberg decided it was too dark. 

“Superman Lives” . . . Yep, the ’90s one starring Nicolas Cage as Superman.  Tim Burton was set to direct and Kevin Smith was co-writing the script.  All that exists is Nick’s test footage.  

“Jurassic Park IV” . . . Before “Jurassic World”, this one would have included dinosaur-human hybrids. 

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2” . . . Test footage was made of a CGI Roger, but the project was canceled due to the high cost of hybrid animation and Roger’s indecent tone. 

Before Godzilla: King of Monsters in 2019, King of the Monsters in 3d was a plan. A 3d Powers Boothe and Demi Moore were in consideration to play the leads. Due to a lack of funding (LINK), however, the project never made it to production. 

We almost got a prequel to Pulp Fiction (LINK) (1994) called Double V Vega (LINK). It would have focused on John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega and his brother Vic (played by Michael Madsen in Tarantino’s 1992 film Reservoir Dogs (LINK). Tarantino reportedly came up with a plot but didn’t get far beyond that in the development process. 

To get out of directing the sequel to Beetlejuice (LINK) (1988), Tim Burton pitched an idea he thought studio execs would hate. Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian (LINK) would have followed the Deetz family as they unknowingly stay at a tropical resort located on an ancient burial ground. To Burton’s surprise, the studio loved the idea and were set to produce it. Batman Returns (1992) ended up taking priority, and the project fell through.

Porn B

Carmen Luvana

Today’s birthday girl has been in 141 fine films, including:

– American Bad Asses

– Bikinis No Weenies 2

– Legendary Lesbians

– The More The Merrier

– The Notorious S.L.U.T.

– And who can forget her role in 2005’s Potty Mouth

Carmen Luvana is 40 years old.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

  • Legendary NFL running back Emmitt Smith has partnered with NASCAR driver Jesse Iwuji for a new NASCAR Xfinity Series team.
  • Jesse Iwuji Motorsports will enter the Xfinity Series full-time in 2022.
  • Emmitt Smith isn’t just making business moves; he’s a huge fan of NASCAR, seen at races in Texas and Bristol.  The Cowboys great has also said his favorite movie isDays of Thunder.  
  • Iwuji has partnered with Smith before. Iwuji, a Dallas native, earned a sponsorship last year from Notable Live, a company co-founded by Smith.

Adam Wainwright became a 20-game winner Sunday — against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Winning his seventh win in succession against the Pirates, something never done by a Cardinals pitcher, Wainwright raised his career mark to 20-7 against the Pirates with a 3-0 victory on a steamy afternoon at Busch Stadium as 34,431 paid subscribers partook. Turning 40 a week from now, Wainwright hasn’t lost to the Pirates at Busch since June 29, 2012, and has beaten the Pirates more than any other club, with Milwaukee next at 18. Wainwright’s 12th victory of the season marked the fifth time he had snapped a team losing streak of two or more games, with two of those streaks five or more games. Wainwright has said he pitches with more of a chip on his shoulder, as it were, when he is pitching to stop a losing streak but he said, “Today, I didn’t even try to throw one ball hard the whole day. “I really dialed back the intensity — but with increased focus.” Nearly two weeks ago in Pittsburgh, Wainwright tossed a spectacular two-hit shutout. The Pirates had only two hits again off Wainwright on Sunday, one a bunt single, in eight innings, as Wainwright fanned nine and walked no one. First baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who doubled, homered and scored twice, called Wainwright’s performance “textbook. That’s how you teach kids to pitch, how to play and he just lives it out daily and hopefully everyone’s watching because it’s pretty impressive.” Tomorrow is a 6:45 start at Busch against the Tigers (LINK)

In a scene reminiscent of the “Malice at the Palace (LINK),” fans leapt over barriers and brawled with players and security staff during Sunday’s Ligue 1 match between Nice and Marseille. The incident took place around the 74-minute mark of the Nice home game in France’s top soccer league, which just welcomed fans back to the stands (LINK) at full capacity this month amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Broadcast video of the game shows Marseille’s Dimitri Payet get up after being knocked to the ground by a water bottle thrown from the stands. Payet was preparing for a corner kick in close proximity to Nice fans. He responded by throwing a bottle back into the stands. Security and players then gathered around Payet at the baseline as fans leapt out out of the stands and onto the field behind the goal. A swarm of fans then broached baseline barriers and overran the pitch, where they fought with players and security staff. Fans were quickly corralled off the pitch as security staff sought to usher players into their respective locker rooms. As security guided Marseille players toward its sideline, more fans invaded the pitch, but were largely kept away from players. Chaos then resumed amid a mass of players, staff and security before Marseille players eventually left the field for their locker room. Play was then suspended with Nice leading, 1-0. Closeup replay shows the incident that sparked the chaos. As Payet prepared for his corner kick, a full water bottle thrown from the stands pelted him in the back of the head and knocked him to the ground. Reports say that fans threw water bottles at Payet throughout the game (LINK) every time he took a corner. When the last one knocked him to the ground, he threw one back into the stands, and chaos ensued. A closeup angle shows a person identified as a Marseille staffer punching one of the invading fans and knocking him to the ground at the onset of brawl. After the chaos concluded, Ligue 1 authorities called for the game to resume. Marseille players, however, had already showered, and the team refused to rejoin Nice on the field (LINK)

Did you know that St. Louis has a cricket team? Twenty or so years ago, Ajay Jhamb moved to St. Louis and found that cricket, his sport of choice, was not really part of the local landscape. So he worked to re-introduce it. They have a group, a non-profit called the American Cricket Academy, that they started back in 2015 with six kids. Today, they have nearly 300 athletes competing and have built a facility in Wentzville. And St Louis has a pro team, the St. Louis Americans, who are competing in Minor League Cricket. The Americans, off to a 2-6 start, are one of 27 teams playing in the United States as part of the first-year MiLC. They’re competing in the Central Division of the Pacific Conference along with the Austin Athletics, Chicago Blasters, Chicago Catchers, Irving Mustangs, Houston Hurricanes and Michigan Cricket Stars. Teams are also competing in Eastern, Southern and Western divisions. Total prize money of $250,000 for the competition this season represents the largest purse in American cricket history (LINK)