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Police believe they have St. Louis smash-and-grab ringleader – LINK

Southwest passenger claimed ‘Jesus told her’ to open plane door mid-flight, docs say – LINK

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Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac died yesterday after a “short illness.”  Her family was with her in the hospital when she passed. The band issued a statement saying, quote, “She was truly one-of-a-kind, special and talented beyond measure.  She was the best musician anyone could have in their band and the best friend anyone could have in their life. Stevie Nicks shared a handwritten letter on social media, calling Christine her “best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975.”  She says she didn’t even know Christine was sick until late Saturday night. Nicks wrote that since hearing that she was ill over the weekend, she’s had one song “swirling” in her head – the Haim sisters’ “Hallelujah.”  Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970, and wrote the classics “Don’t Stop”“Everywhere”, and “Little Lies”.  She was 79 years old.

“People” magazine named four celebrities as their People of the Year for the inspiring work they’ve done.  They are:

  1. Matthew McConaughey:  When the Uvalde school shooting happened, he quickly returned to his hometown and met with victims’ families.  He also spoke at the White House and is credited with helping pass federal gun legislation.
  1. Quinta Brunson:  She created the sitcom “Abbott Elementary”on ABC and won an Emmy for it.  She wanted a show that was inclusive to all generations and have parents and grandparents alike laughing at the same jokes.
  1. Jennifer Hudson:  She launched her new talk show to create a platform where everyone feels included.  She also became the youngest woman to achieve EGOTstatus.  (You know, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.)
  1. Mila Kunis:  When Russia invaded Ukraine, she and Ashton Kutcherraised money for refugees.  They’ve raised $37 million to date.  In case you didn’t know, Mila was born in Ukraine.

 “Good Morning America” co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been secretly DOING IT . . . even though they’re both married to other people. A so-called “source” says their affair started back in March, while they were training together for the New York City half marathon.  But they hid it well enough that “GMA” producers were “shocked” when they found out. They reportedly left their respective spouses in August.

Britain’s “Daily Mail” has pictures of them being intimate in various locations.  Robach has been married to former actor Andrew Shue since 2010.  He was Billy on the original “Melrose Place” back in the ’90s.  Holmes and his wife Marilee have also been married since 2010.Robach deactivated her Instagram account yesterday afternoon.

After being criticized for cutting eight awards from the TV broadcast last year, Oscars organizers say all 23 categories will be presented on television in 2023. The new CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said that restoring all categories to live TV was his “first priority”. He said: “All I will say right now is that our anniversary, the 95th Oscars, is extremely important to us. I think it sets a really interesting rhythm for our 100th. I think we are able to celebrate our legacy while bringing the Academy into the future and the show will reflect that.” Jimmy Kimmel will return to host The Oscars on March 12th.

Al Roker was hospitalized earlier this month due to blood clots in his leg and lungs . . . but he was released just in time for Thanksgiving. However, on Friday, he had to be rushed back to the hospital.  A source says, quote, “His condition was worrying, but once back in the hospital he improved.” Al is still in the hospital, so he missed last night’s lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center . . . just like he missed last week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years. Oh, and if you can’t stand Elon Musk, we can tie this story into your hatred:  When Al was taken away in the ambulance, his wife Deborah was going to follow them in her Tesla. But it MALFUNCTIONED and she couldn’t unlock it.  And her phone was inside.  A neighbor even tried to help her break a reinforced glass window to get to it.  She ended up leaving it and catching a cab to the hospital.

Chevy Chase went into Clark Griswold mode Tuesday night, lighting a massive Christmas display at a Raising Cane’s restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove, Illinois. It was part of an ad campaign with Cane’s founder Todd Graves, who was on hand for the lighting . . . and even drove off with Chevy in the old FAMILY TRUCKSTER after it was over. And yes, poor Dinky’s leash from the original “Vacation” is still hanging off the bumper. The display has more than 13,000 lights, a Santa, reindeer, and a sleigh . . . and more than 500 people showed up, including carolers and a marching band.

Val Kilmer was supposed to return as Madmartigan in the Disney+ “Willow” series . . . but then the pandemic hit.  As Covid cases rose, he decided to drop out as a precautionary measure.  In case you forgot, Val battled throat cancer in 2015. It took a toll on his health and after undergoing a tracheotomy, he also lost his voice. Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan said he met with Val early on about returning.  Quote, “He embraced me when I left [and] picked me up, and he said, ‘See?  I’m still super strong.’ . . .We started building out the first season with the intent of having him appear.  [It wasn’t clear we couldn’t get him] until pretty late in the process, frankly.”

There is hope though.  Jonathan said the door is still open for Val’s return.  But in the meantime, they’ve tried to honor his spirit and worked with him so Madmartigan is “felt and heard, if not seen.”

Tom Hanks just launched a packaged goods company called Hanx for Our Troops.  And he’s giving 100% of its profits to organizations that provide aid to U.S. military veterans and their families. Their first product is coffee.  It comes in three different flavors:  Tom’s Morning Magic Blend, First Class Joe, and Sergeant Peppermint.  You can buy all three flavors in pods, while First Class Joe is available in grounds, and Joe and Morning Magic Blend are available as coffee sticks. Tom said, quote, “By choosing our coffee, you help support those who chose to commit their time and efforts in defense of our liberties for the good cause that is the American Way . . . “Every penny of profit says ‘thank you’ to them.  We owe them our gratitude, eh?”

The trailer for “Cocaine Bear” is out, and it looks amazing.  It’s based on a true story of a coke shipment that gets tossed out of a plane, and a bear gets loaded.  It sounds like a pretty wild, dark comedy.  It stars Keri Russell, OShea Jackson Jr, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ray Liotta…

The Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movies is currently up for grabs through Classic Auto Mall.  This iconic Batmobile was driven by Michael Keaton in 1989’s Batman and its follow-up, 1992’s Batman Returns. Classic Auto Mall describes the long-nosed coupé’s exterior as “bat s**t crazy cool.” Batman fans hoping to add this Batmobile to their collection should prepare to spend big. The prop car is listed for $1.5 million. The car was previously used as a prop for the Batman Returns roller coaster at Six Flags in New Jersey before being purchased by a movie car collector.

Terry Bradshaw‘s family show, “The Bradshaw Bunch,” won’t be returning for a 3rd season, and the reason has to do with Terry’s health. The E! show was renewed for a third season and filming was supposed to begin last March, but around that time Terry informed producers he had a serious health condition. At the time, we’re told Terry didn’t give specifics on his diagnosis but he let producers know he couldn’t move forward with the show. In the end… the Bradshaws and E! mutually decided to not go forward with the series. Last month, Terry revealed on NFL on FOX he went in for an MRI for what he thought were neck issues … and that’s when doctors discovered a tumor and diagnosed him with Merkel cell carcinoma — a rare, aggressive form of skin cancer. Terry had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in November 2021, during the airing of the second season of the show. The series, which was filmed at the family’s ranch in Oklahoma, was centered around (LINK) the 4-time Super Bowl champ, his wife Tammy and their 3 daughters. Today, Terry is cancer-free!

If you want to get the most out of Metallica’s M72 tour next year, you’re going to shell out . . . and that’s even BEFORE Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing” scheme kicks in. Metallica will play TWO shows in every city on the tour, and with an entirely different set list and a different opening band each night. They’re offering several “Enhanced Experience” ticket packages, and they’re not cheap. The Cadillac of the bunch is the “Lux Aeterna” Private Platform Experience.  It costs just over $7,200 . . . but that’s for up to EIGHT people.  You get a private viewing platform, a cooler of soda and beer, access to a pre-show party . . .One merch item for everyone in the group, and the ability to pre-order merch and have it delivered to you so you don’t have to stand in line for it. The cheapest of these packages is the “Frantic” Early-Entry General Admission Package.  It starts at $414 and gets you early access to the general admission section for both shows, plus a limited-edition piece of merchandise and a drink. There are also packages that give you a seat in the “Snake Pit” . . . which is a standing location in the MIDDLE OF THE STAGE.

Bobby Brown has a lot to look forward to next year … especially hitting the road with his New Edition brothers for a new world tour! New Edition is undeniably one of the most celebrated R&B groups of all time. They’ve been in the game for about 40 years, and every member’s had success outside the group, too. One thing Bobby’s not anticipating is the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” … which will likely document their turbulent life and times together in the ’90s. Bobby says he had zero involvement in ‘I Wanna Dance’ so he can’t cosign on its quality, or the performance of Ashton Sanders … the actor who’s portraying him in the film.

It looks like Fall Out Boy is teasing their 8th studio album, posting a mysterious ad in their hometown’s newspaper, ‘The Chicago Tribune’. The full page ad reads “FOB 8” with the “O” drawn up as a yin and yang symbol.  Then at the bottom, there’s smaller print that reads “If you build it, they will come.” Fans have been searching for the ad since it appeared in the ‘Tribune’ with one fan tweeting that it’s been “a journey finding a physical copy”.

The estate of PANTERA drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott has issued a statement in support of the reformed band’s upcoming shows — but stopped short of calling it a “reunion.” PANTERA — featuring surviving members Rex Brown (bass) and Phil Anselmo (vocals) along with guitarist Zakk Wylde  and drummer Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX) — will headline a number of major festivals across North America, South America and Europe and stage some of their own headline concerts beginning in December 2022. According to Billboard, the lineup has been given a green light by the estates of the band’s founders, Vinnie Paul and guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. Earlier today, Vinnie Paul’s estate released the following statement via the drummer’s social media: “There can never be a PANTERA reunion without Vinnie and Dime. However, there is no better way to celebrate and honor Vinnie and Dime’s legacy, than to bring the music of PANTERA directly to the fans. We are honored that Charlie and Zakk, their very close friends and musical brothers, will share the stage with Philip and Rex, to unleash the power of PANTERA live around the world.”

So this is Christmas season, right? As we’re knee-deep in holiday music…you’ve probably heard 100 different songs made before 1960. Fine, if that’s not your thing, but I found a list of some tunes that you may get behind this holiday season. This isn’t a Scrooge-like attempt to knock the traditions like “White Christmas” or “Winter Wonderland.”  But – here are 20 “cool” Christmas songs that you may get behind.

In no order…

  • Weezer – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – Christmastime
  • No Doubt – Oi To The World
  • Def Leppard – We All Need Christmas
  • Chris Cornell – Ave Maria
  • Eels – Everythings Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
  • Amy Winehouse – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  • The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa
  • Queen – A Winter’s Tale
  • Beck – The Little Drum Machine Boy
  • Tom Petty – Christmas All Over Again
  • Lady Gaga – Christmas Tree
  • Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas
  • Bon Jovi – Please Come Home For Christmas
  • Snoop – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
  • Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run
  • Squeeze – Christmas Day
  • The Kinks – Father Christmas
  • Pearl Jam – Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)

Low – Just Like Christmas


Her dad is Lenny Kravitz and her mom is Lisa Bonet from “The Cosby Show”. Zoe Kravitz is 34.

Twenty One Pilots singer Tyler Joseph is 34.

R&B singer Janelle Monae is 37.

Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson is 45.

Sarah Silverman is 52.

Bette Midler is 77.

Doors drummer John Densmore is 78.

He played himself in “Happy Gilmore”.  He’s the golfer who’d pop up and shake his head disapprovingly at Adam Sandler. Lee Trevino is 83

Porn B

Shelby Stevens

Today’s birthday girl has been in 277 fine films, including:

– America’s Raunchiest Home Videos 71

– Assy Sassy 3

– Big Boob Bangeroo 22

– Bone Appetite

– Brassiere To Eternity

– The Butt Sisters Do Denver

– Heidi’s High Heeled Hookers

– Love Potion 69

– And who can forget her role in 1997’s Waterworld 3: Search For The Ultimate Enema

Shelby Stevens is 54 years old


St. Louis native and former Blues player Patrick “Pat” Maroon responded with a charitable gesture after a broadcaster mocked his weight Tuesday night. Maroon’s current team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, played the Boston Bruins on the road, losing 3-1. But the headline that came out of that game wasn’t the final score. Midway through the first period, NESN broadcaster for the Boston Bruins Jack Edwards commented about the 6-foot-3 winger’s size and his three Stanley Cup Championships. “[Maroon] is listed at 238 pounds.. that was day one of training camp,” Edwards said during the broadcast. “I’ve got a feeling he’s had a few more pizzas between then and now. Fasting…inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like four hours without a meal.” “But hey, [he’s won] three [Stanley Cups] in a row! Who can argue with his formula?” he said about Maroon’s championships. Wednesday afternoon, Maroon reacted to the comments made by Edwards. He tweeted: In support of those struggling with mental health, bullying and body image I am making a 2,000 donation in the name of  @realjackedwards to  @TampaBayThrives and I encourage  @TBLightning and @NHL fans to join me. (LINK) Donate here: http://Tampabaylightning.com/donate

After an absolutely chaotic 90 minutes in two different Qatari stadiums, Mexico was left on the outside looking in and Argentina won Group C. Mexico beat Saudi Arabia, 2-1, but it wasn’t enough to make it to the knockout round after struggling in its first two matches. Meanwhile, Argentina coasted through a non-threatening game against Poland to top the group. The results mean Argentina will move to face Australia on Saturday while Poland will meet France on Sunday. The United States men’s national team secured a spot in the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup with a pivotal 1-0 win over Iran (LINK) on Tuesday. After drawing 1-1 to Wales in the opener and following it up with a 0-0 draw to England, the U.S. needed nothing less than a win against Iran to advance. In the end, England secured first place in Group B after beating Iran and Wales, the U.S. came in second, Iran finished third and Wales rounded out the group after failing to win a game. US takes on The Netherlands Saturday at 9am.

Aaron Judge could break another record before the 2023 MLB season even begins. ESPN’s reported Wednesday morning that the New York Yankees have an offer on the table to Judge “in the neighborhood” of a contract for eight years and $300 million, which would make him the highest-paid position player in MLB history based on average annual value.

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout currently has the highest average annual salary among position players at $35.5 million a season. Max Scherzer has the highest of any player at $43.3 million a year after signing his historic deal with the New York Mets last year. But it doesn’t end there. The report said that New York could increase its offer to Judge, depending on how far the Giants, the other top suitor heavily pursuing Judge, are willing to go for him. The Los Angeles Dodgers also are a reported suitor. As far as the timing of an official deal, it could come very, very soon.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang — one of the biggest stars in the NHL — has suffered a stroke … and will now be off the ice indefinitely, his team announced Wednesday. General manager Ron Hextall said Letang was diagnosed with the stroke on Monday after suffering symptoms. The GM called the news “shocking” — but added the 35-year-old is currently in good spirits. “We are grateful that Kris is doing well,” Hextall said. “We are thankful to the medical staff and the physicians at UPMC.” Letang — who previously suffered a stroke in 2014 and missed over two months of that season — has now been ruled out of Penguins games for the foreseeable future. Letang has played in 21 games this season, logging one goal and 11 assists. In his career, he’s made two All-Star teams … and has won the Stanley Cup two times

Gaylord Perry, Hall of Fame pitcher, dead at 84 – LINK