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Mike and Marcus will ride again. Will Smith and Martin Lawerence have announced a fourth Bad Boys film. Smith and Lawrence posted the news in an Instagram video. Will said, “Yo, I’ve got an announcement. Y’all better stop scrolling. Seriously.Smith heads to Martin’s house. Lawrence said, “It’s about that time?” In unison, both said, “Bad boys 4 life.”  The new movie is in preproduction.

Hank Hill and his crew are back! Hulu has ordered a fresh batch of King of the Hill episodes.  The original cast will return, including co-creator Mike Judge as Hank and Kathy Naijimy as Peggy Hill.  The long-running cartoon was on Fox from 1997 until 2010. Archived episodes get high viewership on Hulu.

“Dr. Phil” is coming to an end after the current season, which will conclude this spring.  The show debuted in 2002, after Dr. Phil got his start on “Oprah” in the ’90s. Phil says, quote, “With this show, we have helped thousands of guests and millions of viewers through everything from addiction and marriage to mental wellness and raising children.” (Of course, he neglected to mention his biggest accomplishment:  Making the “Cash Me Ousside” girl a multi-multi-multimillionaire.  Dr. Phil McGraw:  Rewarding good behavior since 2002!) He added, quote, “This has been an incredible chapter of my life and career, but while I’m moving on from daytime, there is so much more I wish to do.”  (Hollywood Reporter)

As expected, Alec Baldwin was charged on Tuesday with involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.”  The actor was holding the gun, which discharged and killed Halyna, though he has claimed he did not pull the trigger. Hannah Reed Gutierrez, the film’s armorer, was also charged with involuntary manslaughter. Both are accused of acting with criminal negligence that resulted in Hutchins’ death. Hutchins died on Oct. 21, 2021, following the misfire of a prop gun with a live round. Director Joel Souza was also injured at the time. They will have to appear before a judge within 15 days of the charges being filed. Reports say that neither Baldwin nor Gutierrez-Reed will be arrested in connection to the charges. There’s a prison sentence associated with the charges if they are found guilty. Variety reports that “Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed each face up to 18 months in prison if convicted, plus a potential five-year enhancement for the use of a firearm.” Production on the movie is still scheduled to resume. Hutchins’ death has already led to new safety precautions in the film industry. Gisele Bundchen will reportedly talk in-depth about her split from Tom Brady in an upcoming “Vanity Fair” cover story.  (Full Story)

 Pamela Anderson says “Borat” ended her relationship with Kid Rock, Her dad once killed her kittens, She walked in on Jack Nicholson having a threesome, Posing for Playboy was freeing for her and a whole lot more in this doc. The new Netflix doc LOVE PAMELA just began streaming yesterday.  (Full Story)

Flavor Flav recently reflected on the money he spent while addicted to drugs. In an interview he said, “There was a time I was spending $2,400-$2,600 a day for six years straight. You do the math. That’s how much I spent on drugs. I ain’t gonna lie, I sold a lot. But I was my best customer. I had a lot. I had a lot of money at the time, too. I was doing wrong things with my money.” Flav added, “I kind of maintained myself very well while I was on that s**t. Not only that, but I kept it hidden. So, a lot of people didn’t really know. They were trying to figure it out. ‘Is he on something?’ Because I never actually let people know what I was doing.”  Later in the interview, he admitted, “So, I guess God wanted me to live. And he knows that I’m a mouthpiece to the world. So, I felt like God helped me live through that, so, that way I can teach people about the mistake that I made. And hopefully, they won’t make them later on in life.”

Willie Nelson is ready to party! The legendary singer is about to celebrate his 90th birthday on April 28th.  As his big day looms, he talked about staying healthy to E-News. He also spoke about sparking up with rapper and friend Snoop Dogg. “I’ve managed to keep my weight down pretty good, and I really don’t do anything that’s bad for me,” he shared. He went on to say he doesn’t drink large amounts of alcohol. While he indulges in tequila “occasionally,” he noted that he used to drink a lot in the past and now just smokes more weed. “Well, it not only saved my life, it probably saved some other people’s lives,” he told the outlet. How? “Because before I smoked marijuana, I was drinking a lot. And I might have killed a lot of people, too. So I’m just glad that that didn’t happen. I’m glad we live through all of bad times.” What does Willie eat? He said that he drank “a lot” of protein shakes but generally didn’t eat “a lot.” He listed the likes of eggs, waffles, and toast as part of his diet. Willie also shared a story about smoking marijuana with Snoop Dogg. He teased that they once started a song together while “trying to out-smoke the other one.”  Will we ever hear their song? Don’t get your hopes up. “I’m not sure we ever finished it or not,” he admitted. Willie Nelson is headlining a two-day concert in Los Angeles for his birthday, “Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90” will take place April 29 and 30 at the Hollywood Bowl and feature performances by Nelson, Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, The Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dogg, and many more artists.

Bon Jovi’s video for “Livin’ on A Prayer” is the latest to get over a billion YouTube views. The 1986 video was shot during concert rehearsals in Los Angeles. Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” now joins other videos like Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Linkin Park’s “Numb,” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and Audioslave’s “Like a Stone,” in the billion plays club.

Paul Rudd has finally revealed a secret to his eternal youth:  Eight hours of sleep. In an interview for Men’s Health, he said, quote, “Then diet.  Then weights.  Then cardio.  The most important part of training is sleep.  People will set their alarm and then sleep for four hours and they’ll get up so that they can train . . . “They’re doing themselves a disservice.  I get up and I have a cup of coffee, and then I do cardio before I eat anything.  I never would’ve done that before [‘Ant-Man’].  I lift weights, hopefully at least three times a week.” Paul is well-aware that all of that sounds like hell.  But he insists it’s not because he finds the routine comforting.  Exercising and having a good diet makes him feel less like an imposter when playing Ant-Man. Oh, and for those curious . . . He eats eggs every day, a lot of salmon, and drinks protein shakes that are just protein and water, no fruit. (People) 

Seth Rogen has teamed up with Airbnb to offer a night at an “artistic retreat” in Los Angeles . . . where he’ll actually hang with you and do some pottery.  And, let’s be real here . . . you’ll probably end up getting high with him, too. As you probably know, Seth has a company called Houseplant, where he sells cannabis accessories . . . many of which he makes himself. He says quote, “We founded Houseplant because people who smoke weed also like nice things, and that didn’t really exist in this way before.  You used to hide everything, but now we have beautiful lighters and ashtrays meant to be displayed, and they’re all in this beautiful Airbnb.  It’s really come full circle.” Seth is hosting three, one-night stays, each for two people, on February 15th, 16th, and 17th.  Each night costs $42. You can try to reserve one of those nights when booking opens on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. For the record, the listing says, quote, “No cannabis-based products will be made available or provided to guests during the stays.”  But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own . . . or that Seth won’t bring anything for himself. (Yahoo!)

New DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran laid out the future of the DC Universe yesterday.  Here are some of the highlights:

1.  The big movie that’ll launch the new DCU is “Superman: Legacy”, which will come out July 11th, 2025.  And yes, there will be a NEW actor playing Superman.

2.  A new Batman  “The Brave and the Bold” will NOT star Ben Affleck.  However it will feature Robin.  But this Robin is Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne.  The original Robin, Dick Grayson, might also be in it. 
3.  Supergirl is getting her own movie.  She’ll be “more hardcore” than Superman, since she was raised on a piece of Krypton that chipped off when the planet exploded, and for the first 14 years of her life, she watched everyone else DIE. 

4.  Swamp Thing is back, in a movie that will investigate his “dark origins” and be more horrific than a typical superhero movie. 

5.  Viola Davis will return to play Amanda Waller in her own series, “Waller”.  It’ll act as a bridge between the first and second season of “Peacemaker” . . . since Season 2 is on hold for the moment. 

6.  A Green Lantern TV series called “Lanterns” is coming to HBO Max, with Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart.  Chances are Ryan Reynolds will be nowhere near this thing. 

7.  A “Wonder Woman” prequel series called “Paradise Lost” will tell the story of the island of Themyscira before the birth of Diana. 

8.  It’s possible that Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), and Zachary Levi (Shazam) will return in some capacity, but that hasn’t been worked out yet. 

“The Flash” and “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” are still on their way to theaters . . . And despite Ezra Miller’s off-screen issues, Gunn is particularly high on “The Flash”, which he calls, quote, “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.”

9.  Robert Pattinson’s Batman is still a thing . . . and the “Joker” sequel with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga is moving forward as well.  But these projects are NOT part of the main DC Universe. 

Projects like these will be part of a brand called DC Elseworlds . . . which will also include Colin Farrell’s “Penguin” spinoff. (You can check out more info here.)

UltimateClassicRock.com put together a list of times when an artist had to eject a concertgoer themselves.  These interactions were also caught on camera.  Here are five of them:

  1. Dave Grohl kicked out a guy for fighting at a Foo Fighters show in 2011.
  2. AC/DCguitarist Angus Young had a beer tossed at him.  When security was escorting the guy out, Angus went up to him and grabbed him by the nose.
  3. Kurt Cobain stopped midperformance to kick out a guy who was groping a woman in the front row.
  4. Morrissey got rid of a drunk heckler who kept calling Morrissey a “wanker”.
  5. During the time that Axl Rosewas running Guns N’ Roses without the original lineup, he did NOT appreciate when fans wore shirts referencing those days.  He’s even had fans ejected for wearing T-shirts with Slash on them. (Profanity Warning:  There’s video for each ejection at UltimateClassicRock.com, but some contain profanity.)

It seems like every year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominates more artists outside the actual rock genre . . . like EminemLL Cool J, and Dolly Parton. Well, nominees for the class of 2023 will be announced tomorrow . . . and they released a new mission statement that sounds like it might be an attempt to head off any criticism over their choices. They said, quote, “Born from the collision of rhythm & blues, country and gospel, rock ‘n’ roll is a spirit that is inclusive and ever-changing. “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebrates the sound of youth culture and honors the artists whose music connects us all.” (Translation:  We induct who we want, and you can STUFF IT.)  (???) (Ultimate Classic Rock)

The 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards announced its co-hosts will be TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and “CBS Mornings” anchor and sports analyst, Nate Burleson.

You’re probably wondering, why kids would care to see a news anchor.  Well, he also hosts “NFL Slimetime” on Nickelodeon.

The awards take place Saturday, March 4th at 7:00 p.m. on all four Nickelodeon channels (Nickelodeon, Teen Nick, Nicktoons, and Nick Jr.), as well as TVLand, CMT, and MTV2.

“Stranger Things” has the most nominations with six:  Favorite Family TV Show, Favorite Female TV Star (Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink), and Male TV Star (Finn WolfhardGaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin).

Taylor Swift follows with five nominations, including Favorite Female Artist.  “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” are up for Favorite Song, and Taylor’s cat is nominated in the celebrity pet category.  (???)

Some of the first-time nominees are Jenna OrtegaLetitia WrightJack Harlow, and Joji.

Voting is currently open at Nick.com.

The Mummy star Brendan Fraser recently opened up about the physical toll of portraying the action-adventure franchise’s protagonist Rick O’Connell.

Fraser discussed the strain he placed on his body while shooting The Mummy and its two sequels, The Mummy Returns and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, in an interview with The Telegraph“I got a little banged up from years of doing my own stunts and needed a surgical fix on the spine and the hinges,” he said. “And that took a lot out of me. I knew I would get better, but it took a long time.” Fraser added that he worked hard to imbue his portrayal of Rick with “an element of self-sacrifice” to justify the fame and fortune it brought him.

In the same interview, Fraser described himself as arriving on the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor set “like a gladiator with muscle tape and ice pack…just to get through the scene.” The Oscar-nominated actor also characterized his mindset while working on the third Mummy installment as being tinged with “self-loathing.” Despite this, Fraser has positive feelings towards the Mummy franchise, recently surprising London moviegoers by making a surprise appearance at a double-feature screening of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

The star remains open to reprising the Rick O’Connell role, too. Asked in a recent interview whether he’d be willing to return for a belated fourth entry in the Mummy canon, Fraser answered in the affirmative. “I don’t think I’ve been this famous and unsalaried at the same time in my professional life, so sign me up,” he quipped. Fans have speculated about the possibility of The Mummy 4 happening for years, however, Universal Pictures remains tight-lipped regarding what (if anything) it has planned for the beloved franchise.

Kanye West’s informal 2024 campaign for president doesn’t appear to be popular with political donors — at least, according to a recent filing, which shows the rapper and designer’s campaign brought in zero dollars in 2022.

In a filing submitted Monday and surfaced by The Daily Beast, Kanye 2020 (the current name of West’s political action committee) reported spending $142,000 in expenses in the last three months of 2022, but not bringing in any donations that year.

While West hasn’t officially declared his candidacy (which requires filing paperwork with the FEC), he did post what appeared to be a campaign video in November. The video posted by West on Twitter has since been deleted, though the rapper and designer posted other videos, as well, including one which displays a “Ye 24” logo, a reference to a presidential run.

  1. “Forrest Gump” co-stars Tom Hanks and Robin Wright will get the AI de-aging treatment in an upcoming Robert Zemeckis movie called “Here”.  (Full Story)
  2. Dave Bautistawonders if he’s too unattractive to do romantic comedies.  (Full Story)


  1. A sequel to “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey”is already in the works.  (Full Story)
  2. Check out a trailer for “The Power”, an Amazon series where teenage girls suddenly develop the power to electrocute people at will.  (Full Story)


Harry Styles is 29.

She played Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner is 27.

She plays Ruth on Ozark. Julia Garner is 29.

WWE wrestler and former UFC champ Ronda Rousey is 36.

Heather DeLoach is 40.  The Bee Girl in the Blind Melon video “No Rain”.

Big Boi from Outkast is 48.

Best known as Dexter on the show… Dexter, Michael C. Hall is 52.

Pauly Shore is 55.

One of the original SNL cast members, Garrett Morris is 86


Today’s birthday girl has been in 672 fine films, including:

– Assume the Position

– Banned in Kentucky

– Battle of the Bitches

– Best Butt in the Biz

– Butt Sisters Do Boston / Hawaii / Philadelphia

– Halloweenies And Wenches

– Lesbian Social Club

– And who can forget her role in 1995’s Shave Tails 2

Jill Kelly is 52 years old.