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I’ve Had Tussles But Never A Shot In The Face

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The Number One Amusement Park in the U.S. is…NOT a Disney Park – LINK

Airbnb Says Police Investigated After Philadelphia Renter Claimed Property Had Multiple Hidden Cameras – LINK

Disney Is Offering You Access to All 12 of Its Parks Around the World . . . for Just $110,000 – LINK


The FOO FIGHTERS announced the lineup for their TAYLOR HAWKINS tribute concert in L.A. on September 27th. Of course, Foo Fighters will perform.  But joining them will be quite the slew of artists.  Just to name a few there’ll be:  Miley Cyrus . . . Joan Jett . . . Alanis Morissette . . . Gene Simmons . . . Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx . . . and Queen guitarist Brian May. The proceeds will be donated to a charity chosen by Taylor’s family. There’s also another concert, but it’s in London on September 3rd.  That lineup includes Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Mark Ronson, members of Rush, Queen, The Police, and Queens of the Stone Age…as well as Dave Chappelle . Tickets for both shows go on sale tomorrow morning at Ticketmaster.com.

This seems really random, but if you’re a FATHER who grew up in the ’90s, you should appreciate this: Father’s Day is THIS Sunday, and “Sesame Street” is celebrating by unleashing a “Friends” parody.  Basically, it’s a fun song that re-works the show’s theme, “I’ll Be There for You”. It includes subtle “Friends” references, like a creative rendition of “Smelly Cat” . . . a puppet wearing Joey’s Thanksgiving turkey hat . . . and a nod to Ross’ “pivot!” At the end, there’s a message that says:  “Fathers are our forever friends.  To all the fathers and father figures raising amazing kids:  Thank you for being there.”

You know what feels like a lifetime ago?  The final season of “Game of Thrones” . . . since it happened pre-pandemic.  If you watched “Game of Thrones”, did you ever get a queer vibe from Arya Stark?  And if so, were you surprised by her sex scene in that final season?  Because MAISIE WILLIAMS sure was. In an interview with “Teen Vogue”, she said, quote, “The first time that I was surprised by Arya was in the final [season] where she whips off her clothes and sleeps with Gendry . . . I thought that Arya was queer, you know?  So . . . yeah.  That was a surprise.” In the past, Maisie has said she thought the sex scene was a prank.  Since the showrunners were known for sending cast members bogus scripts.

Have you ever heard about a celebrity’s death and had it really affect you . . . almost as if it was a friend or family member?  Most people have. Even if you DON’T care about celebrities, maybe it was a musician or actor whose work you’ve loved . . . someone famous who died abruptly or tragically . . . or just a celebrity who passed too young.

There’s a thread online where people are sharing the celebrity deaths that “genuinely” (and maybe surprisingly) affected them.  And some of them include:

Kurt Cobain . . . Chris Farley . . . Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin . . . Chester Bennington from Linkin Park . . . Chris Cornell . . . Eddie Van Halen . . . Robin Williams . . . David Bowie . . . Kobe Bryant . . . Anthony Bourdain . . . Naya Rivera . . . Aaliyah . . . Alex Trebek . . . Brandon Lee . . .

Norm Macdonald . . . Bob Saget . . . Bernie Mac . . . Phil Hartman . . . Carrie Fisher . . . Grant Imahara from “Mythbusters” . . . Chadwick Boseman . . . 27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin . . . 99-year-old legend Betty White . . . Stan Lee . . . Heath Ledger . . . Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters . . . and Prince.

Billy Crystal is the latest A-list actor headed for Apple. The comedian, in a rare TV series regular role, will star on the limited series Before. Crystal will play a child psychiatrist who recently lost his wife when he encounters a troubled young boy. Sources note that while Apple has picked up the project, additional details are still being finalized including the number of the episodes. Apple declined comment.

Jerry Seinfeld has assembled an A-list cast for his feature directorial debut, which just so happens to be about the beloved breakfast dessert pastry, Pop-Tarts. Netflix is behind Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, which will star Melissa McCarthyJim GaffiganAmy SchumerHugh Grant and James Marsden. Rounding out the cast is Jack McBrayer, Tom Lennon, Bobby Moynihan, and Christian Slater. Seinfeld, who worked with the streamer on his 2020 stand-up special 23 Hours to Kill, will also be starring in the film. The tagline for the project, which is set in Michigan in 1963, reads: “Kellogg’s and Post, sworn cereal rivals, race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast forever. A tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar and menacing milkmen.”

Megan Thee Stallion is on the most recent cover of Rolling Stone.  In the cover story, Meg talked about many items, but we are zoning in on what she said about Tory Lanez and the upcoming trial where Lanez is facing charges for allegedly shooting Megan in 2020. While getting emotional, Megan said she thought her and Lanez “had a real connection” since they both lost their mothers. She continued, “I thought he knew me. And I never would’ve thought he would’ve shot at me at all.” She continued talking about recovering physically and mentally. As for the upcoming trial, she’s ready. Megan said, “I want him to go to jail. I want him to go under the jail.”

The powerful story of the most iconic heavy metal/art collective/monster band in the universe, as told by the humans who have fought to keep it alive for over thirty years.  The feature documentary includes interviews with members of GWAR, both past and present, as well as other artists including Weird Al Yankovic, Bam Margera, and Ethan Embry, also including never before seen footage of legendary GWAR frontman Dave Brockie.  It premieres on Shudder July 21st….which begs the question…what the hell is Shudder?

Dolly Parton has donated $1 million to the pediatric infectious disease research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. A press release issued confirmed the generous donation.  “I love all children. No child should ever have to suffer, and I’m willing to do my part to try and keep as many of them as I can as healthy and safe as possible,” Parton shared in a statement.  The country legend donated $1 million to help support research surrounding COVID-19 treatments and cures back in 2021.Here is your Justin Bieber update from his wife herself – Hailey Bieber.  ((AUDIO)) and that was your Justin Bieber update from Hailey Bieber.

Kim Kardashian is getting heat for allegedly “destroying” the iconic gown worn by Marilyn Monroe. It appears that Kardashian’s big night out at the Met Gala caused some serious wear and tear to the crystal-studded garment and fashion fans aren’t happy.  A visual artist who curates museum and costume exhibits, says he observed irreparable damage to the dress when he saw it on display last Sunday. As a result of Kardashian wearing the dress up the Met Gala steps, the artist says the garment now has a damaged zipper, shredded fabric by its hooks, stress on its shoulder straps and is missing beads and sequins. Pictures are circulating online and everyone has an opinion.

Bam Margera is on his way back to the Florida rehab facility he bolted from earlier this week … he was found in a nearby hotel after he was reported missing. People close to the ‘Jackass’ star say Bam shacked up at a hotel in Delrey Beach after bouncing from the rehab facility, and cops and a crisis intervention team located him yesterday and were escorting him back to the treatment center. We are told he went back voluntarily and didn’t fight it. Remember, the rehab center manager says Bam is supposed to be there under a court order … which is why police are taking him back. We’re told Bam, who recently completed one year in the drug and alcohol treatment program, is not believed to have relapsed … but there is some uncertainty there because he’s been off his medication since leaving the facility.

Just because you’ve made it to the top, doesn’t mean you STAY at the top.  There’s a list online of 10 actors who made it big . . . then had some type of fall from grace . . .

BUT . . . spoiler alert . . . they were all able to dust themselves off and make a comeback.  Here’s the list.   

  1. Brendan Fraser… He lost his mother, went through a divorce, and, Fraser alleged, was sexually assaulted by the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Philip Berk. He also underwent a number of surgeries to correct problems caused by the physical demands of doing stunts and starring in action films. All of this contributed to Fraser experiencing depression.
  2. Natasha Lyonne. . . She was in the “American Pie” trilogy, but got into drugs and was even arrested.  She made a comeback with “Orange Is the New Black”.

3.  Robert Downey Jr…Downey Jr. was given the option of going to jail or rehab, and decided to change his life for the better. Roles dried up for a couple of years, but once sober he began to be cast again — but mainly as a supporting character or in independent films.

4.  Laura Dern …In 1997, Ellen DeGeneres decided to film an episode of her sitcom Ellen where her character (and in turn, DeGeneres herself) came out. Dern agreed to guest-star on the groundbreaking episode as a lesbian who helps Ellen come to terms with her sexuality, and earned an Emmy nomination for her work. Today Dern calls it “an incredible honor” to have been on the episode, but says that there were people around her who told her not to do it, warning her it would hurt her career. Dern shrugged off those concerns at the time, but sadly learned they were right — in the aftermath of the episode, she struggled through a prolonged period of not being offered a significant role of any kind.

5.  Nicolas Cage … Cage was making a LOT of money ($40 million in 2009 alone according to Forbes) but spending even more. At one point he bought 15 properties around the world including two European castles, and even purchased a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull. Before long, Cage was in massive debt and owed lots in back taxes, so in order to pay it off, he began taking pretty much any and all roles offered to him.

  1. Betty White. . . Not that she ever did anything wrong, she just fell off the radar for a bit until she did “The Proposal” and “Hot in Cleveland” and re-ignited her career.

7.  Mickey Rourke …At age 39, feeling stifled by his career as an actor, Rourke walked away from the movie business and began a new career as…a professional boxer. Boxing insiders said the movie star was too old to make it against top fighters, but he did surprisingly well, managing a 6-0-2 record across four years. Unfortunately, Rourke sustained so many punches to the face that he needed reconstructive surgery to fix his broken nose and smashed cheek bone, and ended up looking strikingly different.

8.  Lindsay Lohan  … Nearing her 18th birthday, Lohan made a concerted effort to leave teen movies behind. Unfortunately, her turn in serious movies was poorly received. Making things worse, She had addiction issues, was arrested numerous times, and constantly appeared in the tabloids. A low point came while filming Georgia Rule. After Lohan had to be hospitalized (for exhaustion and being overheated, according to her rep), a letter from the film studio leaked criticizing her for too much partying and being late to set. It also called her “irresponsible and unprofessional.”

9.  John Travolta . . . Travolta’s stock went tumbling after a series of box-office bombs. His biggest “Doh!” moments of the decade? Turning down the lead roles in BOTH An Officer and a Gentleman and Splash. By the end of the ’80s, Travolta finally had another hit, but in Look Who’s Talking?, a movie where he played second fiddle to a talking baby.

  1. Rosie Perez. . . She wasn’t offered big roles after “Fearless” in 1993, which she chalks up to being Puerto Rican.  But now she’s had big roles again like in “Birds of Prey” and “The Flight Attendant”.


John Cho is 50.  Mr. Sulu in the new “Star Trek” movies, and Harold in the “Harold & Kumar” movies.  He popularized the phrase “MILF” in “American Pie”.

Phil Mickelson is 52.  Professional golfer.

MC Ren is 53.  N.W.A O.G.  “Straight Outta Compton”.

Hall of Fame running back. Four-time NFL rushing champion. Barry Sanders is 54.

Laurie Metcalf is 67.  Jackie on “Roseanne”, Sheldon’s mom on “The Big Bang Theory”, and one of the killers in “Scream 2”.

Former boxing world champion Roberto Duran is 71

Al Cowlings is 75.  O.J.’s driver.  Cowlings was behind the wheel of the Bronco during O.J.’s freeway chase

Porn B

Jenna Ivory

Today’s birthday girl has been in 201 fine films, including:

  • Ass Candy 2
  • Big Ass Curves 7
  • Brothers and Sisters 2
  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate
  • Cute and Curvy 2
  • I’ve Got It Bad For Step Dad 4
  • Neatly Dressed and Tightly Bound
  • Unplanned Orgies 25 & 27
  • And who can forget her role in 2015’s White Bitch Sandwich 4

Jenna Ivory is 29 years old!

sports_report_2.jpg 140016

Oakville’s own and Hometown hero Pat Maroon is this close to his fourth Cup ring but… In an exhilarating opening game of the Stanley Cup Final, Andre Burakovsky closed the show off a brilliant feed from Nichushkin to give the Colorado Avalanche a 1-0 series lead with a 4-3 overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning last night at Ball Arena. Burakovsky’s winner arrived one minute and 23 seconds into the OT  after the Lightning had killed what remained of a late penalty committed in regulation — and after Patrick Maroon nearly scored after he stepped out of the box. Game 2 is Saturday at 7pm

Jack Flaherty’s first start at Busch Stadium since last Aug. 24 was last night. Flaherty gave up four runs in three innings and was clearly struggling after healing from a long bout with shoulder bursitis. The Pirates got more help from the Cardinals with some shall we say subpar fielding. They shouldn’t have put the Pirates won the last game of the series 6-4. Cards play tomorrow at Fenway in Boston at 6:10.

The Detroit Tigers were in St. Louis to face the Browns on May 5, 1925, and the 3,500 fans in attendance were treated to an entertaining game. The teams combined for 22 runs and 31 hits as the Tigers rallied for a 14-8 victory at Sportsman’s Park. Future Hall of Famer Ty Cobb went 6 for 6 with five RBIs, four runs scored, three home runs and a double. Detroit scored five runs in the ninth inning the following day in St. Louis and broke open a close game, winning 11-4. Why is this cool or why am I talking about this.. It’s because Cardinals first basemen Paul Goldschmidt had nine hits in 12 at-bats against the Pirates on Monday and Tuesday. He also collected nine RBIs, four homers, a double and six runs scored. And like Cobb 97 years ago, he hasn’t struck out once. One key difference: Goldschmidt’s hitting display came over three games, while Cobb did that in two games. But still, Goldschmidt’s two-day output was unlike any in Major League Baseball since Cobb in 1925. That’s according to Stats by Stats, which shared the historical comparison. both did it in games played in St. Louis.


St. Louis, St. Louis County and the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, which owns The Dome at America’s Center where the Rams played, have had over six months to think about and try to figure out how to split up the $790 million the league and team agreed to pay to settle that 2017 lawsuit over their move to LA. And according to info about their meetings and negotiations…it’s gonna be a while. Here are the numbers we know: After attorney fees, there’s some $500 million from the settlement that the city, county and dome authority need to divvy up. So we’ll see how that goes.

Saints star Marcus Davenport will now only have about 9.5 fingers available to take down QB’s and running backs this year … he just revealed he had to have the tip of his pinky amputated during the offseason. He said he had to lose part of the digit after his finger developed an infection from a surgery he had back in 2021. He had to have a plate placed into the finger that year after injuring it previously … but the 25-year-old said when the plate broke and caused an infection that he got rid of by simply amputating the top of his left pinky. The former first-round pick said he also had to have shoulder surgery from an unrelated injury too. HIGH 4 and a half!

The NBA FINALS continue tonight at 8pm with the Warriors leading the Celtics in the series 3-2.