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Lifeguard shortage could impact hours, opening days at area pools – LINK

A YouTuber’s Epic Prank Shut Down Scam Call Centers in India

Queen Elizabeth Had to Forego Another One of Her Official Duties Due to Health Issues – LINK

Fugitive Alabama prison officer dies after police capture escaped inmate in Indiana – LINK

Average gas price jumps 15 cents to $4.38 – LINK

‘Dead’ woman knocks on coffin during her own funeral, rushed to hospital – LINK

Eating Only During Daylight Hours Could “Add Years to Your Life”? – LINK

New Retirement “Trends”: Retiring on a Cruise Ship, and “Unretiring” – LINK

Americans who died under mysterious conditions at Bahamas resort have been identified – LINK


Check out the trailer for the “Father of the Bride” remake with GLORIA ESTEFAN and ANDY GARCIA.  It hits HBO Max on June 16th (LINK

Not exactly a resume builder for the security company Contemporary Services Corporation. They on duty at the Hollywood Bowl on the night that DAVE CHAPPELLE they worked the Astroworld Festival in Houston. So not a great resume builder Some say their practice of hiring inexperienced staff as independent contractors might have something to do with failures at both events. Interestingly enough, they were also working the 2017 Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire, killing 60 people and injuring more than 400 others. Although in that case, the psycho was shooting from a 32nd-floor hotel window overlooking the festival.  There wasn’t much that security on the ground could have done about that (LINK) 

A baby boy was born during METALLICA’s concert Saturday in Brazil.  The fan was 39 weeks pregnant and went into labor during the encore. She gave birth during “Enter Sandman”, at 11:15 p.m.  Medical personnel were going to take her to the local hospital, but the baby was too close to arrival. The baby was named Luan, but the mother joked she was going to name him James.

Taco Bell is getting after it in the return of their Mexican pizza.  The “pizza” is back on May 19th, but the hype will reach peak form on May 26th when “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” airs live on TikTok. It’s a satirical musical about the “harrowing” story of those who fought to bring it back.  Three of those “fighters” are DOLLY PARTON, DOJA CAT, and a TikTok’er named VICTOR KUNDA . . . and they’re all in the movie. Dolly posted a photo yesterday showing the cover of the movie script.  She captioned it, “I’m making ‘Mexican Pizza: The Musical’ with Taco Bell.” Taco Bell’s Instagram (LINK) has a photo of a mock theater Playbill on a table next to a few Mexican pizzas and soft drinks (LINK)

No worries i found out a little more about the “Dirty Dancing” sequel yesterday. JENNIFER GREY is coming back as Frances “Baby” Houseman.  The movie takes place in the 1990s, with Baby returning to the Catskills resort Kellerman’s.  (The original took place in the early ’60s. It’ll be a coming-of-age romance about a young woman, but Baby’s own journey will “intertwine” with that story. We’ll also probably see more familiar faces than just Jennifer’s.  They’re looking to bring back as many people from the original as is, quote, “appropriate.” Baby’s dance partner Johnny will be a part of the story, but obviously, PATRICK SWAYZE can’t come back.  The producers are in talks with his estate about whatever it is they’re planning. As for music, the soundtrack will include songs from the original such as “Hungry Eyes” . . . as well as ’90s hip-hop.  And possibly even era-appropriate artists like Alanis Morissette and Liz Phair (LINK)  

Check out the first teaser for “Avatar: The Way of Water” in theaters in December

COVID has hit late-night television again.   CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will not have any new shows until further notice.  The show’s Twitter account posted that Colbert was”experiencing symptoms consistent with a recurrence of COVID. Out of an abundance of caution for his staff, guests, and audience, he will be isolating for a few additional days.”     Colbert previously tested positive for COVID on April 21st as the show was going into a hiatus week. Back then, Stephen tweeted, “Yep! I tested positive for Covid, but basically I’m feeling fine- grateful to be vaxxed and boosted,” the talk show host wrote. “Thank you for the well wishes.” 

Bobby Browns life  has been filled with the most extreme ups and downs.   In a preview for his upcoming A&E Biography, Brown says he was molested by a priest when he was a child.  Brown said his mother was arrested for trying to break up a fight and he was left in the care of a priest.  He explained, “When my mother was arrested I was sent to temporary custody by social services which was supposed to be a religious place. It was not a nice place to be as a child. One of the priests tried to ****** me… I didn’t like that. I punched and kicked and punched some more until he got away from me; so I ran away from there as quickly as possible.”    We’ll hear more about Bobby’s life when his Biography airs over two nights – May 30th and 31st.  

Here some songs written with a celebrity in mind: 

  1. “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”,  Aerosmith. . . It’s about Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.  Steven Tyler once mistook him for a woman after seeing the back of his head. 
  1. “Heart-Shaped Box”,  Nirvana . . . Kurt Cobainwrote it about Courtney Love’s lady parts. 
  1. “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”,  U2. . . It’s performed as a fictional conversation about suicide between Bono and INXS singer Michael Hutchence.  Michael had committed suicide in 1997, three years before the song came out. 
  1. “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”,  Lenny Kravitz . . . He wrote it about his divorce from Lisa Bonet. 
  1. “You’ve Got a Friend”,  Carole King. . . She wrote it for James Taylor, in response to his song “Fire and Rain”, to let him know he wasn’t alone. 
  1. “Hollaback Girl”,  Gwen Stefani. . . This one was also about Courtney Love, but not her lady bits.  Courtney had allegedly criticized Gwen as a “cheerleader”.  So the song was her response. 
  1. “I Kissed a Girl”,  Katy Perry. . . Katy was inspired by seeing a photo of Scarlett Johansson in a magazine.  

Even the biggest stars sometimes ask for more money and get DENIED.  And that can lead to someone quitting, or getting FIRED (LINK)

  1. TERRENCE HOWARD played Tony Stark’s pal Rhodey in “Iron Man”, and had a deal for two more movies.  But he says they only offered him a fraction of the salary they’d promised, so he walked.  DON CHEADLE took over the role, and Terrence blamed ROBERT DOWNEY JR. for pushing him out. 
  1. Both GRACE PARK and DANIEL DAE KIM quit “Hawaii Five-0” because they weren’t being paid as much as co-stars Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin. 
  1. HUGO WEAVINGplayed the Red Skull in “Captain America: The First Avenger”, and like Terrence Howard, he had a three-picture deal. But he didn’t like what Marvel was offering for the last two “Avengers” movies, so he walked . . . and Red Skull was done through CGI and voiced by another actor. 
  1. ROBERT DUVALLrefused to return for the third “Godfather” movie, because of how much more AL PACINO was making.  Duvall later said he would have been fine with Pacino making twice as much, but it was actually three or four times more. 
  1. MAGGIE ROSWELL the voice of Maude Flanders on “The Simpsons” until she asked them to raise her salary from $2,000 an episode to $5,000.  That’s not even close to what other cast members were making.  But instead of meeting Maggie’s price, they KILLED MAUDE in 1999.  But they ended up reaching a deal in 2002, and Maude comes back sometimes in flashbacks and as a ghost. 

8.  JONAH HILL was in talks to play the Riddler in “The Batman”, but he wanted $10 million . . . twice what ROBERT PATTINSON was making to play Batman.  When negotiations broke down, PAUL DANO took the part.


The longest performing cast member on SNL, Kenan Thompson is 44.

Filter’s Richard Patrick is 54

Young MC is 55.  Biggest hit:  “Bust a Move”.

Tool drummer Danny Carey is 61.

Bono from U2 is 62.

ESPN’s Chris Berman is 67.

The piece of garbage who killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman is 67.

Wrestler Tito Santana is 69.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Donovan is 76. Biggest hits: “Mellow Yellow”, “Sunshine Superman” and “Hurdy Gurdy Man”.  Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones met during the recording of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” . . . so without Donovan, there wouldn’t have been a Led Zeppelin. He’s also the father of actress Ione Skye

Porn B

Kelly Wells

Today’s birthday girl has been in 717 fine films, including:

  • 10 Dirty Ho’s
  • Anaconda’s Insanity
  • The Art of Ass 5
  • Assterpiece Theatre 2
  • The Burning Bush
  • Double Parked & Double Parked 16
  • Lay’s Anatomy
  • Revenge Is a Bitch 1
  • Sack Lunch 2
  • The Tonsil Train
  • And who can forget her role in 2010’s Colon Therapy

Kelly Wells is 38 years old


Tonight the Blues and Wild are up in Minnesota for game 5 of their series.  On Sunday, the Blues tied the series up with a big 5-2 win as Jordan Binnington picked up the win for the Blues in the net.  Tonight’s game is scheduled for an 8:30PM face off.  As of 5:00AM, the Blues have not officially announced a starter in net.

The Penguins are up 3-1 in their series with the Rangers after a 7-2 win.  The Panthers tied up their series with an OT win over the Caps.  The Flames tied up their series with the Stars and the Avalanche swept the Preds in their series.  Tonight in addition to the Blues game we have Boston/Carolina tied at 2…the Lightning and Leafs tied at 2…and the Oilers and Kings tied at 2.

Oh, before we get away from hockey two terminations to let ya know about.  #1 – Barry Trotz has been fired by the Islanders.  Some folks are already saying he’s up next in Detroit.  But, the one that may get some applause across the league is the firing of Pierre McGuire as the Senators Senior VP of Player Development.  He held the job for less than a year and still has 2 more on his contract.  The bad news? This could open him up for a broadcast return.

The Cardinals and Orioles start their series tonight at Busch.  As of writing this, the Cardinals have not announced who they will send to the mound.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:45PM.

After learning that Nikola Jokic pretty much for sure won the MVP and Monty Williams from the Suns won coach of the year….Steve Kerr…coach of the Warriors…got himself some honors too.  The honor of getting COVID.  Assistant coach Mike Brown was behind the bench for Golden State.  Who got the win and now lead the Grizzlies 3-1.  The Celtics also tied things up at 2 against the Bucks.  Tonight the Heat host the 76ers all tied up at 2 and same goes for the Suns and Mavs.

Brett Favre’s back in the news.  The Mississippi Department of Human Services sued the retired quarterback and three former pro wrestlers along with several other people and businesses to try to recover millions of misspent welfare dollars that were intended to help some of the poorest people in the U.S.  If you’re curious as who the pro-wrestlers were – it was Ted Dibiase, his son Ted Jr, and his other son Brett.   The lawsuit says the defendants “squandered” more than $20 million in money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program.

Both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are included in the field of participants for the 2022 PGA Championship.  Woods, 46, returned to competitive play for April’s Masters, shooting 13-over after a 17-month layoff from the sport following a February 2021 car crash that left him with severe leg injuries.   MIckelson, 51, did not play in April’s Masters and hasn’t played since February, when his remarks about the Saudi-backed series made him one of the sport’s most controversial figures.  The PGA Championship will be held on May 19-22 at Tulsa’s Southern Hills Championship Course.