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Police: Blair County man in underwear hides in basement, claims to be a bomb – (LINK)

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Someone tried to steal a car belonging to UFC fighter JORDAN WILLIAMS.  It didn’t really work out.  (Full Story)

Sask. man charged after flying helicopter to Dairy Queen to buy ice cream cake: RCMP – (LINK)

Thieves Stole Rare Digimon Cards from a Store, and Then Immediately Tried to Sell Them to the Same Store – (LINK)

A Bank Robber Failed . . . Because the Teller Couldn’t Read His Handwriting – (LINK)

A Woman Thought a Hissing Cobra Was in Her House . . . But It Was Just Her Electric Toothbrush – (LINK)

A Woman Drove Off a Cliff When a Guy Accidentally Opened Her Door Thinking It Was His Car – KRON

Police: Woman Called In Fake Bomb Threat To Leave Park City Job Early – (LINK)

A Guy Got Arrested for Tattooing at Child in a McDonald’s Dining Room – (LINK)

Police in Boulder, Colorado nabbed a crime ring . . . because they kept leaving UNICORN-related things behind.  The authorities aren’t sure if the unicorns were being left as a “calling card,” or whether the bandits just liked unicorns and inadvertently left them wherever they’d been.  (Full Story)


‘River Dave’ doesn’t think he can go back to being a hermit – Boston

‘River Dave’ Allowed To Collect Belongings From Canterbury Camp – Patch

Topgolf gets key regulatory approval for a 2nd St. Louis location – KSDK

Odds of asteroid Bennu slamming Earth higher but still slim – LINK

DOJ letter tells Dish and T-Mobile to figure out CDMA customer migration, or else – TheVerge

Wendy’s offering free croissant breakfast sandwiches for 2 days only – LINK

Beer for Breakfast? IHOP Is Adding Alcohol to Its Menu – LINK


TOOL singer Maynard James Keenan mentioned on social media that his wife, Jennifer, has been battling breast cancer since November 2020. She felt a lump in her breast in late November and on Christmas Eve, she was diagnosed with cancer. She has done chemo and surgery. Radiation is next.

Former SNL cast member Horatio Sanz (LINK) allegedly groomed a young  fan for sex and sexually assaulted her at an after-party when she was underage …according to a new lawsuit. He is being sued by a woman in Pennsylvania, she says he allegedly sexually assaulted her back in May 2002 when she was 17 years old, after getting her drunk at a couple ‘SNL’ parties in New York City. She says she started talking to Horatio when she was 15 and running an ‘SNL’ fan website. She says Horatio knew she was underage when he allegedly sexually assaulted her and says NBC should have known but never stepped in. She claims she ran into Horatio in 2019 at an NYC comedy event, where he admitted to having “cybersex” with her and masturbating during their online convos when she was underage. She also claims he later fessed up in text messages to feeling terrible about his actions and vowed that he was now a different person. The woman’s suing Horatio, NBCUniversal and ‘SNL’ Studios and is going after them for damages.  Horatio’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, is denying the accusations in the lawsuit, calling the woman’s claims “categorically false” and “ludicrous.” “Before filing this lawsuit anonymously, she demanded $7.5 million in exchange for her silence. We, of course, refused and will vigorously contest these totally meritless claims.”

About a week ago Demi Lovato shared an image (LINK) of the Lollapalooza crowd (est to be about 100,000) in their Instagram story and wrote. “C’mon y’all!!! There is still a pandemic happening!!!” Well, just a week later, Demi performed as a surprise guest with All Time Low at Sad Summer Fest in Anaheim, California. 203 covid cases came from Lollapalooza.

Now that MAYIM BIALIK has been announced as one of the new “Jeopardy!” hosts, some of her old anti-vax comments are coming back to haunt her.  Oh, and also that time she victim-shamed Harvey Weinstein’s accusers.

BRITNEY SPEARS is one step closer to being free.  Her dad Jamie Spears just told the court he’s stepping down from her conservatorship.  He’s not leaving right away, but he will work to, quote, “prepare for an orderly transition to a new conservator.” Jamie’s lawyer called him the victim of, quote, “unjustified attacks”, and said that he “rescued” his daughter by taking charge of her affairs 13 years ago.  He also took a shot at Britney’s mom Lynne, for having little to do with her since then. But he added that continuing a public battle with his daughter wouldn’t be in her best interest. And he said, quote, “Regardless of his formal title, Mr. Spears will always be Ms. Spears’ father, he will always love her unconditionally, and he will always look out for her best interests.” Britney’s attorney isn’t impressed.  He says they still believe Jamie, quote, “reaped millions of dollars from his daughter’s estate,” and they’re going to continue to investigate that

KELLY CLARKSON got an email on the set of “The Voice”, telling her that her prenup had been upheld.. The prenup separated all of her assets and income earned during her marriage to talent manager Brandon Blackstock, including the Montana ranch that he’s currently living on. Brandon had wanted their properties split, along with all of the income that Kelly earned while they were together. But the judge said no thanks (LINK)

A Reddit user asked, quote, “Who is a celebrity you used to admire, but no longer do, and why?”  Here are some responses . . . 

Jared Leto . . . “Over time I started to realize how pretentious he is . . . he has some Bono complex and sees himself as some profound artist who is changing the world.” 

James Corden . . . “I saw story after story from fan encounters where he is a complete and utter [jerk].  Now that I know he’s a fake, his shtick is unwatchable.” 

Gwyneth Paltrow . . . “The [B.S.] pseudo health information she spreads is terribly incorrect . . . It’s sad how many people are actually influenced by it as well.” 

Ellen DeGeneres . . . “I started getting really soul-leeching sort of vibes from her, and now it just feels like she’s using people.” 

Elon Musk . . . “I learned that he exploits the [eff] out of his workers.” 

That ’70s Show, but now Danny Masterson is a rapist Scientologist, 

Dr. Phil . . . “I learned how some people are abused at the Turn-About Ranch treatment facility he sends them to.” 

Here is a quick story from that reddit thread btw

Mario Lopez used to be a customer at the Blockbuster Video I managed back in the day. He was always…ALWAYS…rude to my associates, and expected us to hold all of the new movies for him, just in case he came in. His account had been registered under the name Maria Lopez, so, with the full permission of my bosses, who were as tired of his shit as I was (he complained to my district manager every time he felt disrespected…and he felt disrespected A LOT)…I closed his account for using improper identification.

His justification: I’m a celebrity. No one needs to know my information. My response: A. No one cares. B. Who are you again?

His blowup was absolutely epic. I never saw him again, though… 

After announcing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2018Selma Blair (LINK) is giving viewers a more intimate and emotional look at her diagnosis and treatment in the first trailer for Introducing, Selma Blair. will release in theaters on Oct. 15, before becoming available for streaming on Discovery+ on Oct. 21 

A new film is coming to Disney+ in the “Home Alone” franchise, a holiday, family and action comedy titled “Home Sweet Home Alone.” It will have Ellie Kemper Kenan Thompson Pete Holmes and Chris Parnell. Here is the storyline…“Home Sweet Home Alone” follows the mischievous and resourceful young boy Max Mercer who has been left behind while his family is in Japan for the holidays. So when a married couple attempting to retrieve a priceless heirloom set their sights on the Mercer family’s home, it is up to Max to protect it from the trespassers…and he will do whatever it takes to keep them out. “Home Sweet Home Alone” will begin streaming on Disney+ through 20th Century Studios on November 12 (LINK)

A new survey says 67 percent of moviegoers are “very or somewhat comfortable” seeing a film at a theater. That’s down 3 percent from last week and down 14 percent from last month. News of the highly transmissible delta variant might hurt the already struggling movie business worldwide. And now this… The COVID delta variant is starting to delay movie releases. Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be moved from September 24th to October 15th. The sequel has already been pushed back multiple times

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan is 39.

John Slattery is 59.  Roger Sterling on “Mad Men”.

Danny Bonaduce is 62.

On Saturday 

Tim Tebow is 34.

Mila Kunis is 38.  Mrs. Ashton Kutcher.

Halle Berry is 55

Susan Olsen is 60.  Cindy on “The Brady Bunch”.

Magic Johnson is 62.

Rusty Wallace is 65.  NASCAR redneck.  He drove the #2 Dodge Intrepid for Miller Lite.

Bob Backlund is 72.  WWE Hall of Fame

Steve Martin is 76.

David Crosby is 80.

And on Sunday 

Jennifer Lawrence is 31

Joe Jonas is 32.  The Jonas Brothers and DNCE.

Natasha Henstridgeis 47.  Matthew Perry got with her in “The Whole Nine Yards” and “The Whole Ten Yards”.  She was also the alien in the “Species” movies and has had a couple of TV gigs, including “She Spies” and “Eli Stone”.

Ben Affleck is 49

Anthony Anderson is 51.  Dre Johnson on “Black-ish”.

Debra Messing is 53.

Porn B

Wendy Whoppers

Today’s birthday girl has been in 75 fine films, including:

– Big Boob Bikini Bash

– Big Busty Whoppers

– Big Knockers 18

– Breastman Goes to Breastland

– Gazongas 3

– Ta-tas To You

– And who can forget her role in 1994’s Humongous Hooters

Wendy Whoppers is 53 years old.

Sports Report 1

Yesterday afternoon…the Cards and Pirates battled in Pittsburgh and the Cards ended up coming out ahead with a 7-6 win.  Lars Nootbaar hit his first homerun of his career in the win.  Tonight, the Cards start a series with the Royals in KC.  And – for the first time in a hot minute – Jack Flaherty gets the start.  First pitch tomorrow night from KC is 7:10PM.

With Major League Baseball playing a game in the state of Iowa for the first time ever in a celebration of 1989 sports drama Field of Dreams, it’s only fitting that Thursday night’s game between the White Sox and Yankees featured a Hollywood ending. After blowing a three-run lead in the top of the ninth inning, the White Sox won thanks to a walk-off, two-run homer by Tim Anderson in the bottom of the ninth to seal a wild 9-8 win over the Yankees. ((ADUIO)) The game delivered everything fans and the league could have hoped for, with plenty of home runs and even more drama. The game featured a pre-game ceremony in which both teams—plus Kevin Costner—took the field through the corn rows. Costner then addressed the crowd for a pre-game speech before play began. Commissioner Rob Manfred has already said the league will return to Iowa next year for another Field of Dreams game. Iowans will likely be thrilled to have big-league baseball return, but it will be nearly impossible to top the theatrics of Thursday’s instant classic.

The Cubs have placed right-handed pitcher Jake Arrieta on unconditional release wavers. Arrieta, 35, has struggled this season with a 6.88 ERA and 5–11 record. In Chicago’s 10–0 loss at home to the Brewers, Arrieta allowed eight hits against 11 hitters in the first inning. In Arrieta’s first stint with the Cubs from 2013 to 2017, he helped them snap their 108-year championship drought to win the 2016 World Series. Arrieta also won the National League Cy Young Award in 2015.  Arrieta has a career 3.93 ERA and 1,424 strikeouts in more than 1,600 innings pitched.

Four months after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his hip, Chris Davis has announced his retirement from Major League Baseball.  Davis issued a statement through the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday. Davis was owed $17 million this season and in 2022 as part of the seven-year, $161 million contract he signed in 2016. The Orioles will pay the remainder of Davis’ salary and spread out his 2022 money over several years. A knee injury limited Davis to 16 games last season. The 35-year-old began this season on the 60-day injured list with a strained back. Acquired by the Orioles in a 2011 trade with the Rangers, Davis was an integral part of the franchise’s return to the top.  Davis led Major League Baseball with 53 homers, 138 RBI and 370 total bases to finish third in AL MVP voting in 2013. He also led the league with 47 homers during the 2015 season (LINK)

Kawhi Leonard will remain with the LA Clippers long term after re-signing with the team Thursday on a four-year, $176.3 million max contract. The deal includes a player option in the fourth year. Leonard had previously declined his player option for $36 million the upcoming season to become a free agent. He told the team last Friday that he was returning to the Clippers, who finalized the deal nearly a week later. Leonard, 30, is expected to miss significant time next season as he makes his way back from surgery on July 13 to repair a partially torn right ACL that kept him out of the Clippers’ final eight playoff games.

While some felt the NCAA’s rule of allowing athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL) would create chaos, it is proving to be a positive change for athletes at Brigham Young University. On Thursday, Built Brands—a company that produces protein, protein bars and energy products—announced a multi-year NIL agreement that will include compensation to all 123 members of the Cougars’ football team as well as provide full tuition for walk-on players. The agreement, according to the program, calls for players to wear Built branding on their practice helmets and participate in experiential events for Built. Walk-on players will provide additional “social media and experience promotions” for Built.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt said he’s willing to face off with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill in a 70-meter race, but he wants something on the line. Bolt’s preferred stakes? One of his eight Olympic gold medals against Hill’s Super Bowl ring. A lot would likely depend on whether the three-time Olympic 100-meter champion is still near or close to peak physical conditioning. He didn’t compete at the Tokyo Olympics this month after entering retirement following the 2017 World Championships. Bolt’s peak speed on record is 27.8 mph at the 2009 World Championships. Hill’s top speed, albeit while taking part in a football game and not a track race, is 23.2 mph during Week 2 of the 2016 NFL season