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A Mom Who Tweeted About Throwing Out Her Kids’ Halloween Candy Said She Was Accused Of Abuse After It “Escaped The Orbit” Of Her Followers – LINK

Texas business under fire for ‘Now hiring non-stupid people’ sign – LINK

I accidentally booked a ‘happy-ending’ massage — these were the red flags – LINK

Here’s How to Maximize Your Vacation Days in 2023 – LINK


New details have been released about Takeoff’s death. The Migos rapper was shot multiple times, according to the report from the medical examiner’s office. The Harris County Medical Examiner lists Takeoff’s primary cause of death as “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.”  It appears the office has concluded its investigation, as they also state Takeoff’s body is ready for pickup for funeral services. Takeoff was gunned down after shots were fired following an argument outside a Houston bowling alley early Tuesday morning. Police are closing in on a suspect in the shooting death of Takeoff after a new video, obtained by TMZ, shows an armed man standing just feet away from Takeoff.

The Goop gift guide is here to remove money from your bank account for something gaudy.  The yearly list from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand always brings unique and costly holiday ideas.  There are some items under $100, like an ashtray set made by Seth Rogen, that will cost you $98.  The over-the-top gifts include a Gucci waste bag holder for $420 and an  Agent Provocateur Crystal Whip (a riding crop with a crystal handle) for intimate times that will run you $380. You can also buy a solid wood home gym for $4,500 or a stay in Lake Como, Italy, with prices available upon request.

How would you feel about Dodgeball 2?  Justin Long says Vince Vaughn has been thinking about a sequel. Long told Comicbook.com, ” I had just been around Vince a lot, and Vince had been telling me that he has this great idea for a sequel.”  Long, Vaughn, and Ben Stiller starred in the 2004 classic. Justin continued, “I don’t know if (Vince) had yet pitched it to Ben, but I kind of set up the pitch; I felt like I should facilitate the pitch.” So what does Ben think? Long said, “Of course, I would love to do it and I hope that it ends up happening, but I think Ben is a little trepidatious about doing a sequel to something so beloved, something that people enjoy so much.” Justin added, “It’s very risky, you don’t wanna s**t on the original, you want something just as good. So I think [Stiller is] a little wary of that, of trying to recreate something that was very specific to that time, but I hope he comes around on it. Vince is a very convincing person, so I’m just hoping Vince can convince him with his idea. It’s a funny idea, I don’t wanna say what it is.”

Two caterers working on the Italian set of the Denzel Washington movie “Equalizer 3” were arrested for possession of 120 grams of COCAINE. They were placed under house arrest, and a third caterer who was caught with a small amount of coke had his driver’s license revoked. Police searched the caterers’ hotel rooms after the head of the catering service died of a heart attack on Monday, and several packages of coke were found among his belongings. “Equalizer 3” has been filming for less than a month.  It’s due out next September.

Director Henry Selick is still bothered by Tim Burton’s name being attached to the title of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” when it was released in 1993. In an interview with the AV Club (LINK), he said, quote, “It wasn’t called ‘Tim Burton’s Nightmare’ until three weeks before the film came out.  And I would have been fine with that, if that’s what I signed up for.” Disney wanted to use Tim’s name to help promote the movie, since Tim created the characters and he had recently directed “Edward Scissorhands” and “Batman”.  But Henry found it a bit unfair because Tim wasn’t around for a lot of it. Quote, “Tim was in L.A. making two features while I directed that film, and Tim is a genius.  But it was really me and my team of people who brought that to life . . . Now, of course, if you ask Danny Elfman, well, that’s his movie . . . He came up to me and shook my hand, ‘Henry, you’ve done a wonderful job illustrating my songs!’  And he was serious, and I loved it! But my thing was I’m going to hang in there long enough to where people actually say, ‘Oh, that guy Henry, he does stuff.'” Henry’s latest movie was a collaboration with Jordan Peele called “Wendell & Wild”.  It’s a stop-motion horror comedy and it’s out now on Netflix.

ABC has a new show in the works that’s basically “Shark Tank” meets “Punk’d”.  It’s called “The Prank Panel”.  The panel consists of Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre, and Gabourey Sidibe.  Each week, they hear pitches from people who want to pull a prank on somebody. If they like the pitch, they’ll help that person pull off the prank.  The show will feature a mix of celebrities and everyday people, and will go behind the scenes as the pranks are being constructed.

Julie Bowen is insistent that she’s straight, even though she was in love with a woman once.  On the latest episode of her “Quitters” podcast, she said, quote, “I’m straight.  I’ve always been straight.  I was in love with a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back . . .”She liked women but she didn’t like me in that way.  It never really took off, so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.” Julie also added that what people do with their bodies should not be the first thing we know about them, and that someone’s sexuality is their business and she hopes someday people won’t feel a necessity to “come out”.

“Cosmo” went behind-the-scenes of “The Voice”, and came up with some interesting facts you may not have known.  Here’s a sample:

  1. The coaches’ chairs really don’t make that loud “whooshing” sound when they turn.  It’s added in postproduction.
  1. Once contestants are on a team, they don’t pick their own songs, their coaches do.
  1. Contestants are NOT paid.  But they receive a stipend to cover living expenses, and catering is pretty sweet.  There’s even a Starbucks on the set.
  1. Contestants sign a contract agreeing that they might be edited in a way that, quote, “may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing (and) may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation.”
  1. Contestants are at the mercy of their coach’s schedule.  Season 1 contestant Vicci Martinez says she once waited until 3:00 a.m. for CeeLo to show up so she could rehearse and record.
  1. After being eliminated, contestants have to leave immediately . . . but they’re counseled by a mental health professional on the way out.
  1. Contestants don’t interact with Carson Daly much.  He splits his time between “The Voice” in L.A., and the “Today” show in New York.  So he does a lot of flying back and forth.

Disney is being sued over the “Frozen 2” song “Some Things Never Change”.  A musician named Daniel Grigson says they COPIED a song he recorded back in 2001 called “That Girl”. It’s not clear why Grigson waited so long to sue, but he says he first noticed it when he saw the movie in a theater in 2019.  He claims his 11-year-old daughter even said, quote, “Dad, Disney took your song.”   Grigson says the “Frozen” song has the same beat, rhythm, feel, theme, and words as his . . . and he wants Disney to fork over profits from the song and stop using it.

“Harry Potter” fans often visit the beach in Wales where Dobby the Elf was laid to rest in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”. But it’s become an environmental problem because people leave tributes to Dobby, which, of course, includes lots of SOCKS.  Local officials debated shutting down the gravesite. They decided to let it remain open under one condition:  That visitors only take photos to help protect the landscape.  In other words, no more socks!

Some new trailers for you to check out…. Are audiences really going to flock to theaters for a three-hour-and-10-minute sequel to a 2009 movie?  Maybe the new trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” will convince them to. The movie hits theaters December 16th.  Do we need another take on “A Christmas Carol”?  If it’s a musical take starring Will FerrellRyan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer, I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. “Spirited” hits theaters November 11th and Apple TV+ on the 18th.   The legendary Shelley Duvall has been absent from the screen since 2002, battling mental health issues.  But she makes her return with a cameo in an indie werewolf movie called “The Forest Hills”. There’s no word when it’ll be out, but Shelley says, quote, “It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to be back.” (LINK)(LINK)(LINK)

Adele recently hosted a “happy hour” to promote her new video, “I Drink Wine”.  Adele says that a video fan question pronounces her name correctly.  Listen to the subtle difference in how she pronounces her name.  (It’s more like “uh-Dale”, but with a little shaved off of the hard A sound.?  Take it up with uh-Dale, not us.)

Now that Halloween is over, is it too soon for Christmas music?  Mariah Carey posted a video as a witch, then it morphs into her wearing Santa attire, while her Christmas classic plays. Al Pitrelli, one of the founders of the holiday music rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was asked if it’s too soon for Christmas music.  Here’s what he said.

Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel have never shared a stage . . . but that’s about to change

They’re co-headlining a show on April 8th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  That’s where the Dallas Cowboys play.  Tickets go on sale a week from tomorrow. The show is being billed as “Two Icons, One Night” . . . but when Stevie posted about it on Instagram, she added a caption saying, quote, “Excited to hit the road with the amazing Billy Joel in 2023 . . . More soon!” Which COULD mean there’ll be more dates.

Creed hasn’t exactly been cool for a minute.  Or longer. But Scott Stapp doesn’t mind being held up as an example of LAMENESS.  Because it means people are rediscovering the band. He says, quote, “I’m proud I’m a meme!  How many people get to be a meme? . . . Man, how many people get that.  [To be] a part of a generation of people, and [to get to] tie into a new generation.” Stapp even remembers a car ride where his son Jagger was making fun of his singing on “With Arms Wide Open” . . . a song he actually wrote FOR Jagger.

Weird Al Yankovic met Kurt Cobain for the first time in person a few months after he released “Smells Like Nirvana”, his parody of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  He ran into him at a restaurant in L.A. During an “Ask Us Anything” forum on Reddit (LINK), Weird Al said, quote, “I timidly went over and thanked [Kurt] profusely for letting me do ‘Smells Like Nirvana’, and told him I was now obligated to do any favor that he wished . . . “He turned his head and extended his hand, and said, ‘Polish my nails.’  I loved that guy.” In related news, the biopic “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”, starring Daniel Radcliffe, comes out Friday on the Roku Channel.

Recently there has been a list going around that has people naming their favorite Rock Trio of all time.  Someone compiled all of the data and put it into a list.  Obviously, this is nothing official – but lets see how many you fellas can knock out…

  • Rush
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • Cream
  • ZZ Top
  • The Police
  • Nirvana
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • Genesis
  • Grand Funk Railroad

NOTABLES: Green Day #12, Beastie Boys #15, Muse #16, Primus #17, Sublime #23, Blink 182 #24, Chevelle #30


Kendall Jenner is 27

Colin Kaepernick is 35

The Machine, Bert Kreischer is 50

Drago from Rocky 4… Dolph Lundgren is 65

Former New York Giants quarterback, now broadcaster, Phil Simms is 67

Steven Spielberg’s wife.  You’d know her as that annoying, screaming blonde Willie Scott in “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom”, Kate Capshaw is 69.

Comedian Dennis Miller is 69

Roseanne Barr is 70.

“Hollywood Squares” announcer Shadoe Stevens is 75

This guy lost the race for the White House to George Bush the Elder in 1988 . . . after he was photographed wearing that silly Army helmet and riding a tank. Michael Dukakis is 89

Porn B

Buffy Davis

Today’s birthday girl has been in 193 fine films, including:

– Attack of the Monster Mammaries

– Big Melons 4, 8, 29 and 32

– Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1

– Genital Hospital

– In Search of the Wild Beaver

– The Lust Potion of Dr. F

– Return to Sex Fifth Avenue

– And who can forget her role in 1986’s Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators

Buffy Davis is 56 years old


Cristian Javier pitched six no-hit innings to overwhelm the Phillies and start Houston toward a combined no-hitter and 5-0 victory Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park. Houston closer Ryan Pressly, the fourth Astros pitcher of the game, had only a one-out walk but did help complete the first no-hitter in World Series history since 1956. Here is the final call. A baseball, along with a rosin bag and the scorebook kept by FOX broadcaster John Smoltz during Game 4 of the World Series, is heading to Cooperstown. The baseball contains five signatures: Houston Astros catcher Christian Vázquez, relievers Bryan AbreuRafael Montero and Ryan Pressly, and the man who originally threw it: Cristian Javier, whose name is right under the World Series logo. Like I mentioned this hasn’t happened since 1956 so it’s pretty nearly statistically a once in a lifetime event kinda thing. The Series is now tied 2-2 and continues tonight at 7:03 our time in Philly for the last time in the series.

Adam Zimmer, the son of former Minnesota Vikings (LINK) coach Mike Zimmer and an NFL assistant coach for 17 seasons, died Monday at age 38.

Adam Zimmer was living in Minnesota while working for the Bengals. The Mendota Heights police department received a call for a welfare check Monday at 1:13 p.m. CT, according to police chief Wayne Wegener Jr.

Officers arrived at Zimmer’s home and found him deceased inside. Wegener said his office is “not investigating this as a suspicious death.”

Kerber and company up in the Blues broadcast box played a little joke a couple nights ago (LINK)

The Blues can hopefully do less losing tonight as they take on the New York Islanders here at home with a start time of 7pm

Washington Commanders (LINK)owner Dan Snyder has hired Bank of America Securities to consider the possible sale of the NFL franchise, the organization announced Wednesday.

Snyder and his family control all shares of the team after minority partners were bought out in March 2021.

The most recent transaction of an NFL team (LINK) happened in August, when a group led by Walmart heir Rob Walton purchased the Denver Broncos for a record $4.6 billion.

According to a report from Forbes, several interested parties have been in contact with Snyder. Dudes been under fire for a few years now actually. The NFL fined the organization $10 million, and co-CEO Tanya Snyder was told to focus more on team matters. Meanwhile, Dan Snyder was told to focus on other issues after last year’s outcome of an investigation into the team. Congress began investigating the team in October 2021 when allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct arose after then-Raiders head coach Jon Gruden (LINK) stepped down following the leak of emails with then-Commanders team President Bruce Allen.

Allen was fired in December 2019 after 10 years with the franchise, of which he served in various executive roles.

The lawmakers’ investigation found that Snyder played a significant role in fostering a toxic work environment and pointed to evidence that suggested Snyder impeded the NFL’s independent probe into those allegations. Snyder refused to testify at a hearing before the House lawmakers in June as part of the investigation and it looks like now he knows it’s time to go (LINK)