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A Cashier Had a Friend Rob the Store so He Could Go Home Early – LINK

A Sonic Employee Was Arrested After “Inadvertently” Placing Cocaine on a Coney – LINK

Driver leading 15-mph chase eats bag of cocaine and is hospitalized, Florida cops say – LINK

A Thief Is Arrested, and Then a Sex Toy Falls Out of His Pants – LINK

A Man Robbed a Woman at Gunpoint, Then Asked Her Out – LINK

A Woman Stole a Coast Guard . . . Tricycle? – LINK

Bomb squad called in after live grenade donated to California museum – LINK

Someone Was Caught with Meth Sewn Into Their Underwear – LINK

18-year-old takes joyride on forklift, pins foot underneath – LINK

Man used fake firearm to steal dog food from Maplewood grocery store, police say – LINK



Vintage ’90s tech you’ll never see again – LINK

Woman chased down sister’s stolen car, shot 2 people in Jennings – LINK

Hasbro Brings Back Furby to Capture 90s Nostalgia – LINK


The Offspring have launched a podcast called Time to Relax With The Offspring, It’s hosted by Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman and Bryan “Dexter” Holland along with their longtime friend Jason “Blackball” McLean. Check out the first episode on YouTube.

Sevendust have released a video for “Holy Water” from Truth Killer, which is due out July 28th. Check it out on YouTube.

Gene Simmons is serious this time; Kiss really will retire from the road at the end of their farewell tour this December. Simmons told ‘The Sunday Project’ that the band will retire while “on top”, adding  “We’ve all seen bands that stay on the stage too long. So, I’m still looking pretty damn good. But that’s not the point. The point is the physical nature of what we do is gonna limit how long we do it.” A 33-foot-tall mechanical bull sculpture from last year’s Commonwealth Games in England will be named after Ozzy Osbourne

Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha are among more than 100 acts that are boycotting venues that use facial recognition technology. 

This year’s Kennedy Center honorees are Queen LatifahDionne WarwickBilly CrystalBarry Gibb from the Bee Gees, and opera singer Renee Fleming. The ceremony will be held Dec. 3 and will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+ (LINK)

UFC boss Dana White says Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are “dead serious” about fighting each other, and he wants to make it happen.  He thinks it’ll be the biggest fight of all time. He says it’ll easily be the biggest fight of all time, with a pay-per-view cost of $100.  And both guys seem willing to donate whatever they make to charity (LINK)

A24 recently made a movie based on Priscilla Presley’s 1985 memoir “Elvis and Me”, about her early romance with Elvis. It’s written and directed by Sofia Coppola and Elvis’ estate is NOT HAPPY.  They say it’s another Priscilla money grab and that it was produced without their knowledge or consent. One of the estate officials saw the movie and said Sofia’s writing and directing was horrible and that it feels like a college movie.  Quote, “The set designs are just horrific, it’s not what Graceland looks like.”  Priscilla had quite the opposite reaction, of course.  She said she’s excited to see her book’s interpretation, and she’s an admirer of Sofia’s work. It comes out in October.

(Sofia Coppola is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola.  She’s directed “Marie Antoinette”, “Lost in Translation”, and “The Beguiled”.)

Mario Lopez is reportedly being considered as the next host of “Wheel of Fortune”, due to his appeal to the Latino audience . . . which is one of the largest-growing TV audiences in the U.S.

In theaters this weekend:

No Hard Feelings  (R) Jennifer Lawrence responds to a job listing from parents asking for someone to bring their introverted 19-year-old son out of his shell during the summer before college, in exchange for a car. Matthew Broderick and Broadway actress Laura Benanti are his parents.  And the lucky guy is played by a relatively unknown actor named Andrew Barth Feldman. Trailer: 

 Asteroid City  (PG-13)  It’s a sci-fi romantic comedy-drama by Wes Anderson that takes place in a retro-futuristic version of 1955. It follows a writer and his world-famous fictional play about a grieving father who travels with his tech-obsessed family to a Junior Stargazer convention in the rural Asteroid City, where UFO events occur.  It simultaneously depicts the play and the creation of the play. Its star-studded cast includes Scarlett JohanssonJason SchwartzmanTom HanksJeff GoldblumMargot RobbieSteve CarellEdward NortonTilda SwintonAdrien Brody, and Bryan Cranston.

New In Record Stores This Weekend:

Candlebox‘s Live at the Neptune is a special acoustic set featuring the band’s original lineup. (Candlebox at Delmar Hall on August 13, 2023. )