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‘Drunk’ Florida lawyer, 49, ‘strips completely NAKED and refuses to put her clothes back on at bar after being refused service’ – Dailymail


Disturbing details emerge about why a man allegedly cut off another man’s leg with a SAW and left him to bleed to death – leading to a murder charge – LINK

31% of People Have Zero Phone Numbers Memorized – LINK

Dwayne Johnson’s XFL Sets Football R&D Pact With NFL – LINK

Jacksonville Set Up Sensors to Figure Out Why Jacksonville Smells So Bad – LINK

Strange noise reported in north St. Louis County – LINK

GM tells dealers it will offer heated seats on more 2022 vehicles after all – LINK

A Walmart Employee Stabbed a Coworker Over Spilled Milk . . . Literally – LINK

A Man Was Stabbed for Not Flushing the Toilet – LINK

Hawaiian Pizza Is the #1 Pizza in Four States . . . But Not Hawaii – LINK


Here is a death with Hollywood connections that just really sucks. If you watch Americas Got Talent you know the name Nightbirde. (JANE MARCZEWSKI) She crushed an original song called It’s Okay, I recommend you listen to it. Simon Cowell gave her the golden ticket immediately and all was good…except before she started singing she mentioned she had cancer in her lungs liver and spine. She said she had a 2% chance of living and the 98% won. She had to drop out of the completion a few weeks after the golden ticket performance.. She died at 31. She had a 4 year battle that started with beating breast cancer. 

SELMA BLAIR has multiple sclerosis. Diagnosed in 2018. She had chemo the following year. Last December, she got a service dog named Scout.  She said, quote, “[He] helps me with some personal stumbling blocks and aids in my mobility On Sunday, she competed in an equestrian event in Los Angeles, and came in fifth. 

BRITNEY Spears has reportedly signed a $15 MILLION deal to write a tell-all.  Although it’ll be interesting to see if she actually tells ALL . . . given how upset she was with her sister for airing all their dirty laundry in public. Jamie Lynn’s book, “Things I Should Have Said”, quickly dropped to #95 on Amazon’s bestseller list, due to condemnation from Britney and all her fans. Britney also served her sister with a cease-and-desist, to make her stop talking about her in public.

If you’re one of those people who complains every year that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts people who don’t fit your definition of rock and roll, I have 2 things for you…A) Burger King sells more than just burgers. And 2) I have a whole list of acts that will be eligible soon that may make your head spin if they get in. 

  1. Missy Elliott,  2023 
  1. Coldplay,  2024 
  1. Britney Spears,  2024
  2. Jennifer Lopez,  2025 
  1. Justin Timberlake,  2028 
  1. Maroon 5,  2028 
  1. Kanye West,  2029 
  1. Beyoncé,  2029 
  1. Taylor Swift,  2032 
  1. Adele,  2033 
  1. Lady Gaga,  2034 

By the way, Daft Punk, Outkast, Garth Brooks, the Wu-Tang Clan, Mariah Carey, and Bjork are already eligible, and could get nominated in the future 

Have you heard the phrase “Written by women”?  It originated on TikTok to describe men who are respectful, kind, and unafraid of femininity.  Here is a few from a Buzzfeed list of Hollywood men who fit that description. 

  1. Keanu Reeves 
  1. Paul Rudd 
  1. Jason Momoa 
  1. Jason Sudeikis 
  1. Hugh Jackman 
  1. Tom Hiddleston 
  1. Mark Ruffalo 
  1. Chris Evans 

Nick Clemons, the son of late Bruce Springsteen and The E. Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, is being sued for using his dad’s name and likeness to sell weed products without permission. Nick was sued last year for launching Big Man Blazed Baked Goods in 2020 by the family trust that controls his late father’s assets. He was ordered by a judge to stop selling his cannabis products but hasn’t and now faces fines of $250 a day. Nick says that as part-owner of the family trust “you can’t sue yourself.”  The problem, though, is that the trust retains the right to Clarence Clemons’ name and likeness until his youngest son turns 25 years old in 2023. Nick says he’s “not even considering” complying with a court order to stop selling his weed products and may file a response to the suit.

Big fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd out there can get thru Airbnb the home of founding vocalist Ronnie Van Zant. Know for the song Sweet Home Alabama obviously the home is in Jacksonville, Florida. The property is an official heritage site and its listing reads “Inside this main house, you’ll find some cool memorabilia, a vintage 1938 Brunswick pool table, and a retro 70’s feel, to remind us all of the way things were, with a hint of nostalgia.” The home has three bedrooms and sleeps up to six guests for $274 a night. 

Here are some bands who have played in unconventional locations, outside of your typical concert venue: 

  1. Rage Against the Machineon Wall Street . . . Michael Moore filmed their music video for “Sleep Now in the Fire” on the steps of the New York Stock Exchange. 
  1. Metallicain Antarctica . . . They became the first band to play on all seven continents.  The show was called “Freeze ‘Em All” and the audience had to wear headphones for the sound because of the fragile environment. They weren’t allowed to make a lot of noise during the concert, so everyone listened to the show through headphones. 
  1. Red Hot Chili Peppersin front of the Pyramids in Egypt . . . 
  1. KISSplayed on a boat in the middle of Australian waters for great white sharks . . . it was for a promotion for Airbnb to launch their Animal Experiences offering.  Not a single shark was spotted. 
  1. The White Stripesat a bowling alley . . . They even bowled a few times during their performance.  They’ve also performed on a moving city bus and in a mobile classroom. 
  1. Foo Fightersplayed on a flatbed truck . . . In 2011, they showed up to counterprotest the Westboro Baptist Church, who showed up to one of their concerts claiming their music is a tool of the devil. 
  1. Kornplayed on an airplane . . . Jonathan Davis sang through the plane’s PA system and the drummer used a child-size set. 
  1.  Deftonessinger Chino Morenoinside a volcano in Iceland . . . He performed solo with only an acoustic guitar. 

Norm drank a ton of beer on “Cheers”. . . but the running gag was that he never PAID.  So he must have run up a serious tab.  And someone decided to figure out just how serious it would be. He went through all 275 episodes of the show, dug through message boards and consulted experts . . . including one of the show’s writers, and even Norm himself, GEORGE WENDT. Now, there are several references throughout the series to Norm’s tab going up and down . . . and at times being wiped clean.  But near the end of the series, it’s stated that Norm has NEVER paid for a beer. So that was the assumption going in.  The writer also used George’s actual birthday to calculate that Norm became legal in 1966, and used several clues from the series to assume that Norm was a patron of Cheers since then. He also estimated Norm drank 10 beers a day.  And he used both the average price of beer over the years AND several clues from the show about how much a beer cost at Cheers at various times.  And he came up with a final tab of: $124,406.90.  Which at once feels like both a TON, and a lot less than I would have guessed. 

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Drew Barrymore is 47.

Singer James Blunt is 48.

He played Toby on The Office. He was also a writer and producer on The Office. Paul Lieberstein is 55.

SNL’s Rachel Dratch is 56.

Golfer Vijay Singh is 59.

Dr. J. Basketball legend Julius Erving is 72.

And The Alton Giant. The world’s tallest man Robert Wadlow would have been 104 today

Porn B

Jenna Haze

Today’s birthday girl has been in 714 fine films, including:

  • Alexis Texas is Buttwoman
  • All Tied Up
  • Babes Behind Bars
  • Bad News Bitches 1 & 2
  • Breast in Class 1: Naturally Gifted
  • Breast in Class 2: Counterfeit Racks
  • Enema Nursing School
  • Frosty The Snow Ho
  • Obama Is Nailin Palin
  • Sleeping Booty (II)
  • And who can forget her role in 2017’s This Is Someone’s Daughter 3

Jenna Haze is 40 years old

Sports Report 1

The Blues are in action tonight against the Flyers in Philly.  The Blues are 3-1 in their last four games.  After tonight, the team is back home Friday to take on the Sabres.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 6PM.

Here’s your baseball update: Five hours in the boardroom on Monday — sometimes together, sometimes on their own– didn’t get anywhere as there is no major progress between MLB and the MLB Players Association as the sides remain far apart on a new collective bargaining agreement. On Monday, the league increased its commitment in a pre-arbitration pool to $20 million — an increase of $5 million since its last offer — while adding another team to the lottery in its new NBA-style draft proposal. Also on Monday, MLB withdrew its request of the union to control — and potentially reduce — the number of minor league playing jobs. Progress – but just not much of it.

As of yesterday morning, the NFL had mentioned that the upcoming NFL combine could be held in some sort of bubble for NFL personnel and the athletes and that’s it.  Well that led to the rumor swirling that some players were going to boycott it.  And the main reason is that they want their condition coaches, their trainers, their nutritionists, all to be there with them during the most important two days of their lives.  Well – the NFL announced yesterday – all good.  It’s going to be just like it was in the past.  No bubble.

A judge in Houston ruled Monday that Deshaun Watson can face questions under oath in at least some of the 22 civil cases filed against him by women who have accused the Houston Texans quarterback of actions ranging from harassment to sexual assault during massage sessions. Watson’s attorney filed a motion last week to delay Watson’s deposition until after April 1 and argued Monday that such a delay would enable Watson’s legal team to secure depositions with all 22 of the women who are suing Watson and also allow Watson the protection of knowing whether he will also face criminal charges. Watson’s deposition was originally scheduled to begin as early as this week.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced Monday that the NFL and XFL are joining forces to “grow the game of football… A game that we all love, a game that we are passionate about.” The Rock, who is part owner in the XFL, added that his “#1 priority is the players and creating more opportunities for them” during the collaboration. XFL co-owner Dany Garcia also released a statement on the NFL/XFL collab, writing “We are bringing forward an XFL that is progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to innovation, leveraging the newest technology to enhance game day experience.” The XFL is set for another reboot in 2023.

Medina Spirit was stripped of the victory in last year’s Kentucky Derby and Mandaloun was declared the winner after a ruling by state racing stewards on Monday. The since-deceased Medina Spirit tested positive after the race last May for a steroid that is legal in Kentucky but banned on race day. Medina Spirit finished half a length ahead of Mandaloun in the race, giving trainer Bob Baffert what was then his seventh Kentucky Derby title. Baffert was subsequently banned for two years by Churchill Downs following the positive test. Monday’s decision by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission makes Medina Spirit the second horse in the 146-year history of the race to be disqualified for a banned substance; the first was Dancer’s Image in 1968, a decision that gave Forward Pass the victory. The only other disqualification was in 2019, when Maximum Security was penalized because of interference, giving Country House the win.

The 2022 Beijing Olympics saw the smallest audience of all time for NBCUniversal, with the Games averaging a reported 11.4 million viewers across all platforms during primetime. That represents a 42% drop compared to the 2018 Winter Games. The Beijing Games did have the largest streaming audience ever, with viewers on Peacock, NBCOlympics.com, and the NBC Sports app posting an average primetime viewership of 516,000. U.S. viewers logged 4.3 billion minutes of Olympics coverage over 18 days across all platforms.

Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard has been suspended for the five games remaining in the regular season, and fined $40,000 for hitting a Wisconsin assistant coach in the face after Sunday’s game. The conference also announced that Michigan forwards Terrance Williams II and Moussa Diabate were each suspended one game for their roles in the altercation, as was Wisconsin guard Jahcobi Neath. Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard was not suspended, though he was fined $10,000.

And finally – Mizzou is in action against 17th ranked Tennessee on the basketball court tonight at 6PM.  SLU is at home against Saint Joseph’s at 7PM.  15th ranked Illinois is off until Thursday when they take on 22nd ranked Ohio State