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The Number of Dog-Walking Injuries Has Quadrupled in the Past 20 Years – LINK

Car Companies Are Bringing Back Buttons and Knobs, Because We’re Sick of Touchscreens – LINK

Fountain of Youth? Scientists May Have Figured Out How to Stop Aging – LINK

Hero mom stung 75 times after bees swarm family during a photo shoot – LINK

Pending Illinois House bill could legalize fuzzy dice, other items on rearview mirrors – LINK

Student eats artwork of a banana duct-taped to a museum wall because ‘he was hungry’ – LINK

Woman has ‘loud and full body orgasm’ during LA Philharmonic concert – LINK

One-in-eight true crime fans think THEY could pull off a real bank heist.  LINK

Chiefsaholic, the Fan Who Dressed as a Wolf, Is Said to Be on the Lam – LINK

I-55 Shut Down in Both Directions Due to ‘Large Crash’ Amid Dust Storm in South-Central Illinois – LINK


Fall Out Boy have come up with a fun marketing gimmick for their latest album So Much (For) Stardust. Yesterday they made available a very limited number — we’re talking, like, 50 copies — that features real tears pressed into a vinyl LP. The trademarked process is called “Crynyl” and its manufacturer claims its done “for maximum emotional fidelity.” It includes one double-sided, tear-filled LP packaged in a gatefold box with a built-in tissue dispenser. Bassist Pete Wentz appears in a video that can be found on the band’s Instagram embedded in a photo of the blue-and-white Crynyl logo. In it, his tears are removed from his face with a pipette while a distorted version of their recent single “Love From The Other Side” plays in the background. (NME)

Saliva have announced that they plan to release the album they’d completed shortly before the death of guitarist Wayne Swinny on March 22nd following a brain hemorrhage. They write that they consulted his family before making the decision. They’ll also continue to perform this summer, and will pay tribute to Swinny at each show, with a portion of the proceeds going to his daughter Nikki.

Corey Taylor will release his upcoming CMFT2 solo album on his new label imprint, Decibel Cooper. The Slipknot frontman calls the BMG-backed imprint “the first major step in something [he’s] been building towards for a long time,” and says he’ll use it “to bolster the next generation of hard or heavy new music.”

Rest In Peace: Gordon Lightfoot, Canada’s legendary folk singer-songwriter known for “If You Could Read My Mind” and “Sundown,” died on Monday at a Toronto hospital. His publicist did not release a cause of death. Lightfoot leaves behind two daughters, Meredith and Ingrid, and three sons, Eric, Fred, and Miles. He was 84.

A.I. took solo songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and transformed them into Beatles songs.


Kim Kardashian is taking her upcoming role in American Horror Story: Delicate seriously and has started taking acting lessons. While walking the Met Gala carpet, she told Variety, “We start shooting my stuff at the end of this month. But production has already started and I’m so excited.” Delicate is the 12th season of the anthology show, which also stars Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne.

The trend of creating TikTok content in the style of Wes Anderson has now reached artificial intelligence. A.I. came up with a trailer for a “Star Wars” movie directed by Wes Anderson… and it’s really cute. The Youtube clip was created by ‘Curious Refuge’ channel and it has everything from the pastel colors, attention to detail and offbeat humor.

Sylvester Stallone is doing a reboot of the 1993 action thriller Cliffhanger. The 1993 film centered on Stallone’s Gabe, a mountain climber who becomes embroiled in a heist with a group of international criminals who lose their stash of $100 million during a plane crash in the Rocky Mountains.

What bands are the most popular among tribute tattoos on people? Ticketsource research conducted a study of Instagram posts and there were more than 30,000 Floyd tattoos. Only boy band BTS topped them with 37,157.

The rest of the Top 10 Most-Tattooed Groups and Bands, in order, are:

  • 1) BTS – 37,157
  • 2) Pink Floyd – 30,000
  • 3) Slipknot – 22,015 posts
  • 4) Nirvana – 19,772
  • 5) Iron Maiden – 18,242
  • 6) Wu-Tang Clan – 17,000
  • 7) Metallica – 14,584
  • 8) Led Zeppelin – 11,266
  • 9) Rammstein – 11,041
  • 10) Blink 182 – 9835

Other notable names such as:

  • David Bowie – 16,075
  • AC/DC – 9076
  • Grateful Dead – 7638
  • Black Sabbath – 6494
  • Freddie Mercury – 5613
  • Guns N’ Roses – 5452
  • Santana – 4920
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – 4844
  • Green Day – 4472
  • The Beatles – 3329

Porn B

Savannah Stern

Today’s birthday girl has been in 436 fine films, including:

– Ass Factor 4

– Assapalooza 2

– Asses of Face Destruction 2

– Beyond The Call Of Booty 3

– Blackzilla vs. Manaconda 1

– Bubble Butts Galore 4

– Face Full of Diesel 1

– Horny Joe’s Gym 1

– Please Pay My Tuition

– The Tushy Tango

– And who can forget her role in 2006’s Tim Von Swine’s Pork BBQ

Savannah Stern is 37 years old


A Post-Dispatch analysis of regular-season box scores since 1901 shows games in 2023 are lasting an average of 158.8 minutes. That’s around 35 minutes shorter than they were in 2021, when baseball reached an all-time high of 193.8 minutes per game. At the peak in 2021, baseball had reached a point at which games were running nearly twice as long as they were a century earlier — an average game in 1903 took just one hour and 40 minutes.  Looking at individual teams this season, those playing the longest and shortest games so far are MLB’s worst two teams. The Kansas City Royals (7-22) are averaging 2½ hours; while games involving the Oakland Athletics (6-23), are lasting almost 170 minutes. Cardinals are just a hair above the league average, at 159.1 minutes. Cardinals home games at Busch Stadium are more action-packed than the league average, taking 15.9 minutes per run scored. www.stltoday.com Cards take on the Angels at home at Busch at 645 tonight.

Serena Williams just dropped a bombshell at the Met Gala, but it’s got nothing to do with tennis or fashion … she’s got another baby on the way! The retired tennis superstar revealed her pregnancy as she and husband Alexis Ohanian arrived at the gala — and just to make sure everyone got it, he put his hand on her baby bump.

A baseball signed by John F. Kennedy sold at auction for a whopping $166k over the weekend … making it the most expensive ball ever signed by a president!! the “Associacion Venezuela de Baseball Professional” ball is from a reporter named Julio Messuti … who was covering JFK and the First Lady’s visit to Venezuela to meet President Romulo Betancourt in December 1961. 19 bids.

Ryan Reynolds has some competition in his quest to buy the Ottawa Senators … and it’s none other than rap legend Snoop Dogg!! According to the Athletic, the Dogg Father has joined the group headed by Neko Sparks in hopes of becoming the next big celebrity sports team owner. Sparks, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, first became known as a bidder for the team back in January 2023. Since then, he has rounded up a dozen people to join his efforts to not only buy the team … but make history as the first black owner in the NHL. The group also reportedly has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a member. – 3 –  www.tmz.com

The Nuggets beat the Suns and went up 2-0 in their series while the 76ers beat the Celtics and took that series lead 1-0