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A Murderer Got Caught . . . Because He Confessed During a Game of “Truth or Dare”? – LINK

A Lawyer Was Arrested for Dropping His Pants in a Courthouse – LINK

Texas woman accused of pocketing cousin’s $1 million lottery win – LINK

Apartment fire started by occupant lighting bug on fire – LINK

Firefighters rescue naked man stuck in Landmark Theatre bathroom wall for several days – LINK

Man burst into flames after police tasered him, remains in grave condition – LINK


St. Louis named one of the best winter travel destinations in America – LINK

If You’ve Said Any of These Ten Things, You’re Officially Old – LINK

The Top Slang Terms in 2021 Include “Ghosted,” “Salty,” and “On Point” – LINK

Lawsuit over Subway tuna now says chicken, pork, cattle DNA were detected – LINK

Sketchy seeds from China in the mail finally explained – LINK



Coronji Calhoun, who’s only acting role was the son of Halle Berry  2001 feature Monster’s Ball. He has died at the age of 30.  His mom put up a gofundme and Halle and a few others from the movie donated.   The cause of death was congestive heart failure and lung problems (LINK)

The Astroworld death toll has risen to NINE.  A 22-year-old woman named Bharti Shahani died yesterday after being in intensive care since the concert last Friday. An attorney for her family says she suffered, quote, “horrific, horrific injuries” at the show (LINK)

It sounds like the family might be gearing up for a lawsuit.  The attorney adds, quote, “This was a monumental travesty from start to finish.  From the performer down to the ticket sales, everyone gets an ‘F’.  It failed at every level.

DJ KHALED launched a chicken wing business yesterday called Another Wing.  It’s already been brought to three different continents . . . five countries . . . and 150 locations.  It’s available on all delivery platforms. Khaled said they’ll eventually be delivering by SEA . . . offering boatside service via jet ski.  The menu offers bone-in and boneless wings in eight flavors. It’s about $7 for a 6-piece and there are also jalapeno cheese fries, onion rings, and chocolate chip cookies (LINK)

Jack White recently gave us one new single, “Taking Me Back” and he’ll be dropping two new albums next year. The first solo work since 2018’s Boarding House Reach, the first album, Fear of The Dawn, arrives April 8th and features White’s latest single. The second, called Entering Heaven Alive, is set for a July 22nd release. White says each album is “defined by different inspirations, different themes, and different moods”. You can preorder any album you’d like now at ThirdManRecords.com.

A singer-producer named SickickMusic mashed-up Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” with Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”. 

Waylon Smithers on the “The Simpsons” will get his first-ever boyfriend in the  Nov. 21 episode. And while it’s a historical moment for Smithers, it’s also a full-circle one for longtime series writer Rob LaZebnik, whose son, Johnny, inspired Smithers’ big, gay coming-out episode in 2016. Now, they wrote this episode together, in which Smithers (voiced by Harry Shearer) partners up with billionaire fashion mogul Michael De Graaf (played by guest star Victor Garber) (LINK)

Another DR. SEUSS book is being adapted into an animated movie . . . “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.  But unfortunately, we won’t see it until 2027. It’s going to be a globetrotting musical about a young adventurer journeying through the joys and heartaches . . . and the peaks and valleys . . . of life. JON M. CHU is directing . . . he did “Crazy Rich Asians”“In the Heights”, and is doing the upcoming “Wicked” (LINK)

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” turns 20 on Sunday.  But does this mean there could be some type of reunion special in the works?  Well, the word on the street is: possibly. Allegedly, Warner Brothers is trying to get the main cast back together for the anniversary.  A source said, quote, “The proposed show is being shrouded in secrecy as franchise bosses want to get talent locked in first . . . “It would be amazing if they pull it off . . . they have offered big money to the cast to reunite.  Many of the actors have moved on, but the movies launched them to superstardom.  They all have lots of fond memories from their time filming together.” The plan is to have the cast recreate scenes like the Yule Ball or even boarding the Hogwarts Express.  If it DOES happen though, it’d probably need to be filmed soon (LINK)

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL claims that he turned down a big movie role back in the day. He could have played the gigantic inmate John Coffey in “The Green Mile. Shaq was at the house picking up an end table I no longer want and he was telling me about it. The late Michael Clark Duncan got the gig. The movie is actually set during the Great Depression, not during slavery (LINK) 

Stacker looked over IMDB and Metascores ratings of Hollywood’s biggest films.  English language films that had been released in the US.

#10. Vertigo (1958)

 #9. Citizen Kane (1941)

 #8. Schindler’s List (1993) 

#7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

#6. Pulp Fiction (1994)

 #5. City Lights (1931)

 #4. Rear Window (1954)

 #3. Casablanca (1942)

 #2. 12 Angry Men (1957)

 #1. The Godfather (1972)

#100. Amadeus (1984) #79. Back to the Future (1985) #68. Platoon (1986) #62. The Lion King (1994) #61. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) #52. The Dark Knight (2008) #48. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) #47. Beauty and the Beast (1991)#45. Toy Story 3 (2010) #37. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) #34. Taxi Driver (1976) #33. Goodfellas (1990) #30. Gone with the Wind (1939) #28. Toy Story (1995)  #19. The Wizard of Oz (1939) #18. The Godfather: Part II (1974) #12. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Laker point guard Russell Westbrook is 33. 

Anne Hathaway is 39. 

Ryan Gosling is 41. 

America’s sweetheart Tonya Harding is 51. 

Sammy Sosa is 53. 

‘Emmy’ award-winning actress from Will & Grace, Megan Mullally is 63. 

Neil Young is 76. 

Al Michaels is 77. 

He played Vizzini in the Princess Bride. Wallace Shawn is 78. 

Referee Mills Lane is 84. 

On Saturday 

Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace is 42. Former NBA star who started that brawl with fans in Detroit in 2004, when he was still with the Indiana Pacers. 

300 actor Gerard Butler is 52

 Late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel is 54 

Steve Zahn is 54. 

Actress and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is 66. 

And on Sunday 

blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is 46 

Actor Josh Duhamel is 49 

Veruca Salt singer/guitarist Nina Gordon is 54 

Rev Run from Run DMC is 57. 

Yanni is 67. 

Prince Charles is 73

Porn B

Molly Cavalli

Today’s birthday girl has been in 390 fine films, including:

  • 2 Girls 1 Pup
  • Alien Finger
  • Ass On Wheels
  • Bentley Bazookas
  • Diary Of A Lesbian
  • The Garden Of Pleasing
  • The Happy Horny Holiday
  • Hocus Poke Us
  • Lick My Latex
  • Tandem Tushies
  • And who can forget her role in 2014’s Ain’t Nuthin’ But A V Thang

Molly Cavalli is 40 years old.

Sports Report 1

Last night Jordan Kyrou was locked in.  He had two goals to put the Blues up 2-0 against the Predators at Enterprise Center.   Then, unfortunately, the Predators scored 3 unanswered.  But, Vladi Tarasenko tied things up and forced overtime.  Unfortunately for the Blues, the Predators scored the game winner and 4-3 was the final.  The Blues are off today but take on the Hurricanes in Carolina on Saturday night.

We will get to our NFL picks here in a second….

We talked about it yesterday, there were three primary destinations that all the talking heads said Odell Beckham Jr would end up.  The Saints were a long shot, the Packers made sense, but the most likely spot would be the Chiefs.  And – yesterday we found out…it was none of them.  OBJ signed with the Rams on a 1 year deal worth around $4.25 million dollars.  In LA, Beckham essentially replaces veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson (LINK), who was released after the trade deadline last week. Jackson signed with the Las Vegas Raiders (LINK) this week.

Another player that is making his way BACK to the NFL with a familiar team is none other than Cam Newton.  Cam signed with the Carolina Panthers yesterday on a deal that will pay him about $10 million dollars for the rest of the year.  It looks like the Panthers are going to rely on him to fill in while Sam Darnold recovers from a fractured shoulder.  Newton will join the team this weekend and P.J Walker will start this weekend.

The Miami Dolphins shocked the league last night as they beat the Baltimore Ravens last night during Monday Night Football.  Lamar Jackson threw for 238 with a score and an interception and the Dolphins starts with Jacoby Brissett but Tua ended up coming in during the 2nd half and led a crucial drive at the end of the game to seal the win.

American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee said she was pepper-sprayed in a racist attack last month while out with a group of friends in Los Angeles. Lee said she was waiting for a ride when a car drove by with people shouting racial slurs. According to Lee, who said she was with a group of friends who were all of Asian descent, one of the passengers sprayed her arm with pepper spray before the car drove away. She said: “I was so mad, but there was nothing I could do or control because they skirted off. I didn’t do anything to them, it’s so hard because I didn’t want to do anything that could get me into trouble. I just let it happen.”

SLU beat Harris-Stowe on Wednesday 127-54.  Tonight they take on Eastern Illinois at 7PM at Chafietz.  Mizzou is off until Monday.  And #11 Illinois will host the Arkansas State Red Wolves tonight at 8PM.

Speaking of college…Illinois football will take on #19 Iowa tomorrow at 1PM.  And..The Mizzou Tigers will host South Carolina at 3PM.

We now have some more details on that story that Kerber brought up on Wednesday…PSG midfielder Aminata Diall has been arrested in connection with an alleged attack on a teammate. The France international was arrested Wednesday morning following an assault that took place last week. Sources told ESPN that the police investigation relates to an attack on PSG teammate Kheira Hamraoui. Sources added that on that night, Hamraoui was in Diallo’s car with two other PSG teammates after leaving a club dinner in Paris. As the car pulled out in front of her home, two men dressed in all black with iron bars dragged Hamraoui out of the car and started hitting her on the legs. The assault lasted two minutes before the men escaped. PSG confirmed that Diallo was placed in police custody but did not publicly name the victim. Sources added that Hamraoui was taken to hospital after the attack and required stitches for her leg injuries. She has not sustained career-threatening injuries but was unable to make her 100th appearance for the club against Real Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday.

And finally…it’s Friday…lets end on a feel good story.  A female high school ice hockey goalie who left in tears after she was VICIOUSLY heckled at a game last month returned to the ice Monday night, this time to cheers from a sold-out Pennsylvania arena that included friends, fans and an Olympian. Students from Armstrong High School chanted vulgarities at the goalie for Mars Area High School. Videos on social media showed a group of dozens of students chanting offensive and sexist comments at the goalie, with no one stopping them. By the second period of the game, the goalie was in tears. Armstrong students were barred (LINK) from attending the school’s hockey games, and the team was placed on probation for the rest of the 2021-22 season, including the playoffs. Siblings of varsity players can attend games only with parents or guardians. Monday night’s game was a triumph for the goalie, who was met with support from over 800 people packed into the complex.  And each time she made a save, the place erupted