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Mom Mistakenly Packed Meth In Child’s Lunch Bag – LINK

A Guy Breaks into a Diner, Steals an Entire Cheesecake, and Then Vandalizes an Adult Toy Store – LINK

A Kid Got Busted with Drugs Because a Cop Wanted to Check the Calorie Count on a Chicken Sandwich – LINK

Man in Germany Accused of Getting 90 COVID Shots So He Could Sell Fake Vaccination Cards – LINK

A Driver Crashed a Ferrari . . . Minutes After Buying It – LINK

A Man in a Posh Texas Hotel Shot Himself in the Junk – LINK

A Teacher Tried to Get Kids Interested in Science . . . by Setting a Student’s Hands on Fire – LINK

A Preschooler Took a Naughty Greeting Card from Her Mom, and Gave It to Her Teacher – LINK


Bartenders Are Sharing Their Unspoken Rules That They’re Tired Of Everyone Breaking – LIKE

‘Cheesy’ TikTok challenge gets teens in trouble in St. Louis County – LINK

Facebook paid firm to portray TikTok as danger to American children, reports say – LINK

Rapper T.I storms the stage to heckle female comedian after she taunted him over claims he drugs and rapes women with his wife – LINK


British tabloids say that WILL SMITH has checked himself into a luxury rehab clinic, to get help and . . . more cynically . . . save his brand. A source says, quote, “The impact of the backlash has hit Will hard, so he will be getting help on dealing with stress. “This is unquestionably the battle of his career.  It will be a high-end retreat used by the rich and famous and he will be doing a lot of soul searching and working out how he can move forward.” The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is holding a meeting TODAY to decide if they should discipline him. 

Remember JENA MALONE from the “Hunger Games” movies and “Donnie Darko”?  Well, on Tuesday, she saw a guy abusing a dog near Sunset Boulevard, so she started chasing him down and calling to other people to help. Several people joined in.  They got the dog away from the man, then five of the guys proceeded to BEAT HIM DOWN for about a minute . . . which seemed kind of unnecessary. Still, he WAS abusing a helpless dog . . . to the point that he had a fractured rib, broken bones in his hind legs, and a fracture in the right paw.  Also, he was STOLEN.  So I’m not sure how much sympathy I can drum up for the guy. The dog’s name is Champ and he should be okay.  But he’s still in the hospital and will need multiple surgeries.  A GoFundMe set up for Champ exceeded its $10,000 goal in a day. Jena said she’s sorry it all ended in a “brawl”, but she has no doubt the dog would have died if she and the others didn’t intervene.  PETA also recognized her for taking action (LINK)

The first comic book ever to feature Captain America just sold at auction for a near-record price. The winning bid for “Captain America Comics No. 1” came in at a $3.1 million … which is not far off from the $3.6 million someone paid in 2014 for the first comic with Spider-Man. The comic book, which introduced fans to Captain America and his trusty sidekick, Bucky, was published way back in 1941 … and this one was in near mint condition The issue, sold through Heritage Auctions, is 45 pages and the cover features Captain America punching Adolf Hitler (LINK) and fighting the Nazis. Here’s the top prices for other superhero comics … the first appearance of Superman went for $3.2 million in 2014, while the first comic with Batman fetched $2.2 million in January 2021. The $3.1 million sale price for “Captain America Comics” puts it in the top 5 most expensive comics ever sold. This same issue has grown in value over the years … it was previously sold at auction twice before, fetching over $25,000 in 2010 and $915k in 2019. Comics … they can be an investment.

Thank goodness John Cena has found some work. It’s a  buddy cop comedy called Officer Exchange. It’s a reverse Rush Hour kinda thing.  Cena’s “wrecking ball” of a cop, Shep, apparently heading to India to help take down an international diamond smuggling ring. No word on who the buddy will be. Possibly someone from India as it has a thriving film industry.  It is still in development, with no director attached—although getting sold to Amazon will probably help in that regard. 

Netflix has a trailer for a new John Wayne Gacy Docuseries. It called  Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes. Watch it below.  It’s a 3 episode docuseries with brnad new interviews with people from the case. Gacy murdered 33 young men and boys from 1972 to 1976. We here the story also from a survivor of Gacy’s.  Gacy, who regularly performed at charitable events dressed as a clown, was convicted and sentenced to death in 1980, and executed by lethal injection in 1994. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes will premiere on the streamer on April 20th (LINK)

Youre gonna die someday.  And now, there’s a show that can help you do it right. It’s a new unscripted series called “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”, and it’s in the works at Peacock.  There’s no word when it’ll debut. It’s based on a book of the same name by Margareta Magnusson . . . which has been described as, quote, “a primer on how to winnow your belongings before you die, so you don’t burden your family.” Which sounds like sort of a “Queer Eye” or Marie Kondo. . . but for the terminally ill???Even though the star of the show carries the title of SWEDISH DEATH CLEANER, it probably won’t be too morbid. Peacock says it will help people, quote, “organize and demystify their homes, lives and relationships,” so that they can “prepare for death while [enjoying] life.” (LINK)

Avril Lavenge and Mod Sun are engaged. She is 37 and he is 35. They were in Paris when it happened (LINK)

Pink Floyd released new original music (LINK) for the first time since 1994.  You won’t understand it though, unless you know Ukrainian.  It features vocals from a Ukrainian singer.


Taran Noah Smith, who played the younger brother Mark on Home Improvement, is 38.

Patricia Arquette is 54.

Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride, Robin Wright is 56.

John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon is 59.

Izzy Stradlin from Guns N’ Roses is 60.

John Schneider who played Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard is 62.

On Saturday 

Lil Nas X turns 23.

Actress Kristen Stewart turns 32.

My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way turns 45.

The Queen of Porn Jenna Jameson turns 48.

Comedian Jay Chandrasekhar is 54.

Dennis Quaid turns 68.

And on Sunday 

Rey from the newer Star Wars movies, Daisy Ridley turns 30.

He’s the one who saw dead people in The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment turns 34.

Actress and singer Mandy Moore is 38.

Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy turns 42.

David Harbour from Stranger Things turns 47.

Rapper Q-Tip turns 52.

Record producer Babyface is 63.

Steven Seagal is 70

Porn B

Heaven Leigh

Today’s birthday girl has been in 368 fine films, including:

  • 5 Card Slut
  • American Werewhores
  • Bi-Curious George
  • The Encyclopedia Erotica 1
  • Foot Lovers Only 3
  • Fornication Nation 2
  • The Queen Of Smut
  • Radioactive: Infected Sluts From Hell
  • And who can forget her role in 1998’s Gutter Mouths 10

Heaven Leigh is 46 years old

Sports Report 1

Yesterday the Cards, in grand fashion, celebrated Opening Day.  And – in grand fashion – the celebrated in style.  Not only were the introductions and the video packages before the game pretty awesome, the game itself wasn’t too shabby either.  Tyler O’Neill, Tommy Edman, and Nolan Arenado all homered.  O’Neill had a total of FIVE RBI yesterday.  Adam Wainwright was great as he struck out 6 in 6 innings.  The Cards are off today but continue their series with the Pirates on Saturday at 1:15PM.  Miles Mikolas gets the start.  Here is what it sounded like during the opening ceremonies when they introduced Yadi. And – here is what it sounded like when Albert came up to the plate for the first time. How did Albert do in his return?  He went 0 for 5.

Los Angeles Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani is picking up right where he left off from last year’s historic season. According to MLB.com, Ohtani made history once again by becoming the first player in MLB history ever to throw and face his team’s first pitch of the season. Ohtani served as the Angels’ Opening Day starter as well as the leadoff hitter on Thursday against the Astros. Ohtani pitched a scoreless first inning and then grounded out to short after swinging on the first pitch.

The Blues are back in action tonight for the first game of a back-to-back at Enterprise Center.  Tonight they team welcome the Minnesota Wild for a game at 7PM.  Tomorrow at 7PM, the team will welcome in the New York Islanders.  Both games can be seen on Bally Sports.

We now know what Tom Brady ALMOST did instead of returning to the field.  Brady was reportedly almost a division rival of his old team the New England Patriots. Brady initially planned on becoming a minority owner of the Dolphins when he announced his retirement in February. Miami then planned on pursuing former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton with the idea of putting together a “package deal” featuring Brady. With Brady as a minority owner, the Dolphins would have then attempted to get his contractual rights from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to add him to the playing roster. The plan ended when former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL and its teams alleging racist hiring practices and discrimination.

Yesterday, Tiger Woods teed off at 10:04 a.m. Tournament employees abandoned their stations and rushed towards the ropes as one thing became of the focus of everyone’s attention: Can a 46-year-old man walk around the golf course.  Answer…yes.  After day one, Tiger Wood is currently at 1-under par and that’s good enough for being tied for 10th.  Sunjae Im is your current leader at 5-under.  The Masters continues today.  Tiger will tee off around 10AM STL time again today.

New Grambling State volleyball coach Chelsey Lucas decided to cut every player on the team. Lucas, a 2007 Grambling alum, became the team’s head coach in February. She had previously told all 19 players on the team that she would be making some roster changes. However, personnel within the department did not know the full extent of the changes that Lucas had planned. Lucas’s move to release every player was not previously discussed.  The volleyball coach met each player individually and advised them that their scholarships would not be renewed.  Trayvean Scott, GSU’s athletic director, said in a statement that “just as the transfer portal empowers student-athletes, our coaches are also empowered to make the decisions they deem necessary to advance their programs.”

UFC fighter Conor McGregor appeared in a court in Dublin on Thursday charged with six driving offenses. He was stopped by police as he was driving his Bentley to the gym in west Dublin on March 22. McGregor was accused of two counts of dangerous driving, as well as driving without insurance and a license and failing to produce a certificate of insurance or license. McGregor did not speak during the court appearance.  He hasn’t fought since injuring his left leg in a loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July. Speaking to media outside the court, McGregor said he was looking forward to “going straight back” into training. Asked if he has an opponent in mind, McGregor said: “We will see what happens. Taking it day by day. The leg is getting better every day and I am happy with that.” Following his day in court, McGregor tweeted “straight back into training” and signaled he would be coming back to the UFC in the welterweight division.

Speaking of the UFC — they have announced a partnership with Crypto.com to give out $60,000 worth of cryptocurrency in fan-voted bonuses at pay-per-view events. The bonuses will start at $30,000 for the night’s favorite fighter, while the second-place winner will receive $20,000 and third-place will get $10,000 worth of bitcoin. Fans will be able to vote on the best fighters at Crypto.com, starting with UFC 273 on Saturday. Voting begins at the start of the pay-per-view card and ends an hour after the conclusion of the broadcast. The UFC already gives out three $50,000 bonuses, two for Performance of the Night and one for Fight of the Night