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Half of Drivers Say Their Car Represents Their Personality

You know what they always say:  “You are what you drive.”  And even if they DON’T “always say” that, many people believe it.

Nearly HALF of people in a new survey say their vehicle accurately represents their personality.  20% of people believe it says more about them than their job . . . 18% say it says more than their clothing . . . and 17% say it’s more representative than their taste in music.

They didn’t really drill down on what that means . . . but it sounds like everything is included:  The make, the model, the color, the condition, and how it’s pimped out.

For example, SUVs mean they’re family-oriented . . . hatchback drivers believing they’re loyal and reliable . . . station wagon drivers thinking they’re organized . . . and 4×4 drivers “being ready to go anywhere, anytime.”

And it isn’t a coincidence.  26% of people actively chose a vehicle that better matched their personality . . . rather than going for something more practical.  And the color of the vehicle is vital to 23% of people.


92% of People Are a “Good Neighbor,” Because They Do These Things . . .

Everyone seems to THINK they’re a “good neighbor” . . . even the insurance company State Farm tries to get in on that action.  But are you really?

In a new poll, 92% of people believe they’re a great person to live next to.  Which implies that 8% of people KNOW they’re THAT neighbor.  And if you’re looking to improve your neighborly interactions, the poll also produced a rundown of the Top Signs of a Good Neighbor.  Here are some highlights:

1.  Accepts packages or deliveries when you’re away.

2.  Keeps an eye on your home when you’re on vacation.

3.  Warns you before they have a party.

4.  Checks in on elderly or otherwise dependent neighbors.

5.  Waters plants when you’re away.

6.  Offers to split the cost of fencing on the property line.

7.  Feeds pets when you’re on vacation.

8.  Recommends local plumbers, handymen, or other services to you.

9.  Picks up litter out front.

10.  Lends you things, like a power washer or a tire pump.


A Woman Was Driving When She Spotted a Snake at Her Feet

What would you do in this situation?  Because for me, it’s probably crash into the closest light pole.

A woman near St. Louis was driving by herself last weekend when she felt something down by her feet.  So she looked down . . . and saw a fairly large SNAKE slithering around.  It’s not clear what type, but it looks like it’s four or five feet long.

She drove straight to a police department, and they helped her out.  The snake somehow managed to get up under her hood by then.  So they pulled it out and posted a Facebook photo of a cop holding it.  Their post called it a, quote, “nope rope.”

According to SnakesForPets.com, snakes like cars because they’re warm, and they can get in through an open door or window.  But they can also find their way in through the undercarriage of your car.

(Here’s the photo.)


In the Johnny Depp trial yesterday, Amber Heard’s attorney questioned Depp about loads of his bad press.  Here are those headlines and Depp’s dry-wit responses.

Santa Fe police released body cam footage of Alec Baldwin talking to police after the shooting on the set of “Rust” . . . as well as Alec’s full police interview.  Another actor is crying, not Baldwin.


Shortly after the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust”, the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, says she “(Effed) up my whole entire career”.


CARY ELWES . . . you know, Westley in “The Princess Bride” . . . got bitten on the finger by a rattlesnake on Saturday while doing yardwork at home in Malibu.  He had to be airlifted to UCLA’s medical center for immediate attention. Luckily for Cary, his finger was saved.  He posted a photo yesterday morning of the injury.  He said, quote, “Bit not by a R.O.U.S. but a rattlesnake.  Grateful to the staff of Malibu Urgent Care, L.A. County Fire Department, and the staff and medical professionals at UCLA for their great care.  Am recovering well thanks to all these wonderful folks.” (A R.O.U.S. is a creature from “Princess Bride”.  It stands for Rodents of Unusual Size.)


Sometimes you get rewarded for good behavior.  But it seems like the reward for bad behavior is a LOT sweeter.  Today’s case in point: Remember the “Catch Me Outside” girl from “Dr. Phil”?  Her real name is Danielle Bregoli. . . but she’s also a rapper and social media star under the name BHAD BHABIE. She’s also FREAKIN’ RICH.  She recently bragged that she’s made $50 MILLION on OnlyFans, and a lot of people didn’t believe her. So she posted information from her earnings page to PROVE what she’s made.  And if it’s legit, it shows she’s grossed about $53 million . . . and cleared $43 million after giving OnlyFans their cut.  (Although that might be before taxes.) In the caption she wrote, “Cry about it, [B-word].”


 Noah Weiland, the son of late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, opened up about his battle with drugs and said that it helped him understand his father. Scott passed from a drug overdose in 2015.  6 years later Noah would battle addiction after getting booted from Suspect208, the band that he started with the  London Hudson, the son of Gn’R guitarist Slash.  Noah revealed he entered rehab, saying “I have a sponsor, I go to meetings, I’m better with family. I finally feel like I have my confidence back and it’s good.”  The comments made about Noah after he was kicked out of his band really bothered him.  He said “People want to see me be a statistic so bad. There were so many posts when the band ended and all the comments were, ‘Oh, just like his dad, just like his dad.’” The singer said that he can identify with his father’s own battle with drugs, saying “Because I’ve had to go through the same thing, the addiction, I feel closer with him.  Noah added “Even if you’re born into a family with addiction you don’t have to fall to the statistics. You can be great.”


Sharon Osbourne and husband Ozzy are planning to move two Ukrainian families into the unused properties in the UK.  Sharon spoke to the Sunday Times about the war, with the reporter commenting on her being “furious about the red tape bogging down the process for rehoming Ukrainian refugees” in Britain.   “I think it’s heinous what [Boris Johnson] is doing,” she said of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As for the two families, the reporter asked her what it must be like for them to flee the country and end up at Ozzy’s house.   “Ozzy’s very well known in Ukraine, I think they’d be happy,’ she said in an interview with The Sunday Times. 


A Live Action Hot Wheels Movie Is Coming . JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot is teaming with Mattel and Warner Brothers to develop a movie.  Since the production is in the early stages, all we know is that the movie will “showcase some of the world’s hottest and sleekest cars, monster trucks and motorcycles.”  According to this article, and Barbie would have something to say about it, Hot Wheels were introduced in 1968 and are the number one selling toy in the world. 


   With less than a week to cast ballots, Duran Duran is leading the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s fan vote for the Class of ’22.    Duran Duran has over 900,000 votes so far with Eminem in second place with over 675,000 votes.  Rounding out the top five are Pat Benatar with over 604,000 votes followed by Euruthmics’ 424,000 votes and over 382,000 votes for Dolly Parton.  These top five acts will make up a fan ballot that gets tallied with other ballots used in selecting the Hall’s Class of ’22.   You have until this Friday to cast your vote at Vote.RockHall.com.


Sully Erna revealed that Godsmack’s upcoming new album might be the band’s last. Erna told Orlando’s 101.1 FM’s Pat Lynch and Taco “You should probably be hearing new music by summertime — mid-to-late summer and the full record by the top of ’23.”  That’s the plan. Then we’re just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy… and I’ve gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us.” Erna also spoke about his bout with COVID after testing positive last Christmas.  The frontman explained “I got very sick. I was sick for five-and-a-half weeks, but I was in the hospital for four days” due to developing pneumonia.”


Pro-golfer Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky tied the knot over the weekend and Kid Rock took the stage to perform for the newlyweds.  Dustin and the hockey legend’s daughter got married out in Tennessee on Saturday.  




                               Kerry Louise

Today’s birthday girl has been in 225 fine films, including:


  • 2 Chicks Same Time 6
  • The Army’s Special Sauce
  • Daddy’s Spoilt Little Bitch
  • Fluffers 5 & 9
  • Heels and Whores
  • NFC: Nude Fight Club 10
  • Thrilla in Vanilla 8
  • Wham Bam 1
  • And who can forget her role in 2012’s How To Handle Your Students: 101

Kerry Louise is 39 years old.

sports_report_2.jpg 134666

After a big 6-3 win against the Ducks on Sunday, the Blues take on the Avalanche on Tuesday.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 8:30PM.  Speaking of the Blues — Robert Thomas matched the longest consecutive-game point streak in the NHL this season with an assist on Sunday night against the Ducks. The assist gave Robert Thomas at least one point in 17 straight games, matching the mark set by Edmonton’s Connor McDavid from back in 2021. Thomas’ 17-game point streak is the longest by any Blue under the age of 22 and the longest overall since Brett Hull set the franchise record during the 1991-92 season at 25 games. Since the streak began on March 26, Thomas has eight goals and 21 assists.

Even though it was scoreless through the 7th, the Mets and Cards decided to start scoring late, but unfortunately for the Cards, it was the Mets who got the best of them.  Final score was 5-2.  The Cards were held to 5 hits total last night.  Tonight, the Cards and Mets are back at it at Busch.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:45PM.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer filed suit Monday against the San Diego woman who accused him of sexual assault, claiming defamation and interference while seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages. In the suit, Bauer’s attorneys say that the woman “fabricated allegations of sexual assault,” “pursued bogus criminal and civil actions,” “made false and malicious statements” and “generated a media blitz based on her lies” in an effort to “destroy” Bauer’s reputation, “garner attention for herself” and “extract millions of dollars.”  Back in June, the woman stated that Bauer took consensual rough sex too far during two encounters in April and May 2021, alleging that he choked her unconscious on multiple occasions, sodomized her without consent and punched her all over her body, leaving her with injuries that prompted medical attention. Bauer and his attorneys have firmly denied the accusations, calling them “fraudulent” and “baseless.”

Last night we saw our first team punch their ticket to the next round of the NBA Playoffs.  The Brooklyn Nets are OUT as Jayson Tatum and the Celtics completed the sweep last night.  The Raptors beat the 76ers and that series is now 3-2 in Philly’s favor.  The Jazz and Mavs were in Dallas as the Mavs got the win and lead 3-2.   There are three NBA games tonight.  We can see the Heat knock out the Hawks.  Minnesota and Memphis play game 5 all tied up at 2-a piece.  And the Suns and Pelicans are in Phoenix for Game 5 tied at 2.

A former Phoenix Suns ticket manager has pleaded guilty to illicitly selling more than 2,800 of the team’s tickets through a third party from 2017 to 2019 and agreed to pay $458,218 to the team in restitution. Jeffrey Marcussen, who worked for the Suns from 2004 to 2019, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 7 on felony fraud and theft charges. Such charges together could carry a maximum 13-year prison sentence, but, in the plea agreement submitted to the judge, prosecutors have instead asked for probation with, at most, a year in jail. Marcussen must also pay $1,780 to the Arizona Attorney General’s anti-racketeering revolving fund and $11,818 to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

NBC Sports’ Peter Kings says NFL owners have passed a resolution to give two more teams a second game that will fall on Black Friday. Amazon is reportedly willing to pay between $70 million and $100 million for that Black Friday game to air on its Prime platform. Reports are that the reason Amazon’s trying to score a Black Friday game is pretty obvious: “What better marketing tool for Amazon Prime than to put a game in the wheelhouse of their consumers, on the busiest shopping day of the year?” A Black Friday NFL game would likely arrive in 2023 “at the latest.”



Phil Mickelson has registered to play in next month’s PGA Championship and the U.S. Open in June, and his agents have requested a release from the PGA Tour to allow the six-time major champion to play in the first event of the Saudi Arabian-financed LIV Golf Invitational Series in London in June. In a statement, Mickelson’s longtime agent, said he still hasn’t decided whether he will play in any of the events. Monday was the deadline for players to ask for a conflicting event release from the PGA Tour to play in the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational on June 9-11. Mickelson, 51, hasn’t played in an official tour event since missing the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in late January.


Boxer Tyson Fury retained his heavyweight crown with a knockout of British fighter Dillian Whyte on Saturday in London. The 33-year-old Fury knocked out Whyte with a sixth-round uppercut and vowed to retire from boxing and potentially pursue an MMA fight next year. In an interview with Sky Sports on Sunday, Whyte described why he believes Fury made an illegal move during their match on Saturday at Wembley Stadium.