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A Woman Got Coordinates Tattooed to Remember a Great Vacation . . . But They Were the Wrong Coordinates

Here’s a reminder to double, triple, sextuple check your work before you have something permanently written on your body.

A 24-year-old woman named Bri Pritchett took a trip to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate getting fully vaccinated last month . . . and she wanted to celebrate by getting the latitude and longitude coordinates of Sedona tattooed on her shoulder.

BUT . . . she accidentally mixed up north and south.  So now she has a tattoo for a random spot in the South Pacific Ocean.

(Fox News

(Here’s a picture.)

A Bomb Squad Finds a Grenade Is Actually Just a Grenade-Shaped Adult Toy

 The police in Passau, Germany got a call this week after a woman was jogging through a forest and spotted a GRENADE on the ground.

And that’s actually an issue in Germany . . . where old World War Two weapons still pop up sometimes.

But when the bomb squad investigated, they found the grenade was actually . . . a rubber, grenade-shaped adult toy.

The bomb squad found a USB charging cable next to it, so we’re thinking it was probably a USB-powdered vibrating toy shaped like a grenade.  We found that type of toy on Amazon, but it’s currently sold out.

The bomb squad also found two condoms and an empty tube of lube by the “grenade.”

(ABC News

A Guy Robs a McDonald’s and Wants McNuggets . . . But Doesn’t Get Them Because of Breakfast Hours

This guy’s robbery was really a double failure . . . he got caught AND he didn’t steal what he actually wanted.

Back in February, a 22-year-old guy named Rudi Batten busted into a McDonald’s in Bristol, England with a fake gun and a knife and he demanded two things:  All the money in the safe, and some Chicken McNuggets.

The employees gave him all $600 or so they had in the safe . . . but they couldn’t help him with the McNuggets.  Because it was BREAKFAST HOURS.

And as we all know, McDonald’s CANNOT and WILL NOT make lunch food during breakfast hours or vice versa.  Even if you’ve got weapons.

So Rudi had to settle for a double Sausage McMuffin.

The police were able to identify him from the security camera footage, and he was arrested.  And earlier this week, he was sentenced to six years in jail.  (Daily Mail)  (Here’s his mugshot.)

A Guy Was Busted Smuggling Drugs into Jail Inside His Prosthetic Leg

People will really put drugs ANYWHERE when they’re trying to smuggle them into jail.

There’s a 37-year-old guy named Keith Adams in Largo, Florida.  And the cops caught him with a glass pipe with cocaine residue on Saturday when he was driving with a friend.

And then, when they took him to jail, they found he was trying to smuggle in drugs . . . by hiding them inside his PROSTHETIC LEG.

The cops found fentanyl and Xanax both hidden inside his artificial leg, so he was hit with more felony drug charges.

And he should’ve known the cops would find the drugs . . . because as they were arresting him, they specifically asked him if he was hiding drugs in his leg, and they warned him he’d be facing more charges if he was.  He told them his leg was drug free.

He’s facing four total charges . . . and he already had two other drug cases pending.

(The Smoking Gun)

(Here’s his mugshot, where he looks kind of like Adam Sandler playing him as a character.)


rizz_news_1.jpg 140011

Do You Think It’s Fashionable to Wear Crocs?

Crocs are REALLY popular and the sales have skyrocketed during the past year.  They’re also objectively ugly.

But ugliness has never stopped something from becoming in style.  So here’s a legitimate question:  Do YOU think Crocs are fashionable?

According to a new survey, 34% of people say yes, they believe Crocs are fashionable.  40% of people say no, and 25% aren’t sure.

But there’s a BIG difference by age group.  53% of people between 18 and 24 say Crocs are fashionable, and so do 47% of people between 25 and 34.  People who are older than that are much less likely to agree.

So if you believe young people set fashion trends . . . and they believe Crocs are in style . . . then I guess Crocs are in style.


Are Some Women Really Slipping Their Husbands Impotency Drugs to Keep Them from Cheating?

If THIS is your best option to keep your marriage together . . . yikes.

There’s a social media post going viral in China right now that’s whistleblowing on something pretty insane:  Some women are secretly slipping their husbands IMPOTENCY DRUGS to keep them from cheating.

The drugs are an over-the-counter estrogen supplement that makes it so a guy can’t perform . . . so then he can’t cheat.

But is this REALLY happening . . . or did someone just invent the rumor for Internet points?  We can’t say for sure either way.

A few newspapers looked into the drug, and one of them did find a few stores where you could buy it.  And it comes in a white powder without an odor, so it really WOULD be something you could slip to someone.

But, you know, that’s obviously illegal . . . and if anyone gets caught doing this, they could face criminal charges.

(South China Morning Post)

Here Are the Five Things Keeping Moms Up at Night Right Now

Even if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic, it’s not like life is about to be STRESS-FREE.  We’re always gonna find SOMETHING to worry about.

A new survey asked moms what’s been keeping them up at night so far this year.  And here are the top five answers . . .

1.  The kids being home so much more and doing remote learning, 63%.

2.  Working from home, 57%.

3.  The pandemic, 53%.

4.  Not having childcare, 38%.

5.  And all the other general stress, 31%.

The survey also found that two-thirds of moms say they think they’d be a better parent if they could just sleep more at night.

(SWNS Digital)

A Couple Is Getting Divorced Because the Woman Won’t Stop Feeding Dangerous Wild Boars

Here’s something you aren’t going to see on many divorce papers as the reason for a marriage breaking up.

There’s a couple in Haifa, Israel and they’re getting divorced after 17 years.  Why?  Because their garden has been overrun by dangerous WILD BOARS . . . but the woman won’t stop FEEDING them, so they keep coming back.

The guy says, quote, “She lets them come in and feeds them.  It’s really bizarre.  I’m afraid of them attacking me.  They’ve already attacked people in the city.  It’s a life-threatening situation.”

But his wife won’t stop feeding the boars . . . so when her husband gave her the ultimatum of “me or the boars,” she went BOARS.  (Jerusalem Post)

We Finally Stop Worrying What Other People Think at Age 46

It’s amazing most of us go half our life stressing about this stuff:  Someone asked 2,000 people aged 55 and up when they finally stopped worrying about what other people think of them.  And the average is 46 years old.

They also asked about work, relationships, and looks.  Here’s what people said . . .

1.  We finally feel okay about our appearance in our mid-30’s.  For men, it’s 34.  For women, 36.

2.  The average person feels settled in and okay about their relationship at 37.

3.  We don’t truly feel good about our career until we hit 40.

4.  In general, we feel comfortable in our own skin at age 42.

5.  We don’t feel like we can really speak our mind until our early-to-mid 40’s.  For men, it’s 40.  For women, 45.

6.  We finally start to relax about finances at age 50.

They also asked about life events that make your more confident.  The top five are becoming a parent . . . getting married . . . retiring . . . traveling . . . and getting your driver’s license.


Four Things to Look Forward to in May

Tomorrow is a new month!  Here are some things to look forward to in May . . .

1.  A TON of sporting events are going down, including the Kentucky Derby tomorrow . . . the NBA Playoffs, which are scheduled to begin May 22nd  . . . the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs starting around May 20th . . . and the Indianapolis 500 on May 30th.

2.  On TV, there’s the premiere of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” on Disney+ and Season 2 of “Selena: The Series” on Netflix, both on May 4th . . . and the “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World” special will air on May 8th.

There’s also the “MTV Movie & TV Awards” on May 16th . . . the “Billboard Music Awards” on May 23rd . . . and the “iHeartRadio Music Awards” on May 27th.

3.  Tax Day is May 17th.  It was pushed back a month due to the pandemic.  Maybe it is or maybe it ISN’T something to “look forward to,” but it should be on your calendar.

4.  And finally the holidays.  The big ones are Cinco de Mayo next Wednesday . . . Mother’s Day on Sunday the 9th . . . and Memorial Day on the 31st.

There’s also Star Wars Day on May the 4th . . . National No Pants Day on the 7th . . . National Pizza Party Day on the 21st . . . National Talk Like Yoda Day also on the 21st . . . and National Wine Day on the 25th.

A Woman Is Facing Felony Charges for Stealing and Painting a Neighbor’s Goat for Social Media Photos

Headline Hooshe 2

On one hand, this woman’s facing some serious criminal charges.  But on the other hand, I bet she got at least 15 likes on Instagram.  So totally worth it.

There’s a 34-year-old woman named Erica Farmer in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  And she recently stole her neighbor’s GOAT . . . PAINTED it . . . and then took a bunch of photos for social media.

The goat’s owner figured out what happened and called the cops.  They found the goat at Erica’s house.

And now she’s looking at a FELONY charge for livestock theft.  She’s also looking at an animal cruelty charge.

(FOX 10 – Mobile)

(Here’s her mugshot . . . plus a few photos of the painted goat.)


Five people have been busted for shooting LADY GAGA’s dogwalker, and stealing two of her French Bulldogs . . . including the woman who later “found” the dogs. According to police, three thieves targeted the dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, after seeing him with the dogs back in February.  They did NOT know they were Gaga’s dogs . . . they just knew that French Bulldogs were worth a lot of money. The plan was to steal the dogs and sell them off for cash. But when the story went viral, they tried to cash in on Gaga’s $500,000 reward, and that was their downfall.  They recruited a woman to be the “hero” who returned the dogs . . . BUT they chose someone closely connected to themselves. She was the girlfriend of one of the men’s fathers . . . and he must have been in on it too, because he was arrested as an accessory.  All four of the men, including the 40-year-old father, are allegedly “documented gang members.” The three thieves were between the ages of 18 and 27.  They’re facing robbery and attempted murder charges.  Police believe the 18-year-old was the shooter.



33 year old Reality TV star Josh Duggar was arrested by federal agents in Arkansas yesterday in connection to the used car dealership he once owned there and being held without bail. A mugshot with a smirk on his face probably wont help but that’s just my experience. Not sure on the charges— but his arrest is related to a 2019 Homeland Security raid on his now-closed used car dealership in Springdale, Ark. Duggar, the eldest of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 19 children, rose to fame on “19 Kids and Counting,” a TLC show about the family. The show was canceled in 2015 after allegations surfaced that Duggar had molested multiple underage girls — including four of his sisters — when he was a teenager. He issued an apology and was never charged. Duggar also resigned from his position at the Family Research Council, a Washington DC-based Christian lobbying organization, amid the allegations. He was hit with another scandal in 2015 after it was revealed that he used Ashley Madison, an online dating service for married people. Duggar admitted to cheating on his wife Anna, 33, and later entered into a faith-based rehab program and attended marriage counseling. The couple — who have been married for 12 years — are currently expecting their seventh child.


Joe Rogan is doing the walk back thing. First he said hey if you are young and work out and are healthy don’t get the vaccine.(AUDIO) Yea good idea podcaster Joe. Dr Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician-scientist and immunologist said um no no that’s not true. So Joe needed to qualify his comment(AUDIO) Added Rogan, “I am not a doctor. I am a F’n moron. I am a cage-fighting commentator … I am not a respected source of information even for me. But I at least try to be honest about what I am saying.”

You don’t cast Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a one-and-done role in your massive blockbuster franchise. And it looks like that won’t be the case for Marvel.After the Veep and Seinfeld star strutted into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as comic book character Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, Marvel Studios producers Nate Moore and Zoie Nagelhout are teasing larger plans for the actress in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked in an interview if the intention with Louis-Dreyfus’ casting is to open up that character, Moore tells EW, “One hundred percent.” “She’s so talented and you can do so much with her. And she’s game for it,” the executive producer says. “She certainly didn’t come to us and say, ‘I’ll be in one show once.’ She was like, ‘I want to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.’ And we said, ‘Great! Let’s get you in and let’s figure out how to use you.’ And the truth is, I think you will see her in the future. Definitely.”



KIEFER SUTHERLAND and JASON PATRIC have been friends for over 30 years . . . going all the way back to when they made the 1987 horror flick “Lost Boys”. But there was a little hiccup in the friendship back in 1991.  If you recall, Kiefer had been dating JULIA ROBERTS, and they were supposed to get married on June 14th of that year. Instead, Kiefer was spotted on that day moving out of the home they had shared together.  Turns out they had broken up and called off the wedding.  And where was Julia seen on that day?  Having lunch with Jason, and then flying to Ireland with him.  Kiefer and Jason have never talked about this publicly . . . until now.  They addressed it this week on a podcast called “Inside of You”. (AUDIO)  What lasted after all that is me and Kiefer as 35-year buddies.” Kiefer compared them to ERIC CLAPTON and GEORGE HARRISON, who were friends to the end, even though they fought over Pattie Boyd.


When a kid walks in on their parents having sex, it can be traumatic for EVERYONE involved.  MARIO LOPEZ and his wife Courtney had to deal with that recently, when their daughter Gia caught them. Mario says he was, quote, “like lightning” getting the covers over them.  But AFTER THE LOVING, Mario and Courtney went looking for her.  It took them an HOUR to find her. And when they did, they had a talk about sex and love and all that stuff parents secretly hope their kids learn at school and on their phones


Fox is developing a “Flintstones” show, which is described as a “sequel” series. It’s called “Bedrock”, and it will be a primetime animated show targeted at ADULTS. The show will follow the Flintstone family two decades after the original, with Fred retiring and Pebbles now in her 20s, embarking on her own career. ELIZABETH BANKS from “The Hunger Games” is onboard as a producer.  She’ll also provide the voice of Pebbles.  No other casting has been announced.  SETH MACFARLANE from “Family Guy” was working on a new “Flintstones” show, but it never got off the ground.  Elizabeth has been developing this one for a few years . . . and it doesn’t sound related to Seth’s version. The original show ran for six seasons on ABC . . . and it was the first animated series to air in primetime.



 Every “Saturday Night Live” fan knows the legendary sketch from 1990, where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley strip down and audition for the Chippendales. Others believe it was one of the things that pushed Farley into not caring about his body and health.  (Chris died of a drug overdose at 33 in 1997.) CHRIS ROCK has even said, quote, “As funny as that sketch was, and as many accolades as he got for it, it’s one of the things that killed him.  It really is . . . [it was] a weird moment in Chris’ life.” But legendary “SNL” writer ROBERT SMIGEL is defending the sketch. 


There’s a rumor going around that RYAN REYNOLDS will play Johnny Cage in a future “Mortal Kombat” movie.  Ryan responded by pimping his wireless service Mint Mobile.



This is probably why the Oscars looks down on Marvel movies . . . no matter how fun they may be. CHLOE (ZOW) ZHAO just won Best Director (and Best Picture) for her movie “Nomadland”.  And she’s following it up by directing “Eternals” for Marvel. And Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently complimented her on how she pushed for actual locations and camera techniques . . . over visual effects and greenscreen. He said, quote, “I had to keep saying [to myself], ‘This is right out of a camera.  There’s no VFX work to this at all!’  Because it was a beautiful sunset, with perfect waves and mist coming up from the shore on this giant cliffside . . . really impressive stuff.” Feige did see “Nomadland”, and that’s when he said he realized that the practical shooting wasn’t just what she wanted to bring to Marvel, quote, “This is a signature style.” Naturally, people are having some fun with these quotes on social media . . . the idea that nature can be beautiful WITHOUT CGI.


Netflix has a new feature for you as of yesterday. Its called Play something


PLAY SOMETHING will show you: A new series/film similar to one you’ve watched before

An episode/film you’ve already watched and may want to watch again if it’s been a while

An episode from a show you’ve started but haven’t finished (it will pick up where you left off)



Have you ever wondered why hit movies are referred to as “blockbusters”?  The term goes back to World War 2.  It was a type of bomb that was so powerful it could decimate a city block. The name caught on, and people started using it to describe anything explosive or extravagant. At first, “blockbuster” was used to describe films that were “bold or noteworthy.”  In 1943, “Time” magazine said critics were calling the movie “Mission to Moscow”, quote, “as explosive as a blockbuster.” But pretty soon it became synonymous with box office success.  In the 1950s, a producer named Max E. Youngstein had defined a blockbuster as any movie that grossed over $2 million.


AXS-TV is launching a weekly limited concert series dedicated to the 1990s!  Long Live The 90s will highlight seven different acts that defined the decade, kicking off May 9th with Pearl Jam’s 2016 Let’s Play Two concert at Wrigley Field. The series will also feature concerts from Garbage, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, Jane’s Addiction, The Black Crowes and Soundgarden. AXS TV’s Sarah Weidman wrote “From the fashion and music, to the toys and TV shows, the one era that people are constantly turning to is the 1990s.”


PHIL COLLINS, TONY BANKS, and MIKE RUTHERFORD are getting the band back together. GENESIS will hit North America in November and December for what they’re calling The Last Domino? tour.  Phil can’t drum anymore due to health reasons, so his son Nic will take over.  This will be their first North American tour since 2007. There’s been no mention of PETER GABRIEL, which isn’t surprising.  He’s never really been interested in coming back before.  But still, if this really IS their last go-around, it’d be a nice treat for the hardcore fans.


 The guitarist for a Florida rock band used his excellent hearing skills to find a guy who went missing this week.  Rescuers were looking for the guy in a wooded area, right next to the home of Randy Winter, who’s in the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  He says playing and recording music for so long has forced him to hone his listening skills.  So he went outside . . . heard something that sounded like it could be a person . . . told the cops where it came from . . . and they found the guy.(AUDIO)


MORGAN WALLEN is still being punished for his N-word controversy.  This time it’s the “Billboard Music Awards” . . . and the whole thing is pretty awkward. They announced their nominees yesterday, and Morgan is a finalist in five categories.  And yet, he won’t be allowed to participate in the ceremony.  So why is he even nominated?  It’s because they don’t have a voting committee. Their awards are determined by performance on the Billboard charts, and we all know that he dominated the country charts this year. Anyway, here’s their statement:  “Morgan Wallen is a finalist this year based on charting.  As his recent conduct does not align with our core values, we will not be including him on the show in any capacity [performing, presenting, accepting. “It is heartening and encouraging to hear that he is taking steps in his anti-racist journey and starting to do some meaningful work.  We plan to evaluate his progress and will consider his participation in future shows.” (Morgan has SIX total nominations but can only win five awards.  That’s because he’s up twice in the Top Country Songs category . . . for “Chasin’ You” and “More Than My Hometown”.  The “Billboard Music Awards” are May 23rd.)



















PORNO BDAY                      

  Mindy Main

Today’s birthday girl has been in 115 fine films including:

                   – Asstravaganza 11

                   – Big Rack Attack 4

                   – Big Sausage Pizza 19

                   – Girls Hunting Girls 14

                   – King Dong 2

                   – Mouth

                   – And who could forget her role in 2006’s The F Olympics

Mindy Main is 35 years old.


Make it 4 in a row as the Blues beat the Wild again last night 5-4.  It took a little extra hockey, but the boys got it done in OT.  Sammy  Blais scored in the first followed by Tyler Bozak and Marco Scandella in the 2nd.  Then things unraveled.  The Wild scored two before Ryan O’Reilly made things 4-2.  The Wild answered back scoring 2 more to tie things up.  Then…thid happened.  Their next game is against the Wild again on Saturday, puck drop is at 7PM.

The Cardinals picked up a win against the Phillies yesterday at Busch.  The real hero of the day?  Matt Carpenter.  His 3-run pinch hit homer tied the things up and forced extras.  Then, it was a wild pitch that scored Tyler O’Neil from third to get the 4-3 win in 10 innings.  Up next for the Cardinals is a game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  First pitch is scheduled for 5:35PM tonight.

The wait is over. Trevor Lawrence is finally the Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback, as the club selected him with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night.

The pick ended a process that began last December when the New York Jets’ Week 16 upset of the Cleveland Browns gave the top selection to Jacksonville. The Jaguars were 1-15 last season, have lost 10 or more games in nine of the past 10 seasons, and made the playoffs just once since 2007. The offense has been one of the worst in the NFL in the past decade: The Jaguars have ranked 30th or worse in points scored, yards per game, red zone efficiency, third-down conversion percentage, completion percentage and passer rating over that 10-year stretch.


Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow recently worked out with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. Tebow had reached out to the team and requested a tryout. Switching to tight end, according to some, might have extended his NFL career. “[Tebow] worked out as a tight end and that’s the position he’ll be playing. Right now where it stands, we’re going to get through the draft. Our whole focus, quite honestly, has been on the draft and we’ll worry about that when the draft is over.” Tebow played at Florida under current Jags coach Urban Meyer from 2006 through 2009. Tebow, 33, hasn’t played in the league since 2012 with the Jets. He appeared in 12 games, making two starts at QB.


The draft wasn’t the only thing NFL fans were talking about yesterday.  There’s also been a lot of chatter about AARON RODGERS and his frustration with the Green Bay Packers. Reporter Adam Schefter Tweeted, quote, “Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Packers that he’s told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team . . . sources told ESPN.” Supposedly, Rodgers and the Packers are negotiating a long-term extension . . . and Rodgers is “unhappy” with how it’s going.  They reportedly want to restructure around short-term deals, while Rodgers is looking for a bigger commitment.  Once the word got out, several teams . . . including the San Francisco 49ers . . . called Green Bay, but the Packers refused to entertain trade offers.  Clearly, they’re still trying to work something out. So, things will probably go one of two ways:  Either Rodgers is just using his leverage to get more of what he wants . . . OR things continue to unravel, and the Packers will have to come to terms with moving on. An NFL player has NEVER been traded right after winning the MVP award in the previous season.



As the Rams prepared to make their first selection in the 2021 NFL draft on Day 2, general manager Les Snead was at home.  Still working…but at home.  Why?  Because he got the COVID. Snead and head coach Sean McVay both had close contact with someone who later tested positive. They found out on Monday, then Snead tested positive Thursday morning. McVay tested negative. Snead said that he was experiencing symptoms and is in a “good spot” right now. He was days away from receiving his second vaccination dose.

The NASCAR CUP SERIES continues at Kansas Speedway this weekend.  Brad Keselowski looks to pick up another win on Sunday.  Race time is scheduled for 2PM.

And finally – the Kentucky Derby happens tomorrow.  The undefeated Essential Quality is the 2-1 favorite.  The remainder of the top 5 is Rock Your World….Known Agenda….Hot Rod Charlie…and Highly Motivated. Official post time is 5:57PM STL time.