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2021’s Best Airlines – WalletHub

Real life Yogi Bear! Black bear casually joins a family for a picnic of peanut butter sandwiches at woodland cabin in Maryland – Dailymail

‘Extremely Painful’: Rattlesnake Bites Man Who Tried to Pick It Up With Barbecue Tongs – NECN

Apple Can Be Sued for Telling People They Can “Buy” Movies and TV Shows – HollywoodReporter

Man accused of hitting hotel worker in head with horseshoe, microwaving fire extinguisher – KTSM

Budweiser will reward $5,000 to essential workers with the #hardestworkinghands – WAVY

Illinoisans planning a balloon release will need to count carefully. State lawmakers voted to fine repeat offenders who wantonly release 50 or more balloons. – IllinoisPolicy

We Spend an Average of 59 Hours a Week Using the Internet – Scotsman

Where Can You Sunbathe Nude in the U.S.? A New Guide Has a Breakdown of All 50 States – FoxNews

‘God-awful blast’ that rocked towns for miles around was caused by explosion at gender reveal party – Yahooooo

Some Guys Broke into a Denny’s . . . Just to Make Themselves a Bunch of Eggs – TheSmokingGun

What happens when stores and businesses start reopening . . . but places are still keeping their bathrooms mostly closed?  That’s happening in the U.K. right now, and apparently one popular solution is to just, you know, move your bowels outside.

There aren’t enough rental cars for all of the tourists who are visiting Hawaii now . . . so some people have started renting U-Hauls to drive around on their vacations.

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A Guy Gets Released from Jail and Steals a Police Car to Drive Himself Home – TheSmokingGun

A Woman Is Hospitalized After She Accidentally Put Glue into Her Eye Instead of Eye Drops- WXYZ

A Woman Finds Someone Slashed Her Tires . . . and Cut Off Their Own Finger, Which They Also Left Behind – AZFamily

NY Man Calls Medical Facility to Report Lost Cocaine, Gets Arrested: Cops – NBCNewYork

Man dies week after being shot by his grandfather during home invasion in N.C. – WECT

A Drunk Driver Is Arrested After Randomly Driving Through a “Mock Crash” Drunk Driving Education Event – The-Daily-Record

A woman who’s a, quote, “amateur genealogist” scrubbed about 200 gravestones at a cemetery in Maryland to try to clean them . . . but she damaged all of them in the process.  (Full Story)

A Guy’s “I Got Kidnapped” Prank Leads to Him Getting Arrested – KAGSTV

A Burglar Who Stopped to Have His Way with Himself During a Robbery Is Busted by His DNA on the Keyboard – NBCLosAngeles


Digital Undergrounds Shock G is dead. He was 57. But Dad says he was found in a hotel room in Tampa. Real name Gregory Jacobs. He started Digital Underground in California in 1987 with Chopmaster J. He produced Tupac’s debut album 2Pacalypse Now. He worked with Prince and Dr Dre. Humpty Dance was the big hit. Tupac was in the video.

Ronnie from “Jersey Shore”  is under arrest for his involvement in a domestic violence situation from yesterday afternoon. He is already on probation for a horrific domestic violence incident involving his ex, Jenn Harley, stemming from 2019. Ronnie was taken into custody just before noon and booked around 2:15 PM. According to multiple reports, the 3-year-old daughter, Ariana, who Ronnie Ortiz-Magro shares with his ex, Jenn Harley, was present at the time of the domestic violence incident, but she is reportedly safe and with a relative while her mother travels from Las Vegas to pick her up. It’s unclear if Ariana was hurt at all during the incident, or whether the victim was Ronnie’s current girlfriend, Saffire Matos. He is being charged with felony domestic violence and his bail is currently set at $100,000. As of game time, Ronnie he was still in custody.

Yesterday, was Earth Day . . . so the SMASH MOUTH memes started making the rounds again, claiming that their inescapable jam “All Star” is a “prophetic climate anthem.” Because of this line, And it makes sense.  The lyrics include:  

The ice we skate is getting pretty thin,

The water’s getting warm so you might as well swim. 

My world’s on fire, how ’bout yours?

That’s the way I like it and I’ll never get bored.” 

20 years ago, the band talked about how it was meant to be an anthem for OUTCASTS, and that fan-mail from less-than-popular fans inspired it.  But in a new interview, songwriter and former member GREG CAMP says the climate references WERE intentional, and that he was trying to use his platform for positive change.  

For some reason it is very heart warming that Bill Murray approves of that scene with the  mini-marshmallow men in the new “Ghostbusters”.  Here’s Bill reacting after Ivan Reitman, who directed the original films and produced the upcoming “Ghostbusters Afterlife”, shows him the footage.  (It hits theaters November 11th.)

66 year old Kelsey Grammer becomes a long-haired, washed-up, kind of creepy has-been rock star in The Space Between, a drama that just happens to feature music from Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. The trailer is interesting, in that it starts off rather silly, with Grammer’s zonked-out musician recording an album that’s nothing more than the sound of a refrigerator door opening and closing. But then, when you least expect it, things get surprisingly serious and dramatic. 

If you’re wondering how the guest hosting is going on Jeopardy  here are the numbers so far: Ken Jennings was the first and he’s done the best, with an average Nielsen rating of 6.  “Jeopardy!” producer Mike Richards is second with a 5.9. Aaron Rodgers is third with a 5.6 . . . but that’s after only ONE WEEK.  His second-week ratings weren’t in yet when the list was compiled.  Katie Couric is next with a 5.5.  And Dr. Oz brings up the rear with an average rating of 5.1. The rating represents the number of TV households estimated to be watching a show.  According to Nielsen, there are 121 million TV households in the U.S.  So Aaron’s 5.6 means that 5.6% of those households were watching him. Anderson Cooper just started his first two-week stint guest-hosting. AND…”Jeopardy!” revealed its final batch of guest hosts. The list  includes George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, author and former “Jeopardy!” champ David Faber, and Joe Buck from Fox Sports and “Reading Rainbow” superstar LEVAR BURTON!! He is getting a shot . . . after an online campaign racked up more than 245,000 signatures. 

ABC is reviving “The Dating Game” with MICHAEL BOLTON and ZOOEY DESCHANEL as hosts and the first few “celebrities” who are participating:  Actor TAYE DIGGS, rapper IGGY AZALEA, and reality star HANNAH BROWN, (“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. She also won Season 28 of “Dancing with the Stars”) The rest of the stars will be announced in the coming weeks. Like the original, each episode will follow TWO celebrities, who will each pick one suitor from a hidden panel of three singles. They’ll make their choice based on how the contestants answer a variety of questions. The twist is that the suitors don’t know who the celebrities are, BUT they’ll be given clues through Michael’s “hilarious parody song performances.”  Or so ABC says. Here is Michael Bolton singsplaining it. The show premieres on June 14th.    

How about a music bio about the band KISS? It is in the works and Netflix is standing by with their checkbook out to acquire the rights. Netflix had no comment. A rep for the band said there are ongoing conversations with Netflix but no agreement has been signed. The film is expected to be fast-tracked to coincide with KISS’ “End of the Road,” the band’s final tour that will pick up around the world in 2021. KISS was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. 

Tina Turner has taken the lead in this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame fan vote with more than 503,000 votes, pushing around 24,000 ahead of late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, who’s in second place. The Go-Go’s are third with 368,000, while Iron Maiden have 354,000 and Foo Fighters have 341,000. The top five out of 16 artists will become part of a single fan ballot vote among those voted by more than 1,000 industry figures. It’s possible that Turner’s recent documentary pushed her ahead of Kuti, who’d taken an early lead when voting opened. Titled simply Tina, the HBO film explores her history of abuse as she was becoming a star. The creators said it was probably her farewell work.

Showtime’s Dexter revival released the first teaser for the upcoming 10-episode season featuring Michael C. Hall’s legendary killer. The teaser kicks off with us looking at an axe embedded in a piece of tree trunk outside in nature. A fire appears to be roaring in the background.  The Dexter revival will be released this fall on Showtime 

After at least three attempts, a sequel series of How I Met Your Mother has come to fruition. Hulu has handed out a 10-episode, straight-to-series order for How I Met Your Father, with Hilary Duff to star Here’s Hulu’s official logline for HIMYF: “In the near future, Sophie (Duff) is telling her son the story of how she met his father: a story that catapults us back to the year 2021 where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options. 

Iron Man is gone, people.  He sacrificed himself in order to save the universe in “Avengers: Endgame”.  But there are still people out there who just can’t accept that their pretend hero is gone. Someone put up a billboard in L.A. that says, quote, “For our beloved hero, please bring back Tony Stark”.  It’s bad enough that someone spent real-life cash money on this nonsense.  But what’s worse is the hashtag they’re promoting. It’s “Bring Back Tony Stark to Life.” – Link


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Last night the Blues took on the Avalanche at Enterprise Center.  And – things didn’t go as planned for the Blues.  Jaden Schwartz scored early for the Blues.  That was answered with three goals from Colorado.  Schwartz scored another in the third but…not enough.  After another insurance goal, the Avs won 4-2 and clinched a playoff spot.  So now the Blues will switch their focus to  their game on Saturday afternoon….against….the Avalanche.  Puck drop is at 2PM.

The Cardinals are back in action tonight at Busch.  KK gets the start for the Cardinals who open up a weekend series against the Reds.  First pitch tonight is scheduled for 7:15PM.

NFL owners approved a series of new rules Wednesday for the 2021 season, including one that will expand the influence of replay officials with demands from coaches for more oversight of game-day officials. Replay officials will not be able to throw flags or reverse calls on their own. But they can now offer referees advice based on what they’ve seen on broadcast replays in the areas of possession, completed or intercepted passes, the location of the ball relative to the boundary or end line, and whether a player is down by contact. Another rule is a one-year experiment in an attempt to make it easier to recover onside kicks. In 2021, the receiving team on kickoffs will be limited to nine players within 25 yards of the ball.

While several NFL players expressed excitement this week over a newly adopted rule that allows more flexibility when it comes to the numbers worn on players’ jerseys,  Tom Brady is not at all a fan. Brady took to Instagram on Thursday to express his dissatisfaction with the rule change, believing it will cause safety issues for the offense, such as identifying blitzers or who’s the middle linebacker of the defense. “Good luck trying to block the right people now! Going to make for a lot of bad football!”

Brady then posted a screen capture of a story about the rule and directed it to the NFL and NFL Players Association, with the words “DUMB” and “Why not let the Lineman wear whatever they want too? Why have numbers? Just have colored jerseys…why not wear the same number?…DUMB.”

In the lead-up to quarterback Alex Smith’s retirement this spring, the Jaguars called Smith about reuniting with his college coach, Urban Meyer, in Jacksonville. The Jaguars offered Smith a contract but wanted Smith to sign a special waiver for his leg. The Texans were also interested in Smith. Smith also heard from the Patriots, Eagles and Colts this offseason. But, everyone had questions, conditions. He realized that only one path remained to leave football on his terms.

Terrence Clarke, a freshman guard for the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team this past season, died following a car accident in the Los Angeles area on Thursday. Police said that Clarke was a solo occupant in a vehicle that ran a red light going “at a very high rate of speed.” Police said the incident was captured on surveillance video. He collided with another vehicle that was preparing to make a left-hand turn. He struck the vehicle, hit a street light pole and ultimately hit a block wall. He was transported to the hospital and was later pronounced deceased as a result of the collision.”  Clarke announced last month that he was entering this year’s NBA draft and he had signed with Klutch Sports. The school said in a statement that Clarke was preparing for the draft. Clarke was 19 years old.

FIFA released the draws for the women’s soccer tournament at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo on Tuesday. The tourney will feature three stacked groups, including a Group G headlined by the United States and Sweden. USA has won gold in four of the six Olympics a women’s soccer tournament has been held. The other two teams to have won gold—Germany and Norway—did not qualify for the Olympics. The United States could have its hands full with the Swedes in group play, as Sweden was the runner-up to Germany at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Group G is the only one with two teams in the top five of the FIFA women’s world rankings, as Team USA are No. 1 and Sweden is No. 5. Australia and New Zealand are the other two teams in US and Sweden’s group.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway will welcome a limited number of fans back to the famed race track for the 2021 Indianapolis 500 on May 30.  Up to 135,000 fans will be permitted to watch the race in person, 40 percent of the track’s capacity. While the official number of seats in the grandstand has never been confirmed, a reporter counted 257,325 permanent seats in 2004. While the track has never announced official attendance numbers, an estimated 400,000 spectators attended in 1990.

And finally — Congratulations to John Hinkle, Jr. and his father John Hinkle, Sr. for bowling a perfect 300 game.  Why congrats to both?  Well….John’s dad was inside the ball. The younger Hinkle is a two-time NCAA bowling championship winner, who credits his father for introducing him to the game. So, while Hinkle, Jr. was at Peoria, Illinois’ Landmark Lanes on April 12th, he used a bowling bowl – with the thumb hole professionally filled with his dead father’s ashes – to bowl a perfect 300 game. Hinkle said it took forever to find someone to put his dad’s ashes in a bowling ball but believes Hinkle Sr. was there to see him score his perfect 300.  Hinkle said “It’s special. Dad shot 298, 299, never had a 300. I had goosebumps, chills.”