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It’s kind of morbid, but this always happens:  Tina Turner’s music got a massive boost on streaming platforms after her death.  On Amazon alone, “What’s Love Got to Do with It” has seen an increase of 230,575%.

“Private Dancer” did even better:  with an increase of 280,327%.

The “Private Dancer” ALBUM is up almost 274,000% in sales and listens.  “Tina (Live)” has seen an increase of 297,000%.

Her numbers are also climbing on iTunes and Spotify (TMZ)

When Tina Turner died, Beyoncé posted a tribute on her website calling Tina, quote, “My beloved queen,” and “the epitome of power and passion.”

She also praised Tina for her “strength and resilience” and her “beautiful spirit.”

But her praise isn’t landing right with some fans who remember her 2013 track with Jay-Z“Drunk In Love” . . . which contains a reference to the abuse Tina suffered at the hands of her then-husband Ike.

In the song, Jay says, quote, “Beat the box up, like Mike in ’97, I bite / I’m Ike Turner, turn up baby, no, I don’t play / Baby, no, I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae / Said eat the cake, Anna Mae!”

Tina’s real name Was Anna Mae Bullock, and the “cake” line was a reference to a real-life incident where Ike physically assaulted her.

The family of the late Tom Petty is suing Boston’s RR Auctions for allegedly selling items stolen from the singer-songwriter. 57 Petty items are on sale on the auction house’s website, like jackets, signed records and more.  Some of the items are on sale for up to $5,700 while several pieces of memorabilia have bids made on them. Petty’s family, per a statement, say “We believe RR Auction, headquartered in Boston, is offering stolen Tom Petty memorabilia with a completely false provenance inaccurate to fact and in complete denial of clear evidence they have been presented. They will not disclose the cosigner who has provided these items or how they were acquired. But they are clearly stolen, there is no other word for it.” The family wants all of items returned.

“Wayne’s World” was obviously a classic.  But it might have been a little LESS of a classic if Mike Myers had his way.  Director Penelope Spheeris remembers clashing with Mike over some key scenes.

Right around the time they were finished putting the movie together, Mike’s father died, so he had to go back to Canada for the funeral,  So he missed early test screenings in front of audiences.

Those screenings went really well, but Mike didn’t see that.  Instead, he watched the movie by himself, and wrote 11 pages of notes.  Many were suggestions for CUTS.  And Penelope says, quote, “Most of them sucked.”

One of the scenes he wanted to cut is arguably the one that MADE THE MOVIE.  Yes, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene.

Penelope strongly opposed Mike’s ideas, and went to the producers.  They didn’t want to get involved, so SHE had to tell him she didn’t agree with his cuts.  And because of that, she was NOT invited back to direct “Wayne’s World 2”.

And she and Myers never spoke again, even though they’d known each other since 1976.

Penelope did walk away with bragging rights, though.  “Wayne’s World” was basically released the way SHE wanted . . . and it made $183 million . . . which would be $400 million with inflation.

“Wayne’s World 2” only made $48 million, or $102 million today.

(Interesting note:  One of the things the cast hated about the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene was that it HURT.  Penelope says they weren’t experienced headbangers, so it made their necks store.) (Hollywood Reporter)

Quentin Tarantino’s next . . . and supposedly last . . . movie is called “The Movie Critic”.  And in a new interview, he dropped some plot details.

The movie takes place in California in 1977, and it’s based on, quote, “on a guy who really lived, but was never really famous, and he used to write movie reviews for a porno rag.”  (???)

Quentin says the guy was a “very good critic,” but he was “cynical as hell” and “very rude.”  Quote, “He cursed.  He used racial slurs.  But his [stuff] was really funny.  He was as rude as hell.”

Quentin calls the guy a cross between early Howard Stern and Robert De Niro’s character from “Taxi Driver”.

The part hasn’t been cast yet, but he’s looking for someone around 35, which rules out some of his regulars, like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt.  (Deadline)

Tom Hanks gave the commencement speech at Harvard yesterday, and he started by playfully FLEXING on the kids, using his character from the “Da Vinci Code” movies.

He said, quote, “It’s not fair, but please don’t be embittered by this fact: that without having done a lick of work, without having spent any time in class . . .

“Without once walking into that library in order to have anything to do with the graduating class of Harvard, its faculty, or its distinguished [alumni], I make a damn good living playing someone who did.  It’s the way of the world, kids.”

He added, quote, “I don’t know much about Latin, I have no real passion for enzymes, and public global policy is something I scan in the newspaper just before I do the Wordle.  And yet here I am.”

Then he brought SUPERHEROES into it . . .

He said, quote, “We hope . . . somewhere matriculating today is a man of iron, a woman of steel, a super human, just in the nick of time.

“This is not because we have failed in our duties or are completely spent.  We have done some very super things over our generation.

“It’s because we are all in a cage match, mixed martial arts battle royale, with agents of hubris, apathy, intolerance, and brain incompetence, the malevolent equals to Imperial stormtroopers, Lex Luther and Loki, and we could all use a superhero right now.”

(You can watch the whole thing here.  At 2:10, a group of students sing a fun song detailing Tom’s career highlights.) (Entertainment Tonight)

MoviePass has emerged from bankruptcy and is relaunching this holiday weekend. The new version will allow moviegoers to see films at 4,000 locations nationwide, including AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark. Previously, MoviePass offered users all the movies they could watch for $9.95 a month. The business model failed.

The new basic subscription starts at $10 for a few movies a month, and the Pro package starts at $40 a month for 30 films.

Brandi Cyrus is 36.  Miley’s less famous older sister.

Lauryn Hill is 48.  Miseducated.  Doo-Wop (That Thing).

Matt Stone is 52.  Brilliant co-creator of “South Park”.  The voices he does on the show include Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Tweek, Saddam Hussein and Big Gay Al.

Helena Bonham Carter is 57.  Bellatrix Lestrange in the “Harry Potter” movies, Queen Elizabeth in “The King’s Speech”, Princess Margaret on “The Crown”, and the Red Queen in the “Alice in Wonderland” movies.

Lenny Kravitz is 59.  Katniss’ stylist Cinna in the first two “Hunger Games”.

Bobcat Goldthwait is 61.

Hank Williams Jr. is 74.  Used his dad’s fame to launch a career.  His song All My Rowdy Friends was the theme song for “Monday Night Football” from 1989 until ESPN canned him a decade ago, for essentially comparing Obama to Hitler.

Stevie Nicks is 75.

Brent Musburger is 84.  Retired play-by-play guy.  He was one of our top sportscasters for nearly 50 years.


Kylie Ireland

Today’s birthday girl has been in 557 fine films, including:

– Ahh ISH White Mama You Got Ass 5

– The Ass Assassin

– Beauty and the Bitch

– Big Knockers 10

– Brown Eye For The Straight Guy

– Dude, I Banged Your Mother 1 & 4

– Face Jam

– Meatless In Seattle

– Missionary Impossible

– And who can forget her role in 2019’s Your Momma’s Ass

Kylie Ireland is 53 years old.