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A Minnesota man who said he was at ‘war’ with squirrels on his property was arrested after missing his target and shooting through his neighbor’s window – LINK

A Man Apologized for Setting a Cop Car on Fire, Saying He Does Stupid Things When He’s Drunk – LINK

A Woman Stole a Watch from a Man in Vegas, and Hid It in Her Hoo-Ha – LINK

A Driver Was Caught in an HOV Lane . . . with an Inflatable Grinch – LINK

Texas woman allegedly dumps 50 pounds of feces at police station – LINK

A Smart Car with a Little Tikes Paint Job Was in a High-Speed Chase – LINK

Cops Broke Down a Door to Save a Woman Passed Out in a Bowl of Soup, but It Was Just “Art” – LINK

LA deputy investigated for allegedly having sex on duty – LINK


Grubhub’s Top Trending Cuisine of the Year Was . . . Australian? – LINK

Martin Kessman, Overweight Man, Sues White Castle Because He Can’t Fit In Seats – LINK

A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Texas Pete hot sauce after he learned it’s made in North Carolina . . . not Texas.  (Full Story)

Second Cruise Ship Passenger Dies After Falling Overboard in Just One Week – LINK


Johnny Depp put his Captain Jack Sparrow costume back on and made a video for a kid through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Here is part of his message to the 11-year-old boy, Kori, in full Sparrow mode.  (Johnny also called the boy and shared a video chat.)

Remember when “30 Rock” had a fake reality show called “MILF Island”?  Well, TLC now has a REAL reality show called “MILF Manor“, where 8 older women look for love with younger guys.  A trailer just dropped.  Meet some of the raspy-voiced ladies.  And let’s see if you pick up on the one deal breaker to me.

There’s also a shocking twist.  The trailer makes it look like the younger guys may be the sons of the MILFs, meaning these women have to watch their sons hook up with the other MILFS.

Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson are combining their creative talent for a televised year-end special called Back That Year Up. The new trailer dropped on Thursday. The two comedians will bring the laughs as they take a look back at 2022, delivering unfiltered takes on everything from politics to pop culture to social media and sports. Guest stars on the hour-long broadcast include Quinta Brunson, Nick Cannon, Rob Gronkowski, Amber Ruffin, Roy Wood, Jr., and Terry Crews. Kevin Hart will produce through his Hartbeat Productions, streaming on December 23 on Peacock.

Trevor Noah To Host The Grammys For A Third Time

Trevor Noah recently left The Daily Show, but he’s not leaving his Grammy duties. He will return as host of the 2023 Grammys in February. It will be Trevor’s third straight year hosting the ceremony. He toldBillboard, “I don’t think it’s normal to host it once, so I don’t have a great frame of reference for this. It is thrilling. For me, it’s a cheat code because I’m a fan of almost all the people who are there.”

  • The Grammys take place on February 5th in Los Angeles. 

Elon Musk may not be the free speech purist he’s been trying to convince us he is.  At least not when it’s him or his loved ones in the line of fire.

Musk claims that a, quote, “crazy stalker” followed a car that his 2-year-old son was in . . . and later blocked the car and climbed on the hood.  The guy supposedly thought Elon was in the car, but he wasn’t.

In response to the attack, Elon suspended the Twitter account of a user named Jack Sweeney, who’s been tracking Elon’s flight data since 2020.

He also instituted a new rule that, quote, “Any account doxxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation.”

FYI, Sweeney claims that last year, Musk offered him $5,000 to shut down his account.  But when he bought Twitter, he claimed he wouldn’t touch it.  Obviously that’s no longer the case.

Musk has also been suspending the accounts of journalists who cover him.  So there’s that.

The man who jumped onstage at the Hollywood Bowl and attacked Dave Chappelle has been sentenced to 270 days in jail.  That’s nine months for you non-math majors.

24-year-old Isaiah Lee pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of battery and entering a restricted area during a live event.

He tackled Dave in the middle of a show on May 3rd, then ran offstage.  But security ran him down and gave him a pretty good beating.  He had been carrying a knife with a “handle” shaped like a gun.

Lee told police he was bisexual, and was upset with Dave’s recent comments about the LGBTQ community.

He’s also facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly stabbing his roommate.

It’s a little morbid, but people seem obsessed with trying to figure out why tWitch took his own life.

One of the theories going around is that he had lost BIG in cryptocurrency investments.  But a close source said tWitch, whose real name was Stephen Boss, was not in any sort of financial trouble.

There are also law enforcement sources who said his family haven’t mentioned any type of money stress or issues.

People” says tWitch and his wife Allison Holker also had, quote, “multiple shows, brand deals, and projects in pre-production for the coming year, and he was, quote, “so excited [and] very involved” in them.

This is probably a first for the Kennedy Canter Honors:  Someone told a story about one of the honorees pooping in a litter box.  (???)

Spoiler Alert:  The pooper was George Clooney.  Matt Damon was honoring George, and said that he has been called “the last of the true movie stars.”

Then he mentioned other classic stars like Cary GrantHenry FondaPaul Newman, and Gregory Peck, who had, quote, “class and sophistication.”

And he added, quote, “And then I think of George.  A man who defecated in Richard Kind’s kitty litter box as a joke.”  That’s a true story, by the way, and George has admitted to it.  He and actor Richard Kind used to live together, and Kind had a cat.  (Check out a clip here.  And you can read a more in-depth description of the litter box prank here.)

The Kennedy Center Honors ceremony airs on CBS on December 28th.

New in Theaters: “Avatar: The Way of Water”

  1. Avatar: The Way of Water  (PG-13)  Trailer

The sequel takes place more than a decade after the events of the first film.

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are back as Jake Sully and Neytiri.  They adopt a teenage daughter played by Sigourney Weaver.  If you remember, Sigourney was in the first movie, but this new character is unrelated.

It also stars Kate WinsletEdie FalcoJemaine ClementStephen Lang, and Oona Chaplin from “Game of Thrones”.

Speaking of Kate, she plays a pregnant warrior, which director James Cameron did for female empowerment.  She also held her breath underwater for seven minutes and 14 seconds, which broke a record previously held by Tom Cruise for longest underwater breath hold while filming.

Avatar 2″ is one of the most expensive films ever made, with a budget of $350 million.  It’s been 13 years since the first “Avatar” was released and James Cameron already has plans to make two more sequels.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is out today.  So to celebrate director James CameronEntertainment Weekly ranked his movies from BEST to WORST.  Here they are:

  1. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”(1991)
  1. “Titanic”(1997)
  1. “Aliens” (1986)
  1. “The Terminator”(1984)
  1. “The Abyss”(1989)
  1. “True Lies”(1994)
  1. “Avatar”(2007)
  1. “Aliens of the Deep”(2005)  (Documentary)
  1. “Ghosts of the Abyss”(2003)  (Documentary)
  1. “Xenogenesis”(1978)
  1. “Piranha 2: The Spawning”(1981)


Sports Report 1

The Blues went to overtime for the third game in a row, this time thanks to a very late goal from Vladimir Tarasenko to salvage a point and then the Blues won in a shootout with Jordan Binnington stopping all three shots in a 4-3 win at Rogers Place on Thursday. The comeback allowed the Blues to overcome three bench minors — one for sending out the wrong starting lineup and two for having too many men on the ice, and Edmonton’s league-best power play took advantage of the free chances to score twice. The Blues’ extended their modest point streak to three games. The Blues had four power plays, they couldn’t score on any of them (LINK)

Argentina will play France in the World Cup final, as both sides aim to win the trophy for the third time.

The South Americans breezed through their semi-final, with Lionel Messi leading them to a 3-0 victory over Croatia. France battled well to beat Morocco 2-0, with the North Africans proving tough opponents and dominating periods of the play.

In total 32 teams started the 2022 Qatar World Cup with high hopes but only one winner can be crowned after all 64 matches have been played. The last match will take place on Qatar National Day – Sunday December 18, 2022. The final will kick-off at 9AM CENTRAL. The San Francisco 49ers are playoff-bound for the third time in the last four years. The Niners clinched the NFC West crown with their 21-13 over the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night.

San Fran improved to 10-4 with the win, while Seattle’s postseason hopes took another hit, as they have now lost three of their last four games. The Niners are on their third quarterback of the season – but they still look as good as they have all year.

In each of their last five playoff appearances, they have made it to at least the NFC Conference Championship, and if Brock Purdy continues his Cinderella ride, there’s no reason to think that wouldn’t be the case this upcoming January (LINK)