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Jeremy Renner was in really bad shape — with serious injuries to his chest and torso — according to the 911 call placed just minutes after he was crushed by a Snowcat (LINK).

We’ve obtained the 911 emergency log which includes notes from the call placed from the scene of Renner’s accident over the weekend. The log states Renner could be heard moaning in the background of the call — and that he was experiencing heavy bleeding from his head and other unknown injuries. The log also details the accident itself — stating Renner was “completely crushed” by the Snowcat — and he was having “extreme difficulty” breathing. They also said the right side of Renner’s chest collapsed and his upper torso was crushed. He was airlifted (LINK) to a local hospital from the scene of the accident.

Ozzy and Slipknot are now bonded through blood with the birth of Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson’s baby boy, Sidney. He’s the first child for the couple.

The two haven’t revealed exactly when Sidney was born, but Kelly’s mom, Sharon, shared the baby’s name on The Talk UK. She spilled the beans right here….

Sharon added that Kelly isn’t ready to share pictures of her son just yet.

Kelly was not thrilled that her mom opened her mouth and took to her Instagram Story Wednesday afternoon to seemingly address the situation.

“I am not ready to share him with the world,” she wrote. “It is no one’s place but mine to share any information on my baby.”

AllAboutCats.com put together a list of the Top 10 Richest Pets in the World.  At #3 is Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold cat, Olivia Benson.  She has a net worth of $97 million.

Olivia earned her worth by appearing alongside Taylor in various commercials like DirectTV, Diet Coke, and AT&T, and her music videos, including “Me!” and “Blank Space”.

At #1 is Gunther the Sixth at $500 million.  He’s a German shepherd owned by the Gunther Corporation.  His grandfather inherited an $80 million fortune which has since grown from real estate investments.  (???)

At #2 is Nala Cat at $100 million.  She’s Instagram famous with 4.4 million followers and owns a premium cat food brand called Love, Nala.

Oprah Winfrey’s four dogs made the list at #4.  They each have their own trust fund and are set to collectively inherit $30 million when Oprah passes.

The late Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette is at #6 with an inherited fortune of $13 million.  And Betty White’s golden retriever Pontiac is at #7 with its inherited fortune of $5 million.

(You can see the complete list at AllAboutCats.com. (Billboard)

Speaking of Royalty: anyone watch this Megan and Harry thing on Netflix? Well heres more from the top fam: Prince William and Prince Harry once got into a PHYSICAL altercation over Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle . . . but it was pretty one-sided.

At least that’s what Harry says in his upcoming autobiography, “Spare”.

Harry says it happened at his London home in 2019, when William called Meghan “difficult”, “rude”, and “abrasive”. Harry accused William of just parroting the media narrative about Meghan, and the argument escalated to the point that William ATTACKED his brother. Harry says, quote, “He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor.  I landed on the dog’s bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting into me. “I lay there for a moment, dazed, then got to my feet and told him to get out.” William reportedly tried to get Harry to fight back, but he refused.  Harry says William left, but then he returned, quote, “looking regretful, and apologized.” “Spare” comes out next Tuesday.  The title refers to the fact that William is the HEIR to the throne, and Harry is the SPARE, in case anything happens to him.

 “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3” marks Dave Bautista’s last time playing Drax the Destroyer . . . and he couldn’t be happier.

In a new “GQ” profile (LINK) he says quote, “I’m so grateful for Drax.  I love him.  But there’s a relief [that it’s over].  It wasn’t all pleasant.  It was hard playing that role.  The makeup process was beating me down. “And I just don’t know if I want Drax to be my legacy . . . it’s a silly performance, and I want to do more dramatic stuff.”

Dave doesn’t need to reach the heights of that OTHER wrestler-turned-actor.  He says, quote, “I never wanted to be the next Rock.  I just want to be a good [effing] actor.  A respected actor.” He adds, quote, “Honestly, I could give [an eff] [about being a movie star] . . . I don’t care about the spotlight, I don’t care about fame.  I just want to be a better actor.  I want respect from my peers.” College Admission Scandal update: The mastermind and architect behind it all is going to end up like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman … by spending time behind bars.

Rick Singer was sentenced to 42 months — 3.5 years — in federal prison for his role in the Varsity Blues scandal.  the feds say Singer was the architect of a massive, decades-long fraudulent scheme to get high school students into elite colleges and universities across the country … including the daughters of celebs like Lori and Felicity. TMZ broke the story … prosecutors were pushing for Singer to get 6 years behind bars, arguing he profited from the scheme more than anyone and therefore deserved a much longer sentence than the parents, college coaches and others received. It’s worth noting … more than 50 parents, coaches and associates of Singer’s received sentences ranging from 30 months in prison to just probation. Lori was sentenced to 2 months (LINK) behind bars, while Felicity got 2 weeks. Singer was initially staring down a maximum sentence of 65 years behind bars … but he ended up cooperating with the feds and was the key to convicting the parents and coaches. Prosecutors say Singer wore a wire at the government’s direction to nail the targets, and also made hundreds of recorded calls.

TV star turned high fashion mogul Ashley Olsen married her longtime beau (LINK), artist Louis Eisner in a hush-hush ceremony at a private Bel-Air home last week, sources say. They say that only a few dozen guests attended the event on Dec. 28. Specifics about the ceremony are unclear, but one insider told Page Six that “it went late with 50 people or so total.”

 Last April, Lil Nas X Tweeted that he was, quote, “trying really hard to get The Wiggles to coheadline [a] tour with me.”  And The Wiggles replied that they were, quote, “ready to wiggle with you!” Well, it appears that some wiggling DID happen, because over New Year’s, Anthony from The Wiggles posted a picture of the group with Lil Nas X in Australia.  (!!!) There’s no word what brought them together, or if there’s any kind of collaboration happening. But not surprisingly, a lot of people in the comments are complaining that The Wiggles, being a children’s group, would support an artist like Lil Nas X (Uproxx)

Entertainment Weekly (LINK)” put together a list of the 20 best guilty pleasure movies.  Try not to feel too bad if your favorite movie is on here . . . the guilt is the best part.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. “Streets of Fire”(1984)
  2. “Hot Rod”(2007)
  3. “Showgirls”(1995)
  4. “Maid in Manhattan”(2002)
  5. “Overboard”(1987):  This one’s a beloved romantic comedy, but you SHOULD feel guilty for enjoying watching Goldie Hawn’s character get kidnapped, gaslit, and tricked into sex thinking she’s Kurt Russell’s wife.
  6. “Twilight”(2008)
  7. “Hope Floats”(1998)
  8. “Pretty Woman”(1990)
  9. “Miss Congeniality”(2000)
  10. “The Holiday”(2006)
  11. “Tommy Boy”(1995)
  12. “The Lost Boys”(1987)
  13. “St. Elmo’s Fire”(1987)
  14. “Monster-in-Law”(2005)
  15. “Point Break”(1991)
  16. “The Mummy”(1999)
  17. “Con Air”(1997)
  18. “Cobra”(1986)
  19. “Flashdance”(1983)
  20. “Practical Magic”(1998)


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