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#FoodNews: Pop Tarts Ravioli? Chipotle Testing Queo Dip and Margaritas?! Why Don’t You Choke On Your Potatoes IRELAND!!!


McDonald’s Is Testing Out Bacon Cheese Fries


It looks like whatever shame McDonald’s felt after “Super Size Me” is totally gone, because they’re back to loading up their menu with epic junk food.


A bunch of McDonald’s in the Midwest have started testing BACON CHEESE FRIES.  They cost $4 and you get a pretty big portion that’s supposed to be for two people . . . but come on.  Who’s REALLY sharing these?


There’s no word on if or when these could go nationwide. 



(Here’s a photo.)


Chipotle Is Testing Queso Dip and Frozen Margaritas


Chipotle has never fully recovered from that stretch a little while back where they made a bunch of people sick from E. coli, so now, they’re turning to a time-tested tradition to win back their fans:  Drown ’em in hot melted cheese and booze.


Chipotle’s test restaurant in New York City is now experimenting with QUESO DIP.  And if it’s a hit there, it could expand out to more stores soon.


And that’s not their only plan for a new menu item, either . . . they’re also testing out frozen margaritas. 




Important Question: Are Pop Tarts Ravioli?


People on the Internet think of the most amazing dumb stuff, man.



There’s a debate going on right now on Twitter that’s the next evolution of the old “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” question.  Now people are debating whether Pop Tarts are RAVIOLI.  It SOUNDS nuts . . . but if you think about it, it’s not THAT crazy, right?



As one guy said, quote, “they’re both plain casing containing some delicious filling, with a yummy topping on top.”  And he’s not wrong. 



(Know Your Meme)


An Irish Newspaper Publishes a List of American Foods They Would “Never Eat” . . . But It’s Really Our Best Stuff

There’s a cliché that there’s no such thing as American food.  But this list proves that’s NOT TRUE . . . and our food is GREAT.


An Irish newspaper just put together a list of American foods, quote, “that we would never eat.”  Here are 10 of their picks, with their misguided justifications . . .



1.  Pumpkin pie.  “In Ireland, pumpkins are purely for aesthetic use.”


2.  Pastrami sandwiches.  “Too much [meat] for one sandwich.”


3.  Sloppy Joes.  “What the hell [is] a Sloppy Joe?”


4.  Spreadable and Spray cheese.  “What kind of sandwich requires spreadable cheese over sliced cheese?”


5.  Tater tots.  “If they were anything special, we’d have them here by now.”


6.  Sno cones.  “Ridiculously sweet.”


7.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  “They would never become a staple in Ireland the way that they have in the U.S.”


8.  Deep dish pizza.  “Why are the ingredients upside down?”


9.  Kool Aid.  “Making a drink from powder adds an annoying step with little pay off.”


10.  Root beer.  “This tastes exactly like cough medicine.” 


(Daily Edge


(Here’s the rest of the list, including things like corn dogs, Twinkies, grits, sweet potato casserole, and Hershey’s chocolate.)