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#FOODNews: 43% of Us Are Picky Eaters, Plus More Weird Stats on America’s Eating Habits

43% of Us Are Picky Eaters, Plus More Weird Stats on America’s Eating Habits

According to a new survey, 43% of American adults consider themselves to be picky eaters now.  So apparently picky eating isn’t just for kids anymore.  It’s gone mainstream.

With that said, 56% of us have eaten something that we knew was expired.  And half of us have eaten something that fell on the floor.  Which is how REAL adults do it.  Here are seven more stats on America’s weird eating habits . . .

1.  54% of parents have had to cook two different meals because they couldn’t get their kids to eat the same thing.  But it’s not just a kid thing.  28% of couples do it too.

2.  Our favorite foods are pizza, steak, and chicken.  The food we hate the most is liver, followed by seafood and Brussels sprouts.

3.  The top things that trigger us to OVEREAT are watching TV, being alone, being sad, and being stressed out.

4.  12% of employees said they’ve stolen a co-worker’s lunch before.  Either on purpose or accidentally.  (???)

5.  4% of people said they eat brunch EVERY DAY.  But we’re guessing that means they just eat between breakfast and lunch.  It doesn’t necessarily require mimosas.

6.  The #1 food people say to avoid on a first date is anything with a ton of garlic in it.  Number two is anything with beans.

7.  1 in 20 people say they HATE it when they order something at a restaurant, and someone else they’re with orders the same thing. 



Chili’s Is Testing a 1,700-Calorie Cheeseburger That Has Five Different Meats

It’s like someone couldn’t make up their mind with this burger, so they just said, “Hey, throw EVERYTHING on there.”  Chili’s is testing a new item called a “Boss Burger” that comes with FIVE different types of meat piled on top of each other.

It’s a half-pound beef patty, topped with bacon, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, rib meat, and smoked brisket.  Plus cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and ranch dressing, for a grand total of 1,650 calories.  That’s about the same calories as THREE Big Macs.

They’re only selling it at a few locations right now, and they’re not saying where.  So you’ll have to call around if you want to try one.  It’s not clear when they might start selling them nationwide. 


Domino’s will now deliver to 150,000 parks, pools and other non-traditional locations

via TechCrunch: Domino’s will now deliver your pizza to the beach — well, sort of! Or the park, the sports field, that one gas station down the road or some notable landmark in your city where it will be easy for your delivery driver to find you, among other places. The company announced today the launch of more than 150,000 “Domino’s Hotspots,” which are locations that don’t have a traditional delivery address, like a home or business address. Instead, hotspots are just places where customers can meet up with their driver to accept a delivery order when they’re not at home or work.

But while the headlines proclaim Domino’s is coming to you at the beach or park, don’t expect the delivery driver to traipse across the hot sand to your towel or down a walking path into the woods — there are limits to how off-the-grid these deliveries will go.

Instead, “beach” and “park” deliveries are about getting pizza to your unconventional but easily accessible location — like poolside at your beach hotel, a public beach access parking lot or a covered shelter at a park. (I scanned a good chunk of the Florida coast and found no hotspots actually delivering “beachside.” Sorry!)

Of course, it’s been possible to convince a delivery driver to meet you somewhere unusual in the past. But you’d normally have to negotiate that over the phone — with varying degrees of success and confusion. With Domino’s Hotspots, however, you’ll actually be able to search for these meet-up spots online or in the Domino’s mobile app and place an order digitally.



Restaurants are cooking your steak wrong on purpose

via NYPOST: My friend Barbara Wagner gulped when the rib-eye cut she and her husband recently ordered medium-rare at Wolfgang’s on East 54th Street came to the table.

“We gasped. The outside was seared — it looked like a normal steak — but when we cut into it, it was practically raw,” says Wagner, a real estate publicist. “So we sent it back.” It was refired to perfection and she said she’ll go back to Wolfgang’s.

But chew on this, steak lovers: Your medium-rare cut is getting rarer, in both senses of the word.

A few days after Wagner’s experience, I ordered a boneless rib-eye medium-rare at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Midtown. What I got wasn’t remotely the medium-rare ideal of red at the center fading to pink around it, but the near-purple hue known as “blue rare.”

Both incidents reflected the new, medium-rare confusion. While getting an underdone steak has been a possibility for decades, what’s really given the phenomenon traction is that chefs are under bottom-line pressure to reduce throwaways that occur when customers say a steak is too well-done. An under-cooked steak, on the other hand, can always be salvaged with a touch more fire as my friend’s was.


Heinz’s Overseas Ketchup-Mayo Hybrid Is Called “Mayochup” . . . and You Can Vote to Bring It to America

Heinz has a product in the Middle East called “Mayochup,” which is a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise.  It’s been on sale for a few years, but it’s just starting to get major attention.

Now . . . that combo of ketchup and mayo is pretty familiar to us over here.  We have lots of other names for it:  Fry sauce, Big Mac sauce, Thousand Island, Russian dressing, burger sauce, and cocktail sauce, just off the top of my head.

But that’s not enough.  We want THIS sauce.  And Heinz knows it, so they’re attempting a pretty ambitious viral stunt.

They put up a Twitter poll yesterday that says, quote, “Want Mayochup in stores?  500,000 votes for ‘yes’ and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.”

Heinz Ketchup✔@HeinzKetchup_US

Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.

1:17 PM – Apr 11, 2018

55%Pass the Heinz Mayochup

45%Nah, I’ll make my own

930,691 votes•Final results


32.2K people are talking about this


I’m calling that “ambitious” because getting 500,000 votes in a Twitter poll is pretty much unheard of . . . especially to get a company to sell a sauce that we already have.  And the poll is only running for five days.

But there were nearly 400,000 votes the last time I checked, and just over half of them were for “yes,” so maybe they’ll actually hit the mark. 

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