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#FridayFails: Man dies trying to save cellphone from burning home; Pole dancing fire-breather suffers horrific facial burns..AND MORE!


Man dies trying to save cellphone from burning home

Authorities say a South Carolina man died trying to get his cellphone from a burning mobile home. News outlets report that Anderson County Chief Deputy Coroner Charlie Boseman says the 22-year-old man and two women were inside the mobile home when the fire broke out about 3 a.m. Friday. He says all three made it out safely, but the man went back in to get his cellphone and didn’t make it back out.



Three Guys Dress Up as a Bull, Werewolf, and Gorilla to Rob a Walmart


When you’re about to rob a place, isn’t the goal NOT to draw attention to yourself?  Three friends stole $561 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday.  And all three of them wore ELABORATE COSTUMES as disguises.


18-year-old Lamar Wall dressed up as a BULL.

20-year-old D’Angelo Manns dressed up as a WEREWOLF.

And 18-year-old Jahsahn Dickson dressed up as a GORILLA.


When the cops got to the store, they didn’t have any trouble tracking down the guys in their costumes, and all three of them were arrested for retail theft and criminal conspiracy.


(Penn Live)


Florida couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when woman lights cigarette

A Florida couple transporting a propane barbecue grill inside their SUV was injured Sunday after a woman lit a cigarette, sparking an explosion.

The grill was turned on and the propane tank was open in the back of the red Kia Sorento when the couple left a barbecue at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando police Lt. Cindy Lane told the Orlando Sentinel

After the explosion, the vehicle kept traveling until it crashed into a pole, according to Lane. 

Both people inside the SUV sustained burns, but their injuries are not life-threatening, FOX35 Orlando reported

Photos of the SUV posted by the Orlando Police Department show the vehicle’s roof partially blown off.

The photos posted by police also show the windshield blown out, and dents all over the vehicle



2 Men Climbed a 382-Foot Bridge and Got Stuck Overnight

Two people are under arrest after police rescued them from atop Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Bridge.

Police say the men climbed one of the bridge’s 382-foot towers to spray paint it with graffiti when they got stuck around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Officers using safety harnesses rescued them.


The bridge was closed to traffic for about 90 minutes.

No names have been released.

The bridge crosses the Delaware River and connects Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey.



Florida man gets 6 years for firing gun while taking selfie at strip club


A Florida man has been sentenced to six years and five months in prison for accidentally shooting a gun while taking a selfie in a strip club restroom.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced 34-year-old Rorn Sorn’s sentencing Monday. The Asian Pride Gang member pleaded guilty in April to possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.


Court documents say Sorn was at Club Lust in St. Petersburg in December when his gun discharged. The bullet went through the mirror and into the adjacent women’s restroom. No injuries were reported.

A security guard approached Sorn as he was leaving, and Sorn reportedly told the guard that it was an accident and that he “was just trying to take a selfie.” Police responded, and officers found a handgun, ammunition and drugs on Sorn.


Sorn has prior felony convictions for burglary and attempted first-degree murder.



Rich Guy Buys Special Cage To Protect His Rolls-Royce, Then Wrecks Into His Own Cage

A reader named Matthew with a rich Australian friend sent us these pictures of a Rolls-Royce in his rich friend’s luxury apartment complex. What makes these pictures notable is the thick, creamery irony they’re saturated in, involving a protective Rolls-Royce cage, and how that cage itself proved the car’s greatest enemy.

Here’s the backstory: rich guy buys $645,000 (Australian dollars) Rolls-Royce a few weeks ago, and then decides the parking structure of the luxury apartment building just wasn’t secure enough to safeguard his Roller.

Sure, the parking garage is already full of Ferraris and Lambos and McLarens and other budget-minded, down-market crap like that—clearly the Rolls needs to be sequestered in some way. Hence the cage.


Unfortunately, that very cage, built with the sole purpose to protect the car, also proved to be what caused a good amount of damage to the car, since the owner soon found that navigating in and out of the cage was a challenge beyond his skills, and ended up driving into one of the cage’s support poles and walls, causing a surprising amount of damage to the car.

The steering was damaged along with a good bit of bodywork on the side and rear, plus the loss of a marker light that probably costs more than most of the objects I interact with every day.

Eventually the Rolls had to be towed away.

Cars aren’t meant to be kept in cages. Especially if you’re pretty shitty at parking as it is.



Woman on crane: How and why she got there are mysteries

A woman who was stuck on the top part of a construction crane in downtown Toronto for hours was rescued Wednesday after being strapped to a rappelling firefighter and lowered to the ground. The woman had been perched on a gently swaying large pulley device for at least four hours when a rescuer reached her.

Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said his crew had never seen an incident like this before.

“It’s an outstanding success,” Pegg said of the operation. “We train for this, although we’ve never seen one like this before.”

He added, “She was brought down safely, she didn’t appear to be in any distress. This was a very technical, very complex rescue.”

Pegg said crews were called to the scene at a construction site at about 4 a.m. A rescue worker began climbing up the crane around 6 a.m. and rappelled down to the woman on the pulley device around 8 a.m., Pegg said.

The firefighter then strapped himself to the woman and the pair were slowly lowered to the ground about half an hour later.

Though they described her as being “stuck,” she didn’t appear at all scared. In images of the rescue, she sat calmly on the 6-inch edge of the dangling pulley, one elbow crooked loosely around a cable. She wore a denim jacket, snug jeans and ankle boots with a Cuban heel.

Streets in the area were blocked off and bystanders packed nearby sidewalks to watch the dramatic operation unfold. Cheers erupted from the crowd as the firefighter successfully landed on the ground with the woman.

The construction site is on Wellesley Street between Yonge and Church, in a neighborhood of shops and restaurants near the University of Toronto.

The woman, believed to be in her 20s, was then handcuffed by police and handed over to paramedics.

Toronto police said the woman faces a mischief charge.

Fire crews said there was no immediate indication of why the woman climbed onto the crane in the middle of the night.

They believe she climbed up the crane, crawled out to the end of it, and slid down a cable to the large pulley device.

“She has to tell me how she did it because she has to be our new training officer for high-angle (rescue) because it’s impressive,” said Rob Wonfor, who rappelled down the towering machinery with her.

“It was hard enough for me to go up with ropes and harnesses and she free-climbed that.”

The 22-year veteran of the fire service said he didn’t ask her for an explanation during the rescue because they needed to stay focused. But he noted the woman didn’t seem frightened and was “very calm.”

“She was a brave girl, she helped me when I got there,” he said.



Firefighters have to cut man out of a storm drain after he gets stuck while trying to retrieve his lost cellphone

A fire crew in Arizona had to carry out an unusual rescue – after a man got stuck in a storm drain while trying to retrieve his cellphone.

Officers warned that ‘storm drains and people aren’t a good combo’ after the ordeal.

Although the man was uninjured and did not require hospital treatment, his phone did not survive the ordeal.

Tucson Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page: ‘Station 8 crews rescued this person from a storm drain near Mountain/Hedrick after he was retrieving his cell phone and got stuck. 

‘He’s okay, the phone isn’t. Just a reminder that storm drains and people aren’t a good combo, especially when the rains hit.’

The warning follows a tragedy in Massachusetts at the weekend, when the body of 16-year-old Jacob Goulet was discovered on Sunday. 

It is thought he fell through a storm drain during a rainstorm on Friday night. 

Nashua Mayor James Donchess vowed to ensure every storm drain in the city is secure following Jacob’s death.



Report: Drunk driver crashes into ‘report drunk drivers’ sign


A suspected drunk driver was airlifted to a trauma center Wednesday after flipping his vehicle on a California highway.

The 57-year-old driver ran over a sign reading “report drunk drivers – call 9-1-1” during the crash.

Police say he may not have survived if he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

One officer described him as quote “quite intoxicated.”

He will face DUI charges.




Pole dancing fire-breather suffers horrific facial burns

Professional fire breather Jo Robinson, 38, of Northern Ireland, suffered horrific injuries including burns to her face and eyeballs after a demonstration went wrong.

A fire-breather suffered horrific injuries when an impromptu demonstration went disastrously wrong.

Jo Robinson suffered severe burns on her face, chest, hands, lungs, throat, nose and even her eyeballs.

She took a mouthful of camping oil, instead of paraffin, which ignited on her body, rather than away from it.

Ms Robinson, 38, a mother-of-three from Ballyclare, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, was in Chicago, USA, to judge a pole dancing competition.

Jo Robinson, pictured left before the incident, suffered burns to her face, lungs, throat and even eyeballs, pictured right, after the professional fire-breather performed a demonstration that went wrong


She was showing off her fire-breathing skills to friends after the event, on 10 July.

Ms Robinson said: ‘I don’t know if I was aware that I was on fire.

‘I felt really hot and I dropped and rolled to put myself out. I was so calm but the girls were screaming.

‘I was only on fire for three or four seconds, but every second counts, and your skin continues to burn afterwards. That’s why it’s so important to get cold water on it.’

Medics had to watch her around the clock as they feared she’d stop breathing. Jo was also at serious risk of a heart attack as her body fought to recover from the burns.

Ms Robinson, who owns the Polelicious studio in Ballyclare, believes she had a lucky escape from the horrific incident and is expected to make a full recovery from her burn injuries.

She faces a medical bill of up to £18,500 and although she had insurance for the trip, fire-breathing isn’t covered.

Ms Robinson is an accomplished aerial artist who also performs a fire act which includes fire breathing and body burning – running lit torches across her body.

But when she attempted to show friends how it’s done during a recent trip to Chicago, Ms Robinson used camping oil instead of paraffin, and the liquid ignited on her body.

She said: ‘I was over with some friends and we had just finished at the competition and the girls were saying they’d love to learn how to fire breathe,.

‘I am super-cautious – you have to be when you’re doing an aerial act 30ft above the ground. I said it all depended what the weather was like.

‘You can’t fire breathe in humidity or rain or if it’s windy.

‘I started off showing them how to spit water, and we did some body burning and I thought that was enough. I had a terrible feeling that I shouldn’t do the fire breathing.

‘I put the camping oil in my mouth and realised I couldn’t even feel it. With paraffin it’s quite thick and you know it’s in your mouth. I thought I shouldn’t do this, and I put the fire stick out.

‘That’s when I should have stopped.’

Ms Robinson did another safety assessment around the garden and decided the conditions were right. 

She told her pals to stand back, relit the fire stick and took just half a mouthful of the camping oil.

Rather than igniting like paraffin away from her face, the oil ignited immediately, covering the top half of her body.

Ms Robinson plunged into her friend’s swimming pool while her pals peeled off her burning clothes and hosed her down. 

They insisted that she needed hospital treatment where the medics’ immediate concern was her breathing because of the burns to her lungs and throat. 

They had prepared to cut into her trachea in case she stopped breathing and stabilised her before moving Jo to a special burns unit.

The worst was still to come when she had to be showered to remove the burnt skin and minimise scarring.

Ms Robinson said: ‘That was the most horrendous pain. I have a very high pain threshold, but I have never felt pain like that. That’s the thing that creeps me out at night.

‘Then I felt a wee bit selfish. If I was in that much pain how much worse was it for people who were in ICU with more extensive burn injuries than me? 

‘I thought about Katie Piper and all those people who were worse off than me. I’d just lost a bit of hair. I looked like a wax doll.’

Piper, a TV presenter and former model, suffered serious facial injuries when she had acid thrown in her face.



Au Train drowning shocks already grieving family

A family is grieving after a Lake Orion man died south of Au Train Island Sunday afternoon.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but according to the victim’s brother, the man died on a boating trip to pour his father’s ashes into Lake Superior.

59-year-old Robert Louis from Lake Orion, Michigan died shortly after he and six other passengers fell out of their boat in Lake Superior near Au Train.

The group was on a 19foot wooden kit boat, and were out to honor the final wishes of Louis’ father.

His father died just two weeks ago after years of battling Alzheimer’s.

“My brother literally devoted his whole life to you know, stick around and making sure dad was taken care of for the last 4 years of his life and then two weeks later we had his ashes and his was half on mom’s grave and the other half on Lake Superior,” Robert Louis’ brother John “Joe” Louis said.

Michigan State Police were dispatched to a boating accident Sunday afternoon around 6:00 p.m.

“When troopers arrived they found that six boaters had been rescued by a pontoon boat that had been in the area and were currently being treated for hypothermia. The seventh passenger was not recovered immediately,” Michigan State Police Trooper Alan Park said.

A witness from shore told police he saw the boat take a sharp turn for reasons unknown at this time, spilling everyone on the boat into Lake Superior.

Police say the the throttle was still open when everyone fell out.

“What I gathered from the information was, he tried to grab the boat as it was circling around him or them and the prop hit him and I’m not sure if it made it so he couldn’t swim or if it injured him bad enough to be life threatening,” Alger County Sheriff’s Department Officer A.J. Schirschmidt said.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Coast Guard searched the area for about 24 hours before the body was found.

“We searched for quite a while above water when the [helicopter] was around,” Schirschmidt said. “The Coast Guard got some better information of kind of where they figured the accident occurred so at that time we put two divers in the water.”

Robert Louis’ body was found by the Alger County Sheriff’s Department Monday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. south of AuTrain Island.