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#Fail! Illinois woman injured after mistaking firework for candle. Florida Man sets himself on fire.


Illinois woman injured after mistaking firework for candle

via STLToday
A 30-year-old Illinois woman has been injured after lighting a firework she mistook for candle. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says someone else brought it to a Saturday night gathering in Antioch, 50 miles from Chicago. The woman picked it up thinking it was a candle and lit it.
The explosion seriously injured her hand. It also injured another adult and a child, though they were treated at the scene.
The sheriff’s office didn’t say what type of firework it was, describing it as multicolored and the size of “a quarter-stick of dynamite.”
A 28-year-old who allegedly brought it to the gathering was charged with reckless conduct and child endangerment. He and the injured woman are both from Woodstock, Ill. The sheriff’s office doesn’t’ say if they knew each other.


Florida Man sets himself on fire after losing Cowboys-Packers bet to his wife

You might have a burning passion for football, but do you have a “light yourself on fire” type of passion?
One man in Vero Beach, Florida, can claim to have such fiery devotion for the Dallas Cowboys, but for now he’ll have to root on his favorite team while recovering from severe burns to his body. 

According to the Sebastian Daily, a 27-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after lighting himself ablaze after watching Sunday’s Cowboys-Packers game. The incident reportedly came as a result of a lost bet after Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay down the field in a last-minute drive that gave the Packers a 35-31 win.

Was this a very stupid thing to do? Undoubtedly. Will this guy have scars and be forced to wear his drunken stupidity for the rest of his life? Probably. Will he have regrets? I hope so. 

But if there’s one thing you can say about this guy, he stands behind the team he backs and he’s a man of his word. There are plenty of people who make bold bets and refuse to follow through when the result doesn’t go their way, but not this guy. Not only did he follow through with the promise to burn his jersey, he took it one step further by draping himself in the flames. 

If the Cowboys are willing to light themselves on fire by giving Aaron Rodgers the ball with a minute left on the clock and a timeout to burn, then this guy is going to do the same for his squad. That’s loyalty if I’ve ever seen it.


Tucson, Arizona, trailer fire ’caused by spider burning’

A blowtorch used to burn spider webs could be the cause of a fire at a mobile home in Tucson, Arizona, officials say.
Fire crews sent to the scene on Sunday stopped the fire from spreading.
An elderly woman was carried out of the home by her son and neighbours, but suffered only minor injuries.
The cause of the fire is being investigated. But firefighters say they suspect a propane torch was used to burn spiders from under the trailer.


Three women detained at airport after plastic surgery left them looking nothing like passport photos

via Metro UK
Three Chinese women were stopped at an airport after their cosmetic treatment left them looking radically different from their passport photos.
A hilarious viral photo shows the stricken passengers being held at an airport in South Korea with their faces in bandages.

The single picture – now liked over 51,000 times and shared 23,000 times – was snapped after the trio of tourists had been visiting the recent “Golden Week” national holiday in China.
But while on their way back, the three Chinese women with ridiculously swollen faces and bandages around their heads were detained by South Korean immigration officers at passport control.



D Bag Of The Day: A Guy Who Robbed Target Says It Was Part of His Ninja Training!!!


Call me crazy, but I’m not sure this guy is going to make it as a ninja.

A 25-year-old guy named Christopher Atkins from Altamonte Springs, Florida broke into a Target in Dunwoody, Georgia around 1:00 A.M. on Monday.  He didn’t realize that he triggered the alarm, and the cops quickly got there and found him.

And he explained to them he’d broken in because . . . it was part of his NINJA TRAINING.

Clearly he WAS committed to that lifestyle, because he didn’t steal anything . . . and the cops found him in the book section of the Target reading a “Naruto” comic.  “Naruto” is a Japanese anime series about a teenage ninja.

Christopher was charged with first-degree burglary.

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