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Chill Out: There Are No Weed Gummies In Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Haul – LINK

Minneapolis PD officer outed as OnlyFans model after pulling over subscriber – LINK

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Travis Kelce agrees with most of us — the NFL is going overboard with its Taylor Swift coverage. On his New Heights podcast, Travis said, “I think it’s fun when they show who’s at the game. I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, they’re overdoing it a little bit.” His brother Jason added, “I just think the NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games. Like basketball has it all figured out. They’re all courtside, they’re sitting there. They show ’em once or twice, but then they get back to the game.” – LINK

Back in their “SNL” days, Jay Mohr and Dave Attell dared Chris Farley to poop out a window at 30 Rock. Jay was on the ‘Fly on the Wall Podcast’ with David Spade and Dana Carvey, saying Chris Farley tried to complete the dare, but ended up dealing with cops who thought he was a JUMPER. He was also apparently straining really hard and was purple… and only produced a quote, ‘milk dud’ which fell back INTO the window in Dave Attell’s office.

Saturday Night Live is back for season 49! Former cast member Pete Davidson is set to host the season premiere with musical guest, Ice Spice on Oct. 14. Bad Bunny will pull double duty as both the host and musical guest on Oct. 21st. SNL also announced that the entire cast will be returning for season 49, with no cast departures. Newcomer Chloe Troast is also joining as a featured player – LINK

Tattoo artist and singer Kat Von D has converted to Christianity, sharing her baptism on social media. The former ‘Miami Ink’ and ‘LA Ink’ star told fans last year that she was getting rid of her books on the occult, adding “I don’t know if any of you have been going through changes in your lives right now, but in the last few years, I’ve come to some pretty meaningful realizations — many of them revolving around the fact that I got a lot of things wrong in my past.”-  LINK

John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic ‘Halloween’ is returning to theatres for its 45th anniversary, along with 1988’s ‘Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers’ and 1989’s ‘Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.’ The films will screen across 300 theatres nationwide over Halloween weekend; find one near you at 1978Halloween.com

After a full day of bargaining yesterday, there might be movement in the actors’ strike. Members of the SAG-AFTRA actors union announced they would continue negotiations with Hollywood studios this Friday. Actors have been on strike for nearly three months. The Writers Guild and Hollywood studios settled their work dispute last week – LINK

Sharon Osbourne said Ozzy’s hometown of Birmingham, England will become the permanent home for the Prince of Darkness’ personal archive. She said on ‘The Osbournes’ podcast, “We’re gonna do it interactive. Every video, every live show, everything there. It’s more of an educational thing for musicians and artists that wanna see that you can come from nothing, and if you work hard enough this is what you can get.” Sharon added that the museum will also have a cafe, to which Ozzy quipped “With naked women serving!” 

Paramore just announced Re: This Is Why out this Friday, Oct. 6th. The project has remixed, reworked, and rewritten versions of songs from their last album. 11 of the 12 tracks on Re: This Is Why include a guest from bands and people like: The Linda Lindas, British group Wet Leg, Remi Wolf, indie rocker Bartees Strange, Julien Baker of Boygenius fame, Claud, Jazz duo DOMi & JD BECK, and more! – LINK


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has music from Maluma. 

Late Night With Seth Meyers has Anne Hathaway and David Byrne.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has Bob Odenkirk and Lucky Hank.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has Dax Shepard, Nicole Avant and music from BoyWithUke. 


“The Hollywood Reporter” ranked the 50 best TV shows of the 21st century – LINK

Here are the Top 20:

  1. “Mad Men”:  AMC, 2007 to 2015
  1. “The Sopranos”:  HBO, 1999 to 2007
  1. “Succession”:  HBO, 2018 to 2023
  1. “30 Rock”:  NBC, 2006 to 2013
  1. “The Wire”:  HBO, 2002 to 2008
  1. “Reservation Dogs”:  FX on Hulu, 2021 to 2023
  1. “Better Call Saul”:  AMC, 2015 to 2022
  1. “Girls”:  HBO, 2012 to 2017
  1. “Freaks and Geeks”:  NBC, 1999 to 2000
  1. “BoJack Horseman”:  Netflix, 2014 to 2020
  1. “The Daily Show”:  Comedy Central, 1996 to Present
  1. “The Americans”:  FX, 2013 to 2018
  1. “30 for 30”:  ESPN, 2009 to Present
  1. “Enlightened”:  HBO, 2011 to 2013
  1. “Atlanta”:  FX, 2016 to 2022
  1. “Breaking Bad”:  AMC, 2008 to 2013
  1. “Halt and Catch Fire”:  AMC, 2014 to 2017
  1. “Friday Night Lights”:  NBC and The 101 Network, 2006 to 2011
  1. “Rectify”:  SundanceTV, 2013 to 2016

20.  “Peep Show”:  Britain’s Channel 4, 2003 to 2015

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Nikki Dial

Today’s birthday girl has been in 85 fine films, including:

– Bachelorette Party 2

– Battle of the Porno Queens

– Brats In Bondage

– Breast Wishes 7

– Bubble Butts 7 & 11

– Classic Bush

– Hard Whips For Soft Bodies

– New Wave Hookers 3

– Positively Pagan 6

– White Men Can’t Hump

– And who can forget her role in 1992’s The Fine Art Of Hair Pulling

Nikki Dial is 50 years old.


With City SC already having secured the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs, they lost last night 3-0 to Vancouver which made Vancouver jump up to fifth place and secure their playoff spot. The loss dropped City SC one spot in the overall standings, to third place, behind Cincinnati and Orlando City, which is only matters if City SC reaches MLS Cup and could host the game. The loss snaps a five-game unbeaten streak for City SC. The final game for CITY in the regular season is October 21 against Seattle. City SC lacks oomph, falls 3-0 at Vancouver (stltoday.com)

All four of the Major League Baseball wild card games ended yesterday in the same dramatic fashion, two and DONE.  All of the teams won in the first two games of the best of three series.  Here they are.

Of Note:  Two won at home, two on the road. The Rangers beat the Rays in Tampa, the Twins beat the Blue Jays, the Diamondbacks beat the Brewers in Milwaukee, and Phillies beat the Marlins.  The divisional series games begin Saturday.

  • People have been saying Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman and Jay-Z look alike for years. 
  • During a conversation with the Pablo Torre podcast, Aikman finally acknowledged the chatter. 
  • When Torre asked Aikman if he had heard about the comparison, Troy paused, and said, “Yes.”

Aikman continued, “I am aware of that. White JAY-Z. There was a meme, it still pops up on my feed from time to time. It was some game, yeah — I don’t know what… I think this was before everything kinda went AI. But, [now] you don’t know what’s real and what’s not, so I don’t know if that was actually an unedited picture of me, but, pretty scary.”