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#CrapOnCelebrities: Sarah Silverman talks Louis CK, Stallone is now accused and the best pop punk albums


Sarah Silverman talked about Louis C.K. on the new episode of her show “I Love You, America”, which was posted on Hulu yesterday.  She had some pretty powerful stuff to say.Here she is saying she is both sad and angry

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The Daily Mail UK posted an alleged copy of an old police report claiming that SYLVESTER STALLONE and his bodyguard Mike Deluca forced a 16-year-old girl to have a threesome with them in 1986. Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl while he was filming Over the Top in Las Vegas in 1986, according to a police report. Stallone was 40 years old at the time. He met the teenager while he was filming at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel and she was given keys to his room. Stallone allegedly had sex with the girl.    The girl claims Stallone’s bodyguard Michael ‘Mike’ De Luca, who was in the bathroom until Stallone brought him out, ‘forced’ her to do things. The teen told police she became ‘very uncomfortable’ when De Luca joined in on the sexual encounter but said she felt she had ‘no choice’ in the matter. Afterwards, the teen claims Stallone said she couldn’t tell anyone because both men were married and if she said anything, ‘they would have to beat her head in.  Police said she decided not to press charges against the men because she was scared and humiliated. Not his first run in with this sort of thing btw. The police report was made a year before Stallone’s half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti, threatened him with a lawsuit in 1987, alleging that Stallone raped her and sexually assaulted her for years. Although court documents show the actor ‘vigorously denied and continues to deny and dispute all claims of wrongdoing’, he agreed to give Filiti a lump sum of $2 million, as well as $16,666 a month for the rest of her life. She died in 2012 after a battle with lung cancer. The bodyguard De Luca btw, who was shot and killed by cops in California during a traffic stop in 2013. Stallones rep call all these accusations quote, “a ridiculous, categorically false story.”





DONALD TRUMP reacted to SENATOR FRANKEN’S apology by firing off a Tweet where he refers to him as “Al Frankenstein” and comments on the photo of Franken pretending to grope a sleeping woman’s breasts. That’s got some people calling B.S. on the President for going after a Democratic senator but NOT saying one word about Republican senator Roy Moore.


BLAKE SHELTON posted a video of himself reading MEAN TWEETS from people who don’t think he should have been named Sexiest Man Alive.  And there are some good ones. (AUDIO) Like . . .”Woke up this morning to news that Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive.  RIP every sexy man in the world who died in the ‘Great Sexy Plague of 2017’ overnight.  You will be missed.”

“Blake Shelton is sexy if you like a guy who’s always about to lean in and tell you about a hearty, healthy American dog food.” “Blake Shelton looks like the dad in a drug commercial where they list off the side effects at the end while you watch him build a bird house.” “Blake Shelton isn’t even the sexiest man at this Waffle House.”


Ric Flair claims he was supposed to get $25,000 for the ESPN “30 for 30” special on his life — but his manager stole the money. So he is suing Legacy Talent and Entertainment. Flair says he had a feeling something fishy was going down behind the scenes so he hired a lawyer to investigate his finances … and realized he was missing huge amounts of cash. Among the missing money … Flair says he learned Legacy Talent had received $25,000 from First Row Films, the production company behind Flair’s “30 for 30” special. Flair claims he was never informed of the payment nor was given his cut. He also noticed a $12,000 royalty advance from a firework’s company he signed an endorsement deal with earlier this year.  Flair says he reached out to Legacy to find out why he never got the money and was told they were using the funds to pay legal bills. Flair is calling BS, saying he never authorized Legacy to do that. Flair says he’s owed at least $46,000 — and he wants his money back now.








Venus Williams is the latest celebrity burglary victim — her Florida home was raided by scumbags who made off with $400,000 in property … all while she was playing in the U.S. Open.  Venus’ home was broken into sometime between Sept. 1 and 5.  Unclear how the burglars got into the property — and what items were taken.  Williams was in New York playing in the U.S. Open at the time of the incident. She advanced all the way to the semi-finals only to return home and learn about the burglary. Joke is on the burglars though because she made like $900,000 at the Open so she is still ahead bitches.


SERENA WILLIAMS just married Reddit co-founder ALEXIS OHANIAN in New Orleans.  They had a “Beauty and the Beast”-themed wedding. No official photos have been released but I do know who was there. So I am going to list off some people who were there and one who wasn’t can you guess who wasn’t there? Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Eva Longoria, Kelly Rowland and Lindsey Lohan.  


So yesterday we talked about the Warped Tour going away. On a related note, “Rolling Stone” has a new list of the ’50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums.’ 


Full list on the blog but I got the Top 10:


1.  “Dookie”, Green Day, 1994


2.  “Enema of the State”, Blink-182, 1999


3.  “Rocket to Russia”, The Ramones, 1977


4.  “Milo Goes to College”, The Descendents, 1982


5.  “Take This to Your Grave”, Fall Out Boy, 2003


6.  “Singles Going Steady”, Buzzcocks, 1979


7.  “Generation X”, Generation X, 1978


8.  “Dude Ranch”, Blink-182, 1997


9.  “Riot!”, Paramore, 2007


10.  “Walk Among Us”, Misfits, 1982

JASON BIGGS was an unknown actor when he landed the starring role in “American Pie”.  But it turns out the studio actually wanted JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS who was just coming off “Home Improvement”. In an interview with “Us” magazine, Jason said the director wanted HIM, but he had to sit back and wait to hear if JTT was willing to make love to a pie.  In the end, he decided not to.


I know what America needs:  MORE JAMES FRANCO JAMES FRANCO is supposedly in talks to play the Marvel character ‘Multiple Man’ in a movie that would be set in the “X-Men” universe. In the comics, Multiple Man can clone himself, so he can be in several places at once. There’s actually not even a Multiple Man movie in the works.  It’s just something James is interested in. The whole thing started because James is working with an “X-Men” producer on “The Hardy Men” where he and his real-life brother Dave Franco are playing the Hardy Boys as grown-ups. James has done the ‘multiple characters’ thing before.  He plays twin brothers on the HBO show “The Deuce”. FYI, “The Hardy Men” has been kicking around Hollywood for a DECADE.  As early as 2007, it was going to star Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise.


Tyrese Gibson is not only on the ropes emotionally, but financially as well. Tyrese submitted legal docs to the court in his ongoing war with ex-wife Norma Gibson, detailing his financials.  The actor pulls in $105,686 every month. That’s sweet, except when you look at what he spends.  Tyrese says his monthly nut is $107,576, which puts him in the red. The docs say Tyrese has $884,658 in the bank. He also has real property worth around $1.7 mil. There’s another problem … he owes his lawyers $133,750


PHARRELL has recorded a new song you’ll never hear supposedly.   He isn’t releasing it for 100 YEARS.  It’s a partnership between him and Louis XIII cognac, which is made by Remy Martin.  The song is called “100 Years”, and the only copy of it was pressed onto a record made of clay from the chalky soil of the Cognac region of France. It’ll be stored in the same cellars where the cognac is aged, in a state-of-the-art SAFE, that was designed so that it’s only destructible when submerged in water. The idea is that we protect the environment from global warming so the planet makes it to the year 2117 . . . so people can finally hear this random Pharrell song.  So recycle those milk jugs everyone!! It was played for 100 guests during a private listening party in Shanghai . . . but that’s the ONLY time it will be heard until 2117. 


There are some REALLY bad Christmas songs out there.  But according to the “Mercury News”, these are the FIVE WORST:


1.  “Dominick the Christmas Donkey” (lou monte)


2.  “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”(spike jones)


3.  Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”


4.  “Santa Baby”(eartha kitt)


5.  “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas”  (john Denver)


CBS developing a series version of the 1981 hit comedy film Stripes. The network along with Sony Pictures Television has made a deal with the film’s original director Ivan Reitman to produce — and even direct — a pilot. The pitch: “A perennial rebellious outsider finally finds his purpose in life when he joins the US military and must unite a group of ragtag eccentrics.” If ordered, this would mark Reitman’s first time directing a TV series. There’s no cast at this point but I am guessing there is a better chance that Harold Ramis and John Candy would be involved than Bill Murray.


Keegan-Michael Key is officially a single man … but it’s gonna cost him boatloads of cash.  Keegan’s gonna have to pay $34k per month in spousal support to Cynthia Blaise and he’ll have to kick in an additional 21% of his gross income on anything he earns above $2.153 million a year, but she’s capped out at $700k per year. But it doesn’t end there. Keegan also cut her a check for $655k to even out the division of assets. She also gets to keep a timeshare in Mexico and her Subaru Crosstrek. It’s not all bad news for the former “Key & Peele” star. He gets to keep his Tesla and several bank accounts.  I am sure he is done with marriage too…oh wait he is already engaged.

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Today’s birthday girl has done so much work that even Mattress Direct couldn’t keep her a fresh selection of beds…and she’s proven that in 244 fine films including:


  • All About That Asian Ass
  • Big Boob Dinner
  • Hooter Heaven
  • Date My Slut Mom
  • Dirty Double Air Bags
  • Selfies With Your Mom
  • Hot Bods & Tail Pipe
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…May The Breast Man Win





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