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#CrapOnCelebrities: Sad news for Project Runway fans, Kevin Smith doesn’t want his Weinstein money anymore and things aren’t going well for Megyn Kelly


Former “Project Runway” finalist Mychael Knight died Tuesday morning in a Georgia hospital  He had recently checked into the hospital. He’dbeen getting treatment for intestinal issues when he passed at around 7:30 AM. There is no clear cause of death but a few months ago he said he had been battling IBS — irritable bowl syndrome — and said itwas wreaking havoc on his immune system. I read he had “leaky gut” as well. He had his own clothing and lingerie line, designed for Starbucks and had his own fragrance. He was 39


Add REESE WITHERSPOON to the list of women who’ve been treated HORRIBLY by men in the entertainment industry.  At “Elle” magazine’s Women in Hollywood event Monday night, she revealed that she was sexually assaulted. Her abuser was a director . . . whom she didn’t name.  And she was only 16.  On the plus side, Reese thinks all of this is going to lead to positive change.  Quote, “I feel really, really encouraged that there will be a new normal  


Like Reese Witherspoon, JENNIFER LAWRENCE shared her Hollywood horror stories at”Elle” magazine’s Women in Hollywood event Monday night. She said that when she was much younger and just starting out, the producers of a movie she was doing told her to lose 15 pounds in TWO WEEKS.  And things got worse from there. She said, quote, “During this time, a female producer had me do a nude lineup with about five women who were much, much thinner than me.  And we all stood side-by-side with only paste-ons covering our privates. “After that degrading and humiliating lineup, the female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.” Jennifer complained to a male producer, and, quote, “He responded by telling me that he didn’t know why everyone thought I was so fat, he thought I was perfectly [effable].”


LENA HEADEY from “Game of Thrones” had to refuse Harvey Weinstein’s advances TWICE.


MOLLY RINGWALD had her first experience with sexual harassment in Hollywood when she was only 13


Kevin Smith from Clerks etc absolutely hates that his career is forever tied to Harvey Weinstein. He feels a bit of shame. Here he is on his podcast talking about it (AUDIO) He doesn’t want the money he made with Miramax’s help. So what’s he gonna do?  (AUDIO) So Kevin has decided to give all his residuals from all those movies — Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, etc. — to Women In Film, a nonprofit that helps women coming up in the industry to achieve their dreams.In addition, in case that number drops off thanks to The Weinstein Company tanking, he says he’ll give an additional $2,000 a month for the rest of his life.


Even though it was already a given that he was going to be fired, Harvey Weinstein called into a board meeting of the Weinstein Company to officially resign. He reportedly apologized for all the trouble he caused, and said, quote, “I have a real problem.”


And now, BOB Weinstein is being accused of sexual harassment. A producer on the now-canceled TV show “The Mist” says he made unwanted sexual advances toward her for three months, and only stopped when she got her lawyer involved.  Bob says it didn’t happen.


And apparently the abuse can extend to the music world… KAYA JONES was briefly a member of the PUSSYCAT DOLLS, when they put out their first album back in 2005 . . . and over the weekend, she had some harsh words about the experience. She Tweeted, “I wasn’t in a girl group.  I was in a prostitution ring, [who] happened to sing and be famous.  While everyone who owned us made the money.”  She said they only got $500 a week. But the prostitution thing isn’t just an analogy.  In another interview, she said she left because she felt pressured to have sex with music industry executives.  Quote, “To be a part of the team you must be a team player.  Meaning sleep with whoever they say.”  The founder of the Pussycat Dolls Robin Antin says these are, quote, “disgusting, ridiculous lies.”


Blac Chyna has filed a new lawsuit against the entire Kardashian family, claiming they cost her a fortune by helping kill her reality show with Rob. She claims that the “Kardashian-Jenner family became media predators, slut-shaming her on social media and killing her hit television show” as a form of “revenge” for leaving Rob. Chyna also claims the Kardashians interfered with the shooting of Rob & Chyna to the point that E! network decided to pull the plug. Sources connected to the network, however, say the show was not picked up because Chyna was making it impossible to film. Chyna is also suing the family for battery in the wake of Rob attacking her during an April domestic violence incident. 

I just saw report in Page Six on ratings for “Megyn Kelly Today” and the ratings are still down. Viewership has fallen from .77 ratings points on Monday to .54 last Tuesday. She was recently on MSNBC for some reason and most think it’s a bit a desperation to get people to follower her over to her show. It hasn’t worked so far. She has even been blamed for a decline in ratings for “Kathie Lee and Hoda,”  since she is their lead in.

The Han Solo movie officially has a title.  RON HOWARD announced it on Twitter yesterday.  Are you ready for it?  Okay, prepare to be totally . . . underwhelmed: It’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.  It stars Alden Ehrenreich as Solo and Donald Glover as that oh-so-smooth, Colt .45-drinking space hustler Lando Calrissian.  The cast also includes Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, and Thandie Newton. It’s due in theaters on May 25th, 2018.  Meanwhile, the next movie in the latest “Star Wars” trilogy, “The Last Jedi”, comes out in less than two months . . . on December 15th


Johnny Depp is suing the highly respected entertainment law firm, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP … claiming the lawyers allowed TMG — Depp’s financial managers — to rob him. Depp HAS TMG, but now he says his law firm were in cahoots WITH TMG, which took out enormous loans secured by Depp’s movie residuals. When the residual payment were made to Depp, they were diverted to repay the loans instead. The suit claims the law firm built in its fee in the loans and skimmed the money off before Depp got his money. And the suit claims the law firm knew fully well what TMG was doing. And this is weird, Depp claims during his long relationship with the firm he’s paid them tens of millions of dollars in attorney’s fee yet the firm never had him sign a retainer agreement.


ED SHEERAN’s bike injury WILL cost him his next several shows.  He confirmed yesterday that he’s canceling five upcoming dates in Asia, because he broke his right wrist and left elbow. He posted a message saying, quote, “I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that.  Please stay tuned for more details.  PS – Ed isn’t typing this as he has both arms casted / bandaged.” A British tabloid says Ed was knocked off his bike by a car, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

JENNIFER LOPEZ and ALEX RODRIGUEZ raised $26 million for Puerto Rico just from donations and corporate pledges . . . then raised another $9 million from their charity concert.


CHRIS BROWN put out the track list for his upcoming album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” . . . and there are 45 SONGS.  There’s no word on the total run-time. The album includes appearances by Young Thug, Future, and R. Kelly.  And it’ll be out on October 31st


Speaking of losing gigs: Kathy Griffin claims she has been black balled in Hollywood. She has some email proof too.   The Hollywood Reporter invited her to speak at its annual Women in Entertainment Power 100 event this year. She posted the email they sent on Sept. 26 offering her the gig — but just last week she was told no thank you.  She claims she has ZERO paying gigs lined up “in the United States for the rest of my life” Worth noting though — Kathy was notified last Thursday she’d no longer be speaking. That was just 4 days after she entered a fundraising gig while wearing a Trump mask and waving both middle fingers.


Speaking of losing gigs part 2: Remember this amazing audio of Lawrence O’Donnell of NBC losing his temper?  Well NBC has fired the staffer who leaked that video. They only said it was a male and the leaked HD video.  It turned out to be a ‘Today’ show editor who said he did it because he thought it was funny. But it wasn’t exactly the perfect crime — he left a very clear trail.” The video was slipped to Mediaite as a broadcast-quality digital clip — and that only a handful of people are believed to be capable of accessing and transmitting such a file.He had left a clear digital trail that allowed NBC to track him down.


Speaking of losing gigs part 3: Kevin James said his sitcom Kevin Can Wait killed off his on-screen wife because they “were literally just running out of ideas.” This after the weird firing of actress Erinn Hayes, who played his wife. She was essentially replaced by Leah Remini, who played his wife on the long-running sitcom The King Of Queens. (Remini stepped in as James’ coworker at a private security company on the show. James went on to say that the change was necessary to open up story lines. “The plot of the show didn’t have enough drive,” “If we got through a second season, I wouldn’t see us getting through a third one. We were literally just running out of ideas.”  


Remember the guy from Glee Mark Salling who got busted for child porn? He may have attempted suicide before pleading. I read he tried to slit his wrists on August 22nd.  Salling, 35, then allegedly panicked and screamed at the site of his own blood, which led his roommate to call 911. Paramedics responded and took Salling to the hospital by ambulance. He went through a psych evaluation and spent time in rehab afterwards. Salling has been photographed a number of time in long sleeves, despite the hot weather in L.A. His lawyers say no way and that  Mark is physically healthy, and he is focused on atonement, accepting responsibility, and learning from his past mistakes.” Salling is scheduled to serve between four and seven years in prison.


Just over a decade ago, a little movie came along called “Snakes on a Plane” . . . and the Internet fell in love.  This online love didn’t translate to ticket sales, but the movie has become a minor cult classic. And so now, all these years later, we have its spiritual successor, “Snake Outta Compton”!  And at its core, it’s just what the title implies:  “Straight Outta Compton” with a giant snake thrown in. The premise is simple:  A rap group is on the verge of breaking through, just as a nerdy, Steve Urkel type accidentally creates a giant snake that goes on a rampage. There’s also a pair of cops who seem to be a goof on Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke from “Training Day”. This is definitely more of a spoof than “Snakes on a Plane” was.  “Snake Outta Compton” looks really cheap and cheesy, and it stars no recognizable actors.   .  It’s coming out sometime next year.

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It’s been four years since Netflix popularized the idea of “binge-watching”, when they started releasing new episodes of original shows all at once.  Now, they’ve come up with a new term:  “BINGE RACING.”  It’s when subscribers watch an entire season of something within the first 24 hours of its release. Netflix says 8.4 MILLION subscribers have “binge raced” at least once . . . and Canada is the country with the most binge racers.  The U.S. is second, followed by Denmark, Finland, and Norway.


Here are the Top 20 shows most-likely to be binge-raced . . .


1.  “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”


2.  “Fuller House”


3.  “Marvel’s The Defenders”


4.  “The Seven Deadly Sins”


5.  “The Ranch”


6.  “Santa Clarita Diet”


7.  “Trailer Park Boys”


8.  “F Is for Family”


9.  “Orange Is the New Black”


10.  “Stranger Things”


11.  “Friends from College”


12.  “Atypical”


13.  “Grace and Frankie”


14.  “Wet Hot American Summer”


15.  “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”


16.  “House of Cards”


17.  “Love”


18.  “GLOW”


19.  “Chewing Gum”


20.  “Master of None”



It might SEEM surprising that “Stranger Things” is only 10th considering how popular it was . . . but it actually took a while for the show to catch on, since it really took off through word-of-mouth.  Again, ‘binge racing’ isn’t just watching the whole season in 24 hours . . . it’s completing it in the FIRST 24 hours that it’s available.  By the way, Netflix doesn’t release much ACTUAL data on how many people are watching their shows . . . but that doesn’t mean they’re not keeping tight records. In this press release, they causally noted that there are FIVE people in the U.S. who’ve binge-raced all five seasons of “House of Cards” . . . on the day that each season has been released. 

And that there’s one subscriber in France who has already blitzed all the way through 30 SHOWS this year alone . . . apparently without “sharing” his password.  This is just to let you know, Big Brother is watching!




Blues and Blackhawks at 7 on NBCSN


Zac Efron is 30

Lindsey Vonn is 33.  Dated Tiger Woods

Ne-Yo is 35.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is 57.

Martina Navratilova is 61

Chuck Lorre is 65.  Creator of “Two and a Half Men” who also produces “The Big Bang Theory”, “Young Sheldon”, “Mike & Molly”, and the Anna Faris sitcom “Mom”.

Mike Ditka is 78.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…she was one of the ones stranded on the island after the SS Minnow took way more than a 3 hour two…and she is only TWO of the remaining 7 castaways.  Mary Ann herself….Dawn Wells is 79 years young.  

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Today’s birthday girl has had her fair share of scares…but then the tests results came back fine…in 83 fine films including:


  • Barefoot Maniacs
  • Massage Creep
  • Mom & Dad Are Hooking Up With My Friends
  • Remember That Effing Summer?
  • She LOVES Big Boobs
  • The Sex Tricks
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Diamonds Are A Sluts Best Friend