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#CrapOnCelebrities: Nelly not out of the woods yet in HIS rape case, what rock band signs a Vegas residency and the most expensive cities to see a concert.


An actress named KRISTINA COHEN has accused ED WESTWICK from “Gossip Girl” of raping her three years ago. Westwick Tweeted that he doesn’t know Cohen, and has never forced himself on anyone.


Five more women say Roman Polanski assaulted them between 1969 and 1976 . . . and one of them claims she was only NINE when it happened.


Sources say Harvey Weinstein could be indicted soon for allegedly raping actress PAZ DE LA HUERTA.

If you thought the list of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual-assault victims was long, check out  the lengths he went to make sure accusations against him never saw the light of day. In a new story for The New Yorker, Ronan Farrow reports that Weinstein hired detectives from the world’s largest corporate intelligence firms to prevent allegations against him from emerging. And a ton more. Here is Megyn Kelly talking about it ,  Farrow also wrote, “One of the investigators pretended to be a women’s-rights advocate and secretly recorded at least four meetings with [Rose] McGowan.”

CBS shot a special celebrating the 50th anniversary of “The Carol Burnett Show”, and Kevin Spacey was part of it.  WAS.  They’re cutting him out.


Remember that rape allegation against Nelly? Nelly was arrested in October after a 21-year-old woman claimed the rapper sexually assaulted her on his tour bus in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The woman later refused to testify against Nelly because she felt she did not have a case against a powerful celebrity, and requested the case be dropped. However, a victim refusing to cooperate does not prevent prosecutors from charging a person, it just makes it more difficult to convict.  Well, police have wrapped up their investigation and have forwarded it on for possible criminal charges. They closed the Nelly investigation last week and referred the case to the King County Prosecutor’s office and the case is currently “under review.” Investigators did not make a recommendation on whether charges should be filed, so it will be up to the prosecutor to sift through the evidence and make a final call.  Nelly has denied the allegation of sexual assault.

The guy who plays Carl Gallagher on “Shameless”  got busted for a DUI

18-year-old actor Ethan Cutkosky — who plays William Macy‘s second youngest child on the show — was arrested and booked for DUI Thursday in L.A. Ethan was driving his orange BMW around 10:30 PM and began to straddle the traffic lanes. Cops pulled him over. He did poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested on the spot. They did say they smelled weed and I believe he admitted to smoking earlier.


Maynard from Tool, Perfect Circle and, Pucifer has said in the past that he’s not fond of musicians being treated like celebrities. He would like to see it get to the point where it’s just people enjoying music for music’s sake. It is for this reason all those bands her fronts have a strict no phones no videos policy at their shows. There are signs everywhere and in most cases someone is actually yelling out loud to fans entering the shows about the policy and that it is strictly enforced. It is also for this reason that more than 60 people were forcibly removed from A Perfect Circle’s show on Saturday night (November 4th) in Reading, Pennsylvania, according to David Farrar, the General Manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center where the band performed. The concertgoers were ejected for taking pictures during the band’s set. Someone had posted after the show that he successfully took some pictures. The venues GM basically said consider yourself lucky.





TAYLOR SWIFT picked 500 fans to join her at exclusive listening parties for her upcoming album “Reputation”, and as you would expect, they lost their freakin’ minds. Here is a clip of the madness. “Reputation” comes out on Friday.  And if you want to hear it right away, you’re going to have to buy it.  She’s withholding it from streaming services for its first week.

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FINALLY, Las Vegas has caught on to what the heartland has known for years:  NICKELBACK RULES!!!  And they’re getting their own five-night residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Here are the dates, so you can book your accommodations NOW:  February 23rd, 24th, and 27th . . . and March 2nd and 3rd.  Tickets go on sale Friday. The opening act will be everyone’s SECOND-favorite Canadian rock band, MONSTER TRUCK!!! analyzed the price points for a number of large-scale arena tours that took place in 2017, as well as some that are scheduled to occur in 2018, including tours by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, and Kendrick Lamar. As a result, they discovered that, on average, you can save up to 75% by going to a concert in a smaller town instead of a big metropolitan area.  Where’s the most expensive place to see a large show?

“Forbes” put out its annual list of ‘The World’s Highest-Paid TV Hosts’,  


1.  Dr. Phil McGraw, $79 million


2.  Ellen DeGeneres, $77 million


3.  Ryan Seacrest, $58 million


4.  Judge Judy Sheindlin, $47 million


5.  Simon Cowell, $43.5 million


6.  Steve Harvey, $42.5 million


7.  Bill O’Reilly, $37 million


8.  Sean Hannity, $36 million


9.  Michael Strahan, $21.5 million


10.  Heidi Klum, $21 million


O’ Reilly is about $20 million higher this year than he was last year, even though he isn’t on TV anymore. That’s because his total includes the $25 million in severance he got from Fox News, after he was pushed out during a sexual harassment scandal.  The hosts that just missed the cut include:  Matt Lauer, Kelly Ripa, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Megyn Kelly, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon.  All of them earned at least $15 million.

There’s been some talk of a “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” revival WITH the original cast . . . like a “Fuller House” type of thing.  But ALFONSO RIBEIRO says it will, quote, “never happen.. It’s hard to imagine WILL SMITH being interested, but Alfonso claims it’s mainly because JAMES AVERY died in 2013.  He played Uncle Phil, and Alfonso says that it’s not something they want to do without him. He adds, quote, “It’s wonderful that everybody loves what we did, 25 years ago.  [But] people who live in the past, you’re not moving forward . . . we have a saying, ‘If you’re standing still, you’re getting passed.’  I don’t look back, I don’t look to see what’s happening behind me, I continue to move forward.”


A petition to have King of Queens star Kevin James replace accused sex criminal Kevin Spacey on House of Cards has garnered thousands of signatures in the past few days. “I think Kevin James can elevate House of Cards to a globally adored franchise like Game of Thrones and make the entire world focus on one of the most important Netfix Original series there is,” wrote the petition’s creator, Robbie Pyrma, who sent the online document to Netflix’s founder and CEO. Spacey has already been dismissed from the series, and Netflix has severed all ties with the actor.


Who is getting their own reality show…again. Here is their I NEED A REALITY SHOW RESUME’: He is continuously updating police rap sheet.  He’s got 15 kids with NINE different baby mamas . . . and part of the show will focus on his efforts to “rebuild his various relationships with his 15 children and their mothers.”  AND, there’s a chance this thing doesn’t even get off the ground, because he was charged with 14 counts of tax evasion this summer, and if convicted, he’s looking at up to 44 years in prison . . . or roughly three per kid. ANSWER: DMX is reportedly getting his own reality show . . . again.  It’s been over a decade since BET aired his short-lived show “DMX: Soul of a Man” . . . and it’s been a decade since people have cared about DMX as an artist.



I read this morning that Mariah Carey has booked a two-year residency deal at the Venetian Theatre at The Venetian Las Vegas hotel. It pays in the low eight figures and would begin in March of 2018. She will play several stretches of shows throughout the year, with breaks in between the blocks of shows.The deal was one of the biggest her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, brought to the table for the star — also one of the last made before Stella split with Carey after the singer’s erratic behavior became too difficult to manage. And interstingly enough, Mariah Carey‘s former security company has threatened to sue her … and the guy who owns the company says she constantly humiliated him by referring to him as a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist.  Michael Anello’s lawyer says his company worked for Mariah from June 2015 to May 2017 and she owes him $221,329.51. He says he was promised another 2 years which would add $511,000. He says Mariah “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”  He also makes allegations of sexual harassment. Like during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mariah asked him to come to her room to move some luggage and when he got there, she was wearing a see-through negligee that was open. He says he tried leaving but she insisted he move the luggage. He says he left the room and there was no physical contact. Her people have chatted with them about settling up what is owe for back payment and Mariah’s lawyers say the lawsuit is now on hold, because they are in settlement negotiations.

The Killers and Imagine Dragons will headline a benefit concert next month to help the victims of the shootings that took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, which left 58 people dead and more than 500 injured. The December 1st concert at the city’s T-Mobile Arena will also include appearances from pop trio Boyz II Men, magician David Copperfield, magic duo Penn and Teller, and performers from Cirque du Soleil. Tickets go on sale Wednesday (November 8th), with prices ranging from $75 to $125. Proceeds will benefit the Las Vegas Victims Fund.


BuzzFeed is giving the reality dating format a spin on social media with RelationShipped. The show, which will follow one man’s quest for love, will debut Thursday on Facebook Watch. Over the course of 18 episodes, viewers will have a say in how the story plays out. The premiere will introduce five bachelors, with viewers picking the winner, and then deciding how he should plan dates. There will also be an option to nominate contestants. New episodes will debut every Monday and Thursday on Watch. 

Oprah Winfrey was on Harry Connick’s show yesterday, and she actually got up and sang a song with the band.  It’s a well-known Christian hymn called “I Surrender All”.  Harry was on keys.

Time Magazine released its 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017 list on Thursday. As ever, the list includes some of the biggest names in fashion, television and music. This year, Kaia GerberShawn Mendes,  , Millie Bobby Brown, and Noah Cyrus were among the teens to make the list. Each teen was chosen based on “accolades across numerous fields, global impact through social media and overall ability to drive news,”  The list also included Willow Smith, 17, who made his debut, Brooklyn Beckham, 18, and Game of Thrones Isaac Hempstead Wright, 18. 


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 25 years since BLIND MELON put out their self-titled debut album, the one with the hit “No Rain”. That’s the one that featured the tap-dancing ‘Bee Girl’ in the video. The girl in the costume is Heather Deloach.  She’s 34 now, and  works as a representative for a “world-renowned fertility doctor.”  She was only in the video . . . the girl in the bee costume on the album cover was drummer Glen Graham’s younger sister.


Check out the new trailer for “Fifty Shades Freed”.  It comes out on Valentine’s Day. See it on the blog.


The new season of “American Idol” will premiere on Sunday, March 11th.


Lauren Alaina is 23.  Country singer who got her start on “American Idol”

Maybe soon to be STL Cardinal Giancarlo Stanton is 27

Sam the former Ram Bradford is 29


Jack Osbourne is 32


Tara Reid is 42.  


Tech N9ne is 46


Parker Posey is 49.  Oddly sexy minx from “Dazed & Confused”


Gordon Ramsay is 51




Mary Hart is 67.  “Entertainment Tonight” 


Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY of the DAY…He has been in mands like the Move…Wizzard…and he is the co-founder and original lead singer of Electric Light Orchestra.  He is described as creating some of the most influential rock sounds of the seventies.  Roy Wood is 71 years old.

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Today’s birthday girl doesn’t vote but is still heading to the polls later today in 297 fine films including:


  • Meat Puppets
  • The Texas Vibrator Massacre
  • All Dongs Go To Heaven
  • Bitchcraft Volume 4
  • Tickle Torture For The Fun Of It
  • Bound, Barefoot, and Vulnerable
  • Count Rackula
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…May The Whores Be With You