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#CrapOnCelebrities: Marilyn Manson had a fake gun on stage, is Maria Carey too fat? And are there just too many shows too watch?


Something called the Hollywood Film Awards happened on Sunday.  KATE WINSLET won a trophy, and used part of her speech to drool over ALLISON JANNEY. (AUDIO) She said, quote, “Allison Janney is in this room.  Allison, I know I don’t really know you, but I just wanna be you . . . or just stroke you or something.  I mean, we could always kiss, maybe?” So Allison ran up onstage and made it happen.  It was just a quick peck, but it WAS on the lips. Check it out the video on the blog.  Unfortunately, Kate won her award for the new Woody Allen movie, “Wonder Wheel”, and she DID thank Woody, which kind of ruined the moment.

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Soul singer Robert Knight died on Sunday.  You don’t know his name, but you know his biggest hit . . . “Everlasting Love”, from 1967. It’s been covered so many times that it was a Top 40 hit in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  He was 72, and he died from an illness, but they haven’t said what it was yet


Brad Bufanda, the actor best known for playing Felix on Veronica Mars, jumped to his death early last Wednesday. He jumped from a building in Los Angeles and died of blunt-trauma injuries suffered in the fall. His body was found by a transient. His death has been ruled a suicide. He was also in Malcolm in the Middle, CSI: Miami, and Days of Our Lives. He wrote letters to family and friends days before he committed suicide. Thosarrived the day after he jumped off a building. Not sure if any of those letters came with a reason. He left a suicide note which cops found on or near his body that gave the names of his parents along with a “thank you” to people in his life.  He also sent his rep his MacBook laptop as a joke because the rep preferred PCs.


Kevin Spacey has reportedly entered the same Arizona clinic Harvey Weinstein is at.  Meanwhile, RICHARD DREYFUSS Tweeted that he’s proud of his son for speaking out against Kevin.

BEN AFFLECK is following KEVIN SMITH’s example by donating the residuals from all his Miramax and Weinstein Company films to charity.


In a 1979 interview that just resurfaced, MERYL STREEP said that DUSTIN HOFFMAN groped her breast the first time they met.  But Meryl’s rep says Dustin apologized, and she accepted.


Harvey Weinstein reportedly followed PARIS HILTON into a women’s bathroom to hit on her back in 2001, when she was 20.  It didn’t work.


ELLEN POMPEO from “Grey’s Anatomy” says James Toback once came onto her, and she laughed in his face.


On Sunday night, the night of the deadly mass shooting at a Texas church, MARILYN MANSON took the stage in San Bernardino, California and pointed a FAKE RIFLE at the crowd. The rifle had a microphone on it, so he could sing into it.  Oh, and he was in a wheelchair because of that injury he suffered in September, after a stage prop fell on him during a show.  The prop was a metal rig with two huge GUNS on it. And here’s the icing on the cake: San Bernardino was the site of a deadly shooting that killed 14 people less than two years ago. Obviously, this was a pretty controversial move, but Manson  said, quote, “This was an act of theater in an attempt to make a statement about how easily accessible semi-automatic weapons are and how seeing them has become normalized . . .”My empathy goes out to anyone who has been affected by the irresponsible and reprehensible misuse of REAL guns.”


The “New York Post” says that MARIAH CAREY underwent gastric sleeve surgery last month . . . because people have been teasing her about her weight online. A source says, quote, “Mariah has always been proud of her curves, but [recently] . . . she noticed it became harder to dance, and she was getting a lot more criticism online from body shamers.” On a related note, Mariah is a finalist for the 2018 class of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with N.W.A., John Mellencamp, Alice Cooper, Tracy Chapman, Tom Waits, Alan Jackson, and more. Six songwriters, or songwriting groups, will be officially inducted at a gala in New York on June 14.  She co-wrote 17 of her 18 No. 1s.


The guy who plays Carl Gallagher on “Shameless”  got busted for a DUI

18-year-old actor Ethan Cutkosky — who plays William Macy‘s second youngest child on the show — was arrested and booked for DUI Thursday in L.A. Ethan was driving his orange BMW around 10:30 PM and began to straddle the traffic lanes. Cops pulled him over. He did poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested on the spot. I’m not sure if the DUI was drug or alcohol related.

Name the shows you are currently watching on a regular basis. Hub Entertainment Research recently conducted a survey . Over 2,200 people were surveyed, and 49% said there are so many shows to watch, that it’s hard to know where to start.  And yes, that’s the CORRECT answer.  Only 19% disagreed that there’s too much content. Last year, new episodes of 455 different shows aired on cable, broadcast, or streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Amazon Prime.  Ten years ago, there were less than HALF that, 192. Even crazier, we’re on pace to come close to 500 by the end of this year . . . and we may even surpass that number.


Men’s Fitness” decided to bless us with a list of the 9 Fittest Movies of All Time.  Here they are, in no particular order . . .


1.  “Raging Bull”:   Jake LaMottahimself said De Niro could have been a legit fighter.


2.  “Fight Club”:  This is the movie that turned Brad Pitt from a “skinny pretty boy” to a legit badass


3.  “300”:  Gerard Butler and his co-stars had to train for three months, then complete a 300-rep fitness test that included pull-ups, pushups, and deadlifts.


4.  The “Rambo” movies:  Stallone was, and still is, totally jacked.  And he spends most of the franchise shirtless.


5.  “Any Given Sunday”:  From the former football stars like Terrell Owens and Warren Moon, to Jamie Foxx, everybody’s ripped.


6.  “Pumping Iron”:  This is the 1976 bodybuilding documentary that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name.


7.  The “Rocky” movies:  See, “The ‘Rambo’ Movies”.


8.  “Bloodsport”:  Jean-Claude Van Damme competes in an illegal, no-holds-barred martial arts competition that’s almost like a precursor to MMA.



9.  “Enter the Dragon”:  According to “Men’s Fitness”, Bruce Lee shows off, quote, “one of the best physiques in the history of film” in this movie.

Kat Denning from 2 Broke Girls posted a few topless pics years ago to kinda do a preemptive strike on anyone who might want to hack her info and post her nudes. Well, somebody was trying to sell nude pictures of SIA . . . so she beat them to the punch by posting one of them on Twitter that shows her full, naked backside. She said, quote, “Save your money, here it is for free.  Everyday is Christmas!”  And she gets bonus points for using that naked backside to hype her new album, which just happens to be called “Everyday is Christmas”. 


Johnny Depp’s   ex-business managers are trying to get him to pay back a massive loan and he may have 5 homes get foreclosed.

The Management Group filed docs Monday to force a sale of Depp’s properties — all of which are in L.A. — in order to cover the $5 million TMG says it gave the actor in December 2012. They agreed to bail out Depp when he owed he money to City National Bank.  TMG says the 5 houses were collateral for the loan, and since he’s stopped paying … they want the properties. A judge still has to sign off on it and for his part Depp says it aint happening. His lawyer is calling it a publicity stunt.





Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have sold their Bel-Air mansion and are of course making a ton of money on it.  They sold the 1-acre property for $17.8 million. They bought the property in 2013 for $9 million. The sale stands as the most expensive sale ever in the exclusive Bel-Air Crest community.  The house is 10,000 square feet. The buyer is a Ukrainian philanthropist named Marina Acton who is based in Silicon Valley. She’s pursuing her music career and is moving to L.A. She says she found the house “creative and inspiring.” Matt and Josh from Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’ represented both sides in the deal.   


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 25 years since BLIND MELON put out their self-titled debut album, the one with the hit “No Rain”. That’s the one that featured the tap-dancing ‘Bee Girl’ in the video. The girl in the costume is Heather Deloach.  She’s 34 now, and  works as a representative for a “world-renowned fertility doctor.”  She was only in the video . . . the girl in the bee costume on the album cover was drummer Glen Graham’s younger sister.


Metallica‘s performance at this Thursday’s Band Together Bay Area benefit concert will be streamed live on, the band’s YouTube channel and the group’s Facebook page. The show will also be available on Twitter in the U.S. via @tippingpoint. They will do a 75-minute set as headliners. The show will also have Dave Matthews, and  Rancid along with others. 100 percent of the ticket price will go to relief efforts following the devastating wildfires that wreaked havoc in Northern California last month.


Soon to be 69 year old OZZY OSBOURNE finished BLACK SABBATH’s farewell tour back in February . . . and now, he’s announced some dates for a farewell solo tour.  But he isn’t hanging it up any time soon. For starters, he’s going to milk it a little.  The world tour is scheduled to launch next May in Mexico . . . and stretch into 2020. But even when that’s done, Ozzy admits that he’ll still perform occasionally . . . just no more world tours I guess.  There are 22 dates so far, covering Mexico, South America, and Europe.  It’s unclear when he’s hitting North America . . . those dates will be revealed sometime next year.





Bruce Prichard tweeted to Diddy about his name change to Brother Love… Yo. Find a new gimmick. I invented and perfected Brother Love. I am the original and you are not. Many many other old school wrestling fans blasted him as well. Well wrestling fans…relax, because DIDDY says he was just kidding about changing his name to ‘Brother Love.’  He posted a new video where he saying he was just joking around. Was he?


Time Magazine released its 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017 list on Thursday. As ever, the list includes some of the biggest names in fashion, television and music. This year, Kaia GerberShawn Mendes,  , Millie Bobby Brown, and Noah Cyrus were among the teens to make the list. Each teen was chosen based on “accolades across numerous fields, global impact through social media and overall ability to drive news,”  The list also included Willow Smith, 17, who made his debut, Brooklyn Beckham, 18, and Game of Thrones Isaac Hempstead Wright, 18. 


Check out the new trailer for “Fifty Shades Freed”.  It comes out on Valentine’s Day.

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The new season of “American Idol” will premiere on Sunday, March 11th.


TYRESE says WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT sent him $5 million to keep him afloat



On TV:


• “The Voice”  on NBC.  


• Part 1of “Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge”  on HBO.  A documentary about the last 50 years of music, politics, and pop culture since Jann Wenner created “Rolling Stone” magazine in 1967.  Part 2 airs tomorrow.


Blues in New Jersey at 6 on FSM


Lorde is 21.


Adam Devine is 34.  Brilliant comedic actor from “Workaholics”“Modern Family”, and the “Pitch Perfect” movies.

Morgan Spurlock is 47.  “Super Size Me” 

Christopher Knight is 60.  Peter on “The Brady Bunch”

King Kong Bundy is 60.  500-pound rassler who is the man the “Married With Children” family was named after.


Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…he is probably one of the most famous evangelists.  He’s ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister….he became famous is 1949!  Billy Graham….is 99 years young today.  

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Today’s birthday girl has seen more WANG than a Chinese phonebook in 173 fine films including:


  • China Vagina
  • Chinatown Cheerleaders
  • The Asian Persuasion
  • Asian Vacation
  • Oh Me So Horny
  • Viagra Falls Volume 2
  • When Big Just Isn’t Big Enough
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Asian Street Police:  Assume The Position