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#CrapOnCelebrities: Chances are you haven’t seen the Oscar nominated movies, unreleased Weird Al Yankovic music coming andgood news for Patrick Swayze fans.


BIJOU PHILLIPS who is just 36 years old.(Almost Famous, Hostel part 2, Raising Hope) has apparently been dealing with kidney issues for several years, and now she needs a transplant.  She might be in luck though, because she has a friend who's a match. She is married to Danny Masterson who played Hyde on That 70’s Show.


Seven years ago, the Academy increased the number of Best Picture Oscar nominees from five to between eight and ten . . . so they could highlight more of the movies that people have actually SEEN. Well, it isn't really working out that way. According to a new poll, 55.3% of America hasn't seen ANY of nine movies nominated for Best Picture this year. That makes sense, because only two of them have made over $100 million at the box office in the U.S., "La La Land" and"Hidden Figures".  Three have cleared $50 million: "Arrival", "Fences", and "Hacksaw Ridge".  But the other four . . . "Moonlight", "Hell or High Water", "Manchester By the Sea", and "Lion" . . . have even made $50 million. Now, you might be thinking . . . well, some of these movies are just now getting exposure, and the movie that WINS will get a post-Oscar bounce.  But that's not really true. In the poll, only 13% had seen last year's winner "Spotlight".  Only 20% had seen the previous winner, "Birdman" . . . and only 26% had seen the Best Picture before that, "12 Years a Slave". So, most Americans don't give a crap about Oscar-winning movies. And the data backs that up.  The survey asked people to select the things that influence their decision to see a movie, and the #1 answer was:  The ACTORS who are in it.  71% said that's important. 62% said the quality of the trailers influence them . . . 48% said friends' recommendations . . . 39% said critics' reviews . . . and just 35% said winning an Oscar matters, while 34% said an Oscar nomination might sway them. 43% said an Oscar win has ZERO influence on whether or not they see it. Still, a lot of people tune in to the ceremony.  Last year, about 34.4 million people watched it . . . and for better or worse, that was an eight-year low. Perhaps some of that DOES have to do with the lack of blockbuster movies included.  The last "big" movie to win Best Picture was probably the last "Lord of the Rings" movie, "Return of the King", which won in 2004.


First Solange made statements about the list of Grammy winners leaning very white. Now this guy…Original VILLAGE PEOPLE singer VICTOR WILLIS claims the Grammys have a 'secret committee,' whose job it is to conspire against black artists.  He says it was formed after Lionel Richie beat Bruce Springsteen for Album of the Year in 1985. Supposedly, the committee's job is to, quote, "override the decision of Grammy voters in the event the select committee does not like who the Grammy voter has chosen" for the four top awards.  And race is a part of that. The Recording Academy says it has no evil, 'secret committees' . . . although they do have TRANSPARENT procedures to oversee the process.


There's a realtor in Georgia who now has TWO big problems:  First, she has a very unfortunate name . . . and second, she just had her lawsuit against ELLEN DEGENERES over that name dismissed.  Here's the deal: Her name is pronounced "TeeTee Pierce".  But "TeeTee" is spelled "T-I-T-I".  So if you pronounce it the way it looks, it becomes dirty . . . and HILARIOUS. Well, somebody sent a picture of one of her signs to Ellen, and of course she made a joke about it.  So Pierce sued her for emotional distress and all that stuff.  But a judge just threw out the case, saying, quote, "The letter 'i' in the English language can be pronounced in several ways.  While Titi chooses to pronounce her name with 'e', there is nothing demonstrably false in pronouncing it with 'I' as DeGeneres did."


Before he was famous, "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC recorded a parody of "Tax Man" by the BEATLES, called "Pac-Man".It aired on a radio show back in the early '80s, but the Beatles legal team shut it down.  Weird Al says, quote, "I'd like to think that none of the Beatles ever actually heard the song back then.  It was just some office [clerk] whose whole job is to litigate and prosecute people for copyright infringement.” So, it was never released, but it'll be a part of his upcoming "Squeeze Box" collection, which will be out later this year. has an exclusive stream of the song up if you want to check it out now.


MICK JAGGER has never released a memoir . . . but he HAS written one.  A publisher named John Blake says he wrote a 75,000-word manuscript back in the early '80s.Mick got an advance of about $1 million, and was set up with a ghostwriter to help him out.  Everything was going fine until the manuscript was rejected . . . because it was, quote, "too light on sex and drugs." Apparently, that killed the project.  Blake says the manuscript is great though.  Quote, "It’s extraordinary.  I compared it to, like, the Dead Sea Scrolls . . . It's delicious, heady stuff." He's been trying to get Mick to agree to release the book as-is, but he isn't interested.  In fact, Mick doesn't even remember writing it in the first place.  And he has no intention of releasing any sort of autobiography any time soon.  A few years ago, Mick said, quote, "If someone wants to know what I did in 1965, they can look it up on Wikipedia."


Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi is auctioning off a bunch of his memorabilia in Los Angeles on April 28th and 29th.  The items include the leather jacket from Dirty Dancing and the surfboard from Point Break , which are worth $4,000 to $6,000 each. Then there's the maroon silk shirt he wore in "Ghost" . . . which has an estimated value between $2,000 and $4,000. And the wetsuit he wore in "Point Break" is going for the same price. They're also offering a collection of script packets from the "Saturday Night Live" episode he hosted in October of 1990.  That's the one where he went shirtless to audition for Chippendales against Chris Farley.  The "SNL" script will cost you $600-$800. Swayze also had a DELOREAN, which is expected to go for between $30,000 and $50,000 . . . and a Harley Davidson Softail, which is worth $8,000 to $10,000. Lisa says  she's donating part of the money to the Pancreatic Action Cancer Network.  Patrick died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.  He was only 57.


WILL FERRELL and AMY POEHLER run a basement casino in order to make money for their daughter's college tuition in "The House". Trailer HERE


What if Jar Jar Binks wasn't just a bumbling, poorly-constructed, borderline-racist character, but the REAL evil mastermind of the "Star Wars" prequels.  It seems ridiculous, but that's a fan theory that's going around right now, and there's an 8-and-a-half-minute video that makes the case.  And when you hear the evidence, it REALLY starts to make sense. Basically, in the first prequel, Jar Jar was ACTING like an idiot, and the plan was to reveal him as an evil Sith Lord later on.  But people HATED the character so much that GEORGE LUCAS got cold feet and wrote him out of the next two movies. The video points out moments when Jar Jar appears to be using the Force and Jedi mind tricks, and also the fact that he's the one who convinces the Galactic Senate to give absolute power to Palpatine . . . who's actually the evil emperor


Just last October, James Charles made headlines when he was named the first male brand ambassador for the the female-named company. But the 17-year-old beauty vlogger's spokesperson status may be in jeopardy thanks to a Twitter joke that wasn't exactly what one looks for in a spokesperson. Commenting on his feelings about a class trip to South Africa, James wrote in a now-deleted Tweet: I can’t believe we are going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?” James we are fine we could’ve gotten it at Chipotle last year” Africa is actually clear of Ebola as of 2016 per the World Health Organization. People tweeted that they were no longer going to support Cover Girl products because of this.


We've all called in sick to work when we're really hungover, right?  Well, it looks like JUSTIN BIEBER just got caught doing something like that. On February 8th, he was supposed to be in court for a deposition.  He's being sued for allegedly using a sample for "Sorry"without paying for it.  Lawyers for the songwriter who's suing Justin flew into L.A. from Nashville to interview him. But just hours before it was supposed to happen, Justin's people called and said he was sick and couldn't make it.  But then they found videos on YouTube of Justin drinking at a house party AND a club early THAT morning. So Justin didn't call in sick . . . he called in DRUNK. 


There's an investigation underway into reports that Justin Bieber was fighting in West Hollywood.  Authorities say they got a call at about 2:00 Saturday morning that the pop star had been involved in altercations with two bartenders at a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.  The same witness said he later saw Bieber argue with another customer and that Bieber head-butted the person before being dragged away by friends.  The victim reportedly refused medical attention and didn't want to file a report. 


MASTER P's got mad money . . .his net worth is about $350 million… but so does his new girlfriend.  Her name is Simin Hashemizadeh, and she's the CEO of a plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills. And for Valentine's Day, she gave him a white, $270,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost.  Even though he already had a black one.  She also got him a $50,000 pair of diamond earrings. 


One of Kurt Cobain's guitars is up for auction.  The Hagstrom Blue Sparkle Deluxe went on sale yesterday on eBay as part of a charity fundraiser.  The auction runs through February 26th. 


Documentarian Francis Whately is doing a film on the end of David Bowie's life.  HBO recently announced it has acquired the U.S. television rights for "David Bowie: The Last Five Years."  The movie contains rare interviews with Bowie, archival footage and audio from the Blackstar sessions.  There's no word on when HBO will air the project. Whately also did the 2013 film "David Bowie: Five Years."


On TV:


Saturday on Lifetime:  "Britney Ever After", which stars Australian minx Natasha Bassett as Britney Spears. It includes her days in the Mickey Mouse Club, her first kiss with Justin Timberlake, her marriage to K-Fed, dancing with python at the VMAs, her crazy head shaving incident, and wraps up with Britney's comeback and Las Vegas residency.


Sunday on Fox:  The first season finale of "Son of Zorn".


Sunday on AMC:  "The Walking Dead"




Ed Sheeran is 26

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 36

Paris Hilton is 36

Jerry O'Connell is 43

Billie Joe Armstrong is 45.  Green Day singer. 

Denise Richards is 46

Michael Bay is 52


Larry The Cable Guy is 54.  

Jillian Michaels is 43


DR. DRE is 52

Vanna White is 60


Styx singer Dennis DeYoung is 70.   

Yoko Ono is 84.

Jeff Daniels is 62


Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY of the DAY….many claim that she is the reason that the Beatles broke up…but we here on the Rizz show just think that she can sing like an angel….Yoko Ono is 84 years young.






Today’s birthday girl has been on her back more than an auto mechanic in 200 fine films including:


  • Anal Teen Horny Force
  • Pulp Friction
  • The Making of A Whore
  • Appetite for Ass Destruction
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Filthy
  • Two  Plus Me Equals Three
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…No Man’s Land:  Coffee & Cream Volume 2