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#CrapOnCelebrities: Actor R. LEE ERMEY passed away. The Rock’s video Rampage debuted at #1. WILL FERRELL was hospitalized.

Actor R. LEE ERMEY died of complications from pneumonia yesterday at the age of 74. He was a Marine Corps drill sergeant who went on to play one in “Full Metal Jacket”, which got him a Golden Globe nomination. He also did the voice of Sarge in the “Toy Story” movies, Lt. ‘Tice’ Ryan in “Rocket Power”, and the warden in “SpongeBob SquarePants”. His other movies include “Mississippi Burning”, “Prefontaine”, the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake, and “Fletch Lives”. And he played Dr. House’s father on “House”.




Director MILOS FORMAN died on Friday at the age of 88. His family says he died after a short illness, but there’s no specific cause of death. He won Academy Awards for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Amadeus”. And he was also nominated for “The People vs. Larry Flynt”. His other movies include “Man on the Moon”, “Hair”, and “The Firemen’s Ball”.





Conspiracy theory-loving radio legend ART BELL died on Friday at the age of 72. He’s best known for his spooky overnight show, “Coast to Coast”. There’s no cause of death yet . . . but if there was one I’d QUESTION it, in Art’s honor. Here he is talking with Larry King back in 1999. 




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The Rock’s video game movie “Rampage” debuted at #1. It made $34.5 million . . . and slipped past “A Quiet Place”, which made another $32.6 million, and the new movie “Truth or Dare”, which made $19.1 million.

Here’s this weekend’s Top 10 . . .

1. NEW: “Rampage”, $34.5 million.


2. “A Quiet Place”, $32.6 million. Up to $99.6 million in its 2nd week.


3. NEW: “Truth or Dare”, $19.1 million.


4. “Ready Player One”, $11.2 million. Up to $114.6 million in its 3rd week.


5. “Blockers”, $10.3 million. Up to $36.9 million in its 2nd week.


6. “Black Panther”, $5.3 million. Up to $673.8 million in its 9th week.


7. “Isle of Dogs”, $5 million. Up to $18.5 million in its 4th week.


8. “I Can Only Imagine”, $3.8 million. Up to $75 million in its 5th week.


9. “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony”, $3.7 million. Up to $37.9 million in its 3rd week.


10. “Chappaquiddick”, $3 million. Up to $11 million in its 3rd week.




CARDI B sold 255,000 copies of her new album “Invasion of Privacy” during its first week out, and that was EASILY enough to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. Cardi is just the fifth female rapper to hit #1 on the chart, after Nicki Minaj, Eve, Foxy Brown, and Lauryn Hill. But she’s the first to do it since 2012. The album also had the biggest streaming week for a debut studio album . . . and had the largest on-demand audio streaming week ever for an album by a woman.  




BON JOVI, THE MOODY BLUES, THE CARS, DIRE STRAITS, NINA SIMONE and SISTER ROSETTA THARPE officially became Rock and Roll Hall of Famers on Saturday night. Howard Stern inducted Bon Jovi, and took some shots at Jann Wenner, the founder of both “Rolling Stone” magazine and the Rock Hall. Dire Straits didn’t have a presenter, so bassist JOHN ILLSLEY did the honors. He also addressed MARK KNOPFLER’s absence, saying, quote, “I can assure you, it’s just a personal thing. It’s for personal reasons, let’s just leave it at that.” The Cars were inducted by Brandon Flowers from The Killers. Ann Wilson from Heart inducted the Moody Blues, and called them, quote, “a kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll band.” The Rock Hall did a new thing this year. They inducted six SONGS that helped shape rock and roll, including “Louie Louie”, “The Twist”, “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, and “Born to Be Wild”. There was also a tribute to TOM PETTY by the Killers . . . and Ann Wilson teamed up with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains to sing “Black Hole Sun” in honor of CHRIS CORNELL.




WILL FERRELL was hospitalized Thursday night when his SUV was rear ended on the I-5 freeway in Orange County and flipped over. He wasn’t seriously injured, and he was released early Friday morning. Will’s longtime driver was behind the wheel, and there were two other people in the vehicle. The driver and one of the other passengers were hospitalized, but are in stable condition. Police don’t believe drugs or alcohol were a factor.




JUSTIN BIEBER was at a Coachella party hosted by PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER when he saw a guy assault a woman. The other guy grabbed her by the throat and wouldn’t let her go . . . so Justin PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE and put him against a wall. The woman got away, and the guy was kicked out of the party. He was later seen chasing and smacking an SUV as it left the party, thinking Justin was inside. At that point, the police came and arrested him.





The cast of the next season of “Dancing with the Stars” was finally confirmed on “Good Morning America”on Friday. It’s an ALL-ATHLETE season, and here are the 10 couples competing . . .


1. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, dancing with Jenna Johnson.


2. Notre Dame basketball star Arike Ogunbowale, dancing with Gleb Savchenko.


3. Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer, dancing with Witney Carson.


4. Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, dancing with Artem Chigvintsev.


5. Former Olympic softball player Jennie Finch Daigle, dancing with Keo Motsepe.


6. Former baseball player Johnny Damon, dancing with Emma Slater.


7. Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, dancing with Sharna Burgess.


8. Former NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, dancing with Lindsay Arnold.


9. Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu, dancing with Alan Bersten.


10. Former Olympic figure skater (and alleged Nancy Kerrigan attack accomplice) Tonya Harding, dancing with Sasha Farber.


The season premieres on April 30th on ABC.





At Coachella KELLY ROWLAND and MICHELLE WILLIAMS joined Beyonce’ onstage for three songs: “Lose My Breath”, “Say My Name”,and “Soldier”. Not surprisingly, the show was heavy on female empowerment . . . like when Beyoncé said, quote, “Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline. Ain’t that ’bout a [B-word]?” Or when she yelled to the crowd, quote, “Ladies, are we smart? Are we strong? Have we had enough?” That was followed by a chant of, “Suck on my [testes].” JAY-Z also hit the stage for a duet on “Déjà vu”.  Meanwhile, CARDI B may have upstaged Beyoncé, by performing PREGNANT yesterday. And she brought along all her stripper moves. Remember, Beyoncé backed out of Coachella last year when she found out she was knocked up.




Future generations will remember Friday, April 13th, 2018 as THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED. At least for now. Because HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS had to cancel all their remaining dates for 2018. Why? Because Huey LOST HIS HEARING. It happened two and a half months ago, before a show in Dallas. It turns out he has an inner ear disorder called Meniere’s disease, and he can’t perform again until it clears up . . . IF that happens. Huey issued a statement saying, quote, “I can’t hear music well enough to sing. The lower frequencies distort violently making it impossible to find pitch . . .”I feel horrible about this and wish to sincerely apologize to all the fans . . . I’m going to concentrate on getting better, and hope that one day soon I’ll be able to perform again.”




Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea will release his book finally called Acid for the Children on Sept. 25. The 400-page hardcover title will retail at around $28. A press release issued four years ago said the book would explore his “move from a ‘normal’ upbringing in the suburbs of New York to Los Angeles to live a bohemian life with a jazz musician step-father; his young, rebellious life on the streets of L.A. where he befriends Anthony Kiedis and founds the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Kiedis and two other high school friends; details about his sometimes complex friendship and collaboration with Kiedis; his myriad experiences with hard drugs; and, of course, the tumultuous creative journey of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers through its various incarnations over the last 30 years, according to Flea.”



The Offspring are coming for Wayback Pointfest September 3rd and their 10th studio album is now likely to come out this fall too. They have about 10 songs done and a few more that just need lyrics. The Offspring’s last studio effort, Days Gone By, came out in 2012, while the band last issued a single, “Coming For You,” in January 2015. A second new Offspring track called “Sharknado” debuted in 2016 on the soundtrack of the movie Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.




The latest on brand new mom and baby daddy KHLOE KARDASHIAN and TRISTAN THOMPSON. Tristan now has FIVE alleged mistresses . . . but Khloe still hasn’t decided if it’s over between them.




Stan Lee is 95-years-old and I hate that all we read about now is lawsuits and people Fing with the guy and his money. But here we are.Stan is now suing his former business manager Jerardo Olivarez for $20 million, alleging financial abuse. Allegations against Olivarez and others in Lee’s circle emerged earlier this week in an article published by The Hollywood Reporter . All of the implicated parties, including Olivarez, Stan Lee museum proprietor Max Anderson and his daughter J.C., have accused each other of manipulation, elder abuse and fraud.  On Friday, Lee filed a lawsuit singling out Olivarez and claiming he “committed conversion, fraud, financial abuse of an elder and misappropriation of his name and likeness” in a series of strange, villainous schemes. Among the accusations: Olivarez swindled him out of $1.4 million, forging a $300K check and manipulating a nurse into extracting “many containers” of his blood so he could sell it as a collectible. TMZ reported last week that Lee’s friend Keya Morgan uncovered several “Black Panther” comic books with a DNA ink signature thought to be comprised of the blood the ex-manager stole.





Zsa Zsa Gabor fans are dropping some major dough on over 450 of her personal belongings and there’s still time to spend more.Her property is being auctioned off at her Beverly Hills home Saturday, and a few of the featured big-ticket items have already raked in big bucks. So far, a diamond and 14-karat gold necklace with her iconic “Dah-ling” catchphrase has fetched $20,000 … and her Steinway piano — featured in the film “Behind the Candelabra” — sold for thousands more than expected at $23,750. More of Gabor’s normal possessions — like her 1961 American passport and her 1989 California driver’s licence — sold for around $4k each. Heritage Auctions is in the middle of the auctioning action … so plenty more of Zsa Zsa’s home furnishings, clothes, jewelry, photos and memorabilia must go!




Here’s a life lesson: if you see a table of high-end makeup on the street corner that’s remarkably cheap, there might be poop in it. An LAPD task force seized over $700,000 worth of makeup on Thursday. The items tested positive for ingredients you *definitely* do not want on your face … like bacteria and human waste. The cosmetics included products from coveted brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, TooFaced and MAC. Los Angeles Police Captain Marc Reina shared a tweet from the raid of 21 locations in the Fashion District, including photos of some of the cosmetics



Does the name Gabriel Luna ring a bell? He is in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Well he was just named as the guy taking over the role as Terminator. This is the first reboot that James Cameron actually approves of.  





The opening night of Titanic the Musical was cut short  after the ship hit the iceberg when plaster from a backstage wall crumbled on stage. Audience members thought the crumbling wall was part of the performance until a safety curtain was pulled down and theatre-goers were told the show could not go on. 130,000 back petition calling for amnesty for Windrush immigrants The musical, which has been a huge hit in America, had just reached the dramatic scene at the end of the first act in which the tragic liner struck the iceberg. A member of staff then came on stage at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton – the city the ill-fated ship set off from in 1912 – to apologise after the falling plaster put a stop to the show. Speaking to the audience on Thursday night, he said: ‘I am really sorry that we have no alternative but to cancel this evening’s performance.’ The musical, which has been a huge hit in America, had just reached the dramatic scene at the end of the first act in which the tragic liner struck the iceberg. (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency) As the audience shared their disappointment with shouts of ‘no’, he added: ‘I share that feeling. We have made this call on a health and safety issue for the cast.


“High Definition Vinyl” is getting closer to being a reality that we apparently need?   In 2016, a European patent filing described a way of manufacturing records that the inventors claimed would have higher audio fidelity, louder volume, and longer playing times than conventional LPs. Now, the Austrian-based startup Rebeat Innovation has received $4.8 million in funding for the initiative, the company says, the first “HD vinyl” albums could hit stores as early as 2019. The HD vinyl process involves converting audio digitally to a 3D topographic map. Lasers are then used to inscribe the map onto the “stamper,” the part that stamps the grooves into the vinyl. These methods allow for records to be made more precisely and with less loss of audio information. The results, he said, are vinyl LPs that can have up to 30 percent more playing time, 30 percent more amplitude, and overall more faithful sound reproduction. The technique would also avoid the chemicals that play a role in traditional vinyl manufacturing. Plus, the new-school HD vinyl LPs would still play on ordinary record players.





• “American Idol” on ABC


• “The Voice” on NBC.





Gina Carano is 36. Badass MMA minx who transitioned into acting. She’s Angel Dust in “Deadpool”.


Gerardo is 53. Rico Suave.


Martin Lawrence is 53.


Jon Cryer is 53. “Two and a Half Men”



Bill Belichick is 66. Coach of the New England Patriots.



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 71.



Bobby Vinton is 83.


TODAY’S BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…he was the main guy between Cool Pope and JP-2….He actually resigned from being the pope because of his age.  He was the first to resign since 1415….Pope Benedict the 16th is 91 years old today.


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Today’s PORNO BIRTHDAY which is being brought to you by Patricia’s…where fun and fantasy meet is….



Today’s birthday gal has been pounded more than a trailer park during a tornado in 435 fine films including:


  • “Dong Show Volume 4”
  • “Dr. Fingers House of Lesbians”
  • “Grannie Gone Wild”
  • “Back Stage Entrance Volume 2”
  • “Welcome to My Face”
  • “Dildos of Darkness”
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….“What’s This Lesbian Doing In My Pirate Movie?!”