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Pennsylvania police find live deer inside car during DUI stop – HOOSHE

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Alabama sub shop customer says owner wished her dead after sandwich complaint – LINK

Tesla Now Offers an “Assertive” Self-Driving Option That Lets Your Car Drive Like a Jerk – LINK

Orkin Released Its Annual List of Cities with the Most Bed Bugs – LINK

Hackers Have Been Sending Malware-Filled USB Sticks to U.S. Companies Disguised as Presents – LINK

Experts cast doubts over reported ‘deltacron’ variant, say likely due to lab contamination – LINK

2022’s Hottest New Illness Is . . . “Flurona” – LINK

Non-Alcoholic Fake Cocktails Now Cost as Much as Actual Liquor . . . So Who’s Buying Them? – LINK



Betty White (LINK) died from a stroke … a stroke she had about 6 days before. The cause of death is listed as a cerebrovascular accident, according to her death certificate, which is a loss of blood flow to part of the brain, resulting in brain tissue damage. She was alert and coherent after the stroke, and she died peacefully in her sleep at home. It can be caused by blood clots or broken blood vessels in the brain. Betty passed away at her home on the final morning of 2021 … less than 3 weeks before she would have celebrated her 100th birthday. 

I know there is plenty of conjecture about the cause of the death of BOB SAGET.  There’s no official new information on a cause of death.  A couple things in the mean time. 

  1. Last week, Bob was a guest on the podcast”A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan”, and talks about contracting COVID-19.  It’s unclear when he contracted the virus.  He did sound like he was under the weather on the podcast, but that said, he did perform on Saturday night, so he’d apparently recovered.  Or THOUGHT he had.    
  1. Yesterday, the police released the 911 call (LINK).  They checked on him because he was supposed to leave earlier that day, and his family was unable to get ahold of him. There were no signs of trauma, foul play, or drug use.  This was at around 4:00 P.M. local time.  He’d last used his key to enter his room at 2:17 A.M. that morning. The authorities did find some medication, but it was all basic stuff . . . “ibuprofen, antacid, [and] an antihistamine.” 
  1. The initial autopsy was completed yesterday, but the results are inconclusive, and pending further investigation (LINK), which may take 10 to 12 weeks to complete. 
  1. Bob died on what would’ve been (LINK) his late sister’s 75th birthday.  
  1. Bob reportedlytalked to his wife Kelly Rizzo on the day he died.  A source says he was excited after performing a great show on Saturday night. 
  1. Bob’s touring partner Mike Youngsaid Bob “seemed great” before death.  He says everyone was “blindsided.” 

Jenna Jameson is in the hospital and unable to walk after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. (Guillain-Barré (Ghee-YAN Bah-RAYor GILLAN BAH RAY) syndrome (GBS) is a rare, autoimmune disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages the nerves, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. GBS can cause symptoms that last for a few weeks to several years. Most people recover fully, but some have permanent nerve damage.) Over the weekend, her partner, Lior Bitton — with whom she shares 4-year-old daughter Batel Lu, said she was in the hospital undergoing tests after “not feeling so good.” The ex-porn star had been throwing up for two weeks before going to the hospital last week, only to be sent home. Then her muscles in her legs were very weak.   And then within two days she wasn’t able to walk.”

Magnolia Network (LINK), the new joint venture between Chip and Joanna Gaines and Discovery, has removed one of its series from the air two days after the channel’s launch amid accusations of poor work and unexpected costs against its hosts. A rep for the network, confirmed that Home Work has been yanked after allegations surfaced against hosts Andy and Candis Meredith by homeowners on social media. “Magnolia Network is aware that certain homeowners have expressed concerns about renovation projects undertaken by Candis and Andy Meredith,” the network said in a statement. “Within the last few days, we have learned additional information about the scope of these issues, and we have decided to remove Home Work from the Magnolia Network lineup pending a review of the claims that have been made.”

If you aren’t aware, celebrities and influencers are often asked to post sponsored content. I have a list of who’s getting paid what. On last year’s list “The Rock” was number one. He isn’t anymore. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is now number 1! He has 322 million followers and his cost per post is $1,604,000. #2 is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with 259 million followers and his cost per post: $1,523,000. #3 is Ariana Grande at 256 million followers and cost per post: $1,510,000. #4 Kylie Jenner has 254 million followers and cost per post: $1,494,000. #5  Selena Gomez has 249 million followers and cost per post: $1,468,000 

KATY PERRY just came out with a non-alcoholic drink line called De Soi (LINK).  They’re sparkling drinks with health benefits. “De Soi” is French for “pleasure with restraint.” (Its also the name of a great Facebook group)  Comes in citrus, strawberry and grapefruit  and blackberry with rose. They are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO and don’t have any artificial flavoring.  A 25-ounce bottle or a 4-pack of 8-ounce cans cost $25. 

Ever the forward thinkers…CBS is rebooting a 67-year-old sitcom. They are developing a new version of  The Honeymooners. This time around, it’ll be a “bold, female-driven” story from executive producer Damon Wayans Jr. (New Girl) and showrunner Lindsey Shockley (Black-ish). The story is described as centered on a “new wife, Ruth, and her husband, Alex, who are determined to have a marriage where they are true equals in every way. But what happens when a marriage has two heads of the household? Are they co-heads? Or no head at all?” The Honeymooners began as a comedy sketch on star Jackie Gleason’s variety show and aired on CBS for one season from 1955-56. 

Musicians are selling the rights to their music more often than Andy Dick gets arrested now a days. The latest to sell HIS stuff is John Legend. He sold his copyrights and rights to royalties of his catalog to KKR & Co. and BMG, with each company getting a 50-percent stake. A regulatory filing notes the deal was actually reached in September. So how much did he get? This article said it was undisclosed.  For reference, though, last week David Bowie’s catalog had sold for about $250 million (LINK). A few weeks earlier, Bruce Springsteen sold his masters and publishing rights for about twice that much. In December 2020, Stevie Nicks sold 80 percent of her publishing for around $100 million and Bob Dylan also sold his for an unknown amount that “was easily in nine figures.” While Legend isn’t as established as the aforementioned legacy acts, his discography is impressive. In includes four top-four albums (his first four LPs: 2004’s Get Lifted, 2006’s Once Again, 2008’s Evolver, and 2013’s Love In The Future. His seventh and latest album, Bigger Love, was released in 2020. He also had a No. 1 single in 2013 with “All Of Me,” and other recognizable hits include “Ordinary People” and the Andre 3000 collaboration “Green Light.”

Still stealing music? Besides being a dbag move it looks like less and less people are doing it. Making digital tracks easily available through iTunes was a start, but what really hit piracy was the rise of streaming. Streaming offered high-quality audio compared to a lot of pirated songs and is virus-free. And now with 95 million songs available it seems like way too much trouble to steal anything. According to a new report from the European Union, music piracy continues to decline. Using a survey of 5,000 internet users in the UK as a baseline, the report sales that piracy dropped 15% in 2020 and another 18% in 2021. Going a little deeper, the survey showed that 13% of respondents used a mix of legal and illegal sources for their music. Only 2% went 100% illegal. 

The website Uswitch.com analyzed user ratings on IMDb for certain negative keywords and poor reviews, and put together a list of The 15 Most Boring Movies of the Past 20 Years.  They are: (LINK)

  1. “The Last Airbender”, 2010 
  1. “Annabelle”, 2014 
  1. “Suicide Squad”, 2016 
  1. “Total Recall”, 2012.  
  1. “Battle Los Angeles”, 2011 
  1. “Justice League”, 2017 
  1. “Green Lantern”, 2011 
  1. “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”, 1999 
  1. “Alice in Wonderland”, 2010. With Johnny Depp. 
  1. “Clash of the Titans”, 2010.  The remake, not the original 
  1. “The Wolfman”, 2010.  The one with Benicio del Toroand Anthony Hopkins. 
  1. “Ice Age: Continental Drift”, 2012.  This is the fourth “Ice Age”movie. 
  1. “White House Down”, 2013 
  1. “X-Men: Apocalypse”, 2016 
  1. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”, 2013 

They also put out a list of the most boring TV shows, and the U.S. version of the British sitcom “The Inbetweeners” is #1.  It lasted only one season in 2012. Netflix’s Marvel show “Iron Fist” is second, followed by another Marvel show “Inhumans” . . . then it’s “Fear the Walking Dead” . . . “The Walking Dead” . . . “Girls” . . . and yet another Marvel show “The Punisher”. “Riverdale” . . . “Grey’s Anatomy” . . . and “Heroes” round out the Top 10.

 Speaking of…”Grey’s Anatomy” was renewed . . . AGAIN . . . for a 19th season.  And ELLEN POMPEO has signed on to return as Meredith Grey.  And even this might not be the end.  There’s no mention yet of this being the final season. After hearing the renewal news, many fans had fun and took to Twitter to share some jokes.  Here are a few: “The fact that Ellen Pompeo could’ve spent all those years to become an actual doctor.”

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Pop singer Cody Simpson is 25.

Amanda Peet is 50.

Mary J. Blige is 51.

Guitarist Tom Dumont from No Doubt is 53.

Jason Connery is 59. Sean Connery’s son. He used to be married to Mia Sara [Sloan Peterson from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”] but they divorced in 2002. That’s pretty much all he’s known for . . . but it’s more than enough.

World Golf Hall of Famer Ben Crenshaw is 70.

Country singer Naomi Judd is 76

Porn B

Sabrina Sweet

Today’s birthday girl has been in 213 fine films, including:

  • All Roads Lead To Pleasure
  • Ass Traffic 4
  • The Butt Babes Of Budapest
  • Fist Fiesta 2 & 3
  • Hungarian Angels
  • She Is Half My Age 6
  • And who can forget her role in 2010’s Night Of The Living Whores

Sabrina Sweet is 36 years old


The Blues President announced yesterday the team has placed Brayden Schenn and Colton Parayko in COVID protocols. Both players join Vladimir Tarasenko, Scott Perunovich and Jake Walman, who were placed in COVID protocols on Jan. 6.  The team’s next game is Thursday against the Kraken at Enterprise Center.

Two quick NHL records I wanna chat about…first off – Marc Andre Fleury – who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, spent some time in Vegas with the Golden Knights.  After the Blackhawks picked up the win against the Knights a few days back, he became the first goalie in NHL history to pick up a win against EVERY single NHL team.  Also – sorta related – Nazim Kadri of the Colorado Avalanche scored a goal last night against the Kraken making HIM the first ever NHL player to score a goal against every NHL team.

We have a College Football National Champion NOT named Alabama.  Even thoughn many folks already started putting Bama’s name on the trophy, the University of Georgia Bulldogs are the national champs after a 33-18 win.  A 20 point 4th quarter and a pick six to seal the deal at the end got the Bulldogs their first National Championship since 1980.  They are also the first 3 seed to win the title since the playoffs format started.

Alabama’s excitement after pulling off its longest play of the College Football Playoff final was quickly crushed when its star wide out went down with what appeared to be a pretty severe injury. Wide receiver and St. Louis’ own Jameson Williams hauled in a 40-yard reception, streaking down the middle of the field to beat the Georgia secondary. In trying to make a cut to avoid a tackle, he stepped awkwardly with his left leg, falling to the turf and immediately grabbing his left knee in pain. Williams was helped off the field, putting no weight on his left leg and went into the medical tent on the sideline. He was later shown walking to the locker room without any assistance however he didn’t return to the game.

Yesterday we talked about how Matt Nagy from the Bears, Mike Zimmer from the Vikings, and Vic Fangio from the Broncos were all fired on Black Monday in the NFL.  Add another name to that list and one that is a little surprising.  Brian Flores from the Dolphins was let go yesterday.  His head coaching record was 24-25.  He had a real rough 5-11 season his first year, then was 10-6 and finished this year 9-8.

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Monday following the team’s season-ending victory in Arizona. Smith was arrested at 2:10 a.m. and was released from custody around 9:30 a.m. Smith was arrested by the Washington State Patrol, but no other information was immediately available. Smith has just completed his third season with the Seahawks. He appeared in four games and started three while Russell Wilson was out due to finger surgery.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic held a practice session at Melbourne Park on Tuesday, his second day out of detention, focusing on his Australian Open title defense while still facing the prospect of deportation because he isn’t vaccinated for COVID-19.

He headed to the court to practice within hours of winning a legal battle on Monday against the cancellation of his visa, based on procedural grounds. He returned earlier today for a closed practice, with doors locked and only his support team allowed into the arena.

Major League Baseball games could have a new broadcast home soon. Apple has been involved in “substantial talks” about broadcasting MLB games next season. If a deal is reached, Apple would likely make the games available through its subscription service Apple+. A deal between MLB and Apple would be the tech company’s first dive into live sports coverage. An agreement between the two entities “would not be anywhere close” to the deal between the NFL and Amazon, which is reportedly worth more than $1 billion per year.  MLB is shopping a package of weekday national games since ESPN will no longer be carrying regular Monday and Wednesday games. He stated that the league has had talks with Barstool Sports and Amazon, as well as “most of the major players.”

After a shocking upset of #15 Alabama – Mizzou will take on Arkansas tomorrow night on the road.  Tonight the Billikens are on the road to take on Dayton.  Tip off is at 6PM.  Also in action tonight, 25th ranked Illinois takes on Nebraska on the road.  Tip off for that game is at 7:30PM.

And finally — Last week, the girls’ basketball Sacred Heart Academy in Connecticut blew out an opponent. We mean, REALLY crushed them.  Sacred Heart beat Lyman Hall High School 92 to 4!  Lyman Hall’s coach said, “Sacred Heart pressed for most of the first half then called it off and went into a tight man-to-man half-court defense trying to get steals. They fast breaked the entire game right to the end. They never went into a zone and continued to push the ball up the court and shoot threes wherever they could. They showed no mercy throughout.” The controversial victory led Sacred Heart officials to suspend THEIR head coach for one game.  The school apologized to the Lyman Hall team saying in part, “the Girls’ Basketball game vs. Lyman Hall High School does not align with our values or philosophies.”