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Delray Beach Man Charged With Playing With His Jalapeño In Chipotle Parking Lot – LINK

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Footprints in snow lead troopers to Indiana County burglary suspect – LINK

A TikToker Got Fined $18,500 for Eating a Great White Shark – LINK

Florida Authorities Arrest ‘The Pooping Perpetrator’ for Burglary After Suspect Jumped Naked into River and was Rescued by Police – LINK


N.S. groundhog, lobster agree there will be 6 more weeks of winter – LINK

Balzac Billy doesn’t see shadow – LINK

‘Manitoba Merv’ predicts six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day – LINK

Canadian groundhog Fred la Marmotte found dead before planned prediction – LINK

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Bengals Star Joe Mixon Charged In Warrant For Allegedly Pointing A Gun At Woman – LINK

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Pro wrestler ‘Leaping’ Lanny Poffo, brother of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, dead at 68 – LINK


If there are any “Matlock” fans still breathing, this might just be the thing that sends them over the edge: CBS is rebooting “Matlock” . . . but with a GENDER-SWAP.  Kathy Bates is the new Matlock.  She’s replacing Andy Griffith, who starred in the original series from 1986 to 1995, and passed away in 2012. Here’s the official synopsis:  “After achieving success in her younger years, the brilliant septuagenarian Madeline Matlock rejoins the work force at a prestigious law firm where she uses her unassuming demeanor and wily tactics to win cases and expose corruption from within.” Interestingly, the original Matlock never even ran on CBS.  It aired on NBC from ’86 to ’92, then finished its run on ABC (Variety)

Let’s just get this out of the way first thing:  Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome.  Always has been, always will be. And while other people may have thought she had it in her, she never believed she’d be an Oscar nominee. She says, quote, “I’m 64 years old.  I’ve been an actor since I was 19.  I made horror films and sold yogurt that makes you [poop].  I never thought I would hear my name at the Oscars.” (Here’s one of Jamie Lee’s old ads for Activia yogurt.) Jamie Lee says that when she heard she was nominated, she was, quote, “shocked, shocked, and then thrilled.” She’s up for Best Supporting Actress in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (New York Post)

A three-part Lollapalooza docuseries is coming to Paramount+. The streaming service announced today that it has greenlit Lolla: The Story Of Lollapalooza, to be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and FunMeter, the studio behind HBO’s McMillion$, in partnership with the festival’s current promoter, C3 Presents. It’ll be directed by Michael John Warren, who helmed Jay-Z’s Fade To BlackLolla reportedly “will chronicle the wild, exciting and strangely symbiotic 30+ year relationship between the iconic festival and its founder, music legend Perry Farrell, and the evolution of the now global cultural phenomenon that transcends generations of music fans and artists of all genres.”The massively influential touring festival version of Lolla has been endlessly chronicled, but even if the series dredges up no new anecdotes about Courtney Love’s backstage behavior or whatever, presumably there are still some untold stories regarding the fixed-in-place Chicago iteration of the fest, as well as its expansion into international markets. There is no announced release date for Lolla yet, but presumably it will premiere before this year’s Lolla kicks off Aug. 3 in Chicago?

Dwayne Johnson is thanking the heavens above after his mother, Ata Johnson, survived a scary car accident. The Rock shared the news on Instagram on Thursday. He posted a photo of the red Cadillac Escalade his mother was driving when it was involved in a serious crash Wednesday night. The photo shows the SUV’s front-passenger side crushed.  In the caption, he wrote, “Thank you God 🙏🏾 she’s ok.” “Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night.” “She’ll survive and continue to get evaluated,” he continued in the caption. “This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.” The Rock went on to thank the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments “for being so caring & focused,” and for “staying on [the] phone and talking me thru it all.”

Days after Linkin Park posted a cryptic tweet taking users to a now-expired countdown clock, the band has posted an interactive puzzle at LinkPark.com. Once at the site, you can enter your email address or log in through Spotify or Apple Music to get sent to a “virtual room”. In the room hangs a platinum disc of Meteora and a Spotify award for 1 billion streams of the song “Numb.”  You can also click on certain items in the room, like the CD case that will eventually open a window with a puzzle that leads you to inspect other items in the room. Fans are guessing that Linkin Park is about to drop some big news in celebration of Meteora’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

This actor is showing us his real side. Sylvester Stallone’s family’s new reality show is coming to Paramount+ this spring. The Family Stallone docuseries stars the actor, his wife Jennifer, and daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. The description reads, “After playing some of the most legendary characters in cinematic history, three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone is ready to give cameras access to what he would consider the greatest role of his lifetime: dad. Stallone recently spoke about the series to ET Canada. “I want to get real with my daughters. I actually want to have footage of that,” he shared. The Rocky star explained why he decided to invite cameras into his home in the first place, admitting that the series is “uncharted waters.” He gave props to Ozzy for doing it right with his family reality show.

Several rock acts were newly eligible this year to be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees but weren’t chosen.  This year, the Hall considered nominees who released a debut in 1997 and 1998. Newly eligible bands that weren’t nominated include:


Queens of The Stone Age

Limp Bizkit


System of A Down

Rob Zombie



While Bryan Cranston was being interviewed on yesterday’s episode of “Hot Ones”, he divulged what the “Breaking Bad” blue meth was really made of.  And how he and Aaron Paul snacked on it one time during a 16-hour shoot.  (His impression of Aaron is perfect.)

Alison Brie said she’s a very comfortable naked person and loves streaking. In an interview with “People”, she said, quote, “I certainly had a penchant for it in my college years.  At CalArts I was a big streaker.  And even in my adult life, I find it to be quite hilarious.  It’s so fun [and] really makes me laugh . . . “I’ve spent years talking Dave [Franco] into accepting my comfort with nudity.  He’s comfortable with me being nude at our home, but in public, he’s more averse to it.” You can see Alison streak in the trailer for her upcoming movie “Somebody I Used to Know”.  It hits Prime Video on the 10th (UproxxPeople)

The new “Night Court”has been a big enough hit for NBC that they already ordered a second season.  (Full Story)

Vanilla Ice has reflected on the time that Madonna proposed to him. The ‘Ice Ice Baby’ rapper dated Madonna for a short period in the ’90s and recently spoke about the pop star, who was nearly a decade older than him at the time, asking him for his hand in marriage. He began by telling a podcast how the pair’s romance flourished after first meeting at one of his sold-out New York Palladium shows in the early ’90s. Remembering seeing Madonna in the crowd “dancing her ass off”, he then recalled Madonna coming to his dressing room after the show to say hello as well as give him the “sexy eyes”. At the time, the 23-year-old rising star thought the then 32-year-old singer was “too old” for him so he thought he must have been “way mistaken” about her apparent romantic interest. After the New York shows, he was told that Madonna wanted another meeting.

A romantic dinner was set up at The Palm restaurant in New York after which Ice told Hutt thing “got a little dirty”. The pair then starting getting together, but Ice said that the affair was short-lived because Madonna put him in her infamous 1992 Sex book without his consent. Ice added that the two were still dating when the book came out and that he was unaware of it beforehand due to his busy career. “She even proposed to me,” he said of his dalliance with Madonna. “I was just like, ‘What?! I thought the guy was supposed to do that? What do you mean, wait a minute! This is too fast! I’m just getting started here and I’m way too young for this.’”

There’s been a bit of an inheritance debate lately since Marie Osmond stated that her children won’t be included in her will.  Well, “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer is here to give his input. In an interview  he said, quote, “My kids are going to get their inheritance.  If the United States has decided they don’t want to give it to them, we’ll go someplace else . . . “But, you know, I got to make sure that they’re well cared for because that’s my job.” Kelsey has seven kids.  They range in age from 6 to 39. (Here’s more information on the “Frasier” reboot for Paramount+.) (Fox News