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Sean Diddy Combs welcomed a new baby.  On Saturday, Diddy tweeted, “I’m so blessed to welcome my baby girl Love Sean Combs to the world.” He added, “Mama Combs, Quincy, Justin, Christian, Chance, D’Lila, Jessie, and myself all love you so much! God is the Greatest/” Diddy did not reveal the identity of the mother.  He now has seven kids.

Johnny Knoxville and his buddies love to torment each other.  But not everyone likes to be the butt of the joke.  Johnny is being sued over a prank he pulled on a handyman for his new show “The Prank Patrol”. Khalil Khan was called to a home to fix an electric dimmer switch.  When he got there, the “owner” told him he knew jiu-jitsu, and would beat Khan up if he didn’t do it right. Within minutes, a young girl ran into the room screaming that Khan had killed her pony.  She and the homeowner led him to a room where there appeared to be a pony on LIFE SUPPORT.  Supposedly, he had cut the power to the machine and the pony died.  Khan then looked outside and saw that his car was being towed. When he took out his phone to call the cops, one of the towing guys held up a bag of white powder.  He said that if Khan called police, he would be arrested for possession of cocaine. By this point, Khan was in a panic.  His lawsuit says, quote, “In the span of just minutes, he had been threatened with being beaten up, told he botched the repair job, accused of murdering a pony . . . “Had his car taken without his permission, and was now being told that he would be arrested for possession of illicit narcotics.” That’s when Johnny came out and revealed that the whole thing was a prank.  He offered Khan “a few hundred dollars,” but that wasn’t gonna do it. Khan says he was traumatized by the ordeal, and has suffered a lack of sleep, anxiety, and emotional distress.  And he’s worried that if the footage ever goes public, he’ll be subjected to harassment and ridicule. There’s no word how much he’s suing for (LINK)

Bam Margera has made a full recovery, it seems, because the guy is out of the hospital and on his own two feet again.  Bam posted a photo Saturday that showed him posing with a buddy, adding a caption that read … “I’m out! Thank you to my friends, family and you for the love, support and prayers.” A day earlier, his team posted an update on his condition…they wrote, “Fortunately, he is now testing negative for COVID and receiving care for pneumonia. Bam is on the road to recovery and thankfully will be discharged soon.” It sounds like he’s out of the woods now, but for a while there … his condition sounded fairly serious and potentially dire, as he was put on a ventilator by doctors out of an abundance of caution. Bam was treated (LINK) at a San Diego hospital after contracting pneumonia, which was compounded by the fact that he caught ‘rona right around the same time — a terrible combination. He was in the ICU, but we were told he was in stable condition.

Comedian Mark Curry says that he was confronted while having coffee in a hotel lobby, just because he’s black. Curry was at a Wyndham hotel called The Mining Exchange in Colorado Springs, when two employees asked him if he was a guest there.  So Curry took out his phone and started filming as the two men followed him around the hotel. Later in the video he returned to his room and gave out the hotel’s phone number, asking people to call them to complain.  He said, quote, “300 people in the lobby, 300.  Eating and drinking.  I sat down in the lobby to have some coffee, get outta my room, and this mother[effer] gonna jam me up, ask me if I belong there?” The Wyndham says it has apologized and offered to comp Mark’s room . . . and offer him another free stay.  They also say they’re retraining their staff.

Steve Martin and Martin Short brought their A-game to their joint Saturday Night Live opening monologue, reading each other eulogies and surprising viewers with an appearance from their Only Murders in the Building co-star Selena Gomez. ((HERE IS A QUICK HIGHLIGHT))

Speaking of SNL….Lizzo will make another appearance on Saturday Night Live.  She’ll be the musical guest this coming Saturday, taking the place of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The group’s guitarist Nick Zinner has been battling pneumonia for the last month.  Lizzo was the host and musical guest on SNL in April.

Is “Die Hard”a Christmas movie or not?  The world may never truly get to a consensus on this.  But this might sway a few people. A new trailer that was made to promote the movie’s release on 4K presents “Die Hard” as, quote, “the greatest Christmas story ever told.” Bruce Willis’s John McClane is just a dad who wants to spend the holiday with his family, but, quote, “gets stuck at the office party.” In case you’re wondering where Bruce stands on the issue . . . during his Comedy Central Roast in 2018, he said “Die Hard” is, quote, “a [gosh] damn Bruce Willis movie.” 

James Gunn and his partner Peter Safran are really shaking things up at DC.  And that includes a big switch for Jason Momoa. Sources say that after “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” comes out next December, Jason will be officially done with the character. But he’s not getting the axe.  Instead he’s going to play a DIFFERENT DC character . . . the anti-hero Lobo. On a related note, Gunn denied rumors that he doesn’t like Henry Cavilas Superman.  He added, quote, “Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.” (LINK)

After the success of Top Gun: Maverick, the movie’s director thinks a third movie could happen.  Joseph Kosinski told Deadline, “Is there another story that is compelling enough that we need to go back?” He continued, “It seems to me at the end of this film that Maverick has some gas left in the tank. He’s not settling down.” Top Gun: Maverick will begin streaming on Paramount+ on December 22nd.

Many eyebrows were raised after a new R. Kelly album popped up on Friday.  The work is called I Admit It. The album appeared on several streaming services before it was pulled.  As it turns out, Kelly nor Sony Music released the album.  An attorney for Kelly said the convicted artist’s team didn’t drop it, and Sony said the release didn’t come from them. Sony parted ways with Kelly in 2019.  Apparently…. Real Talk Entertainment somehow acquired the music and released the album. It is speculated that Kelly may have sold music rights to the company at some point.

What’s a tour without drugs and alcohol?  People who work for Beyoncé are about to find out. While she hasn’t even announced any Renaissance Tour dates yet, the not-always-reliable British tabloids say she’s keeping everyone on a tight leash. Drugs and alcohol will be strictly banned not only during the tour, but during rehearsals as well. She’s also doing #MeToo checks on dancers, band, and crew members.  A source says, quote, “Bey knows the new performances will require intense choreography and precision, so everyone has to be clean and sober. There won’t be any crazy partying on the road either.” She’s also providing the crew with mental health resources because, quote, “She knows people are happiest when they know their well-being is fulfilled.”

Patti LaBelle was ushered off stage by security after a suspected bomb threat. LaBelle was performing at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee on Saturday when the threat occurred.  Two men escorted Patti to safety as she accepted flowers from a fan. She screamed, “wait,” as they pulled her away from the microphone.  The audience was evacuated from the theater, and the rest of the concert was postponed.

Dolly Parton’s matter-of-fact honesty is one of the million things we love about her.  During an interview on “CMT Hot 20 Countdown” she revealed a secret function of the wigs she wears. Quote, “My wig cap has a little pocket on it in the back because my clothes are so tight, my mic pack don’t fit nowhere, there’s only room for me in my clothes. So I have it to where the mic fits in my hair ’cause I wear wigs all the time and so it goes right over it and we just kind of mic it around and it works perfect.” By the way, here’s another great moment from Dolly’s recent visit to “The Kelly Clarkson”.  She met a six-year-old named Rosie, who was born blind, but learned to read braille thanks to Dolly’s charity, the Imagination Library.  Rosie’s mom explained that just 10% of blind kids get the chance to learn braille, and it’s already made a big difference in her life.

Mariah Carey’s 11-year-old daughter Monroe joined her onstage Friday night to sing “Away in Manger” during a show in Toronto.  Here’s how it sounded.

Alanis Morissette fans may remember her 2019 performance of “Little Drummer Boy” during The Tonight Show. Now, she’s gotten back into the spirit with a recorded version of the holiday classic. Accompanied by twinkling bells, tambourines, and warm synths, Morissette begins her cover of “Little Drummer Boy” with restrained vocals, but brings more intensity once she starts singing about Mary in the third verse.

Just because a movie came out in the 2000s, doesn’t mean it can’t be a Christmas classic.  Here is list of movies from that time that will put you in the holiday spirit:

  1. “Elf”(2003)
  1. “Love Actually”(2003)
  1. “The Holiday”(2006)
  1. “The Christmas Chronicles”(2018)
  1. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”(2005)
  1. “Bad Santa”(2003)
  1. “Serendipity”(2001)
  1. “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas”(2011)
  1. “The Night Before”(2015)

10.  “Arthur Christmas” (2011)


Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory”, and one of your new “Jeopardy!” hosts. Mayim Bialik is 47.

Hank Williams the Third is 50.

Jennifer Connelly is 52.

Sheila E. is 65.

Davy Jones in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Viktor in the “Underworld” films, and Shaun’s stepfather in “Shaun of the Dead”. Bill Nighy is 73.

Former Allman Brothers guitarist who wrote their hits “Jessica” and “Rambling Man”. Dickey Betts is 79.

Dionne Warwick is 82.

Bob Barker is 99.

And… Frank Sinatra would have been 107 today

Porn B

Avy Lee Roth

Today’s birthday girl has been in 255 fine films, including:

– 50 To 1 1

– Baby Has Pigtails 2

– Biggz and the Beauties 12

– California Hot Oil Wrestling 2

– Damn He’s Old Enough to Be My Daddy

– Horny Spanish Flies 2

– It Ain’t Easy Bein Sleazy 4

– And who can forget her role in 2007’s Revenge Of The Whores 2

Avy Lee Roth is 43 years old


The defending Stanley Cup champions were missing all kinds of players due to injury, including mainstays Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog and had a out of form back up goalie in goal when the Blues played em over the weekend. A perfect time to play them really. But, the Blues couldn’t hold off the Avalanche in the final seconds of regulation, and then lost 3-2 in overtime at Enterprise Center, before a sellout crowd of just over 18,000. For now, they are 12-15-1 for 25 points. Only seven teams in the entire league have a worse record. The Blues host another Central Division rival, the Nashville Predators, tonight at 7pm.

  • The Heisman Trophy went to Caleb Williams of USC.
  • The quarterback of the Trojans won the honor on Saturday night in New York City.
  • He beat out TCU’s Max Duggan, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, and Georgia’s Stetson Bennett.
  • Williams is the 19th quarterback to win the Heisman in the last 22 years.

It’s hard to believe we’re just days away from knowing the teams in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. The semifinals are the next stage on tap early this week. As per FIFA World Cup tradition, the two semifinals will take place on different days, with one semifinal on Tuesday, December 13 and the other on Wednesday, December 14. It does mean that one of the World Cup finalists will get an extra day of rest ahead of the final on Sunday, December 18.

The teams that come up short in the semis will have one final chance to end the tournament on a positive note in the third-place match happening on the eve of the final. Defending World Cup champions France are back in the semifinals and they will be the favorites against Morocco, with the Atlas Lions becoming the first African team to reach the semifinals. Morocco was the longest shot of any of the eight teams that advanced to the quarterfinals, but they have not been a fluke. They’ve done it with expert defending and inspired play by their attacking front three. Portugal was shocked 1-0 by Morocco in the quarterfinals on Saturday. And on Sunday Cristiano Ronaldo publicly reacted by saying

“To win a World Cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career,” “the dream was beautiful while it lasted.”

The France England Quarterfinal was incredible. Gareth Southgate’s England side lost 2-1 in their quarter-final meeting with Les Bleus on Saturday night as Harry Kane’s late penalty miss ensured it was reigning champions France who progressed to the last four to meet Morocco.



Argentina VS Croatia on Tuesday at 1pm

France VS Morocco Wednesday 1pm

Grant Wahl, an American journalist who helped grow the popularity of soccer in the U.S. and reported on some of the biggest stories in the sport, died Saturday while covering a World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands. He was 48. U.S. media seated near him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the media tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time and reporters adjacent to him called for assistance. Wahl was covering his eighth World Cup. He wrote Monday on his website that he had visited a medical clinic while in Qatar. “My body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress and lots of work can do that to you,” Wahl wrote. “What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort.” Wahl wrote that he tested negative for COVID-19 and sought treatment for his symptoms. “I went into the medical clinic at the main media center today, and they said I probably have bronchitis. They gave me a course of antibiotics and some heavy-duty cough syrup, and I’m already feeling a bit better just a few hours later. But still: No bueno,” he wrote. In the weeks before his death, Wahl made international headlines after he tweeted that he had been refused entry to the game between the United States and Wales on Nov. 21 because he was wearing a rainbow t-shirt in support of the LGBTQ community. Wahl wrote this week that he had been among 82 journalists honored by FIFA and the international sports press association AIPS for attending eight or more World Cups (LINK)

This dude was an incredible personality in US Soccer and is an enormous loss. What the heck happened?

A bad New York Jets quarterback situation got worse on Sunday in a 20-12 loss to the Buffalo Bills. But it wasn’t bad enough to consider a return to Zach Wilson. Mike White got really banged up in some gnarly highlight moments, and Joe Flacco struggled in relief in the loss, raising speculation that Wilson could return next week against the Detroit Lions. Head coach Robert Saleh squashed the idea immediately in his postgame conference. He did so as he announced that White was in an ambulance. White was en route to a hospital to be tested for rib injuries sustained on a pair of violent blows against the Bills.

Russell Wilson left Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs after his head slammed to the turf at the end of a run.

The Denver Broncos quarterback scrambled on a third-and-11 play early in the fourth quarter and broke toward the end zone after picking up a first down. He was tackled at the 2-yard line, and his head bounced off the ground at the end of the play. He remained motionless for a moment and was woozy as athletic trainers helped him to his feet. The Broncos ruled out Wilson with a concussion before the conclusion of the game (LINK)