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Here’s How Long Your Leftover Halloween Candy Will Last

Did you buy way too much Halloween candy, or end up with way too few trick-or-treaters?  Candy has a pretty good shelf life, but it’s not infinite.  Here are five types of candy, and how long you’ve got to get through it all . . .

1.  Chocolate candy.  If it’s unopened, up to a year.  Dark chocolate lasts up to two years.  For opened bags of loose chocolate candy, cut those timelines in half.

2.  Candy corn.  Three to six months if it’s stored at room temperature.  An unopened package can last up to nine months.

3.  Gummy candy.  Six months to a year, depending on how it’s stored.  A cool, dry place is best.

4.  Sour candy.  Up to a year.  If you open a bag, store it in an airtight container to increase the shelf life.

5.  Hard candy, like lollipops and Jolly Ranchers.  The National Confectioners Association says a year.  But a study at Kansas State found it’s the one type of candy that can pretty much last FOREVER if stored properly.

(NY Post)

DoorDash Is Warning People Who Don’t Pre-Tip That Their Food Could Arrive Cold

Not everyone likes to tip BEFORE being served, but if REFUSING to pre-tip is a hill you’re willing to die on . . . you better be cool with sitting on that hill, munching on COLD FRIES. DoorDash is testing out a new pop-up notification that warns customers who don’t tip.

It says, “Orders with NO TIP might take longer to get delivered . . . are you sure you want to continue?  Dashers can choose which orders they want to do.  Orders that take longer to be accepted tend to result in slower delivery.”

DoorDash says they haven’t changed anything behind the scenes.  They’re just letting customers know that there IS a difference between pre-tipping and tipping AFTER the delivery, which you can still do.

Here’s why:  When you place an order, DoorDash notifies ALL the Dashers in the area . . . along with a “guaranteed” rate for accepting that delivery.  The system places different values on different deliveries based on things like:  Time, distance, and “desirability of the order.”  Your tip is also included in that formula.

(The Dashers don’t find out your exact tip amount . . . or the breakdown of their total haul for the delivery . . . until AFTER the delivery is completed.)

Obviously, Dashers are quicker to accept the gigs that are more valuable or rewarding.  And experienced drivers can tell by the numbers if there is zero tip, because they get familiar with the various default quotes from DoorDash.

If there’s no pre-tip, they have no way of knowing if you’re someone who will tip them after . . . or if you’re someone who doesn’t tip at all . . . so they might prefer to wait for a better order, than accept one with a lower quote.

So, if you don’t tip ahead, your delivery might be sitting in the queue longer, while your food is ready, and getting cold.  (The Verge)



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                      Buffy Davis

Today’s birthday girl has been in 194 fine films, including:

– 1001 Erotic Nights 2

– Attack of the Monster Mammaries

– Beyond the Casting Couch

– Bitches In Heat 13 & 14

– Caught from Behind 3, 4 & 5

– Cram Session

– Daddy’s Darling Daughters

– In Search of the Wild Beaver

– Rambone Does Hollywood

– Thanks for the Mammories

– And who can forget her role in 1987’s Genital Hospital


Buffy Davis is 57 years old.


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With a just-good-enough offensive performance, the Steelers defeated the Tennessee Titans 20-16 on “Thursday Night Football,” an experience that still saw repeated booing from the crowd in Pittsburgh. The win is their third in their last four games and moves them into second in the AFC North. Steelers and Kenny Pickett exorcise some offensive demons while eking out win over Titans (yahoo.com)

We are losing by one in the pick em – rizz – rafe


On Monday, November 20th, there’s going to be a Super Bowl rematch, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in KC.  And you know what that means:






Will Taylor Swift be there?  That has yet to be determined.  But you KNOW Travis and Jason’s mom Donna Kelce will.  And YOU can be, too.



Donna has teamed up with Barefoot Wine for a contest where one winner and three friends get to sit with her in her VIP suite during the game.  (!!!)



All you have to do is like an Instagram post and answer a few questions, like, “What about football and wine are you most looking forward to learning about and why?”

The contest ends next Wednesday.

(Us Weekly)



CITY TAKE ON  SPORTING KC in GAME 2 of the first round of the MLS PLAYOFFS on Sunday at 4pm. This is a best of 3 and STL CITY SC is going to KC in a must win situation having lost the first match here at CITY PARK last Sunday – NEW SOCCER 101 pod out now