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There’s a New Excuse for Always Being Late: “Time Blindness”

We all have people in our lives who are ALWAYS late for everything . . . and, let’s be real:  That’s almost always because they value their OWN time more than YOUR time.

Of course, chronically late people have plenty of excuses, and now there’s another one:  TIME BLINDNESS . . . and it’s actually a real thing.  Sort of.

It’s not an actual medical condition, but doctors use “time blindness” as a way of talking about the concept of losing track of time.  And some people CAN be more prone to it than others.

Our brains are constantly shifting between two types of ATTENTION.  Automatic attention and directed attention.

“Automatic attention” is your “happy place” . . . it’s how you focus when you’re doing something you like or find interesting.  “Directed attention” is what you use when you’re engaged in things you HAVE to do, but don’t really want to do.

During periods of automatic attention you can get so engrossed and hyper-focused that you lose track of time . . . but during directed attention, it can be hard to stay focused at all.

Time blindness happens when people have trouble balancing the two.  For example, people with ADHD or autism tend to have overly-strong automatic attention.  In those cases, it’s more hard-wired.

For others, it can be manageable . . . but you need to make an effort.  Here are some tips to disengage when automatic attention has kicked into overdrive:

1.  Set a timer on your phone to alert you when it’s time to move on.

2.  When you don’t have a lot of time, try to avoid activities that you KNOW you have a tendency to get lost in.  So don’t start watching an addictive show RIGHT before bed . . . or make plans to catch up with an old friend just before an appointment.

3.  Try the “if-then” technique:  Set goals for yourself to reach . . . like making dinner.  And then AFTER you do that, then you’ll do the next thing on your list, like read two chapters of a good book.

(Cleveland Clinic)

(Here’s a TikTok of a woman going viral talking about how she thinks there should be more accommodations for “time blindness.”)

Two-Thirds of the People on Tinder Are Already in Relationships

  If you’re hoping to find your soulmate on Tinder, your odds might be a little worse than you thought . . .

A new poll found only a third of Tinder users are even SINGLE.  65% said they’re “in a relationship” or MARRIED.

Not all of those people are in happy relationships.  50% of users overall said they’re looking for love.  So some of those people might be looking to upgrade . . . or maybe just cheat.

Still, that means half of Tinder users aren’t looking for dates at all.  So why are they even on there?

According to the poll, a few reasons:  Because they’re bored and want a distraction . . . because they want to feel socially connected . . . and because just judging people’s looks can be a form of entertainment.

Getting a little ego boost is another reason.  Even if you’re not looking to date, it might feel good to match with someone and know they swiped right.

(NBC News / NY Post)


Taylor Swift is back at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart again — and she’s broken a bunch of records getting there. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) has become the 12th chart-topper of her career, passing Barbra Streisand as the woman with the most number-one albums ever. Swift also ties Drake for the third most number-ones of any artist, behind only Jay-Z, with 14, and The Beatles, with 19.

  • It’s the biggest week for any album this year, with 716,000 equivalent album units, of which just over half a million are in tradition album sales.
  • With four albums in the top 10 on the current chart — Swift becomes the first living artist with that many albums in the Top 10 in one week since 1966, when Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass accomplished the same feat.  The only artist to top four albums in the Top 10 at once was Prince, who had five there in the week after his death in 2016.
  • Swift has now had at least one number-one album every year since 2019, and is the only woman ever to top the Billboard 200in five straight years, The only act to top it for over five years in a row is The Beatles, whose streak ran seven years. (Billboard)

Gene Simmons isn’t worried about artificial intelligence’ he’s worried about the lack of legislation surrounding it. ” Without rules of the game… It’s like playing sports without rules. Who’s gonna do what? You need some rules that are kind and beneficial to mankind, womankind, transkind, all kinds of kinds. Okay, does that cover everybody?”

  • He continued with “The problem with AI is not… AI is here, whether you like it or not. So let’s look at it smartly and let’s pass legislation. AI creates a song using my voice, or what sounds like my voice, with a new song, and it sounds just like me and it definitely sounds like that kind of a thing. So when you buy it, who owns the copyright and the publishing, if AI did that? So, is it me, because it sounds like me? You could swear it was me. So these are uncharted [territories].”
  • When asked if he would allow someone to use his voice to create a song using artificial intelligence, Simmons said “We can make a deal.”

In contrast to Gene — Joe Walsh from Eagles says, “It’s computers.  It has nothing to do with music . . . [artificial intelligence] can’t destroy a hotel room . . . it can’t throw a TV off the fifth floor into the pool . . . when A.I. knows how to destroy a hotel room, then I’ll pay attention to it.”


Tom Cruise continues to be box office gold. His seventh Mission Impossible movie was the top film at the box office over the weekend. MI Dead Reckoning: Part One pulled in $56.2 million from Friday to Sunday, and $80 million total since opening last Wednesday. https://variety.com/2023/film/box-office/mission-impossible-7-box-office-opening-weekend-falls-short-1235671300/

  • The other movies finishing in the top five are Sound of Freedom, Insidious: The Red Door, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and Elemental.

Jane Birkin has passed away. The singer, actress, and activist was well-known for her work in France, but her name is also memorable for the inspiration for the luxury brand Hermès to create the Birkin bag. The accessory is a highly sought-after purse that costs anywhere from $9,000 to $500,000. She was 76.

  • Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas ran into Birkin on a flight back in 1984. The contents of Birkin’s straw bag fell out as she tried to put it in the overhead bin. Birkin told Dumas that she hadn’t been able to find a leather bag she liked. The rest is history.   

Crappy Quick Hits:

“Titanic” director James Cameron is not making a movie about the submersible tragedy.  There was a rumor that he was interested, but he called it “offensive,” and said that he would “never” do it.

Joe Jonas recently revealed that he once accidentally did a “Number Two” in his pants onstage . . . and it was even worse because he was wearing WHITE PANTS at the time.  He doesn’t know if anyone noticed.

Jason Aldean suffered heat exhaustion and left the stage early on Saturday in Hartford, Connecticut.  He apologized yesterday and promised to return.  He was also well enough to do his show last night in Saratoga Springs.

Beastie Boys will release a 25th anniversary edition of Hello Nasty as a four-LP set on September 9th.

Arizonians will now have the coolest license plates on the road.  There’s an official new design with Alice Cooper for his Solid Rock centers, which supports music and art programs for teens. Who could we have here in St. Louis? (Chuck Berry, The Urge, Mama’s Pride, Stir, etc.)

Ed Sheeran surprised fans in Detroit by bringing out Eminem for a performance of “Lose Yourself” and “Stan”.



A website looked at several lists from “music experts” and put together a MASTER list of the Top Five Songwriters of All Time.

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Paul McCartney
  3. John Lennon
  4. Carole King
  5. Chuck Berry



     Victoria Blaze

Today’s birthday girl has been in 130 fine films, including:

– Anal Vacation

– Daddy’s Girls 2

– Forest Fetish Fun

– In The Army Now

– The Last Shag

– My Hot Roommate 4

– Slime Wave 27 & 28

– Sorority Sluts

– And who can forget her role in 2018’s Damn It’s Big

Victoria Blaze is 33 years old.

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St. Louis CITY SC earned an emphatic 3-0 home victory over Inter Miami CF on Saturday night. Sam Adeniran got the scoring started by heading in a cross off a corner kick from Indiana Vassilev, and then Tim Parker headed one home off a corner kick from AZ Jackson. Eduard Löwen pushed the lead to three with a beautiful strike off a free kick in the 80th minute, securing CITY SC’s eighth home win in MLS play this season.

St. Louis CITY SC has scored 43 goals in MLS this season, which is second behind Columbus Crew. Of CITY SC’s 43 goals, 18 have come from set piece situations. With Sam Adeniran (corner), Tim Parker (corner) and Eduard Löwen (freekick) all scoring from a set piece against Inter Miami, CITY SC now leads the league in set piece goals, five ahead of Atlanta United


The Cardinals bounced back from a slow start to get a 8-4 series-clinching win at Busch Stadium in the finale of a three-game series on Sunday afternoon against the Nationals.

Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Gorman each smashed home runs in the victory. And for the second consecutive game, the Cardinals had 13 hits or more. Gorman now has 35 RBIs at Busch Stadium this season,  that is the fourth-most by an MLB player at his home ballpark this season. Jack Flaherty wins fourth in a row as Cardinals win 8-4 to clinch series with Nationals (stltoday.com) Cards host the Marlins tonight at 645.

Blues re-signed forward Alexey Toropchenko on Sunday, as general manager Doug Armstrong appeared to complete his offseason checklist. Toropchenko’s two-year contract is worth $1.25 million annually, and he will be a restricted free agent again in 2025. The team already re-signed Scott Perunovich (one year, $775,000 salary-cap hit), Tyler Tucker (two years, $800,000 cap hit), and Hugh McGing (one year, two-way worth $775,000 in the NHL). Jordan Kyrou, Robert Thomas and Joel Hofer were supposed to be unrestricted free agents this summer, but each signed extensions before their previous contracts were up. Blues re-sign Alexey Toropchenko before arbitration hearing (stltoday.com)