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Low staffing, more close calls: FAA responds to increased scrutiny on aviation safety – LINK

Maintenance worker stung nearly 2,000 times at golf course; on life support – LINK

“Comedian” Asks Southwest Pilot If He’s Drunk, And It Doesn’t End Well – LINK

The key tool schools in Kansas and Missouri use to determine safety for student athletes – LINK

Granite City High School students will attend remote learning due to excessive heat warning – LINK


Beyonce was in town on Monday and she brought her entire family with her to St. Louis. Jay Z was taking in the Pulitzer Arts Foundation on Washington Avenue, which is currently closed but when you are Jay Z, they open it up. In other Bey and Jay news: they recently purchased the most expensive house in California for $200 million dollars in cash… Bey and Jay recently purchased the most expensive house in California, too, so maybe he was out looking for a little art inspiration – LINK

Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders joined Guns n’ Roses on stage in Boston Monday night to play harmonica on “Bad Obsession.” Check out the performance on YouTube.

The Killers were teasing new music on their social media on Monday. They’ve announced that their new single, “Your Side of Town,” will be out on Friday.

Hoobastank‘s video for “The Reason” has passed one-billion views on YouTube.

Jelly Roll is serious about dropping weight and he’s off to a good start. In a new Instagram video, his nutritionist, Ian Larios says he’s lost 23 pounds two weeks into his Backroad Baptism tour. The clip also shows him making a stop in St. Louis to work on some new songs – LINK

Video Games

The Atari 2600 video game system — which was the first successful console ever — is making a comeback. Starting in November, the Atari 2600+ will be available. This thing looks like the original, which was released in 1977. It’s got a front wood panel, four simple switches, and comes with an old school joystick. To play it, users have to insert physical cartridges. The bundle includes a collection of 10 titles, such as Combat, Maze Craze, Missile Command, Video Pinball and Yars’ Revenge. The system launches on November 17th — just in time for the holidays — for $130 – LINK


Drew Barrymore was speaking onstage with singer Renee Rapp in New York City when a weird, balding man came down the aisle and said, quote, “You know who I am.  I need to see you at some point while I’m in New York.”  He was escorted out by security, and Drew left the stage for a few minutes – LINK

What is Jennifer Aniston up to these days? Well, in the recent WSJ magazine, she said that she tried a salmon sperm facial after an esthetician recommended it, she said, quote, “Are you serious?  How do you get the salmon’s sperm?”  But she went for it anyway.  Although she’s not sure if it worked. Aniston also touched on cancel culture saying, quote, “I just don’t understand what it means . . . Is there no redemption? “I don’t know.  I don’t put everybody in the Harvey Weinstein basket. She also said relationships are still a “challenge” for her, and these days she’s sleeping with HER DOG. Another really cute thing she talked about was that ever since her IVF journey through her life, the Sandler family – Adam and Jackie – have sent her flowers every Mother’s Day to offer friendship and support to her.

The artist who tattooed Angelina Jolie’s middle fingers says it has NOTHING to do with Brad Pitt – LINK


The Frasier revival will premiere on Paramount Plus on October 12th, then the first two episodes back to back, on CBS on October 17th.  The new season consists of 10 episodes – LINK


Uproxx.com took on the task of ranking the Top 50 soundtrack albums of all time – LINK

Here are their Top 10:

  1. “Purple Rain”,  1984
  1. “Saturday Night Fever”,  1977
  1. “Pulp Fiction”,  1994
  1. “Singles”,  1992
  1. “Super Fly”,  1972
  1. “Boogie Nights”,  1997
  1. “American Graffiti”,  1973
  1. “Dazed and Confused”,  1993
  1. “Trainspotting”,  1996
  1. “A Hard Day’s Night”,  1964

Porn B

Carmen Luvana

Today’s birthday girl has been in 142 fine films, including:

– American Bad Asses

– Big Ass Orgy

– Dawn of the Debutantes 4

– Flight 69

– Girls Night Out In Tijuana

– Legendary Lesbians

– Monster Meat 1

– The Notorious S.L.U.T.

– Southern California Sluts 5

– And who can forget her role in 2004’s Swinging In The USA

Carmen Luvana is 42 years old.

Sports Report 1

The Pittsburgh Pirates turned an infield single and a bunt into a rally that prevented Adam Wainwright from getting that 199th career win. A five-run fifth inning — all of those runs coming against Wainwright — led the Pirates to a 6-3 victory last night in Pittsburgh. Disagreements with where the strike zone is led to 3 Cardinal ejections including a career first for rookie outfielder Jordan Walker. He was tossed after his eighth-inning at-bat. Willson Contreras and manager Oliver Marmol were already in the clubhouse after being ejected an inning earlier. Let’s try it again today at 11:35 for a little day baseball. Pirates erupt, before Cardinals’ frustrations do, extending Adam Wainwright’s losing streak – LINK

The Chicago White Sox have had a dreadful season and they might have hit rock bottom at home Monday night when Mariners ace Luis Castillo did something we’ve never seen before at the major league level – he threw the same pitch 47 times in a row – LINK.

For real.

Castillo, who gave up one run on five hits in seven innings of work to pick up his 10th win of the season, threw fastball after fastball after fastball against the White Sox in a move that had MLB fans both in awe and also howling in laughter at Chicago’s inability to do anything with the pitches.

James Harden‘s bank account is 5 zeros lighter this morning … the NBA slapped the perennial All-Star with a huge 100 grand fine for saying he wouldn’t play for the Philadelphia 76ers, despite being under contract. “The NBA announced today that Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden has been fined $100,000 by the NBA for public comments on August 14 and 17 indicating that he would not perform the services called for under his player contract unless traded to another team,” the Association announced. “The league’s investigation, which included an interview of Harden, confirmed that these comments referenced Harden’s belief that the 76ers would not accommodate his request to be traded.” It was just last week when Harden blasted the Sixers exec while at an Adidas event, saying, “Daryl Morey is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of.” Then James doubled down. “Let me say that again. Daryl Morey is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of.” Harden is set to be a free agent after this season … but he’s made it clear, despite being owed over $30 million, he won’t play for the 76ers.

Like sports and ladies?! Now you can enjoy both at the same time — ’cause Holly Sonders just launched her very own TOPLESS competitive league!! The NSFW athletics organization will be called “Exposed Sportz” … She says she’s enlisted her most attractive friends to give viewers the ultimate viewing experience. “So, I had this crazy idea — a great idea, actually — of getting everybody together and creating a sports league just to show off everybody’s talents … and it’s going to be topless!!” Sonders said. “I can’t believe nobody’s ever thought of this before.” Sonders said she teamed up with respected creatives in the adult industry to make it happen … and there will be videos of “the hottest girls on the internet” participating in all different kinds of sports and activities — and yeah, there’s nudity. “This is almost like Jackass, but with the sexiest women you’ve ever seen. So you’re going to be horny, and you’re gonna laugh and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” Sonders says she’s pulling out all the stops with Exposed Sportz … hiring the best makeup artists and editors to put out the best product possible — and she sought inspiration from one of the most recognizable adult brands to ever exist. “I know what people want to see,” Sonders – who is dating boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya — added. “I mean, I built my life on TV. So, I know what people are looking for and I know what entertainment value is — especially competition. After doing sports as many years as I did, this is just a new kind of sports kind of inspired by ‘Girls Gone Wild.'” The league debuted hours ago … so go nuts