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Billy Corgan and Jeff Dye Traded A Lawnmower For A Website?



Man rescued from tunnel he was allegedly digging to rob bank in Rome – LINK

Florida man drops half a pound of meth under patrol car during traffic stop – LINK

Walmart shopper accidentally fires gun, wounding himself and 3 others, GA cops say – LINK

A Guy Trying to Carjack People Got Hit by a Car . . . Twice – LINK

A Couple Broke into a Church While Out on Their First Date – LINK

NY Man Arrested in NJ After 400+ Pounds of Marijuana Found in Car: Prosecutor – LINK

A Drug Dealer Was Arrested After Sending a “Random Text” to a County Commissioner – LINK

A Man Was Arrested for Stealing Five Cans of Axe Body Spray – LINK

Man Removes Thumb Skin, Pastes On Friend’s Hand To Appear For Exam – LINK




2022’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities – LINK

Today Is National Toilet Paper Day 

Eight Stats and Facts for National Dog Day (LINK)

1.  71% of us have had a dog at some point in our life.  Only 56% have had a cat.

2.  Purebred dogs are the most popular now.  39% say their most recent dog was purebred . . . 17% said a crossbreed, like Labradoodles . . . 23% said mutt . . . and 21% have no idea which category their dog falls into.

3.  Americans are more than twice as likely to describe themselves as a “dog person” than a “cat person.”  49% said dog person . . . 21% said cat person . . . and around 30% don’t have a preference, or love both.

4.  A survey of dog owners found the dogs that are most likely to misbehave when they’re home alone are greyhounds . . . Dalmatians . . . bulldogs . . . beagles . . . and Siberian huskies.  Pomeranians and golden retrievers also made the top ten.

5.  The five most common bad behaviors are chewing things like shoes and socks . . . going to the bathroom inside . . . stealing food . . . shredding any and all types of paper . . . and jumping up on things like the sofa, or your bed.

6.  Here’s a weird one:  A poll this week asked people to rank the best “wedding outfits” for dogs.  Number one is a collar with a ring box, so they can be the ring bearer.  A custom suit is next, then a bow tie, a floral collar, and a bandana.

7.  Only 6% of us have a fear of dogs, but that’s still more than cats at 3%.  The animals we’re most afraid of are snakes and spiders.

8.  86% of dog owners tell their dog “I love you” at least once a month.




Late ‘Star Trek’ legend Nichelle Nichols, who played the iconic Lieutenant Uhura, is headed back into space. The actress, who passed last month, will have her ashes added to the payload of a Vulcan rocket launching for the moon and beyond later this year. The remains of Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan (“Scotty”) will also be launched into what is called a “graveyard orbit” around the sun. Nichelle’s son said “I’m sure she would have much preferred to go on the shuttle, but this was a pretty close second.”

Joe Pesci is making a return to TV to play Pete Davidson’s grandpa in the Peacock series “Bupkis”.  It’s a half-hour comedy that’s supposed to be an exaggerated and fictionalized version of Pete’s life.  Edie Falco is also in the series, playing Pete’s mom.  The three were seen together last week having dinner with Lorne Michaels.  But there’s no word when the series is expected to come out. The last time Joe was a series regular was in 1985 on “Half Nelson”.  If you remember, in 1999 he said he was retiring from acting.  But he’s done three on-screen roles since then, most recently in 2019’s “The Irishman”.

Louis CK is on the comeback trail, and you’ll get to see how that’s working out in a Showtime documentary that’s currently in the works. A Paramount exec spilled some details, including the fact that it’ll involve the reporters who broke the story that Louis was accused of sexual misconduct by several women.  To his credit, Louis ADMITTED the accusations were true. The documentary will also explore the broader state of the #MeToo movement.  Quote, “I don’t think the social changes that #MeToo has brought about are resolved at all. “It is really complicated.  And there is a bit of backlash against #MeToo . . . (the question now often is) who needs to go away and who is allowed to come back.”

There have been some changes to some superhero movie premieres. Warner Brothers says ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ will now open March 17th to give it the chance to screen on IMAX. ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ will now premiere on Christmas Day, 2025 to give it more time in post-production. The DC Comics film ‘Black Adam’, starring Dwayne Johnson, is still slated for October 21st while ‘The Flash’ will still premiere in 2023.

The “Dancing with the Stars” cast rumors have begun.  Your first alleged contestants are . . . TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and her mother Heidi. Remember, there are no teams on “Dancing with the Stars”, so they’ll be competing against each other. After 17 years on ABC, the upcoming, 31st season debuts on Disney+ on September 19th.

Hollywood relies heavily on stereotypes, and frankly, some of them need to DIE.  A poll of people ages 18 to 35 determined the Top 10 stereotypes we’re sick of:

  1. Women being overly sexualized for male characters,  24%
  2. Women being depicted as weak, too sensitive, always crying,  20%
  3. Foreign characters unable to speak English for comedic purposes,  19%
  4. (tie)  Mentally ill people appearing as dangerous and unpredictable,  18%
  5. (tie)  Black communities being viewed as broken or disruptive,  18%
  6. (tie)  Black or Latino men and women as gang members,  18%
  7. (tie)  Flamboyant members of the LGBTQ+ community,  17%
  8. (tie)  The streetwise sassy black woman,  17%
  9. (tie)  Overprotective Asian parents,  16%
  10. (tie)  Disabled people appearing frail, helpless, or unintelligent,  16% 

The Boys is making room for an exciting new cast member. On Thursday, Prime Video announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is joining the series in its upcoming fourth season. The actor, 56, will appear as a recurring guest star, but information on his character is currently unknown.

Jon Hamm is returning to his lovable but dorky comedic roles, only this time he might be a murderer. Hamm is starring in the murder mystery Confess, Fletch based on the character from his Fletch novels. The movie follows Fletch, a former investigative reporter who has been laying low in Europe, though he quickly finds himself in the center of a murder investigation. Despite being an ’80s character, Fletch has been updated for a modern audience, which means he will riff on social media and also find a dead body at an Airbnb. Fletch was previously portrayed by Chevy Chase in a 1985 adaptation of the popular book series. Confess, Fletch will be released in theaters and on-demand on September 16. ((TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb2Pu5EjC1s))

Netflix’s newest addition to its slate of reality dating shows, Dated & Related, is not what it sounds like. Dated & Related is a Love Island and Too Hot Too Handle hybrid with a familial twist. In the villa full of hot, horny twenty-somethings, are pairs of siblings who are in this together, but not the dating part. Here’s the description of Dated & Related from Netflix: Imagine having to think about your sibling dating… how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are. In this brand-new reality dating series, pairs of siblings will be seeing each other’s love life up close and personal as they search for ‘the one’ together. Having the person who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating. But will they act as the ultimate wingman and help you find love? Or scupper your plans and call you out on all your bullsh*t? Either way it might just be Awkward. As. Hell. Dated & Related drops on Netflix on September 2.

((trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42ojNVG63rM))

Here is what is in theaters this weekend….

  1. “Three Thousand Years of Longing”

Tilda Swinton is a lonely scholar who releases a genie from its bottle while traveling abroad in Istanbul, and Idris Elba is the djinn who’s offering her three wishes.  (66%)

  1. “The Invitation”

An orphaned American artist who discovers through DNA-testing that she’s part of a wealthy British family with a past gets involved with some vampire-esq folks in this horror movie (20%)

  1. “Breaking”

John Boyega from “Star Wars” stars in this drama about an Iraq War veteran with PTSD who takes hostages at a bank and threatens to blow it up if he doesn’t get his disability check from the V.A.  It’s based on a true story. (78%)

Eminem and Snoop Dogg will take the stage at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards for what the network is calling a “first of its kind” performance of “From the D 2 The LBC” inspired by the world of the Otherside metaverse. MTV said it partnered with Yuga Lubs on the performance of the song, which marks the first collaboration between Eminem and Snoop Dogg in more than 20 years. The song also is nominated for “best hip-hop” at the VMAs. Otherside is described on its website as “a gamified, interoperable metaverse currently under development. The game blends mechanics from massively multiplayer online role playing games and web3-enabled virtual worlds. Think of it as a metaRPG where the players own the world, your NFTs can become playable characters, and thousands can play together in real time.”

SPEAKING OF SNOOP…. Snoop launched a YouTube channel called “Doggyland – Kid Songs & Nursery Rhymes”.  It’s for toddlers to 8-year-olds.  Here’s the opener.

Here is some new music that you can check out this weekend:
• “God Did”DJ Khaled.

The rumors were true.  Elton John and Britney Spears were working on a song together.  They released it yesterday.  It’s called “Hold Me Closer“.  (The video is only animation, not them together.) AUDIO This song is mainly the hook of Elton’s “Tiny Dancer“, AND that was released 50 years ago!  Back then, that single only made it to #41 on the Billboard Top 100.  He wasn’t making the so-called “hits” yet.  What is old, is new again.

An online voiceover marketplace called Voices.com surveyed over 1,000 people to find out which animated character has the most recognizable voice.  Surprisingly, it was neither Mickey Mouse nor Bugs Bunny.  Here are the Top 10 results, including the percentage of the audience that recognized the character:

  1. Yogi Bear,  55%
  2. Bugs Bunny,  54%
  3. Homer Simpson,  53%
  4. Shaggy Rogersfrom “Scooby-Doo!”,  50%
  5. Mickey Mouse,  50%
  6. Donald Duck,  49%
  7. Donkeyfrom “Shrek”,  49%
  8. Winnie-the-Pooh,  48%
  9. Charlie Brown,  47%
  10. Marge Simpsonfrom “The Simpsons”,  46%

They also surveyed people on video game voices.  The most recognizable was Ellie Williams from “The Last of Us”, followed by Mario from “Super Mario Brothers”, and Kratos from “God of War”.

Porn B

Tori Black

Today’s birthday girl has been in 673 fine films, including:

  • S.A Asian Sex Addict
  • All About Me 3
  • The Bangover
  • Big Wet Asses 16
  • Crack Her Jack 10
  • Don’t Let Daddy Know 4
  • Holes of Glory 2
  • My Daddy Is My Pimp
  • And who can forget her role in 2009’s Work It Work It Get It Get It 3

Tori Black is 34 years old!

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

Dakota Hudson threw seven solid innings and got a Cardinals win at Wrigley Field yesterday. Some great defense also helped the Cards get an 8-3 victory. Hudson got 14 outs from the final 14 batters he faced, and of his 21 outs in the game, 14 didn’t leave the infield. Corey Dickerson set a club record with his 10th hit in 10 consecutive at-bats and Paul Goldschmidt hit two home runs, drove home five RBIs, and had three hits. Nolan Arenado came back to St. Louis on Thursday to be with his wife, Laura, for the birth of the couple’s first kiddo. The Cardinals will make a decision Friday on whether to place Arenado on the paternity list and make a roster move. In similar but reverse news, our All-Star closer Ryan Helsley will rejoin the team today as a home series against Atlanta starts up. Helsley was gone a week to be with his wife and newborn in Oklahoma. Arenado is the fourth Cardinal in less than two weeks who was able to be present for the birth of a child. The other three: Matz, Helsley, and JoJo Romero. Cards play Atlanta tonight at Busch Stadium with a start time of 715.


Sad news in the football world … Kansas City Chiefs legend Len Dawson has died, his family announced on Wednesday. He was 87 years old.

Dawson’s family said in a statement the Hall of Fame quarterback passed away with his wife, Linda, at his side. Dawson — who was taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the No. 5 overall pick in the 1957 NFL Draft — eventually became the starter for Dallas Texans in 1962 … and went on to become one of the franchise’s all-time greats after the team moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs in 1963. Ya gotta see this famous photo of him on the sidelines smoking a cigarette in between plays. He helped lead the team to Super Bowl I in 1966 … but lost the game to the Green Bay Packers. He eventually got the Chiefs a Super Bowl win, though, beating the Minnesota Vikings in SBIV in 1969. Here’s Len, receiver Otis Taylor, and KC coach, Hank Stram, talking about Len and the game. He also went on to become an insanely successful broadcaster too. Dawson was elected to the Hall of Fame as a player in 1987, and as a broadcaster in 2012. His #16 has been retired by the Chiefs as well.

Dennis Rodman won’t be getting involved in the Brittney Griner case after all — the Hall of Famer has reportedly decided not to travel to Russia … after the U.S. government strongly advised against his plans. Rodman claimed earlier this week he had permission to go to Russia to try to get Griner — who was sentenced to 9 years in prison earlier this month — back on U.S. soil … saying he knew president Vladimir Putin “too well.” The folks at the White House made it clear if he planned to go, he would not have D.C.’s blessing … with State Department spokesperson Ned Price saying, “He would not be traveling on behalf of the U.S. government.”

In fact, the government felt Rodman’s involvement might mess up the U.S.’s current negotiations with Russia to get Griner out … so ultimately, the hooper decided to take a back seat.

When you hold a joint practice in NFL training camp, you’re almost expecting to see fireworks spark between the two teams. After all, you’re having players who don’t know each other competing for jobs in hot, humid conditions. Tempers flare. Now, take that same environment and make it a Super Bowl rematch. That fostered the scene that unfolded during Thursday’s practice with the Rams and Bengals in Cincinnati. And it led to an ugly brawl with Rams star Aaron Donald right at the center of it all. According to ESPN, Bengals offensive lineman La’el Collins took exception to being grabbed after a play. When Collins threw punches, both teams joined the melee. That was when Donald came into the fold, swinging a pair of Bengals helmets.

There was video of Donald’s part in the brawl, and you can clearly see him swinging helmets with one in each hand. You don’t see the league office get involved with practice fights (the league delegates that responsibility to teams), but using a helmet as a weapon was a line that Donald obviously crossed there so we’ll see what they do.

Tom Brady will jump right back into the action after his training camp absence.

Head coach Todd Bowles said that Brady will start Saturday’s preseason finale against the Colts. In fact, Bowles noted that every Bucs player who is healthy will be on the field. Brady’s excused absence ended on Monday and the quarterback was “firing on all cylinders,” according to tight end Cameron Brate. Brady has still not yet publicly addressed his absence. Brady has played at least a few preseason snaps most years in his career.  The Colts are also slated to play the majority of their starters for most of the first half on Saturday. But Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich said on Thursday that top two running backs Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines won’t be on the field.

The Miami Dolphins were forced to cancel practice on Thursday … and it’s all because a bunch of players can’t stop puking. The team was set to have a joint workout with the Philadelphia Eagles … but as it turns out, some guys could barely sleep because they were “blowing chunks” all night. Apparently some players thought all the vomiting was due to food poisoning … but the team checked what everyone’s been eating, and haven’t found enough proof to back that theory.

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel says the team believes it’s a stomach bug going around … and to be extra cautious, they decided to keep everyone home to make sure it doesn’t spread. Miami and Philly are set to play against each other on Saturday … and so far, things are still set to go down according to plan. Coach says he wanted to take extra caution to get everyone healthy for the matchup — especially because the last week of preseason is crucial for so many guys who are trying to make the team. As for how many players were affected, McDaniel says it’s more than a few, but not half the team. It’s pretty rare for an entire practice to be canceled outside of COVID — so, here’s hoping the squad starts to feel better soon … ’cause Week 1 is right around the corner.

Kurt Busch will miss the start of NASCAR’s playoffs with concussion-like symptoms that have sidelined him for six weeks, meaning two spots in the 16-driver field will be open Saturday night in the regular-season finale at Daytona International Speedway. The team withdrew the medical waiver that was holding Busch’s spot in the playoffs. “As much as I wanted and hoped to be able to get back in the No. 45 car to make a playoff run with our team, it’s still not the right time for me,” Busch said on social media. “In addition to not being cleared to return to racing, I know that I am not ready to be back in the car.” Busch has been out since he crashed in qualifying July 23 at Pocono. Ty Gibbs, the 19-year-old grandson of Joe Gibbs, has replaced Busch since he was injured. NASCAR commended Busch for how he has handled his injury and said the No. 45 will still be eligible to compete for the owners championship. 

  • Vanessa Bryant has gotten some justice.
  • The widow of Kobe and mother of Gianna was awarded $16 million in the trial over helicopter crash photos.
  • On Wednesday, a jury found the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department were liable for its members sharing pictures from the horrific accident that killed Kobe, GiGi, and seven others.
  • Co-plaintiff Chris Chester lost his wife and daughter in the crash. He was awarded $15 million.

Alabama has approved an eight-year, $93.6M extension for Nick Saban, making him the highest-paid CFB coach in the country. Congrats to him and roll tide or something.

Shaquem Griffin — the first one-handed player to be drafted by an NFL team — is walking away from the sport at 27 years old.The inspirational linebacker was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the 5th round in 2018 … and spent 3 seasons with the organization, playing alongside his twin brother, Shaquill. He later joined the Miami Dolphins on a one-year deal in 2021 … but was released before the season. He later rejoined the ‘Fins on the practice squad … and was waived in October. Meanwhile, Shaquill signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021 … and while Shaquem had interest from several teams, he says he didn’t want to continue playing if it wasn’t alongside his brother. Shaquem says he met with Roger Goodell, who offered him a position with the NFL Legends Community … which will give him the opportunity to mentor young players. Griffin — whose left hand was amputated at 4 years old after it did not fully develop — says he will continue to share his story and motivate people for years to come. www.tmz.com

Teachers will be calling on a lot more Kobes in about five years. As KTLA reports, the name “Kobe” tops the list of baby names presumably inspired by sports stars between 2000 and 2021. The list, compiled by Betsperts, found that more than 17,000 infants born in the US in that time period were given the same name as the NBA great, who was killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020. After his death, parents’ selection of “Kobe” saw a whopping 201% spike from the previous year. That percentage increase was topped by none other than “Tiger” (for Tiger Woods), which experienced a 225% jump between 2009 and 2010. Here are the top 10 names:

  1. Kobe Bryant, “Kobe,” 17,071
  2. David Beckham, “Beckham,” 12,211
  3. Serena Williams, “Serena,” 10,620
  4. Sidney Crosby, “Crosby,” 4,397
  5. Carli Lloyd, “Carli,” 4,102
  6. Floyd Mayweather, “Floyd,” 2,144
  7. Venus Williams, “Venus,” 1,876
  8. Marshawn Lynch, “Marshawn” 1,719
  9. LeBron James, “LeBron,” 1,112
  10. Tiger Woods, “Tiger,” 810