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A Man Stole Three Cakes with His Face Printed on Them – LINK

Texas border officers find pounds of cocaine hidden inside wheels of cheese brought from Mexico – LINK

A Man Pulled a Gun on an Internet Repairman, Because He Didn’t Do the Job? – LINK

Chino Hills man arrested for creating fake fire department, posing as firefighter – LINK

Man arrested after allegedly breaking into Ferrari dealership, taking $600K vehicle – LINK

Michigan Man Arrested for DWI After Driving Jeep Into Lake Superior – LINK

Florida man arrested after spraying woman with garden hose: deputies – LINK

Stupid Criminal: A Drunk Dad Got a DUI on a Riding Mower at 1:00 AM – LINK

Woman attempting to rescue parrot gets stranded on cliff – LINK


Voting is open to the public now through August 11! – VOTE FOR WALLY’S in Fenton

Guy Praised for Driving Drunk Girl Home and Assuring Mom She’s Okay – LINK

Internet Debate of the Day: Is It “Ice Tea” or “Iced Tea”? – LINK

Houston woman detained in Dubai: International non-profit organization coming to her aid – LINK



Randy Meisner, bassist and founding member of the Eagles, has died at the age of 77.  He died Wednesday in Los Angeles due to complications from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) – LINK

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently received the key to the city of the “Morello ancestral hometown of Pratiglione, Italy.” He posted photos of the ceremony on Instagram as well as an “awesome guitar statue erected in town square next to the memorial for local partisans who died fighting the Nazis.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd are launching their own whiskey label, Hell House Whiskey. The spirit is named after the infamous cabin outside Jacksonville, FL (nicknamed ‘Hell House’ due to the lack of air conditioning) where the band rehearsed and wrote classics like “Free Bird”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, and “Simple Man” – LINK

New Releases Streaming and in Record Stores:

  • Brad In the Moment That You’re Born
  • Bethany Cosentino Natural Disaster
  • Dexys The Divine Feminine
  • From Ashes to New Blackout
  • Ghost Impera (limited ed. box set w. bonus EPs and single, book and more)
  • Billy Idol Billy Idol (expanded reissue)
  • Carly Rae Jepsen The Loveliest Time
  • Tori Kelly tori EP (7 songs)
  • Stevie Nicks Complete Studio Albums and Rarities (10-CD and ltd. ed. 16-LP box sets and digital)
  • Post Malone Austin
  • Joni Mitchell At Newport
  • Sevendust Truth Killer
  • Steely Dan Pretzel Logic (vinyl-only reissue)
  • Hailey Whitters I’m in Love (EP)
  • Richard Wright (Pink FloydWet Dream (remastered vinyl-only reissue)
  • Neil Young Official Release Series 5 (box set, featuring albums from 1989 to 1991)

The upcoming Emmy Awards have been pushed back.  On Thursday, vendors for the 75th Primetime Emmys were told the ceremony would not take place on September 18th. The Emmys will be moved because of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes. The last time the Emmys were postponed was because of 9/11. In 2001, the broadcast was moved to November – LINK

Sources say that Tina Fey is the leading candidate to replace Lorne Michaels at the helm of “Saturday Night Live” when he retires.  But there’s no word yet on when he’s stepping down – LINK

Mattel has a lot more toy movies in the works after “Barbie” . . . including “Barney”“Polly Pocket”“Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots”“Hot Wheels”, and even “Magic 8 Ball”.  Here are some of the AI generated posters from a fan – LINK

The Righteous Gemstones will be back for more. According to Variety, season four is coming our way on HBO. The renewal announcement comes ahead of the Season 3 finale, which will air this Sunday, July 30 on HBO and Max.’ Righteous Gemstones’ Renewed for Season 4 at HBO – LINK

McDonald’s is getting ready to open a spinoff restaurant chain called ‘CosMc’s’. CEO Chris Kempczinski described it as “a small-format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality” – LINK

A.I. is a huge concern of striking actors and writers, obviously the strike is still happening.  But while they’re demanding protections from artificial intelligence, the studios are secretly ramping up their A.I. capabilities, by looking to hire specialists – LINK

Someone upped the ante Wednesday night and threw a 46G bra at Drake onstage.  The shocked rapper couldn’t stop looking at the undergarment while performing with special guest 21 Savage. He kept looking at the bra’s tag and remarked, “I know it’s the real 46G.” “It’s gotta be a custom order. They make that s–t in Switzerland,” he said. He was so impressed with the size that he invited the woman who threw it to his hometown. Another woman threw her purse – LINK

Porn B

Leah Luv

Today’s birthday girl has been in 475 fine films, including:

– 2 Big 2 Be True 12

– Ass A Roni

– Attack of the MILFs 9

– Booty and the Geek

– Liquid Gold 11, 13 and 14

– Rear Interceptions 5

– Ripe for the Pipe 1

– Strap Attack 2

– Who Let the Whores Out 2

– And who can forget her role in 2009’s Rears in Gear

Leah Luv is 39 years old.

Sports Report 1

The Yankees of Mexican soccer basically is Club America. They have the most titles, the biggest stadium in Latin America and the largest fan base by far. Also hated like the Yankees are because they win so much and are just that big in the league. STL CITY SC hosted them last night in the Leagues Cup at CITY PARK last night and Club America was in a different league. Yes as I mentioned they are in a different league, that being the LIGA MX but they also pretty much handed CITY it’s own butt and were in a different league of play all together. Club America knocked City SC out of the Leagues Cup with a 4-0 win in front of a sellout crowd. City SC now is off until Aug. 20, when it resumes MLS play with a match at home against Austin. And despite the two losses in the Leagues Cup, City SC will still be in first place in the Western Conference and well rested so there’s a plus.

The Cardinals lost a lot last night. First their catcher Willson Contreras left the game after getting hit in the head by a backswing in the top of the first inning, and that set off a sequence of events that led to Miles Mikolas’ being ejected as well as manager Oli Marmol. So a Cubs hitter is up I the first and his backswing hit Contreras’ helmet and he suffered a scalp laceration. Contreras bled from his head when Marmol and a member of the training staff went to check on him at home plate. The next pitch… a high fast one near the ear canal of the hitter…. And then the next pitch smacked him in the butt. Goodbye Mikolas. That marked the ninth ejection of the season for the Cardinals, the first of the year for Mikolas. Shortly after Marmol got tossed. Marmol has now been ejected five times this season and eight times in his managerial career. Cards lose 10-3 in front of a sellout at Busch. Cards Cubs again at Busch, tonight at 715.

Great news … Bronny James has been discharged from the hospital — and he’s now back home resting comfortably. The doctor added in his statement that despite Bronny’s scary collapse … he arrived at Cedars-Sinai “fully conscious, neurologically intact and stable.” He called the overall treatment for the cardiac arrest successful. As for Bronny’s dad, LeBron said in a statement of his own on Thursday morning he, his son, and the rest of his family are “doing great.” “We have our family together, safe and healthy, and we feel your love,” the Lakers superstar said. “Will have more to say when we’re ready but I wanted to tell everyone how much your support has meant to all of us!”

The first season of Netflix’s Quarterback delivered a remarkable inside look at the on and off-field lives of three NFL signal-callers: Patrick MahomesKirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. The program succeeded so much that Netflix and producer Peyton Manning are already looking ahead to filling the docket with a second season. But not everyone wanted the constant camera treatment around their lives throughout an entire season. Quarterback is entertaining for viewers, but it’s easy to see why some quarterbacks might see its production as invasive, unnecessary, or distracting. And that’s just for them, personally. Imagine that experience for teammates, family members, and friends. Try and put yourselves in these players’ shoes for just about six months. It wouldn’t be fun!

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears – said no

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins – said he wasn’t comfortable showing his private …life.

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams – said no to season 1 because he thought it would be a distraction to tother players

Sam Howell, Washington Commanders – said no

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles – said no

In hindsight, this probably worked out for the best for Hurts. Dude had an MVP-caliber campaign, and probably wouldn’t have wanted to document his reaction to losing Super Bowl 57. Wouldve made some great TV tho im sure