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A Guy Did Bath Salts and Got Naked on His First Day of Work – PennLive


Missouri Highway Patrol hopes to identify men who pulled driver from fiery wreck – Fox2Now

YouGov Best Brand Rankings 2020 in the United States – YouGov

Powerball jackpot hits $550M as Mega Millions grows to $750M – StarTribune

The Wolf Moon, the First Full Moon of 2021, Is Coming in January – MentalFloss

Oscar Mayer is hiring a new crop of WIENERMOBILE drivers to spend a year driving around in a 27-foot-long Wienermobile.  If you’re interested in applying, you can do it on the KraftHeinz website before the 31st.  (Full Story)

FDA Dog Food Recall Expanded After More Than 70 Dogs Died – Self

DONALD TRUMP has become the first U.S. President to be impeached TWICE . . . but Mitch McConnell says a Senate trial won’t happen until after he leaves office.  The two other presidents to be impeached are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.  Richard Nixon retired before it could happen.  (Full Story)

Your brain has to work a lot harder to argue with someone than to agree with someone, according to a new study.  In fact, the researchers say that when you agree with someone, your brains basically sync up like a, quote, “musical duet” and you feel calmer.  (Full Story)

82% of People Are Planning to Do Something Big After They Get the Vaccine – PRNewswire

Traffic congestion fell in most countries for the first time in 10 years because of the pandemic, according to TomTom GPS’s data.  Places like L.A., New York, and Miami all had between 26% and 36% less congestion in 2020.

Researchers looked at pet adoption rates in all 50 states, and broke it down by preference.  55% of the cats put up for adoption last year got taken, compared to 54% of dogs.  Connecticut had the highest rate of dog adoptions, and New Hampshire was #1 for cats.  (Full Story)


Things are getting worse for ARMIE HAMMER.  A British tabloid posted videos of him drinking beer and possibly doing drugs . . . while driving. In one clip, Armie says, quote, “[Stuff’s] getting weird,” before licking a white substance off the hand of a guy in the passenger seat.  In the other one, he’s behind the wheel when he cracks open a can of Miller High Life and takes a swig. Armie’s been the source of controversy even since some alleged DMs of his leaked . . . where he talks about being into weird sexual stuff, including fantasies of rape and cannibalism, and drinking women’s blood. Armie and his wife of 10 years split over the summer.  A source says she was aware of his infidelities, but his alleged kinks are a “complete shock” to her. All this chaos has caused Armie to drop out of a movie he was doing with Jennifer Lopez called Shotgun.  “”I’m not responding to these b******* claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.” Armie adds, “Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I’m grateful to them for that.”  

While DR. DRE continues to recover from a brain aneurysm, his estranged wife Nicole Young filed new documents in their divorce case, laying out years of alleged abuse. Nicole claims Dre held a gun to her head twice, in 2000 and 2001.  He also punched her in the head twice, in 1999 and 2000.  In 2016, he kicked down a door while she, quote, “hid from his rage.” Nicole says, quote, “Andre has verbally and emotionally decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.” She adds, quote, “During our marriage, I considered calling the police several times;  but, as I fell deeper in to the abusive relationship, my fear of Andre outweighed any confidence I had that the police could help me.” The new documents also say that Nicole’s attorneys have served subpoenas to three women he allegedly had affairs with. 

BETTY WHITE will turn 99 on Sunday, and her celebration is already planned. She told “Entertainment Tonight”, quote, “Running a mile each morning has been curtailed by COVID, so I am working on getting ‘The Pet Set’ re-released, and feeding the two ducks who come to visit me every day.” (“The Pet Set” was a show Betty hosted in the ’70s where she would hang out with other celebrities and their animals.  It’s coming to DVD and streaming platforms next month.) Betty also said she’s “blessed with good health,” adding that a sense of humor keeps her going.  Quote, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.  You can lie to others . . . not that I would . . . but you cannot lie to yourself.” Another thing that helps is, quote, “Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside.  [It] takes up too much energy being negative.  Also having a good agent who keeps me busy all the time.”

Post Malone is just being Post Malone…remember he got crocs to everyone at his old high school? Now he is making sure hospital workers working on the pandemic frontlines are getting their own pair. The Post Malone x Crocs Duet Max Clog II are not available after being sold out. But about 10,000 frontliners across the country are getting them. Post and Crocs teamed up with a charity called Musicians on Call — which brings tunes to hospital bedsides – to donate the shoes to frontline caregivers, housekeeping staff and healthcare workers getting after it everyday at about 70 facilities across the nation.

Comedian Ricky Gervais is just fine right here on Earth. He just turned down the chance to be the first comedian to do a stand-up gig in space. He was recently pitched a new opportunity to do a tight 15 in space for a bunch of billionaires. He was offer $300,000.00 to do the gig.  “These people have paid $300,000 to go into space and have a look around… and then they go there and it’s Ricky Gervais doing 10 minutes. They can watch me on YouTube,” he joked. 

We already know that KATIE COURIC and AARON RODGERS are guest-hosting “Jeopardy!”  And now, two more names have been added . . .MAYIM BIALIK (BE AL ICK) from “The Big Bang Theory” and BILL WHITAKER from “60 Minutes”. Each guest host will do a week’s worth of shows, and they’ll receive a donation to the charity of their choice.  There’s no word what order they’re going in, and more hosts will be announced in the future. Former contestant KEN JENNINGS wraps up his guest stint tomorrow.  Executive Producer Mike Richards will do the honors for the next two weeks, to give the other guest hosts time to prepare. 

With movies getting pushed back I almost forgot about that Sopranos prequel movie “The Many Saints of Newark”. Remember it went from September of 2020 to March 12th of this year…so yea that was just moved to September 2021. And here is the kicker…this time they didn’t move it for pandemic reasons because it is debuting in theaters and on HBO MAX same day. I read they delayed again to get on the film festival ciruit and to better postion itself for awards season. 

Someone made a trailer reimagining “Seinfeld” as a horror movie called “The Nothing”.

Anyone know what a sea shanty is? It is a song with alternating solo and chorus, of a kind originally sung by sailors while performing physical labor together. Check out this Sea Shanty version of “All Star” by Smash Mouth.

You may have heard that Amazon was working on a big budget “Lord of the Rings” show . . . well, there are finally some details on it. First of all, they’re dropping $1 BILLION on it, which is more than THREE TIMES what they spent on the movie trilogy from 20 years ago.   Those three movies cost a total of $281 million. 

There isn’t a release date yet, but it’s expected to debut sometime NEXT year.  Amazon has reportedly ordered five seasons to start, with eight to 10 episodes each.  Clearly, they want this thing to be the next “Game of Thrones”.

Musical moments we’re looking forward to in 2021

Remember how 2020 was going to be a huge year for concerts then not so much?  To the tune of $30 billion in losses by some estimates. With vaccine in hand things may be looking up?   Dr. Anthony Fauci says stages will be open by fall if the vaccination roll-out goes as planned. Obviously with safety measures in place. So what are we’re looking forward to musically in the new year. Among the most highly anticipated are:

Foo Fighters had to scratch most of their 25th anniversary plans last year, but the group did record its 10th studio album, “Medicine at Night,” which Dave Grohl describes as a “really up, fun record…filled with anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs.” Two tracks, “Shame Shame” and “No Son of Mine,” are already out, and the rest is slated for Feb. 5.

The pandemic has shifted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction timeline, with nominees expected to be revealed during January-February and the ceremony for November — hopefully in person this year in Cleveland after last year’s was relegated to HBO only.

New music from…Adele Ed Sheeran Miley Cyrus doing Metallica Chevelle…The Pretty Reckless Rob Zombie Evanescence Halestrom, Royal Blood, Megadeth, Mastodon, Muse, the Offspring, Pop Evil and Alter Bridge. Guns N’ Roses. Journey Styx is finishing work on its follow-up to 2017 1/4 u2032s “The Mission”…Lindsey Buckingham The Doobie Brothers Alice Cooper  OzzyOsbourne  Wolfgang Van Halen, “Rocketman” will get a documentary sequel via Netflix. Helmed by longtime guitarist Davey Johnstone and reportedly titled “The Pillars of Hercules,” it will focus on John’s tours from the ’70s, including footage of John Lennon’s 1974 guest spot during a Madison Square Garden show. 

Nielsen released a list of the 10 most-streamed movies of 2020 on the four main streaming services:  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.  

  1. “Frozen 2”, Disney+
  2. “Moana”, Disney+
  3. “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, Netflix
  4. “Onward”, Disney+
  5. “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch”, Netflix
  6. “Hamilton”, Disney+
  7. “Spenser Confidential”, Netflix
  8. The 2019 “Aladdin” remake, Disney+
  9. “Toy Story 4”, Disney+
  10. “Zootopia”, Disney+ 

Nielsen has released lists of the most-STREAMED TV shows of 2020 on the four main streaming services:  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+. Here are the 10 most streamed shows that were LICENSED from TV networks, along with the streaming platform (although they’re all from Netflix):

  1. “The Office”, Netflix 
  1. “Grey’s Anatomy”, Netflix 
  1. “Criminal Minds”, Netflix 
  1. “NCIS”, Netflix 
  1. “Schitt’s Creek”, Netflix 
  1. “Supernatural”, Netflix 
  1. “Shameless”, Netflix 
  1. “New Girl”, Netflix 
  1. “The Blacklist”, Netflix 
  1. “Vampire Diaries”, Netflix

Here are the 10 most streamed shows that are ORIGINAL to the streaming networks: 

  1. “Ozark”, Netflix 
  1. “Lucifer”, Netflix 
  1. “The Crown”, Netflix 
  1. “Tiger King”, Netflix 
  1. “The Mandalorian”, Disney+ 
  1. “The Umbrella Academy”, Netflix 
  1. “The Great British Baking Show”, Netflix 
  1. “Boss Baby: Back in Business”, Netflix 
  1. “Longmire”, Netflix 
  1. “You”, Netflix


Former NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich is 41.

Jason Bateman is 52.

Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters is 52.

LL Cool J is 53.

Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist Zakk Wylde is 54.

Rapper Slick Rick 56.

TV anchor Shepard Smith is 57.

Wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan is 67.

Apollo friggin’ Creed, Carl Weathers, is 73.

She was in Two and a Half Men. Her life partner is actress Sarah Paulson. Actress Holland Taylor is 78.

Actress Faye Dunaway is 80.

Porn B

Austin Kincaid

Today’s birthday girl has brought great shame to her family in 262 fine films…including:

– Analyze This Ass

– Ben Dover’s Busty Babes USA

– Big Sausage Pizza 7 & 10

– Boobstravaganza 6

– Can You ‘F’ My Mom? 2

– I Scored a Soccer Mom 5

– No MILF Left Behind

– Surrender the Booty 1

– And who can forget her role in, 2009’s Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Tub

Austin Kincaid is 41 years old today.

sports_report_2.jpg 140016

Oskar Sundqvist scored twice and blocked four shots, Jordan Binnington made 26 saves and the St. Louis Blues beat the Colorado Avalanche 4-1 on Wednesday night in the season opener for both teams. Things couldn’t have started worse for the Blues. The team was barely on the ice for pregame warmups when it was announced that Mike Hoffman was ineligible to play because of work visa issues. Both Thomas and Oskar Sundqvist said they didn’t know Hoffman would be unavailable until they showed up to the rink pregame. The Blues were penalized four times in the first 33 ½ minutes. But the Blues regrouped with goals by Oskar Sundqvist and Jordan Kyrou to take a 2-1 lead after one period. And then, after surviving an onslaught of Colorado shots in a scoreless second period, they added goals by newcomer Kyle Clifford and Sundqvist in the third.

With 34 days remaining before the Cardinals are scheduled to have pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter, Fla., for spring training, Molina remains unsigned, along with fellow former Cardinals and free agents Adam Wainwright and Kolten Wong. The Cards have been in touch with Molina’s representative almost weekly, with both sides now expecting that dialogue to increase in the near future. Molina, 38, repeatedly has made clear his preference to return to the Cardinals. He’s seeking a two-year contract, but recently acknowledged with the sluggish offseason that if an appealing offer isn’t there he’ll consider retiring. Molina said in an interview with Cardinals broadcaster Polo Ascensio “If God wants me to come back, then I’ll come back. And if not I will retire happy with my head held high.”

Molina’s agent, Melvin Roman, declined to discuss specifics of ongoing discussions with any team but said that “things could move fast” when offers begin to take shape.

In a blockbuster trade, the Houston Rockets have agreed to send one-time NBA MVP and three-time reigning scoring champion James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets.

(((Houston will acquire Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, four first-round picks and four first-round pick swaps in the four-team deal, which also includes the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, per Wojnarowski and The Athletic’s Shams Charania. Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince will be sent from Brooklyn to Cleveland. In return for Oladipo, the Pacers will receive Caris LeVert and a second-round pick.

The four draft picks and the pick swaps are all unprotected, according to Charania. One of the picks going to Houston reportedly includes the 2022 first-round pick Cleveland previously acquired from the Milwaukee Bucks. The Cavaliers are also sending a 2024 second-round pick to the Nets in the four-team trade.))))

The deal sends Harden to his preferred trade destination. In Brooklyn, he will be reunited with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and join a backcourt that includes All-Star Kyrie Irving. The trio of All-NBA-caliber stars, including two former MVPs, make the Nets an Eastern Conference favorite.

  • Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom is signing a deal to become a boxer!
  • The 41-year-old ex-NBA star has inked a deal with Celebrity Boxing … and will step into the ring on June 12th at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., according to TMZ.
  • The 6’10” Odom doesn’t currently have an opponent, but CB creator Damon Feldman says he’s working on a big-name celeb to duke it out with Lamar.
  • Lamar has been fighting battles his whole life so we know he has incredible strength and courage, but can he go toe to toe in the ring?
  • We’d like to point out that the last basketball player to step into the ring, Nate Robinson,  got knocked the F**K out!
  • Odom isn’t the only star on the bill, Aaron Carter is also fighting. Like Lamar … he doesn’t yet have an opponent.
  • Any guesses on who the opponents will be?

Trinity Rodman, the daughter of NBA legend Dennis Rodman, is following in her famous father’s footsteps into professional sports. Rodman, 18, was selected by the Washington Spirit with the second overall pick in Wednesday’s National Women’s Soccer League draft. The U.S. under-20 national team standout become the youngest selection in NWSL history.

A 5-foot-10 forward, Rodman established herself as the top high school recruit in the nation in 2020 after leading the U.S. U-20s to the CONCACAF title by scoring nine goals in six games. Two years earlier, the Newport Beach, Calif. native represented her country at the 2018 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Uruguay.