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Victim Doused With Urine Due To Pooping Chicken – LINK

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Is the “Dissociative Pout” the New “Duck Face”? – LINK

TikTok will start to share ad revenue with creators – LINK

A School Held a Burial for a Classroom Skeleton, Which Had Real Bones – LINK

A Man with No Flying Experience Had to Land a Plane When the Pilot Passed Out – LINK

2% of Us Would Prefer to Sit Between Two Strangers on an Airplane – LINK



 The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad [struh-NAD] has died at 41. The Black Dahlia Murder didn’t specify what caused Strnad’s death but did provide the number for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in their message.  You are not alone.  Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or visit SuicidePreventionLifeline.org. 

Andy Dick  had a serious encounter on a live stream recently. Cops performed a welfare check at a home Dick was staying at in Vegas last month after a man he was hanging out with pulled a gun during an argument on a live feed. UPDATE…Andy Dick was arrested in Orange County, California after the trailer he was living in was surrounded by police and the whole thing was broadcast live. He is now in custody – and was arrested for felony sexual battery after an adult male at the O’Neill Regional Park claimed the star sexually assaulted him.  The arrest was played out on an RV YouTube channel’s live stream. Andy was living at the site with a “group of live streamers.”

In only one day of release, the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water was viewed 148.6 million times.   The Hollywood Reporter said the Avatar 24 hour views only trail the 202.7 million views F9: The Fast Saga had when its trailer was released.   The original movie was released in 2009, and a sequel has been delayed several times. The new Avatar experience will hit theaters this December. 

Top Gun: Maverick… Val Kilmer is back but no Kelly McGillis and no Meg Rayn…what gives?,,,.According to Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski, that was part of the plan. All stories don’t need to be reintroduced and there are new characters instead, Back in 2019, Kelly McGillis shared her theory about why she wasn’t approached to reprise her role saying, “I’m old, and I’m fat, and I look age-appropriate for what my age is,” McGillis said in an interview with ET. “And that is not what that whole scene is about.” To play the romantic lead opposite Cruise, 59, in Maverick Jennifer Connelly, 51, stars as Penny Benjamin. In the first movie, Penny is only referred to as “the Admiral’s daughter” whom Maverick had a fling with. In the sequel, she’s now a single mother who owns a bar near the flight school where Maverick returns to teach. Top Gun: Maverick opens in theaters on May 27. 

MADONNA is diving into the NFT market CROTCH FIRST.  She’s auctioning off three NFTs, and each one is a computer-generated video where something different is growing out of her VAGINA. In one, it’s a tree . . . in another, it’s a swarm of butterflies . . . and in the third, it’s little robotic centipedes. Madonna says, quote, “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity. “She adds, quote, “All works were conceived with a 3D scan.”  And yes, you do see closeups of Madonna’s MATRONLY AREA, which supposedly means you’re seeing a representation of what it actually looks like. Money raised from the NFTs is going to three charities that are, quote, “focused on supporting women and children around the world.” (LINK)

Do you or would share a toothbrush with you SO?  On “The View” yesterday, it was revealed that SARAH SILVERMAN and her live-in boyfriend SHARE A TOOTHBRUSH. JOY BEHAR called it “disgusting,” and SUNNY HOSTIN said it “befuddled” her. Sarah wondered why that should be considered gross when she and her boyfriend also kiss each other in . . . let’s just say UNMENTIONABLE places.  Which kinda threw the other ladies off. Then WHOOPI said, quote, “Look, do what you wanna do in yo house!”  And she sent the show to commercial.

Netflix could introduce a cheaper version of its streaming platform by the end of this year – a cheaper version that plays ads. Netflix wanted the ad-tiered offering over the next two years but seems to have fast-tracked the plan due to slowing revenue growth and major drops in subscribers.  Netflix “with ads” could arrive within the last three months of this year – around the same time the platform plans to start cracking down on password sharing.   There are no reports on the cost of ad-tiered Netflix. 

Riot Fest 2022 has announced its lineup with My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, and Misfits headlining! The three-day festival kicks off September 16th in Chicago’s Douglass Park with Alkaline Trio, Bauhaus, Bad Religion, Yungblud, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, GWAR, Ice Cube, and Sleater-Kinney also on the bill. Get details at RiotFest.org. 

The “MTV Movie and TV Awards” are here to give “Spider-Man: No Way Home” the recognition it deserves.  After all, the movie leads the nominee list with seven nods.  It’s followed by “Euphoria” with six nominations and “The Batman” with four.  “Spider-Man” is up for Best Movie, along with “Dune” . . . “Scream” . . . “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” . . . “The Adam Project” . . . and “The Batman”. “Euphoria” is up for Best Show, along with “Inventing Anna” . . . “Loki” . . . “Squid Game” . . . “Ted Lasso” . . . and “Yellowstone”. This year there are two NEW categories:  Best Song and Here for the Hookup.  And immediately after the show, will be the “Movie and TV Awards: Unscripted”, which recognized reality TV, talk shows, and documentaries.

Some of your favorite children’s movies and child actors have morbid behind-the-scenes stories.  Here are a few of them (LINK) 

  1. Judith Barsi, who voiced Ducky in “The Land Before Time” and Anne-Marie in “All Dogs Go to Heaven”, was murdered by her own father in 1988.  She was only 10 years old.  He killed her and her mother before committing suicide. 
  1. “Lilo & Stitch” originally had a scene where a 747 crashes through a building.  When the 9/11 attacks happened, they changed that sequence before the movie was released in 2002. 
  1. In the original script for “The Santa Clause”, Santa falls off the roof because TIM ALLEN shoots him, thinking he’s a burglar. 
  1. ALFALFA from “The Little Rascals” was shot and killed in a dispute over $50.  He was 31 years old. 
  1. BOBBY DRISCOLL, who voiced Disney’s Peter Pan, was found dead in an abandoned building at 31.  He’d become a pretty hardcore drug addict. 
  1. The snow that wakes Dorothy and her friends up in “The Wizard of Oz” was 100% asbestos.  

Broadcast TV is still a thing, believe it or not.  And the list of last season’s most-watched scripted shows came out yesterday.  No big surprise . . . most of them are on CBS. And most of them are kind of old-school shows about first responders that people of the OLDER persuasion tend to enjoy (LINK)    

  1. “NCIS”,  CBS . . . 10.97 million 
  1. “FBI”,  CBS . . . 10.35 million 
  1. “Chicago Fire”,  NBC . . . 9.92 million 
  1. “Blue Bloods”,  CBS . . . 9.60 million 
  1. “The Equalizer”,  CBS . . . 9.30 million 
  1. “Chicago PD”,  NBC . . . 9.25 million 
  1. “Young Sheldon”,  CBS . . . 9.22 million 
  1. “Chicago Med”,  NBC . . . 9.20 million 
  1. “FBI: Most Wanted”,  CBS . . . 8.85 million 
  1. “Ghosts”,  CBS . . . 8.41 million 
  1. “FBI: International”,  CBS . . . 8.31 million 
  1. “NCIS: Hawaii”,  CBS . . . 8.31 million 
  1. “This Is Us”,  NBC . . . 7.57 million 
  1. “Bull”,  CBS . . . 7.45 million 
  1. “La Brea”,  NBC . . . 7.43 million 
  1. “NCIS: Los Angeles”,  CBS . . . 7.24 million 
  1. “Magnum P.I.”,  CBS . . . 7.24 million 
  1. “9-1-1”,  Fox . . . 7.18 million 
  1. “9-1-1: Lone Star”,  Fox . . . 6.83 million 
  1. “The Good Doctor”,  ABC . . . 6.82 million 

 It’s been more than two decades since JAMES CROMWELL played the farmer in the “Babe” movies.  And at 82 years of age, he’s still out there trying to save the animals . . . and the planet. Yesterday morning, he showed up at a Starbucks in Manhattan with some friends, to protest the fact that they charge more for vegan milk than they do for cow’s milk. Dairy farming takes a toll on the planet . . . not to mention the animals.  So they think it’s immoral to upcharge for vegan options. James and another protester even glued their hands to the counter.When cops showed up they unstuck their hands so they wouldn’t get arrested.  By that point I guess they figured they’d proved their point.


The actor who played Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek is 41.

Jason Biggs is 44.

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is 54.

Scotty Schwartz is 54.  The kid who got his tongue stuck to the pole in “A Christmas Story” . . . and the rich white kid who buys Richard Pryor in “The Toy”.

One of the Baldwins… Stephen Baldwin is 56.

Emilio Estevez is 60.

Ving Rhames is 63.

Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn is 67.

Famous for his songs “The Stroke” and “Lonely is the Night”, Billy Squier is 72.

Steve Winwood is 74.

Legendary musician and songwriter Burt Bacharach is 94.

Porn B

Chelsea Zinn

Today’s birthday girl has been in 307 fine films, including:

  • 10 Things I Love About Milfs
  • Bang Van 8
  • Big Girls Want It More
  • Cookies And MILF 1
  • Don’t Tell Mommy 7
  • Footloose And Featherbound 19
  • The Hole Collector 1
  • Manhammer 4
  • Thunder and Whitening 2
  • And who can forget her role 2006’s Yo Mama’s a Freak 1

Chelsea Zinn is 51 years old!


The Blues have a chance to move on to round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight.  After a 5-2 win in Minnesota on Tuesday, tonight the team can win the series 4-2 with a game at Enterprise Center.  As of this morning, we don’t have 100% confirmation, but it looks like it will be Binnington again.  Puck drop from Enterprise Center is 8:30PM.

The Rangers avoided elimination last night with a 5-3 win against the Penguins.  The Panthers beat the Capitals and are now up 3-2 in that series.  The Flames are also up 3-2 over the Stars after a 3-1 win yesterday.  Tonight in addition to the Blues game the Hurricanes can eliminate the Bruins and the Leafs can knock out the Lightning and the Kings could knockout the Oilers.

The Cardinals took on the Orioles last night and picked up a huge 10-1 win.  Juan Yepez hit a homer in the win.  Paul Goldschmidt had 3 RBI.  Miles Mikolas picked up his 3rd win of the year as well.  This afternoon – the two teams are back at it – Jordan Hicks gets the start for the Cardinals.  First pitch is scheduled for 12:15PM.

The Milwaukee Bucks are now just one win away from knocking out what many thought would be the team from the East, the Boston Celtics.  They are up 3-2 in that series.  In the West, the Grizzlies made a statement and avoided elimination with a 134-95 win.  Tonight the Heat could send the 76ers packing and the Suns could knock out the Mavs.

The Falcons, at the end of last season, made it pretty clear that they were going to think about moving on from Matt Ryan.  And they did just that.  They traded him to the Colts and then started to find their next QB.  Some people thought it would be their 74th overall pick, Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder.  However – the head coach of the Falcons said that going into the 2022 season, Marcus Mariotta will be their starter.  For now.

Former Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo filed a lawsuit against the team, alleging that former head coach Urban Meyer created a hostile work environment, and he is seeking more than $3.5 million in lost salary and additional damages.  Lambo claims his performance suffered after he was verbally and physically abused by Meyer. It also claims that Meyer threatened to release Lambo after Lambo spoke up in his defense and that an employer striking an employee and threatening to do so again in retaliation is illegal in Florida. The lawsuit alleges that the physical and verbal abuse impacted Lambo’s ability to sleep and perform his job the way he had during his previous six seasons.  After being cut, Lambo earned $14,000 as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ practice squad last season.

The PGA Tour has denied releases to the players looking to play in the first event of the Saudi Arabian-financed Golf Invitational Series. The debut tournament, set to take place in London from June 9 to 11, coincides with the PGA Tour’s RBC Canadian Open that week. As a result, PGA Tour players would have to be granted a release from the tour to compete in the LIV tournament. The expectation was that the PGA Tour would grant releases to players, similar to ones it has given for other international events, but that won’t be the case, as the tour notified its players through a memo yesterday.