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A Guy Stole a Street Sweeper, Led Cops on a Low-Speed Chase, and Drove It into a River – LINK


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The Pros and Cons of Sleeping with Your Pet – CNN

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13-year-old shot by woman he was allegedly trying to carjack – LINK

Atlanta woman arrested in Pensacola for allegedly biting family member that refused prayer – LINK

A Prisoner Knocked His Cellmate’s Teeth Out Because He Wouldn’t Stop Farting – LINK

Robinhood’s data breach involved about 7 million customers. Here’s how to protect your credit from fraudsters – LINK

40% of Americans Say One Flight of Stairs Makes Them Feel Out of Shape – LINK



Houston Police acknowledged reports of drug needle spiking at the AStroworld  concert. One instance that gained steam online was a report of a security guard being pricked in the neck by a needle and passing out. He needed to be revived with Narcan.  The medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody was trying to inject.  Authorities noticed concertgoers “going down” during the concert.  People with the needles would “spike” innocent bystanders and inject them with a drug. Ketamine and fentanyl have been mentioned in similar spiking attacks.  And with all the lawsuits comes insurance. They have insurance but apparently the policy isn’t nearly enough to cover what may come. 

Pete Davidson dancing around the question about if he and Kim Kardashian are having sexy time. Still on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”  Model EMILY RATAJKOWSKI has given us the answer to one of the most important questions in the history of man: Apparently he’s 6-foot-3 (LINK)    

Buzzfeed put together a list of 60 stars and the bit parts stars played before they were famous.  Here are some highlights . . . do you remember these? (LINK)

Chadwick Boseman was on an episode of “Justified” in 2011. 

“Living Single”,with Queen Latifah, Kim Fields, and Kim Coles?  Will Ferrell was on an episode in 1995. 

Natasha Lyonne was a kid actor on “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” in 1986. 

 A pre-“Saved by the Bell” Mario Lopez did an episode of “The Golden Girls” in 1987. 

Rosario Dawson was on “Sesame Street” in 1991, when she was 12. 

Craig Robinson was on “Friends” in 2004. 

Stephanie Courtney . . . a.k.a. Flo from the Progressive commercials . . . was on “ER” in 2005. 

Kristen Bell was in one of the greatest motion pictures of all time, “Pootie Tang!!! 

Angela Bassett played a flight attendant in “Kindergarten Cop” in 1990. 

Jennifer Garner might not mention it often, but she was in “Dude, Where’s My Car” in 2000. 

Chris Rock on Miami Vice (1987) 

 Mila Kunis made her film debut alongside Hulk Hogan in “Santa with Muscles” in 1996. 

WILL FERRELL has already turned down an “Elf” sequel, so I guess he’s not going to be needing his Buddy outfit anytime soon. It just went up for auction, and an anonymous bidder shelled out almost $297,000 for it. It was only expected to sell for between $27,600 and $41,000. That wasn’t even the most insane purchase from this auction, though.  Somebody else bought Wilson the volleyball from “Castaway” for almost $389,000 (LINK)

TOM HANKS was asked on the “Bill Simmons Podcast” and talked about the 3 movies of his that were the most fun to make (LINK)

“Squid Game” creator Hwang Dong-hyuk didn’t necessarily plan on doing a second season, even though Season 1 was pretty open-ended.  But the MASSIVE success of the show made it pretty obvious that there was going to be a follow-up. And now it’s official.  He says Season 2 is in the planning stages now, but it’s too early to say when it’ll happen. But he did promise lead character Gi-hun will return, and he’ll, quote, “do something for the world.” Two-thirds of Netflix households checked out “Squid Game” in the show’s first four weeks.  That’s about 142 million households out of 214 million (LINK)

Leonardo DiCaprio is in final talks to star as cult leader Jim Jones, the man behind the 1978 Jonestown mass suicide that took more than 900 lives. After starting the Peoples Temple in Indianapolis in 1955 to promote Christianity Jones had eventually rejected Christianity and claimed that he was God. He started Jonestown in Guyana in 1974, encouraging his followers to join his paradise, free from government suppression.  Jones’ followers would eventually kill a US representative who was investigating human rights abuses at Jonestown in 1978, which spurred Jones to orchestrate the mass murder-suicide of 918 followers by having them drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.  Over 300 of those killed were children.   

The sixth and last season of the Better Call Saul will be split into two parts. I don’t have details about how long the break will be between the two chapters, I DO know that the final season has 13 episodes and is scheduled to begin sometime in the first quarter of 2022.  

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Bronco’s quarterback and former Mizzou quarterback Drew Locke is 25. 

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is 29. 

Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz is 31 

Taron Egerton is 32.   Elton John in “Rocketman”, Robin in the most recent “Robin Hood” remake, and Eggsy in the “Kingsman” movies. 

Singer Miranda Lambert is 38. 

Diplo is 43. 

Jimmy Eat World singer Jim Atkins is 46 

The great Walton Goggins is 50. He’s the star of the CBS single dad sitcom “The Unicorn”.  You also knew him as Lee Russell on HBO’s “Vice Principals”, Boyd Crowder on “Justified”, and Detective Shane Vendrell on “The Shield”. 

Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy is 52. 

Tracy Morgan is 53. 

In Living Color’s Tommy Davidson is 58. 

Mackenzie Phillips from One Day at a Time is 62. John Phillips from the Mamas & Papas was her dad. 

Our buddy Sinbad is 65. 

Wrestling legend “Cowboy” Bob Orton is 71.

Porn B

Gia DiMarco

Today’s birthday girl has been in 333 fine films, including:

  • Babysit My Ass 2
  • Caught at the Peephole
  • Divine Bitches 5 & 6
  • The Marathon Dong
  • Panty Pops 5
  • Wet Food 4 & 9
  • And who can forget her role in 2019 holiday classic All I Want For Christmas Is Anal

Gia DiMarco is 38 years old

Sports Report 1

P.S.G. Women’s Player Arrested After Attack on Her Teammate – LINK

It took a shootout, but the Blues closed out their road trip with a 3-2 win over the Jets in Winnipeg last night.  Pavel Buchnevich and Jordan Kyrou had goals regulation with Ryan O’Reilly getting the big goal in the shooutout to seal the win.  Jordan Binnington had 39 saves in the win.  Up next is a game against the Predators on Thursday.  Puck drop is scheduled for 7PM.

Montreal Canadians goaltender Carey Price shared that he entered a residential treatment facility for substance use in October in a public statement released on Instagram Tuesday. The NHL and NHLPA announced back in October that Price had voluntarily entered the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program. Price had posted on Instagram: I entered treatment for substance use.  Things had reached a point that I realized I needed to prioritize my health for both myself and for my family.  Your support and respect of this so far has been a critical piece to my recovery.”  The coach of the Canadiens said that Price could be with the team soon – as long as he is 100% ready both physically and mentally.

The NFL’s review of the Green Bay Packers’ COVID-19 protocols was completed yesterday, and a league source said the team was fined $300,000, while quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver Allen Lazard were each fined just under $15,000. They were fined for violations of the protocols that were jointly agreed upon by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. The source said the Packers’ cooperation with the investigation was taken into consideration, but the team was warned that future violations could result in increased discipline, including possible change in draft position or loss of draft choice. The violations included the unvaccinated Rodgers not wearing a mask during his news conferences and because the team did not report that Rodgers and Lazard attended a Halloween party, even though it was away from the team facility. By attending, Rodgers and Lazard violated the protocol that prevents unvaccinated players from gathering in groups of more than three, which was the reason for their fine. The amount of the players’ fines were part of the jointly agreed upon fine schedule between the league and the players’ union. The investigation also included a review of video from inside the club facility and found a few isolated instances of Rodgers and Lazard failing to wear a mask in the facility. Other than those isolated incidents, the video showed no wide-spread or continuous mask-wearing violations.

Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has cleared waivers and is eligible to sign with any team as a free agent. Beckham wants to spend the rest of this season with a playoff contender and in a winning environment. Multiple teams with winning records and established offenses are expected to be interested in Beckham. Certain players already have reached out to Beckham, pitching the merits of their organization.  We are hearing the Seahawks, the Patriots, and the Chiefs are the early favorites for a landing spot.

Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook allegedly abused a former girlfriend, causing a concussion, during an altercation at his home last year…all based on a lawsuit filed Tuesday. Reports are that the woman filed a lawsuit accusing Cook of assault, battery and false imprisonment. However, Cook’s attorney said his client was assaulted by the woman after she broke into his residence and that she later tried to extort him of millions of dollars. The Vikings also released a statement saying they “recently received notification from Dalvin Cook’s legal representative regarding a situation that occurred between Dalvin and a female acquaintance in November 2020 and led to an ongoing dispute between the parties. Upon learning of this, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will withhold further comment at this time.” In a separate statement, the league said it was notified by the Vikings of the matter and would decline further comment.

Denver Nuggets star and reigning MVP Nikola Jokic has been suspended for one game without pay for forcefully pushing Miami Heat forward Markieff Morris in the back on Monday night. The Nuggets will not have their franchise center against Indiana tonight.  Morris was fined $50,000 for his flagrant two fouls that led to Jokic’s retaliation, while Miami’s Jimmy Butler was fined $30,000 for attempting to escalate the altercation and failing to comply with an NBA security interview. Jokic was ejected with 2:39 left in a 113-96 win over the Heat on Monday after he took exception to a foul by Morris. Jokic took a couple of steps and delivered a hard right forearm shove with his weight behind him to Morris’ back, sending the Heat forward flying hard toward the floor. Markieff’s twin brother, LA Clippers’ Marcus Morris, chimed in on Twitter saying that Jokic shoving his brother from behind was shady and that he will remember it. “Waited till bro turned his back smh. NOTED,” Marcus Morris tweeted Monday night with an emoji of a hand with a pen writing something down. That prompted Jokic’s brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja, to open a Twitter account named “@JokicBrothers” to respond to Marcus. The newly created account tweeted: “You should leave this the way it is instead of publicly threatening our brother! Your brother made a dirty play first. If you want to make a step further be sure we will be waiting for you !! Jokic Brothers” Jokic later added: “I don’t know who showed me the clip and actually his head snapped back [after the shove] so I feel really bad … it’s a bad move.”

And finally – college basketball started up last night.  The Mizzou Tigers beat Central Michigan 78-68.  Their next game is Monday against UMKC.  SLU beat Central Arkansas 96-61.  They play Harris-Stowe today at 7PM.  And 11th ranked Illinois beat Jackson State 71-47.  They are off til Friday when they play Arkansas State.  As of today, the top 3 teams in the country are Gonzaga, UCLA, and Kansas.