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Florida man accused of trying to steal horses, riding them home, deputies say – ClickOnOrlando


A landlord in Illinois has been arrested after he tied up two tenants on Sunday, put pillowcases on their heads, drove them at gunpoint to a cemetery, and dumped them in the snow.

He said he did it because he was frustrated that he couldn’t evict anyone because of Covid restrictions.  He’s facing kidnapping charges.


Taylor Swift’s new version of Love Story called Love Story (Taylor’s Version)  is number 1 on the “Billboard” Hot Country Songs chart.  The 2008 version simply called Love Story got to number 1…too. So both versions reached Number One on that chart, which makes her only the second person to accomplish that.  Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” did it in 1974, and her re-recording topped it again in 1982. Now, in case you haven’t been following this, we should double back on why Taylor re-did the song.  She’s in the process of re-recording a lot of her early albums because she’s mad at a guy named Scooter Braun who bought the rights to them.   “Love Story” was on her 2008 album “Fearless”.  Her new version of that album is called, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, and it’s coming out April 9th.  

The back and forth between Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell continues as the band says Vickys numbers for the buyout offer are grossly mischaracterized. And that it will come out in court. Despite Vicky claiming the band was offered $16 million for their catalog, the guys wrote “All offers to buy out our interests have been unsolicited and rejected outright”. They’ve also called Vicky out for taking over the band’s social media, with “For more than a year, SOUNDGARDEN’s social media accounts have been hijacked; misleading and confusing our fans.” 

Check out a trailer for “Tina” . . . the new HBO documentary on TINA TURNER 

Very excited to say The Network is scheduled to perform on Fallon Friday. They play new wave music while wearing masks. Worst kept secret in the world is its Greenday.  Though when asked The Network says.. “We had often been mistaken as the planet’s greatest rock n’ roll band, Green Day,” The Network says. “This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet!” Even the NBC website seems confused, referring to The Network as “rumored to be a secret project of the well-known band Green Day.” The Network released a new album called Money Money 2020 Pt II: We Told Ya So! last December. It’s their first record in 17 years. Green Day, meanwhile, just dropped a new song called “Here Comes the Shock” to follow their 2020 album, Father of All… 

MEEK MILL really got dragged for his new song “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)” . . . because of the line “If I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe.” Not surprisingly, KOBE BRYANT’s widow VANESSA wasn’t a fan. On Monday, she reached out to Meek on social media and called the track, “extremely insensitive and disrespectful.”  She added, quote, “If you are a fan, fine, there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband.  This lacks respect and tact.” Yesterday, Meek said he apologized to Vanessa PRIVATELY.  And he asked people to move on.  Quote, “If you care about someone grieving change the subject!” 

PAT SAJAK may have mocked a contestant with a lisp on Monday’s “Wheel of Fortune”. It happened during the introductions.  A guy named Chris Brimble was telling Pat what he does for a living, and Pat responded, quote, “I thee” . . . instead of “I see.” If Brimble caught it, he didn’t say anything.  And he went on to win more than $12,000.  But Twitter is letting Pat have it

CHRISSY TEIGEN begged PRESIDENT BIDEN to follow her on Twitter . . . then realized she’d made a mistake because she didn’t feel she could be herself with him watching.  So she asked him to UN-follow her. And when he did, she let loose with a potty-mouthed celebration.

There’s a show on Boomerang called “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who”, and every episode there’s a new celebrity guest star.  On tomorrow’s episode, the gang gets some mystery-solving help from . . . AXL ROSE.  Turns out he’s old friends with Shaggy and Scooby . . . but there’s no word if their backstory involves any illicit substances. 

Android users, if you have a Netflix account, check out the streaming app’s new “Downloads for You” feature in the “Downloads” tab. Once you opt in to use the feature, Netflix will download movies and TV shows automatically for you, based on your preferences. You can pick how much you want to be downloaded to your device or tell Netflix “no thanks” if you decide the feature isn’t for you. Netflix said in a statement “Whether you’re a comedy fan stuck on a long car ride or a rom-com lover without internet, we do the work so there is always something new waiting to entertain and delight you.”  What Netflix is trying to say is “You’ll never leave your couch again.” Don’t worry iOS users, Netflix is currently working to get the new feature to your devices, too.

Super hero movie nerds in the room check my accuracy. Zack Snyder left during production of Justice League after his daughter committed suicide. Joss Whedon took over and the movie comes out in 2017 and it flops. So now Snyder is back and reshooting the thing because fans demanded it. Its been about $70 million in reshoots. About three-quarters of the movie was re-shot. Snyder has not seen the Whedon version. A Warner Brothers executive said, “When we got to see what Joss actually did, it was stupefying, The robber on the rooftop—so goofy and awful. The Russian family—so useless and pointless. Everyone knew it. It was so awkward because nobody wanted to admit what a piece of s**t it was.” After fans demanded a #SnyderCut of the movie, Warner Brothers and Snyder made a deal so Zack could do the film he intended. Snyder’s true version will be four hours long. The #SnyderCut of “Justice League” premieres on March 18th on HBO MAX. 

Ken Jennings finished up his six-week Jeopardy! hosting gig Friday so guess who stepped in? yep you know and love him and what a great draw…executive producer Mike Richards. Ken had to end his gig early. Here is Mike talking about it and now many of socials want him as permanent host!!…”Only 7min into the episode and Mike Richards MUST BE THE NEW PERMANENT HOST. I love him. Mike has the gig for the next 2 weeks then its Katie Couric’s turn. 

If dodging traffic is one of your hobbies . . . and you’re actually GOOD AT IT . . . now you can make some money. The ’80s video game “Frogger” is being turned into a game show for the Peacock streaming service. Contestants will play the part of the frog, attempting to avoid obstacles including traffic, snapping alligators, and hungry hippos.  The game will test players’ strength, strategy, and problem-solving abilities. 

TOM HOLLAND auditioned for the part of Finn in the last “Star Wars” trilogy . . . and he BLEW IT, because he couldn’t work alongside the robot BB8.  It didn’t help that a woman was doing the “dialogue” for it. Tom says, quote, “I remember doing this scene with this lady, bless her, and she was just a drone.  So I was doing all of this, like, ‘We gotta get back to the ship!’  And she was going, ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop.’ “I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I found it so funny.  And I felt really bad, because she was trying really hard to be a convincing android or drone or whatever they’re called.  Yeah, I obviously didn’t get the part.  That wasn’t my best moment.” The part went to JOHN BOYEGA


O’Shea Jackson Jr., that’s Ice Cube’s son, is 30.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 44.

Chad Hugo is 47.  The Filipino half of The Neptunes.  He met Pharrell Williams in their high school band in Virginia Beach.  Chad played sax.  Pharrell played drums.

Actor Billy Zane is 55. The A-hole in “Titanic”.  He shaves his head and is actually BALD . . . and all throughout “Titanic” . . . he wore a wig.

She played Kitty Foreman in That 70’s Show, Debra Jo Rupp is 70.

Musician George Thorogood is 71.

Actor Edward James Olmos is 74. The first American-born Latino ever to get an Academy Award nomination, for “Stand and Deliver”.  He lost to Dustin Hoffman for “Rain Man”.

Former senator and vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is 79.

The co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight is 83.

He played Junior Soprano in the Sopranos,  Dominic Chianese is 90. He’s also Johnny Ola in “The Godfather Part II”.

Today would have been Mitch Hedberg’s 53rd birthday.

Steve Jobs would have been 66.

And maybe George Harrison would have been 78 today. While he was alive, George preferred to celebrate his birthday on the 24th, but his birth certificate said the 25th.


Britney Stevens

Today’s birthday girl has seen more DNA than a crime lab in 352 fine films… including:

– Anal Acrobats 2

– Armpit Worship 3

– Ass Cleavage 9

– Ass Parades 9 and 19

– The Bang Van

– Beware It’s Real Nasty

– Breaking and Entering

– Genital Hospital

– Jack Hammered 2

– And who can forget her role in 2009’s Rack By Popular Demand 3

Britney Steven is 36 years old today.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

The St. Louis Blues are back in action against the Kings tonight.  They will be with one less defensemen as Carl Gunnarsson is out for the year.  He suffered a gnarly leg injury on Monday’s loss to the Kings.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 8:30PM.

TIGER WOODS was in a serious car accident early yesterday morning in L.A., and authorities say he’s lucky to be alive.  Details on the crash and Tiger’s condition are still rolling in, but here’s everything we know now . . .It happened around 7AM and it involved just him.  They DON’T suspect Tiger was under the influence of anything, and they didn’t take any blood.  Weather was not a factor.  It sounds like SPEEDING was a factor though.  He reportedly struck the median . . . went across two opposing lanes of traffic . . . and landed “SEVERAL HUNDRED FEET” from the road, hitting a curb and trees as the vehicle “rolled multiple times.”  It’s unclear how fast Tiger was driving.  The speed limit is 45 miles per hour.  One officer said that since it’s downhill, it’s not uncommon for them to see people speeding at up to 80 miles per hour. He suffered “significant” injuries to his right leg, and received emergency surgery from trauma specialists at the UCLA Medical Center that included the insertion of a rod into his lower right leg, and multiple screws and pins in his foot and ankle. There’s talk that he was supposed to be at a golf course at 7:30 A.M for a video shoot., but he was running late.  He was staying about an hour away . . . and had left just before 7:00 A.M. But TMZ has surveillance footage of Tiger driving roughly five minutes before the accident, and he didn’t seem to be driving exceptionally fast.  In fact, he was in the slow lane behind a minivan.

Ben Roethlisberger’s agent confirmed that the Steelers do want to bring the quarterback back for the upcoming 2021 season, and conversations will happen about contract restructuring.  He said they want Ben back and will contact him soon to address his cap situation. The agent then went on to say that a year ago, Ben wasn’t sure if he could throw again, but he battled back to get 12 wins and the 8th division title of his career. They lost steam down the stretch and that doesn’t sit well for him, so the fire burns strong and there is plenty of gas in the tank.

It appears as if the Washington Football Team will have a new name starting in 2022. On a team-created website, WashingtonJourney.com, display text at the top of the page says, “We’ve transitioned from our old name. Now it’s time to write a new legacy. The future of Washington Football arrives in 2022.” The website includes a timeline where fans are able to view the name-creation process and a place for fans to submit their own ideas for the next team name, write their vision for the team and design a uniform and logo.  The website is also displaying some logos and names suggested by fans.

Dez Bryant wants to play two more seasons, but it apparently won’t be with the Baltimore Ravens. In a series of tweets Tuesday night, the wide receiver explained why he never broke out of a limited role with the Ravens last season. “I realized quick Baltimore wasn’t the place for me,” Bryant wrote. “No bad blood. That’s their way of doing things so you gotta respect it.” Bryant, 32, returned after sitting out two seasons and totaled six catches for 47 yards and two touchdowns in six games with Baltimore.

The NBA announced the reserve selections for next month’s All-Star Game in Atlanta on Tuesday night, a list headlined by  James Harden as well as center Rudy Gobert and guard Donovan Mitchell from the league-leading Jazz. Harden, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2018, is representing Brooklyn for the first time in what will be his ninth consecutive All-Star appearance. He will join teammates Kevin Durant — one of two captains, alongside  Lakers star LeBron James — and Kyrie Irving, both of whom were voted in as starters last week. In addition to Harden, the six other selections from the Eastern Conference were: guard Jaylen Brown and forward Jayson Tatum from the CelticsKnicks forward Julius RandleBulls guard Zach LaVine; and 76ers guard Ben Simmons. In the West, it was  Trail Blazers guard Damian LillardClippers forward Paul George; Lakers forward Anthony DavisSuns guard Chris Paul and Pelicans forward Zion Williamson.

Taijuan Walker is taking a back seat on his new team — to Mr. Met. A day after the Mets finalized his $23 million, three-year contract, Walker said he was aced out of his preferred jersey number by the rotund mascot with the baseball-shaped head. Walker said….”I was 44 growing up, and I finally got it with the Mariners in 2016. And then I ended up getting traded at the end of the year, and when I got traded to the Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt was No. 44. So I was, OK, I’m never going to get that again.” So Walker thought: “What number can I wear that not a lot of people in the league have it?” He chose 99.  He went on to say…” I think the only way I don’t wear 99 is if I get traded to the Yankees. So I was, OK, 99 is a safe bet and live with that. And then, of course, last year I got traded to Toronto and Ryu wears 99. So, I was like, OK, well, that didn’t work out. So I’m wearing 00. Something different, again.” He then signed with the Mets…and Mr Met wears #00.  So…he’s back to 99.

Mizzou went and ahead and went full Mizzou again last night as the 24th ranked Tigers lost AGAIN to an unranked team.  Ole Miss picked up the win 60-53.  Their next game is against unranked Texas A&M on Saturday.  SLU lost to VCU last night on the road.  Their next game is against Richmond on Friday.  And, in the most shocking game of the night, 5th ranked Illinois lost to unranked Michigan State last night.  They will look to rebound against Nebraska tomorrow night.