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People are more attracted to those who look like them, new study finds – LINK

More than a third of Americans have a “sleep divorce,” survey finds – LINK

I had two penises and used both for sex — women were addicted – LINK

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Robert ‘Beatle Bob’ Matonis, St. Louis’ No. 1 music superfan, dies at 70 – LINK

A Neighborhood Lost Its Ice Cream Truck After Someone Complained About the Music – LINK


The Barbie revolution shows no sign of letting up. In its second weekend of release, the Barbie movie brought in $93 million at North American theaters putting the film on top again. Collecting $93 million in ticket sales during a movie’s second weekend is almost unheard of.  Overall, Barbie has grossed $351.4 million in its first ten days in North American multiplexes.  Oppenheimer continued to attract movie-goers as well. The film finished in second place with $46.2 million.  Disney’s Haunted Mansion scared away audiences by only finishing in third place during its opening weekend.  Sound of Freedom and Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One rounds out this week’s top five movies.

Cardi B is the latest performer to have something thrown at her onstage by a so-called “fan”. During an outdoor show at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, a woman threw her DRINK at Cardi . . . who responded by throwing her MICROPHONE back at the woman.  Security escorted the offender out. Even though Cardi had no microphone and clearly wasn’t singing, her vocals continued loud and clear. (Although for some reason, people don’t really seem to care about this anymore.  Remember when it was a MAJOR SCANDAL if a performer was caught faking it?)

More bad news for this childhood star. Zachery Ty Bryan found himself in an Oregon jail for alleged domestic violence over the weekend. Eugene PD tells TMZ that the Home Improvement star was arrested Friday for felony assault in violation of the Abuse Prevention Act. That’s when someone is accused of attacking somebody else who’d previously been granted a restraining order in relation to DV. The police got a call for a reported physical dispute between a male and female at a Eugene residence. When they arrived, Zach was long gone, but police tracked him down and took him to jail, where he was booked … and where he currently remains in custody. The details of the latest alleged incident remain unclear.

Back in 2020, Zach was arrested for 4th-degree assault … in addition to strangulation and interfering with making a report. At the time, he was accused of roughing up his then-girlfriend. He ended up pleading guilty to two lesser charges and publicly said the incident was blown out of proportion. Since then, Zach actually ended up getting engaged to the girlfriend he was accused of attacking in 2020. They share three children together.

 Brad Pitt has been working on a Formula 1 racing movie for Apple called “Apex”, and it’s exempt from the SAG-AFTRA strike because it’s filming in Hungary. But Brad has decided to shut down production to show solidarity with his fellow actors.  They’re going to finish any shoots that have already been scheduled, then shut down the set.  Brad is producing and starring in the movie.

Viola Davis had a waiver for an indie movie she’s doing called “G20”, but she decided to halt production too. She says, quote, “I love this movie, but I do not feel that it would be appropriate for this production to move forward during the strike.”

It’s hard to imagine “The Office” without Steve Carell as Michael Scott.  But he’s not the only actor who was considered . . . and two guys were even offered the part before him. Both Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman TURNED IT DOWN.  Louis C.K. read for the part, too, but he had a holding deal with CBS, so he couldn’t do it. Rainn Wilson went after it, but thank god he ended up playing Dwight, because who could have done THAT better?  Patton OswaltAdam Scott, and Bob Odenkirk also tried out. As “Office” fans know, Odenkirk appeared during the final season, as a very Michael Scott-like office manager Pam interviews with for a potential job in Philadelphia.

Kevin Costner‘s estranged wife Christine Baumgartner has moving trucks backed up to the front door … bolting from their home with a few days to spare before her court-ordered move-out day.

Multiple vehicles were spotted arriving at the Costner ocean-front estate in Carpinteria, CA Friday … and we’re told another U-Haul was seen leaving the property earlier in the morning, too. Christine leaving Kevin’s property was part of the prenup they both agreed to when the got married back in 2004 … she must be out of the home by the end of this month.

Lots of actors who are on strike are getting work … courtesy of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons! Business is booming … so says a Dr. of the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic Surgery. He told  TMZ  he’s working 7 days a week, because actors are using the downtime to go under the knife and recover without being noticed or missing work. Get ready to see some rejuvenated celebs once the strike comes to an end

Horror fans are buckling up for “the most disturbing installment of the Saw franchise yet.” An official synopsis for the upcoming 10th entry in the iconic screen franchise, starring Tobin Bell as John Kramer a.k.a. Jigsaw, continues: “Set between the events of Saw I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer — only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable.” The newly released trailer for Saw X teases the beginning of John’s journey and his horrible epiphany — and what he then resolves to do. It appears a new round of gore, psychological torture and deadly games of survival ensue. ‘Saw X’ Trailer Teases Tobin Bell’s Return as Jigsaw – LINK

Seann William Scott will forever be known as Stifler from the “American Pie” movies.  But did you know he was only paid $8,000 for the first movie?  (???) Seann revealed his salary last year, and for some reason, the Internet just discovered the video this weekend. Seann said, quote, “I remember afterwards I bought a used Thunderbird for like $5,000 or maybe $6,000, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, baby.’  I don’t know what happened to the other $2,000 because I ended up having to work at the L.A. Zoo as a churro guy, so maybe it was even less than $8000.”  (Here’s video.)

To be clear, the churro gig happened BEFORE “American Pie” came out.  After it became a huge hit, he was able to carve out a pretty decent career for himself.  He’s worth a reported $25 million today.  (Daily Mail)

Members of DEF LEPPARD and MÖTLEY CRÜE recently sat down with Tara Brown of Australia’s “60 Minutes” to discuss life in the fast lane and their current joint world tour. You can watch the 14-minute segment on the blog. Both DEF LEPPARD and MÖTLEY CRÜE said that there are no plans for them to slow down anytime soon. “No, god. I’m not even legally at retirement age, so it’s not even on the horizon for me,” DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott said. “But no, [retirement’s] never crossed my mind. Because we enjoy doing what we do. We always have. Long may it last.” The guys from MÖTLEY CRÜE are in firm agreement, still raising their middle fingers to the world. “I feel like our [middle] finger is about to go higher,” bassist Nikki Sixx said. “I think we’re kind of in the ‘we-don’t-give-a-fuck’ phase of our career.” MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s setlist for the 2023 “The World Tour” has remained very similar to the one from last year’s “The Stadium Tour”, with “Wild Side” opening the show before Sixx and his bandmates run through a 15-song set that includes other classics like “Shout At The Devil”“Home Sweet Home”“Dr. Feelgood” and the closing number “Kickstart My Heart”.

Everyone’s favorite smooth-talking, cape-wearing smuggler might soon be returning to a galaxy far, far away.

It’s been nearly three years since Disney first announced plans to develop a Star Wars series around Lando Calrissian, the stylish space hero first played by Billy Dee Williams and later by Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story. At the time, Dear White People creator Justin Simien was attached to write and develop the show, but since then, news has been scarce, with Simien turning his attention to directing the new Haunted Mansion movie.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Simien has left the project, and Glover and his brother Stephen Glover are now attached to write the new Lando. The two brothers are frequent collaborators, having worked on shows like Atlanta and Swarm, and apparently, the pair got involved with Lando before the start of the writers’ strike.

A seismologist examined the seismic activity generated from two Taylor Swift The Eras tour concerts in Seattle was the equivalent to that of an earthquake. A Washington State seismologist examined seismic wave data from a station located outside of Lumen Field in Seattle, where Swift performed concerts July 22 and July 22 as part of her Eras tour.

The activity at the stadium on those nights caused seismic activity equivalent of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. She said “For Taylor Swift, I collected about 10 hours of data where rhythm controlled the behavior,” “The music, the speakers, the beat. All that energy can drive into the ground and shake it.”

Every good show needs a cool joint for its characters to hang out at.  A writer at Buzzfeed.com ranked her 18 favorite sitcom hangout spots.  Here they are: 

  1. The Peach Pit / Peach Pit After Dark,  “Beverly Hills, 90210”.  (Not even a sitcom, and it’s #1.  But you have to admit, it was a pretty cool place.) (???)
  2. The Pit,  “A Different World”.
  3. Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe,  “Riverdale”.  (Also not a sitcom . . . right???)
  4. Cheers,  “Cheers”.
  5. The Peacock Stop,  “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.
  6. Luke’s Diner,  “Gilmore Girls”.  (Again, not a . . . oh, forget it.)
  7. Central Perk,  “Friends”.
  8. Arnold’s / Al’s,  “Happy Days”.
  9. Café Nervosa,  “Friends”.
  10. The Hub,  “That ’70s Show”.
  11. Monk’s Café,  “Seinfeld”.
  12. The Max,  “Saved by the Bell”.
  13. Nemo’s Pizza,  “Everybody Loves Raymond”.
  14. MacLaren’s Pub,  “How I Met Your Mother”.
  15. Shaw’s Bar,  “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.
  16. The Cheesecake Factory,  “The Big Bang Theory”.
  17. Paddy’s Pub,  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.
  18. Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand,  “Arrested Development” – LINK

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Juelz Ventura

Today’s birthday girl has been in 514 fine films, including:

– All Day Orgy

– Ass Whooping

– Babysit My Ass 3 & 4

– Bitches Behind Bars

– Damn She’s a Lesbian

– The Dirty Wives Club 10

– It’s Okay She’s My Mother in Law 14

– Mandingo Unchained

– Oil Overload 3

– Thrilla in Vanilla 3

– Wet Food 3

– And who can forget her role in 2009’s Rumble In Her Jungle

Juelz Ventura is 36 years old