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Amid some dating rumors Taylor Swift showed up to Arrowhead Stadium and watched Travis Kelce and the Chiefs take on the Chicago Bears.  Swift was caught celebrating a Kelce touchdown alongside Travis’s mom.  Here is the “NFL on Fox” broadcast team giving a little play-by-play and commentary to Taylor’s touchdown celebration. Of Note – The Chiefs ended up winning 41-10 against The Bears. Erin Andrews playfully asked Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after the game about Taylor Swift’s presence at the game in Kansas City.  He played along.

 If you were hoping for the return of rock and roll to the Super Bowl Halftime Show . . . well, there’s always next season.  Because this season, we’re getting Usher. He says, quote, “It’s an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list.  I can’t wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they’ve seen from me before. “Thank you to the fans and everyone who made this opportunity happen.  I’ll see you real soon.” This will actually be Usher’s SECOND halftime appearance.  He also performed with the Black Eyed Peas when they headlined the show in 2011. Super Bowl 58 goes down February 11th at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. That same day, Usher is releasing “Coming Home”, his first new album since 2016. (Hollywood Reporter)

Michael Caine is confirming his retirement. The 90-year-old actor spoke out in an interview with The Telegraph, confirming that his upcoming film The Great Escaper may be his last. “I am bloody 90 now, and I can’t walk properly and all that. I sort of am retired now,” he said to the outlet. The actor used a walking stick while filming the true story of Bernard Jordan, a British World War II veteran who escaped his retirement home to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day commemorations in France. “I was so happy to do it. I just loved the character of Bernie. I thought he was incredible, and it’s so beautifully written,” he said of the role. “They gave me a very good walking stick, and I was able to do scenes that needed that. I’d just do them once, and then fall over. But just one take, and that’s it. Forget it.” “I’ve had the best possible life I could have thought of. The best possible wife, and the best possible family. They may not be a family that other people would say is the best possible family — but the best possible family for me,” he added.

THE QUEEN: Dolly Parton covered the 4 Non Blondes 1993 smash, “What’s Up?”.  It’ll be on Dolly’s upcoming album, “Rockstar”, which is out November 17th. Of Note:  Dolly’s version also features 4 Non Blondes singer-songwriter Linda Perry.

Alfonso Ribeiro got a concussion during a Little League game LAST WEEK. It was his SON’S game.  he said, quote, “I was standing off to the side and I’m putting someone’s number in my phone, and boom, a ball to the back of my head.  Right in the back.” Alfonso went down immediately, and he wasn’t right for days.  He said, quote, “For like, three days, I’m like, ‘Huh? Wha?’   My wife seems to think it was just me saying I didn’t want to do nothing at the house.  It wasn’t that.  It was a good hit.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods have opened a new sports bar in New York City. It’s called T-Squared Social, and it’s in the grand lobby of the Emigrant Savings Bank in Manhattan. It has a 32-foot marble bar, lounge areas and reservation-only “box seats.”  It also has golf simulators, duckpin bowling and darts, plus over 35 TVs . . . including one with a 200-INCH SCREEN . . . supposedly the biggest in New York. Tiger says, quote, “Justin and I thought it would be cool to create a place that combines our favorite things and brings people together to just have a great time.” Justin adds, quote, “We knew a concept like T-Squared Social would thrive in New York.  It’s a beautiful space that transcends the typical sports bar experience.” (People)

Dwayne Johnson says fame doesn’t come with drawbacks because he remembers what life was like before he was famous. He says, quote, “I couldn’t pay rent, I was struggling to figure out who I was, I was broke as [eff].  I try my best to keep all of that in the forefront of my mind . . . I always say, ‘I’m a day away from being evicted again’ so it keeps me hungry.” Dwayne added that fame can be hard to balance if you’re not grounded.  Quote, “Anchors and perspective is always important.  Humility and kindness matters.” He points out that its greatest benefit is being able to impact people in a positive way around the world. Of course, because he’s famous he can’t just go out in public without causing a scene.  But he doesn’t see that as a “drawback” because it’s what he signed up for.  (People)

(PROFANITY WARNING:  His video contains F-bombs and other profanity.) In case you didn’t know, Kevin Bacon has owned farmland in Connecticut since 1983.  When he wanted to expand his property and buy the neighboring plot, he was originally turned down because it’s HAUNTED. The owner told Kevin, quote, “I can’t sell it to you because it’s haunted and I’m afraid that you’ll get possessed and, you know, do some serious damage.” He eventually was able to talk the owner into selling, but under the condition he DESTROY the old haunted house on the property within a month. Kevin was told that the house dated back to the 1700s and involved the murder of a Native American by a colonial soldier.  The former owner even had ghostbusters come for a visit. Of course, he destroyed it.  And his wife Kyra Sedgwick didn’t want to take any chances, so she didn’t let him keep ANYTHING from the house.  And no, he hasn’t seen any ghosts.  BUT he hopes someday it happens. (EW)

Just when you thought dating shows had figured out every premise and every gimmick, we get this:  “Naked Attraction” . . . a show where people choose a mate based on their NAKED BODIES. It’s a British show, but you can now watch it on Max.  Here’s how it works:  In each episode, one person has six potential dates to choose from.  Those dates are completely naked, and are revealed one body part at a time.  Their FACES are revealed LAST. As body parts are revealed, the “chooser” is eliminating potential dates until only two remain.  Then the chooser gets naked, and they offer THEIR critiques.  Once a match is made, the couple goes on a date . . . with their clothes on. It all sounds pretty horrible, but people will watch it, if only for the disclaimer before each episode that says, quote, “The following series . . . contains full frontal nudity, coarse language, and graphic discussions about the human body.” (Check out a trailer here.) 

UltimateClassicRock.com put together a list of 20 fall-themed songs to kick off the season.

Here they are, in chronological order:

  1. “Leaves That Are Green”,  Simon & Garfunkel(1966)
  2. “Autumn Almanac”,  The Kinks(1967)
  3. “Ramble On”,  Led Zeppelin(1969)
  4. “Moondance”,  Van Morrison(1970)
  5. “Indian Summer”,  The Doors(1970)
  6. “Maggie May”,  Rod Stewart(1971)
  7. “September Gurls”,  Big Star(1974)
  8. “Seasons of Wither”,  Aerosmith(1974)
  9. “Rainy Day Man”,  Bonnie Raitt(1974)
  10. “Night Moves”,  Bob Seger (1976)
  11. “Silver Springs”,  Fleetwood Mac(1976)
  12. “Forever Autumn”,  Justin Hayward(1978)
  13. “September”,  Earth, Wind & Fire(1978)
  14. “September Morn”,  Neil Diamond (1979)
  15. “October”,  U2(1981)
  16. “The Boys of Summer”,  Don Henley(1984)
  17. “November Rain”,  Guns N’ Roses(1991)
  18. “Harvest Moon”,  Neil Young(1992)
  19. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”,  The White Stripes(2001)
  20. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”,  Green Day (2004)


Sports Report 1

The Cardinals’ lost 12-2 Sunday afternoon in the final regular-season game of the year at Petco Park. And even with a score of 12 to 2, one STLTODAY WRITER WROTE THAT “It was not as close as the score implied.” Former Cardinals starter Michael Wacha kept a shutout through six innings. The Cards had two fly balls lost in the sun, errors and more. The game was so lopsided so early that the Cardinals started replacing regulars at the end of the fifth inning. The best the Cardinals can finish is in a tie with the Pirates for last place in the National League Central. While Michael Wacha toyed with a shutout, his Padres pulverize Cardinals, 12-2 (stltoday.com)

Following a 3-2 win over Arizona in St. Louis, the Blues lost 5-1 in Wichita to the Coyotes on Saturday night. Alexey Toropchenko scored the goal for the Blues, who were outshot 51-21.

Blues coach Craig Berube coached the game at Enterprise Center and did not travel to Kansas, but his staff reviewed the game. Blues lose to Arizona in second game of split-squad doubleheader in Wichita (stltoday.com)

Deion Sanders and his Colorado team got their butts kicked Saturday by the mighty Oregon Ducks 42-6.  After the game, Deion Sanders Jr. had this to say on social media. “We got our ass whooped… Good stuff, Oregon. We’ll NEVER let a loss make us forget who we are. We still gone turn up & we still gone do it our way. So rejoice & take advantage of us while we are in this position – I expect nothing less. Just Remember, We gone get up,” the eldest son of Coach Sanders wrote.