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Driver tests 5 times the legal limit, denies being drunk, Porter County police say – NWTimes

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Pizza Is the Most Popular Takeout and Delivery Food in the World . . . But It’s Number Two in the U.S. – MoneyBeach

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A woman just posted on TikTok about how her AncestryDNA test showed her father WASN’T actually her father.  Her biological father turned out to be an old family friend who’s now a billionaire.  But . . . she says he doesn’t want to talk to her.  (Full Story)

The inauguration of Joe Biden – CNN

President Trump’s Departure Was Relatively Uneventful – NBCNews

Mega Millions Jackpot Jumps to $970 Million — and You Can Buy Tickets with This App – People

Are You Willing to Tell Your Coworkers How Much Money You Make? – Zippia

Punxsutawney Phil Is Now on Cameo . . . Get Your Personal Groundhog Day Message for $80 – Mashable

Cats with Smooshed Faces Can’t Show Emotion Because of Inbreeding – NYPost

People are throwing away stimulus check debit cards – WCPO

I’d say this is the exact opposite of shocking.  A new study out of Penn State University found that it’s better for your mental health during the pandemic to limit how much you’re on social media.


Christina Ricci has lived the quarantine nightmare and unfortunately this isn’t a funny story. She just got a restraining order against her husband James Heerdegen. She accuses him of beating her multiple times. Plus, they have a kid she is worried about. She says it started in December of 2019. Beat her. Spit on her. Made pig noises in her face. I saw pictures of some pretty gnarly bruises she is saying she got from him. And here is where the nightmare continues. She told him she wanted a divorce but that was “derailed” when COVID quarantine hit. So she is now living with an alleged abuser she says she wants out but now she cant get out.  Quote she “found herself trapped in a house with a violent abuser.” She says he attacked her twice in June, while still in lockdown … chasing her around the house, trying to prevent her from calling 911 after an argument. He allegedly dragged her by her wrists into their yard and threw her into a fire pit … leaving her cut and bruised. There was a time he threw both coffee and a chair at her in front of their 6 year old boy. And there is more too. So she got a 100 yard restraining order for her and her son AND apparently he just leaves the dog tied to the kitchen table while he has visits with the son…so she got terms to where he has to stay away from the dog too!! He denies everything. 

I guess many were concerned about 64 year old covid conqueror TOM HANKS. Tom hosted last night’s inaugural primetime special in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and it was FREEZING outside.  Not only that, but Tom didn’t even have a coat. There were times when Tom really seemed like he was struggling to get the words out because his jaw was frozen half shut.  And Twitter noticed. One person said, quote, “Tom Hanks is literally numb right now.  Someone give him a coat.”  Another said, quote, “Am I the only one who’s worried about Tom Hanks freezing out there?  Get that man a scarf and a coat before he gets pneumonia!” For God’s sake the man is 64 years old AND he fought COVID less than a year ago.  If this isn’t an impeachable offense, NOTHING is

GARTH BROOKS gave two performances at yesterday’s inauguration ceremony.  The first was the official one when he sang a very moving version of “Amazing Grace”.  The “second performance” everyone is talking about was the series of handshakes and hugs after he left the stage.  He shook hands with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former Vice President Mike Pence. But he wasn’t done.  He stopped to hug Barack and Michelle Obama . . . Bill and Hillary Clinton . . . and George W. and Laura Bush.  

When JOHN MULANEY hosted SNL last February, he told a joke about DONALD TRUMP. . . being ASSASSINATED. He said, quote, “[Julius Caesar] was such a powerful maniac that all the Senators grabbed knives and they stabbed him to death.  That’d be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.”  Last month, John says the joke led to a Secret Service investigation. And yesterday, the Secret Service released a 27-page file on it.  It said, quote, “although no direct threats were made, due to the popularity, it is likely concerned citizens will report this.” Remember on Kimmel Mulaney said the interview went well and everyone was nice? The report says they never actually interviewed him personally. 

Too innocent and too gay he said. Joe Exotic didn’t make the cut on Trump’s pardon and commutation list. And he and the team are not happy. The team said 140 million people are having trouble getting out of bed this morning…assuming that’s fans of the show and they ALL were rooting for a pardon.  Carole Baskin obviously is okay with it. She also said, “If I understand the notice I got from the prison system, he’s already gotten another month added to his sentence by not obeying prison rules.” Carole added, “If Joe really had a change of heart, he could do what Mario Tabraue did to lessen his 100 year drug trafficking conviction to 12 years by turning state’s evidence against the other animal exploiters.” 

Did you see the story that Drake’s pants are on fire…because he is a liar liar. DRAKE’s new album “Certified Lover Boy” isn’t coming out this month after all.  He says all his “energy” has been dedicated to his recovery from knee surgery. He added, quote, “I’m blessed to be back on my feet feeling great and focused on the album, but CLB won’t be dropping in January.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all in 2021.” The is the second delay for “Certified Lover Boy”.  It was originally supposed to come out last summer. 

Remember that U.K. Pearl Jam tribute band Pearl Jamm? They received a cease-and-desist letter from the group’s legal team. They have a solution…a new name…In a statement…”We appear to have set the Internet on fire this week and it’s time to extinguish the flames,” state the group. “A name doesn’t define us. We do what we do out of love and respect for Pearl Jam. We have always been clear that we will ‘Yield’ to Pearl Jam’s demands and equally clear that our disappointment was only ever of the timing and manner in which those demands were made. “They continue, “We are proud to announce our new name: is it NOT Pearl Jam Legal Jam or Pearl Jelly? Legal Jam… which we thought would be fitting and under which we will continue to perform the music of Pearl Jam in the most heartfelt and authentic way.  

Enjoy a mashup of Metallica’s James Hetfield singing “Enter Sandman” to the music of Huey Lewis and the News’ “Hip To Be Square”.  

So I guess AMANDA BYNES is a rapper now? 

Weezer  already released 3 singles  from their upcoming  Van Weezer record. But when the heck will they put out another record already? January 29th ok? Itll be called OK Human. First single is coming this Thursday and its called All My Favrite Things. Van Weezer is scheduled for a release May 7th. 

Coachella was scheduled for April 9th-11th and April 16th-18th. But it and Stagecoach will hopefully be rescheduled for fall. I say hopefully because those are the words of the mayor there.  “We’re hoping that those events will be rescheduled to the fall of this year.” She said they are focused on safety now so the future is brighter.  

On January, 8 during Alex Trebek’s final episode as host, producers shared a touching tribute to Trebek’s 36 years on the beloved show.  Turns out that episode brought in some big numbers! Trebek’s last Jeopardy! telecast averaged 14 million total viewers. That marks the show’s largest audience and highest rating since James Holzhauer’s big run a few years back.  And last night, a “Jeopardy!” contestant told a great story about meeting Alex Trebek on the subway 

Last night on “The Tonight Show,” they celebrated Questlove’s 50th birthday.  Jimmy gave him a mirror that Morris Day might have used in the “Purple Rain” 


Rapper Rick Ross is 44.

Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, is 45.

Former Cardinal pitcher Alan Benes is 49.

Former NBA superstar Hakeem Olajuwon is 58.

How about former NBA’er Detlef Schrempf, he’s also 58 today.

Actress Geena Davis is 65. “Thelma & Louise”, “A League of Their Own”, “Beetlejuice”, and “Commander In Chief”. Fun Fact: Geena is a member of Mensa, and was a semifinalist for the U.S. Women’s Olympic Archery team.

Singer Billy Ocean is 71.

Opera singer Placido Domingo is 80.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus is 81. Jack won 18 majors. Tiger Woods has 15. Until recently, it was treated as a foregone conclusion that Tiger Woods would end up with the record. But then, you know . . . the white women. Not that Jack doesn’t love white women. It’s just that he can control it.


Sativa Rose

Today’s birthday girl has moaned more than a ghost at the Lemp Mansion in 643 fine films…including:

– 3’s Not a Crowd (II)

– Ass Bandits 2

– Bad Ass Barrio Babes

– Blazed and Confused 1

– Burning Bush

– House of Ass 7

– Ridin’ Dirty

– And who could forget her role in 2007’s Wet Food.

Sativa Rose is 37 years old today.

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Last night the Blues took on the San Jose Sharks in a rematch from Monday’s home opener. Brayden Schenn got the scoring started as he scored abut 5 mins into the second. Unfortunately – the Sharks tied things up just before the 2nd ended and that was the score after three periods of play. The 1-1 tie couldn’t be decided in OT and things went to a shootout where unfortunately the Sharks picked up the win. The Blues next game is against the Kings on Saturday at 7PM.

I know we mentioned it yesterday but I feel like it deserves another mention…Philip Rivers has retired from the NFL after 17 seasons. He spent most of his time with the San Diego Chargers after being drafted by the New York Giants and spent his last year with the Indianapolis Colts. He never played in a Super Bowl but he did have a successful career. He had 15 straight seasons where he threw more than 3,000 passing yards. He finishes his career 5th in both passing yards and total touchdowns.

So rumors are coming out the Patrick Mahomes did participate in some practice activities yesterday. We aren’t exactly sure what step of the process he is on but some sources say it would be a shock if he wasn’t ready and cleared for the game on Sunday.

Connor McGregor has a fight coming up on Saturday against Dustin Poirier but he’s got other issues to worry about as well. A woman has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against him for alleged personal injury. Apparently, the woman says back in 2018 – the woman claims that McGregor raped her in a hotel. The woman is asking for just over $2 million dollars. This isn’t the first time McGregor has been accused of sexual assault. Back in 2019 there were two other sexual assault allegations. The fight is still on as scheduled. Also – McGregor was asked about boxing Jake Paul. He said, right now he is focused on UFC and we will have to wait and see if the Jake Paul fight happens.

The Washington Capitals have been fined $100,000 for violating the leagues COVID-19 protocol. Apparently the team was socializing in close contact while not wearing face coverings. A couple of players – big name players including Ovechkin – have tested positive for COVID. This is the first time an NHL team has been fined for violating the protocol. Speaking of COVID..the Hurricanes have had their games postponed through January 23rd because of an outbreak.

I know we don’t talk much about the NBA but if you have been following you know that Kyrie Irving has been missing most of this year. No one really knew why. He just….wasnt there. People questioned if it was injury, if it was mental issues, if it was something going on with his family, or if he just didn’t want to play. Well this week he returned and told people he just had some personal issues he had to deal with. Yesterday was his first game back. How did he do? Pretty damn well. The team lost but Kyrie scored 37 points in the double overtime loss.

And finally — SLU is finally back to practicing after almost a month being sidelined. The teams last game was December 23rd before a COVID outbreak shut down the program. The team is 7-1 and actually are still ranked in the Top 25. Their next game is the 26th against Dayton.