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Roasting Our Lost Listeners: E-Memoriam (JUL.28 2023)

Welcome to this week’s E-Memoriam on E-Memoriam Show – a unique and entertaining space where we bid farewell to those we’ve offended with our audacious opinions or those who simply had nothing better to do. Sponsored by Hughes Funeral Alternatives, discover Acclimation, the natural and eco-friendly alternative to fire-based cremation – the future of farewell.

In this episode, we address the reactions to our thoughts on Fig Newton as the ultimate snack food, and how some listeners’ nostalgic preferences clashed with our modern choices. Next, we delve into the strange obsession of certain individuals who wanted Barbie to be hotter and took offense at our rating of Tom Brady’s attractiveness.

Moving on, we remember one hot air balloon enthusiast who took our refusal to ride as a personal insult, and another soul traumatized by claymation raisins. As we say goodbye to those who couldn’t handle the humor, we must also acknowledge the real losses we experienced this week, including the unfortunate passing of Randy Meisner, Sinéad O’Connor, and the beloved comedian Donnie Baker, also known as Ron Sexton.

Join us each week on E-Memoriam as we navigate through laughter, controversy, and remembrance. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to stay up-to-date with our unique brand of humor and heartfelt tributes. Share your thoughts below and let’s keep the conversation going. Farewell to all, until next time.

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