Point TV

Good or Gross (AUG.16 2023)

πŸŽ‰ Get ready to flex your taste buds as we dive into the hilarious and daring world of the Jelly Bean Challenge with The Flexuctioner Himself! 🍬πŸ€ͺ

Join us for a wild ride filled with laughs, reactions, and some seriously risky flavors. In this episode, we spin the Great Wheel to determine our fate and draw from a container of bamboozled jelly belly jelly beans. Will it be a delicious treat or a shocking surprise? πŸ€”πŸ˜²

From buttered popcorn to rotten egg, chocolate pudding to dog food – every color hides a secret flavor, and the suspense is real! 🍿πŸ₯šπŸ«

We’re not holding back as we face the ultimate taste test, guessing whether the jelly bean is good or gross. Our reactions are priceless, and you won’t believe what we’re willing to try! πŸ€’πŸ˜‚

Featuring exciting giveaways, including tickets to see The Offspring, Sum 41, comedian Mark Norman, and Asking Alexandria – this episode is packed with surprises! 🎁🎀🎸

Tune in to witness the triumphs, the grimaces, and the unforgettable moments as we take on the Jelly Bean Challenge with The Flexuctioner Himself. Don’t miss out – hit that subscribe button and be prepared to get flexed in the taste department! πŸ””πŸ‘…πŸ’ͺ

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