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Freak of the Year – Round 2 (Susan Boil, Edward Furlong, New Sound Glory, Jason J***ringhausen)

Welcome to the Freak of the Year Playoffs! Strike up the band as we dive into another round of competition. In this exhilarating Round One showdown, we witness the clash of unique contenders. The third-seeded participant faces off against the twelfth seed, while the nineteenth and thirtieth seeds also vie for supremacy. This electrifying event features a total of thirty-two exceptional individuals in a single-elimination tournament.

Join us as we determine who will advance to the next round and inch closer to claiming the coveted title of “Craigslist Freak of the Year.” Your votes are the driving force behind the outcome, so make your voice heard by casting your vote on Twitter.

Setting the stage for this exhilarating contest is our host, Scott, who introduces the Twitter X poll at our XZ show. Tune in as Lern reads out the intriguing ads and the hosts share their thoughts. From unexpected obsessions to unusual fantasies, these ads promise to keep you engaged.

Get ready to meet the captivating contestants:

Susan Boil: The third seed in our competition, Susan Boil, is a nurse with a peculiar fascination. Join her as she navigates the world of scat and golden shower play, seeking someone with boils and warts that she can drain, taste, and experience in a beautiful yet unconventional way.

Edward Furlong: Our next contender is Edward Furlong, who is renting out a calf barn for unique overnight stays. Dive into his quirky world where you can frolic with docile calves and enjoy fluffy hay, all while adhering to the barn’s rules and regulations.

Jason J***ringhausen: Jason takes the fourteenth seed with his overpowering obsession with his boys’ hockey coach. Delve into his detailed fantasies as he yearns for an encounter that involves short neoprene shorts, a metal whistle, and unique stretching techniques.

New Sound Glory: Our final contestant is all about “sounding,” a practice that explores intimate pleasures. Discover how he seeks a partner who can engage in forceful fluids, plungers, and syringes, all in the name of satisfying his insatiable needs.

As the competition heats up, remember that your votes will shape the outcome and determine who moves forward in this extraordinary tournament. Stay tuned to find out who emerges victorious in this riveting clash of unconventional desires.

Don’t forget to cast your vote on Twitter and join us as we unveil the results and continue the journey to crown the Freak of the Year!