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Freak of the Year – Round 1 (Cream Elizabeth, Toddler Learner, The Super Smash Bros)

Welcome to the Freak of the Year playoffs on our YouTube channel! Tonight, we have four past champions battling it out to move on to the next round. The competition is fierce, and we need your votes to determine who will be the ultimate freak of the year.

In this round, we have some unique and interesting ads. First up is the number two seed, Super Smash Brothers. This ad is all about a brother’s 30th birthday surprise, with a daring threesome invitation. Will this adventurous act bring them closer or lead to new horizons?

Our next contestant is Michael J. Box, the number 31 seed. He’s looking for a boxing match with a strong-willed woman, ready to take some powerful punches. It’s an intense and unconventional request, but it shows his dedication to exploring new experiences.

Cream Elizabeth is our number 15 seed. She’s on a mission to find the perfect amount of cream for her coffee. She needs someone adventurous to join her every Sunday, enjoying a sweet concoction while reading the newspaper. Will you be the perfect coffee companion?

Last but not least, we have our number 18 seed, Toddler Learner. He’s a loving and sweet father figure seeking a like-minded friend who’s willing to play baby. If you’re ready to step into the role of a precious child, he’ll provide the pacifier and diapers for a nurturing and unique experience.

Vote for your favorite ad to move on to the next round! Remember, the top two vote-getters will advance. Cast your vote via Twitter or any other platform you prefer, and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on the competition. Let’s see who will be crowned this year’s Freak of the Year champion!